This page is a rather rough list of all the pics I've done so far, starting with the drawing class I took recently. Feel free to prod 'Atpaw' on FM or FSM if you have constructive criticism or any suggestions for improving my technique.

On the left hand side you'll find the images I did inside of class, on the right are the images I've done since graduating. The illustration course was excellent, well worth the money in my opinion, and gave me a chance to experience a very wide range of media, from coloured pencils to airbrushing.

The images are all (C) 2001, me, and all that.

Drawing class - pictorial history of my drawing lessons. Aftermath - drawings after the ten-week course ended

Week One: Learning to handle a pencil, sketch, and shade. This is a seashell I drew after sketching a few *large* koalas standing up... as per instructions. They didn't turn out too well, and are far too large to scan in on my dodgy A4 flatty.


18/10/01 - I decided to finish off the second beetle pic I was doing. This one's freehand entirely, drawn using the first pic as the only reference. The middle leg's not quite right, and the gloss on the second part is a bit too hard, but otherwise I'm reasonably satisfied with the drawing. Here it is. :)

Week Two: Homework from last week was to draw an animal based off of the sketches we did of a particular taxidermied critter. Mine was a young Quoll.. turned out okay.. though my scanner utterly ignored the tree branch I drew in. My scanner has selective vision, and only scans things you thought you'd erased. Intentional lines are ignored.

This week we learned how to use pastels.. eugh, messy things, they are. I don't like them much, but here are the better of the pics I did.

Number one didn't quite fit on the flatty, and turned out a bit poor on the scanner.. the grey shading on the black tailfeathers didn't turn out at all.

Number two was my second attempt.. The scanner didn't pick up the faint shades of grey/blue on the forehead of the bird, nor the shades of dark brown I used on the beak (the black area).. Didn't have time to finish this one nicely.


29/12/01 - Yeah, it's been more than two months, I know. I can only claim that I've been buried in university study, what with exams (I did well, thankyou) and christmas and such. Got a whole bunch of images to show off.

Firstly, two of the 'planet Baker' series. For those too lazy to swing by that page, Baker was supposed to be a planet concept for SCM (formerly FSM). Desolate planet with harsh weather conditions, usually either harsh rain, or harsh sun. #1 depicts an anthropomorphic wolf braving a torrential downpour. Pencil and felt tip pen sketch. #2 is a computer-retouched landscape pic which probably lends its style to sci-fi wargame rulebook art.

And then, for christmas, I got a neat Graphire2 tablet (as opposed to a piece of coal). Four pics: Testing, a fox tail, then finally a felt-tip-pen-only sketch of a paw of some kind, and my first 'proper' drawing, a panther paw.

Enjoy. Happy new year, and all that stuff. :)

Week Three: This week, on When Atpaw Learns To Draw...

COLOURED PENCILS. Seemingly safe for children to use, but in the wrong hands... THIS can occur, all too easily!

(My scanner actually 'liked' this one.. GASP! :) Eh, 's okay, but I think I prefer boring bog standard graphite pencils. I seem to do better with those.. But I digress)


29/01/02 - Wow, it's taken me an entire month to do this one, almost to the day. My excuse? I was working at 3000x2500 or so, prior to cropping and resizing. That and I only did about an hour a day. At any rate, I hope you like it. Apologies to the creators of The Matrix, and the Swahili people. 'The spotted one' character concept is (c) me, probably, though I'm sure it's been done before somewhere, somehow..

Week Four: Umm... nothing of note. I'm pretty sure you don't want to see me trying (and failing) to draw square panels of solid colour using wet-on-wet watercolour technique. :)


04/02/02 - This one didn't take too long. Nifty! This one is a tablet-only drawing set in Microsoft/Fasa Interactive's Crimson Skies universe. It depicts a Raven rapidly rolling and peeling away from a Brigand's line of fire, over a coastal scene.

If anything this was an attempt at perspective drawing without having my usual swarm of rulers and set-squares handy. Some digital trickery was involved, too - blurring the Brigand for depth and motion-blurring the background a heap for reasons unknown to me. And a craparse gradient fill for a sky.

Hope you like the drawing. :)

Week Five: Free Brush Drawing, and Yet More Watercolour Antics.

I've only scanned in the free-brush-drawing.. the fruit bowl we had to try painting is unfinished, and not all that good anyhow. This is the best of my FBDs - the sketches are all of the class' tutor in various poses. Enjoy, or something.



Week Six: Pen & ink. Stippling.

Now this, I like! :D

Once you get past trying to trick your brain into shading by depth instead of shadow, this is a very fun (if time consuming) process. Probably not good for much more than scientific diagrams, sadly... I'm definately going to play with this style some more. Here's this week's picture. It's not quite finished yet - still have to finish the teeth, remove the pencil markings, etcetera.



Week Nine: Airbrush basics, shadow and reflection

Yeah, I know, haven't uploaded anything in about a month. But recent events, such as September 11th and my university holidays have conspired against me.

Once more my scanner conspires against me, too. Seems it dislikes graphite pencil. These pics look much, much nicer IRL, thought I doubt anyone would believe me. :) Shadowing some bird claws - Left, Right. Different angles of shadow, I did the left claw first, then decided I wanted to do something a little trickier - namely a near-vertical light source. Woo!

And my first and second attempts at using an airbrush. Lots of bleed from not sticking the mask down very well, a bit splotchy and a few spatters. Ah well. :)



Week Ten: Paaaaarrttttyyyyy!

This week was more or less about playing with your favourite medium, and also taking a look at another neat illustration aid (a binocular microscope, for tracing and drawing small things). Oh, and eating lots of cake and so on.

And so, I give you... A christmas beetle. Albeit a slightly mangled one, missing at least one of its legs. The rough sketch of it was done using the microscope, then detailed and shaded in. Woo!

And so ends my tuition in drawing.. Hopefully I'll continue to draw and upload as time goes on, and slowly shake off the shackles of not being able to draw things which aren't sitting in front of me. :)

'til then..