I didn't write this, and I don't know who did, it was sent to me by a friend of mine, and I thought it interesting. If you wrote it, and don't want it here, email me.

One click, that's all it took. Somewhere along mankind's evolutionary track, the proverbial lightbulb was lit, and man went from just another ground crawling primate to the master of the Earth. Ahh, yes, but looking back through the eons we can see that the Earth has had many different masters, and our time on this Earth so far is, admittedly, only an eyeblink in it's history. We all know that, we have our science and technology to tell us how it all happened long ago. And yet, all of the science in the world has yet to discover the cause of the "click". It's amazing to note that in such a [relatively] short time, mankind has come so far, but at the same time, has travelled so far away from what we once were. So far, in fact, that our own creations cannot help us find that "click".

Or has it?

With the vast number of people that are connected by it, the internet has become a bit of it's own universe. The lines of social order, race, religion and even sexual preference tend to get blurry when introduced to the internet, but this is a good thing. It strips away the things we've been taught over the centuries. It lets us all get a little more in touch with the primal fire that burns, although weakly, inside all of us. And that's where We come in, the Furries. We seem to have this longing for what once was, the urge to find that "click", to find the point where man and nature travelled down the same path. When we relied on skill and sense to survive, not technology. And in our internet universe, we are allowed to travel back to the evolutionary fork in the road, to perhaps find a part of ourself that has been buried for too long, and bring it back to the surface.

So what does it mean to be furry? Well, looking back, I don't really know if I've answered that, as I'm not writing what I know, I'm writing what I feel. If you don't already understand what it means to be furry, then you probably didn't get even this far into what I've written. But for the rest of you, who search for that fire as I do, I think that it doesn't need to be said, it's simply understood. Isn't that what instinct is all about?

So as I finish up here, I leave you with one final thought.... It's only a matter of time before evolution allows yet another "click" to occur, and what species will be the master of the planet then? Will we be there to join in with this process? Or just become fossils and footnotes like the rest...

I doubt many will read this. And even fewer will comprehend. But this all comes straight from my heart. React to all this however you like, but if you have anything real to say, I'm genuinely interested in hearing it.