Sacrifice: Part II

Characters and Text © 2001, H Macdonald

"Where are we going Loka?" Rayli asked, shouting to make herself heard.

"I thought you might like to clean yourself off a bit."

They touched down in a large clearing, Loka carefully returning Rayli to the ground before furling up her wings again. The clearing contained a large, crystal clear pool that was being fed by a small waterfall. Rayli wandered over to the pools edge, admiring the beauty of her surroundings. She was busy admiring her own faint reflection in the water when she heard a quiet thud behind her. Before she could turn she felt hands on her bottom and moments later she found herself tumbling into the cool water, the gentle shove 'helping' her in.

Loka watched as her friend suddenly resurfaced and found herself fighting back a smile, hiding her 'helpful' hands behind her back. Rayli spat out a mouthful of water before mock glaring up at the dragoness, water dripping from her muzzle and hair.

"I thought you felines were supposed to be graceful," Loka teased. "You should have seen the splash you made".

Rayli continued to glare.

The water rippled as Rayli began to slowly swim back to the edge, her movements in the water incredibly slow and clumsy when compared to her movement on land. Suddenly, Rayli darted forward and grabbed Loka's tail.

Loka grinned as Rayli pulled with all her strength but was unable to move the powerful dragoness.

"That's not going to work sweetie; you're a little bit small"

"Oh yeah?"

Loka gasped as she sensed a sudden surge of power rushing through Rayli's body. With a loud shout of triumph, Rayli swung around and hurled Loka into the water, throwing her at least three strides away despite her size and weight. Loka returned, coughing and spluttering to the surface, her surprised expression quickly fading. The two glared at each other for a moment, then, unable to restrain themselves any longer, burst out laughing.

Loka towed Rayli through the water and over to where the waterfall flowed over a small cliff and into the pool.

Rayli twitched her whiskers, trying to dislodge the little droplets of water that kept collecting there due to the spray. Loka's tail wrapped around Rayli's waist and pulled her closer, giving the soaking wet feline a playful hug. With the water from the falls and a lot of help from each other, the two were soon clean and refreshed.

Rayli had just initiated a splashing war she had little hope of winning when a dark shadow passed over her, followed by two more similar shadows. Looking up, squinting slightly due to the sun, Rayli realised that the shadows belonged to three large dragons, similar to Loka but obviously male. Loka noticed them two and was staring upwards, tracking them as they flew overhead and landed near the edge of the pool.

Rayli turned to Loka. "Do you know them?"

Loka smiled and nodded, "Let's go say hello."

The three were about the same size as Loka, though the one with the blue scales seemed to be a little bit smaller. The biggest of the three had shining bronze scales while the one beside him had glittering gold scales. Unlike Loka, these three wore clothes as well as assorted bits of jewellery. The gold and the bronze each wore a pair of tough looking shorts while the blue was wearing what appeared to be silk breeches. Drawing confidence from Loka's presence, Rayli followed the dragoness across the pool.

The bronze looked over at them, examining Rayli for a moment before returning his gaze to Loka. "Hello Loka, how are you today?"

Loka smiled. "I'm fine"

"Glad to hear it. Who's your friend?"

"Oh, sorry. This is Rayli"

Loka turned to Rayli. "The Bronze one is Harak, the one with gold scales is Tarris and Sol is the blue one"

Harak gave Rayli a pleasant smile and Tarrin gave her a wave, Sol seemed to be too busy looking her over to do either.

"Where did you find her?" Sol asked, still gazing at Rayli.

Loka climbed up onto the bank and described her morning with Rayli while the young feline tried not to notice Sol's constant staring.

When Loka had finished, Harak grinned and gave her a friendly nudge. "Sounds like you've had a busy morning"

A sly smile spread across Loka's face. She glanced over at Rayli before turning back to Harak. "You know, my morning hasn't quite finished." The dragoness placed a hand on Harak's scaled chest and smiled up at him. "But I can think of a good way to complete it"

Harak laughed and wrapped his tail around Loka's legs. "Loka, you haven't changed one bit"

Rayli watched with fascination as Loka unbuckled the male's belt with one hand, the other still on his chest.

Harak twisted his neck around to grin at his friends. "You guys don't mind, do you?"

Sol and Tarris shook their heads. "It's too good an opportunity to pass up Harak, go for it," responded Tarris, clearly intending to watch.

Loka's long tongue shot out and flickered against Harak's snout. She looked at Tarris and Sol. "Maybe you two could entertain my friend for me?"

Rayli's eyes widened.

Loka went back to removing Harak's shorts as Rayli and the two other males turned to look at each other.

"Rayli...would that be o.k. with you? Tarris asked, tilting his head slightly. "We could be very gentle..."

Rayli looked thoughtful, she'd just been offered an opportunity to have some fun...with two dragons no less!

A grin spread across the feline's muzzle. "Sure...why not. Just go easy on me."

Tarris smiled and nodded, offering his hand to help Rayli out of the pool.

Rayli glanced over to Loka as she climbed out of the pool. Harak's shorts were lying a few metres away and the two were now lying on the ground, playfully caressing each other. Loka was on top at the moment, lying atop Harak's body and arching her back as he fondled her breasts, paying equal attention to all three pairs. One of Loka's hands had slipped between their bodies and was now rubbing against Harak's sheath.

