Serath's Surprise: Part II

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker

Serath and Illedra glance toward the door of the living room, wondering in anxious anticipation of Lukim's reaction. Neither are breathing, staying totally silent, as if by doing so they'd alert him to their presence.

The sound of paws padding softly, then a dark grey wolf with silver highlights appears in the doorway, a large blue sports bag slung over his shoulder. "Ah, there you are, Seri," he says, appearing not to notice his date clutching Serath's cock. "I was thinking -- how about we eat out tonight? We could -- " He stops abruptly, now seeing Illedra kneeling on the floor. A furry eyebrow raises. "I see you've met my girlfriend."

Total silence reigns supreme for a few seconds, but it is soon broken by the loud, sudden expulsion of breath. Illedra gets up off the floor, her eyes fixed firmly upon the floor. Serath makes a few strangled utterances before managing to squeak out, "We can explain...."

Lukim drops his bag on the floor, and waves a hand dismissively. "Never mind," he says, his muzzle twisted into a grin. "I don't mind at all." He laughs at Serath's stunned look. "You had to meet sooner or later. In fact, I was going to invite you to join Illedra and I for dinner tonight. Then afterward, perhaps a movie, then home again...."

"" Serath stutters, his mind in a whirl of confusion. Eventually he opts for the easy option, and just nods in mute agreement.

"Good, then it's settled. Illedra, if you'll just put your clothes back on...?" Lukim looks with amusement at Illedra as she hurries to do so. "I'm rather disappointed that you didn't wait for me," he says with a mock frown on his face. Disbelieving stares bore into his back as he leaves to shower and dress.

The dinner is in a modest French restaurant in the centre of the city. Seated at their table, with a view overlooking the tranquil river flowing past scant metres away, the topic of conversation wanders from this to that during the course of the meal. Eventually it gets around to being about Lukim. "So, Lukim," Serath says, putting a bite of veal into his mouth and chewing thoughtfully, "why are you so casual about this whole...affair, hmm? You almost gave us both heart attacks when you came home early."

Lukim finishes his mouthful before deigning to answer the question. "Well...I'm not quite sure what to say," he remarks, looking out the window. The fading sunlight casts orange streaks over the river's surface, rippling in the soft waves. "When I first walked in, I was shocked at seeing you and her together in that position." He takes another bite before he continues. "Then I thought to myself, 'It's been such a long time since you were last with a female -- " Lukim stops, and looks at Illedra. "And you're such a irresistible wolf...." He shrugs and finishes with, "I figured, 'Why not?'" As an afterthought he adds, with a slight smirk on his face, "Two's company, but three's an orgy."

The other two wolves just stare, then break into fits of giggles, which draws the attention of some of the nearer diners. Serath composes himself as best he can, then says in a low voice, "Did you have any plans for us three in the future? I mean, if we hadn't met, would you have gotten us together for a bit of...." The wolf raises a furry eyebrow in mute query.

"Oh, definitely," Lukim says, taking a bite of the remainder of his veal. "A threesome has many more possibilities, don't you think?" Seeing Serath colour slightly he laughs and says, "I've seen those videos you keep in your bottom drawer. The majority of them are quite crowded."

Serath looks even more embarrassed, and he coughs uncomfortably. "If we could perhaps change the subject? I think people are starting to stare at us." He looks around, checking his presumption. Indeed, the nearest diners are glancing in their direction.

"Of course," Lukim says, nodding in acquiescence. At that moment the dessert course arrives; Baked Alaska with rich chocolate mousse. After thanking the waiter for delivering it, he digs a spoon into his, and asks, " are your studies going?"

"That was a great movie," Illedra was saying as the trio walked out of the movie theatre, past a huge poster displaying the movie they'd seen, 'The Furminator'. "You think that's what the future will be like? With robotic killing machines that travel through time? Wow, I hope not...." She rambles on as they walks back to Lukim's car, a small nondescript sedan with panels of various colours.

Lukim puts the key in the lock, and turns it. Or tries to. "Damn it, you piece of ancient junk," he mutters under his breath, a prelude to the frenzy of swearing that usually follows if the lock doesn't open in the next ten seconds. With a rusty click, the door unlocks. "Good girl." The wolf pats the car on its roof gently, and slides in to unlock the other doors. "I really must get these locks fixed," he mumbles in a half-apology to the others.

"That's all right -- I think the whole car needs some work...say, in a compactor?" Serath grins at his flatmate's level look. "Splurge! Go out and buy a new car! I hear those new Volkswagen Beetles are excellent driving."

