Serath's Surprise: Part I

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker

The library is quiet. At least it is where Serath is standing, hidden behind the shelves of ancient history. Subdued light falls through a rather dingy skylight onto the book he is perusing, 'The Chronicles of Golan the Conqueror, Part II'. In the dimness, his dark blue trackpants appear black, his T-shirt of white a shade of dank grey.

The sleek lupine glances down at his digital watch, and sighs. 16:56. The library is due to close shortly. Time to check out the book and go home to his flat in the midst of suburbia. He mentally tags the book to keep his place, and wanders out of the history section, his paws making no sound as he pads across the lush carpet to the issuing desk.

The vulpine beauty behind the desk takes his card and scans it, then takes his book, runs its barcode across the infrared scanner, and hands him the date slip printed out, along with his book and card.

"Thank you," Serath says to the librarian before he leaves, the book under his arm. Walking down the curving stairs to the exit, he wonders about what to fix for dinner. By rights it's his flatmate's turn to cook, but as Lukim's sports training quite often keeps him late, the young wolf finds himself acting in the capacity of master chef most nights of the week. He isn't too bad when it comes to cooking, given a recipe book and ingredients.

Serath walks out of the library, mulling over the possibilities of minced beef and vegetables. A stir-fry, perhaps? So preoccupied is he with his current thoughts, he fails to notice an oncoming pedestrian.

With a heavy crash, Serath and the person collide, both ending up on the ground, muttering polite apologies. Serath gets up first, and offers a paw to help the other up. "Thank you," she says, dusting off her blouse.

Looking her over, the young wolf is captivated by her lupine beauty. His eyes take in every detail; her golden eyes; her silver-streaked muzzle; her trim figure, with curves in all the right places; her shapely legs. Serath is hard pressed not to stare at her.

He grapples for something to say, and comes up with, "Are you hurt at all? I wasn't looking where I was going." Serath almost melts in the smile she gives him. "Not much. I'm just a little winded." She looks around, then at him. "Could you tell me where Lukim Runswild lives? He's taking me to dinner tonight."

Serath's jaw drops, and he hurriedly shuts it again. Date? Lukim had never said anything about having a date! "Yes, er, um, yes, I could. He's my flatmate, as it so happens." Not sure of what to do next, he picks up his book, and trots off down the street, looking over his shoulder to check that she is following.

They don't have far to travel; only three blocks or so. Serath stops in front of a large wooden gate with '45' carved into one of the vertical planks. Lifting the latch, he opens the gate and gestures for the female to precede him, closing the gate behind himself.

He fishes around in the pockets of his jeans, and takes out a key, with which he unlocks the front door. Waving his arm expansively, Serath says, "Welcome to our humble abode." He pads into the kitchen, fills the kettle, and turns it on. "What would you like to drink? Lukim will be an hour or two, so make yourself at home."

"Coffee, please. Two sugars, no milk," comes the reply. She seats herself on the worn leather couch, glancing around at the artwork on the walls, some of which is very suggestive, even downright erotic.

Serath comes into the room a few minutes later and hands her a cup. "Here you go...? Um...we haven't been introduced, I believe. I'm Serath," he says with an apologetic grin. He sits down on a matching armchair and sips at his coffee.

She smiles. "I'm sorry. My name is Illedra. I'm a receptionist for CyberData." She sips quietly, glancing around at the walls again. "Interesting pictures you have on the walls," she comments wryly. "I assume you painted them? You captured Lukim's likeness very well." Illedra points with a manicured hand at one particular painting, depicting Lukim lying on the couch, totally naked, his prominent red member standing out against his light grey fur. "Especially in that one." A low growl sounds from her throat.

"Er...yes, I did paint them, actually. I study ancient history at the University, and in my spare time I paint, often for pleasure, but just as often for commission."

"Are they all like these?" Illedra asks, leaning back into the couch's embrace. Her blouse rides up slightly, giving Serath a tantalising glimpse of her femininity.

Again the young male is caught off guard. "Er...sometimes, yes, if the client specifically asks for it." He shifts his legs, trying to surreptitiously arrange them and his pants to cover the growing bulge in his crotch. 'This conversation is getting rather embarrassing,' Serath thinks to himself.

Illedra notices the change of position, and smiles. "Something wrong?" she asks, a picture of innocence.

"No, no...not at all," Serath almost stammers. He quickly raises the cup to his muzzle, taking a long swig of his coffee, trying to keep his eyes off her salient features.

"Oh, good. Then perhaps you could get me a refill? My cup seems to be empty." The female's grin is positively wicked as she holds her cup out.

A moment of panic is almost immediately overridden by a feeling of resignation. Serath stands up, the front of his pants tented outwards by his physical arousal. He takes Illedra's cup and pads calmly into the kitchen, as if nothing untoward is happening. When he comes back, he nearly drops the cup. As it is, he spills a few drops on the carpet in his amazement.

