Kat Johnson

Serenia sat at the bar in the tavern. It wasn't very busy, she noted. Just a few seedy customers, probably regulars, judging by the ease with which they addressed the bartender as they hollered for drinks, from their dark corners where they were all but obscured by the everpresent haze of cigarette smoke.

She shivered and curled her tail around her waist protectively, taking another sip of her martini. Feeling a presence behind her, she turned and found herself looking at a sleazy-looking doberman. He had at least 8 piercings in his left ear, and a few more than that in his right. His muscular arms bore many tattoos, and there was a nasty scar along his muzzle.

"What's a pretty young thing like you doin' here?" he asked in a gruff voice, laying a paw on her shoulder.

She pushed his hand aside politely, but firmly. "Just having a drink..." she said, eyeing him warily.

He let out a low chuckle. "Why not come back to my place, pretty lady? Got plenty to drink there..." he grinned at her, licking his lips. "And you wouldn't have to spend your hard earned cash on it either."

She raised an eyebrow. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not like that."

He leaned closer, his muzzle by her ear. "We all are..." he whispered. "Some of us just don't know it." Then he was gone, disappeared into some dark corner.

She shuddered, and drained her glass, deciding to go to the ladies' room to freshen up a bit. She went out into the hallway of the tavern, pausing at a door which had "toilets" scribbled on in what appeared to be crayon.

She shrugged and pushed the door open, her sensitive nose suddenly hit by the unpleasant scent of sweat, urine and feces. Trying her hardest to ignore the smell, she went in, noting that there were no designated areas for males or females.

There was a urinal against the far wall, 3 cubicles against one wall, 2 of which had no doors, and the third in which the door was securely jammed shut. The room also contined a floor-to-ceiling locker, marked "cleaning", which she supposed housed mops and brooms.

Looking around briefly she slipped into the end stall, quickly pulling up her skirt, pulling down her pants and sitting on the cracked seat.

Once she was done, she wiped herself and rearranged her clothes, flushing the toilet and heading for the row of basins lining the remaining wall. She set her purse down and washed her hands, sparing a second to check her reflection.

The face in the mirror was that of a pretty snow tigeress, her black stripes in stark contrast to her white fur. Her big brown eyes, unusual for one of her colourings, blinked back at her, as she smoothed her whiskers. She didn't notice the doors open, nor did she realise she had company until a deep voice rumbled "well well, look what we got here..."

She whirled around, finding herself suddenly face-to-face with the doberman she had encountered earlier. How had she not seen him in the mirror?

He chuckled, running his paw over her cheek roughly. She pulled back, making for the door, but he got in front of her, standing against the door, arms folded. "Now where do you think you're going?" he asked, smirking.

"Home," she said.

He shook his head. "I don't think so, kitten."

"What do you mean by that?" she demanded.

"You ain't going anywhere without my express permission, kitten," he sneered. "You're mine now. Got it?"

She wrinkled her nose. "In your dreams, asshole!"

Unprepared she was, for his paw lashed out, slapping her face with such force that she stumbled. She yelped, holding her paw to her cheek where he had hit her.

He reached out and grabbed her wrist, hauling her close so his muzzle was inches from hers. "Now listen here, kitten. You will address me as Master, unless I ever tell you otherwise. Understand?"

She was silent, glaring at him defiantly. He shook her roughly. "Do you understand? Answer me."

She sighed. "Yes," she mumbled.

His breath was hot on her face. "Yes what, kitten?" he growled, tightening his grip on her wrist until the pain brought tears to her eyes. "Yes... Master..." she whispered.

He dropped her wrist. "Good," he said, reaching into his jacket pocket, and bringing out a leather collar, studded with metal spikes, which he clipped around her neck before she could protest. "Take off your clothes, kitten."

She shook her head. "No," she whispered.