Lukim slips on his clanky seatbelt, and starts the car. Grinning, he says to his passengers, "Despite the faults of this car, at least it always starts on the first go." He checks for passing traffic, and moves out onto the road.

"Yeah, but still...." The debate begins to rage in earnest as the car accelerates away -- just by chance -- into the sunset.

By the time they arrive home, the debate has moved onto other topics, such as whether peaches are more versatile than bananas.

"Ah, but you can't shove peaches up your rear end now, can you? Bananas are much more suited to such activities." Serath slams his door to punctuate his point. He directs a gaze backward to Lukim as he pads up the path to the front door. As he opens the door he hears Lukim's counter-attack. "True, but you could always cut the peach into manageable pieces before use."

Illedra sighs dramatically as she follows Serath. "That's it! Just let the topic die, okay! I think peaches and bananas should just stay where they belong -- in a fruit bowl."

Lukim, being the last one into the flat, closes the door behind him. "Peaches are rather tasty when pureed in someone's cunt or arse," he observes, striding into the living room and throwing himself onto the couch. "And so are bananas."

"Oh, and I suppose you've tried it, have you?" Serath asks when he comes in. Seeing the couch is occupied, he takes one of the two armchairs, gesturing for Illedra to take the other.

His muzzle twisting into a conspiratorial grin, Lukim answers. "Of course I have! In fact...." He gets up off the couch and pads out of the room, to return a minute later. "I went and bought some peaches and bananas." He holds up the fruit to show them off. "Any takers?"

A few seconds pause, a shared glance between Serath and Illedra, and two nods. "Sure, I guess," says Illedra, gazing at the peach. "I'll take the banana," Serath opts.

"All right then. I'll just go get a knife to slice up the peach, then." Lukim goes out to the kitchen, coming back a few seconds later with a small paring knife. "Off with your clothes," he says, putting down the knife and starting to slip off his own. "We can't do this unless we're starkers."

Illedra begins to giggle as she removes her dress. "I feel so depraved doing this." Soon she's completely nude, rubbing lightly at her pussy, which is getting wetter.

Serath isn't too long in following. His wolfhood stands out from his body, small veins throbbing. He gently strokes it while Lukim finishes stripping, and peels a peach.

"Now," Lukim says, holding a handful of peach pieces. "Illedra, if you'll get on all fours...." He nods appreciatively at the glistening wetness between her legs as she does so. He gets down behind her, and starts inserting pieces of peach, pushing each one in deeply before putting the next one in.

Finally the whole peach is contained within Illedra's pussy, which bulges outward slightly. Lukim licks her hole a couple of times, grinning at the sweet taste, then turns to Serath. "You wanted the banana, so here it is." Lukim grabs a banana, and quickly rips the skin off it, uncovering the soft fruit beneath. He puts it into his mouth, slobbering over it until it's covered in saliva, then motions for Serath to get on all fours as well.

Serath bucks his hips forwards involuntarily as the banana touches his anal sphincter. "Just relax," Lukim reminds his flatmate. The nervous wolf tries to, barely moving as the banana begins to slide smoothly into his back passage. His rectum feels full as his anus closes behind the fruit.

Lukim rubs his paws together. "Now the fun starts. I'm going to fuck both of you together. A few thrusts here, then a few there, and so on." To prove his point, he positions himself behind Serath, rubbing his cockhead over his partner's anus, then pushes in.

The banana inside resists at first, then begins to collapse as Lukim pushes more firmly. Serath moans at the uncomfortable feeling in his lower gut when the banana tries to slip further into his lower bowels. Eventually Lukim is buried completely within Serath's rump, and now he pulls out, then pushes back in again. A little bit of fruit squeezes out to drop on the floor, unnoticed.

Lukim establishes a slow rhythm, wanting to make this fruity affair last as long as possible. He pulls out until only the head of his cock is inside, then he slides back in again, feeling the banana begin to disintegrate under his onslaught.

After a dozen thrusts Lukim withdraws, and gestures for Illedra to move next to Serath to save himself from moving too far. Breaking into another fit of giggles, Illedra happily pushes back onto Lukim's prick as it slides in amongst the peach segments, making an odd squishy sound.