Rayli was still watching Loka when she felt hands on her shoulders, gently massaging the base of her neck. An involuntary groan escaped her muzzle and she looked behind her to find Tarris smiling down at her. Rayli turned to face him, reaching out to touch his stomach. She ran her paw over Tarris' scaly underbelly, surprised at how soft his hide felt. Tarris watched as Rayli's paws eventually came to rest on the belt around his waist, her nimble fingers easily unbuckling it and pulling it free. Rayli smiled to herself as she dropped to the belt to the ground and began to slowly remove Tarris' shorts. Her eyes widened as the dragon's sex organ began to appear. He was big. His cock was a dark purple colour and though it wasn't as long as Loka's toy, it was roughly the same width. While Rayli just stared, Tarris stepped out of his shorts and flicked them away with a toe-claw.

Rayli looked up at him. "Could you kneel down for me?"

Tarris nodded and sat down on his knees, making himself comfortable. Rayli got down on her paws and knees, bringing her muzzle to the same height as the slowly swelling cock in front of her. She looked over her shoulder at Sol and saw that he'd found a comfortable spot to sit. Sol gave her a smile and a nod, encouraging her to continue.

Tarris let out a quiet moan as Rayli gave the tip of his organ an experimental lick, lapping up the bead of salty pre-cum that had appeared. Moving slightly closer she began to run her tongue up and down his cock, her rough tongue rasping against the sensitive flesh. Having finished her explorations of Tarris' shaft she returned her attention to the tip. There was another groan from above her as she opened her mouth, slowly allowing the very tip into her mouth. She lapped at the tip a few more times as it entered before leaning forwards and taking as much of him into her mouth as she could manage. There was still a fairly large amount of cock remaining outside of her mouth when she reached her maximum, the tip now almost sliding into her throat. Before she could continue, she felt something gripping her tail and lifting it into the air. Moments later she felt something; Sol's finger, pressing against her tail hole, which had become quite tight again after recovering from Loka's tail. Unable to make a sound, she pushed back against the finger as it penetrated her tail hole and slid into her. Familiar sensations of pain and discomfort gradually faded, as she knew they would, and where replaced by much more pleasurable sensations, which seemed even more intense this time. Her tail hole was given a few moments to adjust before the finger began to move, slowly forcing its way in and out until she'd begun to loosen up. Sol placed his other hand on her hip and began slowly thrusting with his finger, watching Rayli's tail twitch with each thrust.

In the mean time, Loka had straddled Harak's body and was now kneeling above him. Reaching down, she wrapped her hand around his cock, guiding it between her outer lips as she slowly lowered herself down onto him. Harak thrust upwards, sliding his shaft all the way inside. Loka moaned loudly and began to slowly ride Harak's cock, pushing against him as he thrust upwards. Harak watched as Loka's six breasts shook with each thrust and smiled, reaching out to caress the biggest set, squeezing and fondling the soft scaled orbs. Loka shuddered slightly and tilted her head back, her eyes slowly closing. She could hear Tarris' moaning and would occasionally sneak a quick peak, watching as Rayli pleasured the golden scaled dragon who was clearly not going to last much longer. Loka let out a loud moan of her own and tilted her head back, wrapping her tail around one of her lover's legs.

Realising that Tarris was moments away from coming, Rayli pulled some more of his large purple organ out of her mouth, not wanting to choke when he did. As Sol's finger pushed deep into her tail hole again and again, Rayli began rapidly licking the tip of Tarris' cock, caressing the head with her tongue. Unable to take anymore, Tarris roared loudly and thrust forward with his hips, his cock twitching and unleashing an explosion of dragon seed into Rayli's mouth. Rayli was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer volume despite her preparations moments before and her mouth was quickly filled with the warm, sticky liquid. Cumm seeped out of her mouth and ran down her chin as she tried to swallow as much of the bittersweet fluid as she could. Tarris sighed loudly and began to stroke the back of Rayli's neck, firing one last shot of cumm down her throat before he shuffled back a little, allowing his saliva coated cock to slide out of her mouth.

The dragon smiled. "That was wonderful Rayli. Thank you"

Rayli simply smiled back in response and gripped the base of his cock in one of her paws, holding it still as she licked it clean. She watched as Tarris crawled a few paces away and lay down on his side, still watching her.

Rayli was suddenly reminded of Sol's presence behind her by an extra hard thrust of his finger, sending little waves of pain and pleasure shooting through her. Rayli looked over her shoulder and smiled at the blue scaled dragon who had been finger fucking her tail hole. He grinned back and, after treating her to one last hard thrust, slid his finger out of her loosened anus. He wiped the finger on the grass for a moment before silently gripping Rayli's hips with both hands, lowering his upper body and head. Rayli murred loudly as she felt his long, forked tongue worm its way past her labium and into her warm, wet pussy. Sol moved closer, his tongue delving deep into Rayli's body. Mewling like a newborn cub, Rayli shuddered and closed her eyes, loving every second as Sol's wonderful tongue massaged her sensitive inner walls. She was almost ready to cry out in pleasure when she heard a muffled chuckle behind her. She let out a growl of protest as Sol's tongue returned to his mouth, looking back over her shoulder again to see why he'd stopped.

