Cederwyn's Grove is


As you make your way through the forest, it slowly turns dark overhead, and a chill wind howls like a spectral wolfs howl, as the dead trees sigh and whisper menacingly around you, their lichen covered branches seemingly reaching out for you, as if to draw you in to some dark embrace.  A freezing fog churns and swirls at waist height, slowly parting to reveal the once beautiful grove - now a shattered wreck - something from out of a nightmare.

Where once the forest animals played - only their skeletal remains are left, twisted and broken.  The wise and powerful oaks, are now dark, black and charred, as if struck by lightning, the feeling of palpable evil drenching the torn and trambled loam beneath your feet.  A slow creaking sound draws your attention to the middle of the defiled grove, where you can see two green robed figures swinging from a branch, high above - their faces hidden by their hoods, nooses around their necks snugged tight.  Racously, ravens leer at you from the dead branches, and a large flock takes wing, from where they perched on the corpses of the groves master and mistress.  Near too where they hang, is the skeletal remains of the proud Unicorn mare, who was the guardian of this grove - her skeleton glimmering in the weak light, her once proud and majestic horn shattered and splintered near its base.  Her eyes gaze mournfully at the centre of the grove, where once the sparkling pool of water lay - now dark, fetid and stagnant.  No life lives in this defiled and shattered grove - and it is unknown if life will ever return to this unhallowed ground.