He slapped her again. "Do it!" She looked at him with tearful eyes, meeting his hard gaze. Choking back a sob, she slipped out of her dress, dropping it to the floor beside her. She looked back to him, hoping that he'd stop her there, but he fixed an expectant gaze on her, baring his teeth in unspoken threat.

She kicked off her shoes, unfastening her bra and dropping it by her dress. She hesitated taking off her pants, a tear rolling down her cheek. Evidently he was tired of waiting. With a growl he knocked her to the floor and tore the flimsy material from her.

Momentarily stunned, all she could do was sit and watch as he pulled off his own clothes, then knelt beside her, sniffing at her crotch, then moving up, nosing her breasts and then kissing her, pressing his mouth bruisingly against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

His paws wandered over her chest for a time, squeezing and stroking at her breasts, as tears ran freely down her face. He clamped two fingers closed hard on her right nipple, making her cry out in pain. His other paw slid down to her sex, one finger pushing inside her brutally, feeling around. He grinned cruelly.

"You're a virgin, aren't you, kitten?" he sneered. "I bet this wasn't how you pictured your first time, was it?"

She shook her head, crying all the harder. He pulled out his finger, bringing his erect shaft to her opening, pushing in with one hard thrust. She screamed as he broke through her hymen, the lack of lubrication making it all the more painful for her.

Holding her shoulders down with her paws, he began to thrust in and out rapidly, making her squirm and whimper with discomfort. He brought his muzzle down to rest by her ear. "You're going to make a good slave," he whispered to her.

She shook her head from side to side on the hard ground. "No..."

He grinned evilly, even as his shaft swelled inside her, his breath beginning to become ragged. "Then maybe I should just kill you..." he whispered.

She stiffened in terror. "No," she repeated, a cold chill running along her spine.

He groaned as he shot his load into her, relaxing visibly moments later. "Well you oughta be good for a while anyway," he muttered, pulling out and holding his slightly-less-stiff member to her face. "Clean me off, kitten," he ordered.

Sniffling a bit, she licked at him, cleaning off his cream, and traces of blood from her broken hymen. She wrinkled her nose in distaste as she finished the job.

He got to his feet, pulling his jeans and jacket back on. She reached for her dress, but he planted his foot firmly on her arm, with just enough pressure to let her know he could break her arm if he wished to.

"C... can I get dr... dressed please?" she asked. He added a little more weight to his foot, until she whimpered again. "Please, Master...?"

He smiled a little, moving his foot off her wrist, but when she again reached for her dress, he snatched the garment out of her reach. "Uh-uh kitten," he said, and tore it to unwearable shreds. She shrank back. "Stand up," he ordered.

She scrambled to her feet, holding the basin for support her shaky legs could hardly provide. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a leash, which he affixed to her collar. "C'mon" he growled, tugging at the leash.

"But... but my clothes..." she protested, struggling against the leash.

He chuckled lowly. "You won't be needing them, kitten." He dragged her toward the door, opening it and pushing her through roughly, before following.

She followed him down the hallway, shock beginning to fade, despair her predominant emotion. Tears began to run down her flushed cheeks, and she was fully aware that anyone could see her like this, and likely not help her.

The doberman pushed aside a curtain at the end of the hallway, and pulled her into a room, as big as the bar, and even seedier. He growled greetings to some of the other patrons, most of whom were eying Serenia hungrily.

"Hey Rocco!" called a voice. "Whatcha got there?" A large red fox sauntered up, giving the doberman a friendly clap on the back.

He turned and grinned at the fox. "Bet you wish you got her first, huh Danny-boy?" He caressed Serenia's cheek. She growled. Rocco slapped her, and she whimpered. "Behave," he rumbled to her.

Danny chuckled. "Still got some fight in her, huh?" He reached out a black-gloved paw and ran it over her shoulder, down over her breasts, giving the nipples a tweak when his fingers passed them. She stared back at him mournfully.

Rocco laughed. "Yeah, she'll last longer than most." He pulled on the leash again, leading her away from the grinning fox and over to one corner of the room piled with cushions on which about 12 furs lounged, some looking bored, some talking amongst themselves.