She'd just opened her mouth to protest when the tongue returned, but not to her pussy. Rayli's eyes widened as Sol pushed his long tongue past her loosened tail hole and into her hot body. Her body quivered and shook as he brushed his tongue against her rectal walls, probing deeply within her. It wasn't long before the tongue was gone again, pushing hard against her inner walls as it slid back out.

A grin spread across Loka's snout as she watched Sol slip his tongue into Rayli's tail hole, remembering a time not long ago when she had experienced that for the first time…and it had been Sol who had introduced her to it too. Moving her hips in a circular motion she steadily fucked the hard cock inside her pussy, forcing it as deep inside her as physically possible. Harak responded with the hardest thrust she'd felt all week and squeezed her breasts hard, not quite hard enough to be painful. With a loud gasp, Loka pushed back with all her remaining strength and roared with pleasure as she finally reached her peak. Her inner muscles contracted suddenly, almost violently, around Harak's shaft and with a mighty roar, the bronze dragon's purple cock released its load of semen into Loka's slippery depths. Smiling with satisfaction and almost unbearable pleasure, Loka remained on top of her lover until the twitching and squeezing caused by her orgasm slowly ceased. With a loud sigh, she collapsed forwards onto Harak's chest and closed her eyes, rumbling happily as he wrapped his arms around her.

Sol and Rayli watched as the two cuddled before eventually turning their attention back to each other. Rayli gave him a playful grin. "I thought dragons didn't eat furries."

"We don't usually fuck them either...may I?"

Rayli stuck her tongue out at him before rolling onto her back and spreading her legs, giving Sol easy access to her slick pussy. Sol removed his silk breeches before carefully crawling into position and lowering himself down onto Rayli. She wrapped her arms around his back as his cock found her pussy, letting out a little gasp and arching her back as he pushed the tip into her. Despite his smaller size, Sol's cock was every bit as big as Tarris' and seemed to be slightly longer. Rayli groaned and closed her eyes as Sol began to fuck her, using only the tip of his cock. Rayli moved her hips in an attempt to get the rest of the purple cock inside her but Sol chuckled and pulled back, countering her every move. She reached down to rub her crotch and tummy but Sol gently held her by the wrist and pinned her arm to the ground.

"Sol, please," she begged, bucking her hips as he slowly teased her. She shuddered and groaned as Sol continued to slide the tip of his organ in and out, driving her wild with lust. She reopened her eyes and gave a little growl of displeasure. She could see Sol's cock tip sliding in and out of her body as well as the amount of his shaft that was still not slick with her juices, he'd hardly entered her at all! Hearing Rayli's little growl, Sol grinned and, without warning, sunk his cock as deep inside Rayli as was physically possible, burying himself inside her until his sheath bumped against her soft labia. Rayli cried out in a mixture of surprise and delight, clutching herself to Sol's muscular chest.

"OH! Oh yes..." she moaned, arching her back and pressing her soft breasts against her lover's soft-scaled underbelly.

"Is that what you wanted?"

"Oh Sol...that feels so good," she exclaimed.

Rayli heard Loka chuckle. "It looks good too Rayli, you having fun over there?"

Rayli closed her eyes and smiled, nodding in reply.

After giving her a moment to get used to his size (and spending some time enjoying the tight fit), Sol began moving his hips in large circular motions, driving himself deep inside Rayli's tight pussy over and over again. Rayli cried out in pleasure with each deep yet gentle thrust, wrapping her legs around him as well. Sol groaned quietly and began to thrust a little harder, being careful not to hurt the sexy young feline but wanting to drive her over the edge. His extra effort was soon rewarded. The feel of Sol's cock plunging into her and the sensations of pleasure coming from her nipples and his scaled chest brushed against them was soon too much for Rayli to handle. She shuddered and mewled like a kitten as her inner muscles twitched and quivered, squeezing Sol's cock tightly. Sol roared loudly, buried the full length of his purple sex organ inside Rayli's contracting pussy and dug his claws into the ground. Rayli murred loudly as Sol began to fill her with his sticky seed, rubbing her tummy as she felt the warm liquid began to seep out of her and soak her inner thighs.

Sol removed his shaft from her with a quiet slurping sound and lay down on the ground beside her, fondly rubbing her wet crotch with a blue-scaled hand. Rayli began to purr with satisfaction, watching with half opened eyes as the dragons all gathered around her. Loka knelt down next to her, holding something in her hand.

"Rayli, I want you to have this," Loka told her, offering Rayli what appeared to be a small golden bracelet. Rayli smiled and accepted the trinket. "Thank you Loka, I'm sure it will remind me of you whenever I look at it"

Loka smiled back. "It'll do move than that. You can use it to summon me or one of my friends here should you ever need help, or entertainment, by simply touching it to your lips"

Rayli's smile turned into a grin as she clipped the bracelet around her left wrist. "Friends should try to keep in touch...."