Watching his flatmate thrust smoothly into Illedra's pussy, Serath supports himself on one arm, and reaches back to insert a finger into his open tailhole. 'Ew!' he thinks silently as his digit pushes into the mushy banana. He pulls it out and brings it to his face, idly looking it over before licking his finger clean. "Hmm...fruity," he murmurs, glancing over to Lukim again, who is just now pulling out of Illedra and moving to attack his rump again.

Feeling Lukim's wolfhood slide into his back passage again, Serath pushes back onto it, taking as much of the length as he can, almost managing to trap Lukim's massive knot inside himself. He growls softly, but lustily, turning his head to have a war of tongues with Illedra while he's being humped. The yellow fruit makes a funny noise with each thrust, now totally mushed into a potassium-rich mess.

All too soon it's her turn again. Serath whines in a mock piteous tone, wanting the big gap in his butt filled with more than just a mashed banana. Illedra laps his face with her long, rough tongue, and pants with effort as she rams herself down her boyfriend's slimy pole. "Ohh...isn't this great!" she exclaims, her eyes sparkling with passion.

Serath merely nods, moving to insert a finger or two into his rear to finger-fuck himself. "Beats a lonely night of wanking," he comments, taking his fingers out to lick the banana off them again.

Before he can miss Lukim too much Serath suddenly feels his hips being grabbed again, followed a second later by Lukim's cock pushing back in again. With a small howl of contentedness Serath rams himself backward into Lukim's crotch. The force of impact drives Lukim's engorged knot through Serath's sphincter to lock inside his rectum.

"Oh, GODS!" Lukim yells just before he orgasms with a howl. Serath joins him when he feels his flatmate's hot spunk splash into his guts, mingling with the banana to form 'banana cream'. Lukim humps over Serath, resting his exhausted body on his back.

Beside them, Illedra watches with amusement as Lukim ties with his flatmate. "When you're finished, can I have some of that?" she asks, poking her nose between their bodies to have a sniff. "Smells wonderful."

Serath growls weakly to the female, "Sure...if you'll get in front of me so I can eat your dessert." When she does so, the horny wolf wastes no time in burying his cold nose in Illedra's fruity cunt, probing her hot depths with his long, agile tongue, lapping out globs of peach.

Illedra's tail waves back and forth above Serath's head, tickling Lukim's nose. The tired wolf twists his muzzle up into a smile, moving his head so the tail doesn't tickle any more. Illedra yips happily as Serath does his own tickling with his tongue.

After a few minutes Lukim's knot shrinks enough to allow him to pull out of the wolf underneath him. With a wet shlurping sound his cock slides out, dripping onto the carpet. "There you go, Illy," Lukim says, gesturing to the gaping hole in front of him. "He's all yours."

Serath whines when Illedra moves away, but his whines soon turn to whimpers of pleasure as she gets behind him to delve deeply into his butt with a slim tongue. He contracts his rectal muscles, pushing out the slop that once was a banana out into Illedra's waiting mouth, who laps it up eagerly, tasting the delicious mingling of bittersweet cum and fruity banana before she swallows.

Lukim's tongue snakes into Illedra's pussy, probing to get the last of the peach lying inside the warm depths, much to her delight. She wiggles her rear provocatively, eliciting a growl from her boyfriend, who reaches up to hold her still while he finishes cleaning up inside.

Finally the three lie back on the floor, exhausted and happy. A couple minutes of silence is broken by Serath, who leans on one elbow to regard the other two. "I hope you're not planning to do this every night."

"Why not?" asks his flatmate, cuddling Illedra into his warm chest fur.

Serath waves an arm vaguely. "School, for starters -- I need to study for my upcoming exams. And my art -- you know some of my clients like to utilise the evenings. Also...I don't think I'd have the energy, as well as the money to afford all the fruit!"

The other two laugh, the sound echoing slightly in the large room. "Don't worry. Us two have lives as well, you know. Maybe it could be a weekly thing." He shrugs. "Whatever seems most convenient."

"Yes, well...that should be all right." He yawns and gets up off the floor. "Now, if you'll excuse me...I'd better have a shower and go to bed. I'm stuffed after all that exertion." The wolf wanders out of the room, and a minute later the shower is heard.

Lukim hugs Illedra to him, and whispers into her ear, "While he's busy showering, how about we fill up the time with some more intimacy, hmm?"

With a smile, Illedra turns her head to lick her boyfriend's muzzle. "Sure, hon...." With that she rolls herself over so she's lying on top, and embraces Lukim, planting a strong kiss on his lupine lips. Lukim growls softly, and meets her attack, wrapping his arms about her to hug her even closer to him....