The first thing she noticed was that they all wore collars of some description, some plain coloured bands, some leather or vinyl, a few bejewelled, made of precious metals.

Rocco unfastened her leash, giving her a shove toward the cushions. "You'll stay here till I come to get you," he growled. "If you try to escape, you will be killed. Understand?"

She was aware that most of the collared furs were watching her, some looking sympathetic, some looking almost as lecherous as her master. Two of the more friendly looking furs on the mat moved aside to give her room. She sat, watching as Rocco moved off, mingling with the others in the room.

"New here?" asked one of the ones she sat next to. She nodded, turning to look. Next to her was a cute little dalmation girl, naked but for numerous silver bangles on her arms and ankles, and of course, a silver collar about her neck. She smiled, holding out a paw. "I'm Elizara, Rand's slave." She smiled sympathetically "It's hard to get used to, I know." She pointed to a large panther at a nearby table. "That's Rand. He's had me for a year or two now, and I don't mind being his slave so much. Maybe you'll get used to your master, get to know him."

"Pffft!" came a voice from the other side. Serenia turned to see a lovely young vixen, with a nasty bruise on her forehead. "She's Rocco's slave," she said. "Surely you've heard of him Liz. New girl every month. Never seen any of his slaves come back here after he's done with them." She held a paw to the bruise. "Just look at what he done to me, just cos I wouldn't give him head when my Mistress' back was turned."

Serenia looked alarmed, and the vixen's hard gaze softened a little. "Sorry, luv. Lizzie here just don't understand that it's not all wine and roses with every owner. Just coz her and Rand get along, doesn't mean everyone will. I been passed round often enough to know."

A deeper rumble came from behind her. "Hush up Jess, look you scared the poor girl!" A warm paw rested on her shoulder and she turned again to see a large leopard, with sad eyes, rings through his ears, nipples and even two on his sheath.

"You're a slave too?" Serenia asked. "But I thought..."

He let out a soft chuckle. "That it was only you girls? Hell no." He patted her shoulder, then his face turned serious. "I'm sorry this happened to you," he said. "Today, was it?" Serenia nodded, tears springing to her eyes again.

The leopard wrapped his arms around her, hugging her to him. She stiffened at first, then willed herself to relax. He didn't mean harm, she told herself.

He seemed to sense her fear, rubbing her back softly, purring a little as she sobbed against his chest. "It'll be alright," he murmered to her.

After a moment, she looked up to him, sniffling a bit. He stroked her headfur gently. "My master is coming to get me," he said, letting her go reluctantly. An elegant looking equine was approaching the cushioned corner.

The leopard climbed to his feet. Before he walked over to his master, he bent close to her. "My name is PJ" he whispered, then turned to leave.

She watched him go, then saw Rocco coming toward her. She shrank back. "Here kitty," he called, grinning. She whimpered. His expression darkened. "Get your ass here!" he growled. When still she did not move, he strode forward, almost trampling one or two other slaves.

He grabbed her arm roughly, pulling her off the cushions, and fumbling for the leash, fastening it to her collar. He dragged her out of a heavy wooden door to outside, where bright light made her sneeze.

Tugging her leash behind him, her used his free paw to hook a set of keys out of his pocket, taking one and fitting it to the lock on a sleek black sports car. Opening the front passenger door, he pushed her in, tying her leash to the handle on the inside. He hopped into the other side, started the engine and they roared away.


Sometime later, they pulled up in front of a run-down looking house in the "bad" part of town. He got out, opening the door for her. She climbed out of the car and stood aside so he could untie the leash from the door handle.

He dragged her over to the front door of the house, unlocking the door and shoving her inside roughly.

She looked around the large sitting room. Two threadbare couches faced each other in the centre of the room, a low table between them. A rather dim lamp stood off to one side, providing enough light to see by.