Illedra is completely naked, lying in repose with her legs spread. Her facial expression is a mixture of feigned surprise and firm intent. As if nothing is at all odd about her change of attire, the ravishing wolf says, "Thank you, Serath."

His mouth opening and closing soundlessly, Serath walks over to the couch and wordlessly hands Illedra her cup of coffee. Before he can get back to his seat, to think things through, she stops him, grabbing him gently but firmly by his pants. "I hope you don't mind my current state of fashion. I figured that, seeing all these pictures around, you'd be quite used to naked people." Being careful to not to spill her drink, she strikes a provocative pose. "I think this pose suits me, don't you think?"

Serath is almost ready to explode from his overwhelming desire to take this lupine female, but his barely adequate reserves of propriety restrain him from doing so. "Um, um, yes, yes, it does." He rambles, trying to avoid her piercing gaze.

Too late. Her golden eyes meet his, and before his conscious mind has a chance to reassert its control, he's bending down over Illedra, burying his nose in her warm, silver fur. He breathes deeply of her feminine musk, savouring the richness of its scent.

With a smile, Illedra reaches down to pull at the draw-strings of his trackpants, giving them a quick tug to loosen them. Serath helps, pushing down the cumbersome pants while snuffling around her nipples. "Oh, yes," she murmurs, feeling the impressive bulge straining the fabric of his underwear. With a negligent movement of her hand, she tears his underwear off, releasing Serath's wolfhood from its confines.

The horny young male straightens up, showing off the eight-inch length of his cock, dark red and striated with veins. At the base of his maleness the large swelling of his knot is evident. Without a word, Illedra sits up and, grabbing Serath gently by his buttocks, pulls him toward her. With one hand she guides his cock into her muzzle, taking its full length, and begins to suck it gently, using her raspy tongue to effect more pleasure.

Serath nearly spurts then and there, but he manages to restrain himself. He bucks forward involuntarily as a finger finds his puckered anus and enters it. "Oh, Illedra," he moans quietly, torn between not wanting this moment to end, and wanting to move onto more physical activity.

Illedra takes the problem off his hands before he has a chance to worry over it. She pulls her muzzle off his cock, giving it a final lick, then slips down to the thickly carpeted floor, where she positions herself for a rear entry.

This is the moment Serath has been waiting for. Without further ado he gets down behind his luscious partner, and fondles his cock into position. One slow push, and he's inside Illedra to the hilt, filling her pussy comfortably with his girth and length. Both wolves shudder in mounting pleasure and anticipation.

Serath begins to fuck her, using slow, gentle strokes, designed to extend their love-making so they can get the most enjoyment out of it. He looks down, revelling in the sight of his red wolfhood disappearing into the warm, silky depths of Illedra's body.

"You're so much better than Lukim is," murmurs the female, pushing back against Serath's thrusts. Her breath is becoming slightly more ragged as she nears her first orgasm. "He seems to be your...typical male -- all sex drive...and no sensitivity." Illedra turns her head to smile at her lover. "You, on the other paw...."

Grinning back at her, Serath continues to fuck steadily, his tempo increasing only marginally. "Oh, really?" he asks. "Are you implying that...I'm the only wolf who...can think beyond his cock?" His breathing is getting out of kilter as he builds toward his own climax as well.

Illedra nods by way of affirmation. "Pretty much," is gotten out before she begins a low growling that rises to an immense crescendo as the massive waves of orgasm crash over her. She nearly collapses in a happy faint; only the thought of Serath emptying himself into her keeps her up.

The horny male isn't too far away from doing just that. He gives up all pretence of being a considerate lover, and goes for it, ramming his hard cock deep into Illedra's pussy. Eventually his knot, which has been battering at his lover's entrance since the beginning, forces its way inside, locking the two wolves together.

A few hard, but short, strokes later, and Serath starts unloading, his thick, frothy cum shooting out of his prick to splash into Illedra's clenching pussy. He howls in lupine triumph, having achieved his ultimate goal, as his seed continues to spurt into his lover's body.

Illedra joins Serath in his vocal revelry, her rich soprano melding with his solid bass. The warm liquid jetting into her pussy triggers another climax, giving her added volume.

The moment, unfortunately, doesn't last. Both wolves collapse onto their sides, lying on the floor, still locked together. "That was just wonderful," murmurs Illedra, her head resting against Serath's chest.

Serath just sighs blissfully, stroking his partner's belly fur lovingly, and nibbling lightly on her ears. "That it was." They lie together for a few minutes longer, then separate when Serath's cock softens enough to allow him to pull out.

Illedra turns and pulls the limp appendage into her muzzle to lick off the juices, prompting it to harden and lengthen again. "Mmmmm," she mumbles around the mouthful of wolf-meat, stretching her limber tongue around the thickness.

Suddenly their ears swivel in the direction of the front door, hearing the quiet padding of someone walking inside, then the door closing with a quiet bang. "Serath, I'm home! Training finished early...."

Illedra looks up to meet the other's gaze, then pulls his cock out of her muzzle. In unison with Serath, she says, "We're screwed."

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