Rocco pulled her out of the room and into the next, which was a bedroom. A big old bed was along one wall, a chest of drawers and a big wooden storage box were along the other. A metal ring was embedded in the wall in one corner of the room, and it was to this that Rocco secured Serenia's leash.

"You will sleep here, slave" he growled, and kicked her legs out from beneath her. She let out a startled cry as she hit the hard wooden floor. He went over to the wooden chest, opening it and rummaging through, before picking out a pair of handcuffs. He returned to Serenia's side, pulling her arms roughly behind her and cuffing her wrists together. She struggled, and he slapped her.

Getting to his feet, he eyed her for a moment, as she tried to make herself comfortable, not an easy task with a chain around her neck, and her paws restrained behind her back. He gave her a savage kick, chuckled and climbed into his bed.


"Wake up, cunt!" a sharp jab in the ribs pulled Serenia from uneasy sleep. "Wha-" she mumbled, as Rocco's thick shaft was pressed against her lips. She grunted, trying to pull away, and earning a hard slap. "Suck it, kitten."

Too tired to resist, she let him push it into her mouth, lapping weakly at it, and nearly gagging as he thrust almost down her throat. It was over moments later, the doberman shooting a wad of cum down her throat. He pulled out abruptly, and unclipped her leash from the wall.

Her cramped legs made her stumble as Rocco pulled her into the bathroom, throwing her roughly toward the toilet. "I suggest you use it now, kitten. I won't often give you the opportunity."

Face flushing, Serenia sat on the toilet, all too aware that her master was watching her and grinning. "C... can you please untie my paws?" she said, voice barely above a whisper.

"Now why would I want to do that?" Rocco sneered.

Serenia blushed deeper. "S-so I can... um... w...wipe myself..." she stammered.

Rocco sniggered. "You're finished, then?" Dumbly, Serenia nodded. "Lift your tail then..." he said. She complied, and felt herself being wiped with rough paper. The hand wiping her slapped her ass suddenly, and she was pulled off the seat roughly.

"Now," he rumbled, dragging her along with him. "I will show you what happens to slaves who fail to please me."

Serenia whimpered softly, as she followed him out of the room. It wasn't going to be pleasant, she knew. Rocco paused by the back door, opening it and dragging her outside. Blinking in the early morming light, she squinted at several grey shapes on the back lawn.

As she was led closer, she realised with a shock of horror just what she was seeing. Gravestones! Before each one was a fur-sized mound. She whimpered again, instinctively trying to raise her paws to cover her eyes, before remembering they were tied behind her back.

Rocco was watching her, amused. He stepped close behind her while she was staring horrorstruck at the graves. "You could be one of them, if you're not careful," he growled in her ear, startling her. He pulled her closer, so she could see the names inscribed on the stones.

"Jennifer," he read from the stone. "A lovely little horse-girl. Tried to run away one night. I tore her limb from limb when I caught her."

Serenia shuddered.

"Suzanne," Rocco murmured, moving to the next grave. "A vixen. A mere ten years of age. Her little body couldn't handle being my toy."

Serenia was aware of the tears streaming down her cheeks, and an anger rising in her, at the thought of such a young girl being mauled by her master. With no thought of punishment, she whirled on him. "You beast!" she screamed, kicking at him fiercely.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, and she turned and bit his wrist. Angrily, he threw her on top of the third grave. Then he chuckled. "Beneath you is Tammie, a labrador. She attacked me as you just did. I broke her neck."

Serenia shrank back, whimpering almost hysterically. "I'm sorry, Master," she sobbed. "Please, don't kill me. I... I'll behave, please..."

Rocco laughed. A low, horrible sound. "I think I will let you live, but only because I wish to do so. Should you attack me again, I will not be so lenient, and your death will not be so quick as the unfortunate girl whose grave you are lying on."

Serenia looked down at the ground she lay on, and whimpered, as if she only just realised there was a corpse just a few feet below. She scooted to the side quickly, clear of the grave.


To Be Continued, Eventually!