Sacrifice: Part I

Characters and Text © 2001, H Macdonald

Rayli's deep blue eyes glittered as she approached her target; a strange looking idol made of gold and set with precious gems. This was what Rayli had spent the last two days searching for. Being a treasure hunter wasn't always very profitable but she was sure that this time she'd be set for weeks to come. Her lithe, golden furred body was perfect for this line of work and she'd always been good at finding her way into places where she wasn't wanted. Despite being shorter than average, she was considered to be quite pretty, her shoulder length brown hair gleaming in the light of her torch. The three blue stripes on each cheek started just below her jaw and stopped about a claw length from her eyes, three similar stripes decorated her left shoulder and there were another three circling around her tail, just below the tip. She was wearing a yellow top with blue trim and a matching short skirt. There was a single gold earring in her right ear and the necklace she wore everywhere was around her neck as always.

Her padded feet barely made a sound as the young feline Fur carefully made her way towards the pedestal on which the idol rested. She loomed over her prize, using a paw to lightly brush the dust away from around it. She grinned and reached out for the idol, snatching it off the pedestal and replacing it with a bag of carefully weighed sand. She was about to turn and leave when her sensitive ears detected a grating sound coming from within the pedestal.

"Dammit, stupid sand bag!"

She leapt backwards, nimbly avoiding a spear that suddenly shot out of the wall. She added a few more quick movements that almost resembled dance steps as the ceiling unleashed a volley of darts, their sharp points digging into the stone floor wherever they hit. She turned and sprinted for the door, hoping she wasn't in one of those temples that had a nasty habit of collapsing.

She reached the doorway and paused, listening carefully. The room had gone silent once more, no more ancient machines loading up another round of spears, no dart launchers preparing for a second attack, nothing. Rayli smiled triumphantly and gave the room an exaggerated bow before turning to leave, admiring the idol she'd just acquired.


Rayli froze, her eyes widening in surprise. It felt like she'd just been stung and there was a strange tingling sensation coming from her bottom. She reached behind her and felt her paw brush against something. With a small mewl of pain she pulled it free and examined it. In her paw was a small dart, similar to the ones that had almost made her a pincushion.

Her vision began to swirl, the edges turning dark. She wobbled on her feet for a moment before slowly collapsing on the ground.

"You sneaky bastards..." she murmured as her eyes slid closed and her body went limp, lying still on the cold stone floor, still holding the idol.

With a cough, Rayli woke up. She reopened her eyes and waited for the world to stop spinning, clumsily moving onto her paws and knees. Eventually her vision returned to normal, allowing her to take in her surroundings. The tall stone walls of the temple had somehow been replaced with shrubs and trees, revealing that she was now outside. She tried to stand up and suddenly realised that her wrists and ankles were shackled to a large stone block which she had been obviously been lying on while she slept off the effects of whatever the tip of that dart had been coated with. She also realised that the idol was gone, along with most of her clothes. She was wearing nothing more than an earring, her necklace and a pair of silky black panties.

There was the sound of a twig snapping and she looked to her left just in time to see a robed figure disappearing into the trees.

"Hey you! Wait! Come back!"

Her cries were ignored and soon she was totally alone in the clearing, unable to do anything more than remain of her paws and knees and wait...for what? Shifting her attention back to the stone block that she was shackled to, she noticed some inscriptions. They were written in one of the ancient texts and Rayli was only able to translate a few words.

"Um...sacrifice...for...dragon? Oh come original is that?"

As if in response to her voice there was a crashing sound, coming from the foliage in front of her. It sounded like something was forcing its way through the plants.

Rayli's eyes widened as a green-scaled dragon stepped into the clearing, its glowing amber eyes immediately finding hers. The dragons had a bad reputation, branded as killers and destroyers. The dragons weren't really all that different from the Furs, they were generally quite intelligent and usually didn't get all that big.

This dragon wasn't as large as most, standing at about 1.8 metres, taller if you counted the tail. The dragon grinned at Rayli and began to walk towards her.

"Well, well, well. It's certainly been a while since those guys have made an offering," announced the dragon as it strode forward. Its voice was surprisingly soft and feminine, making Rayli realise that it was a 'female' dragon that was making her way towards the centre of the clearing. Rayli took another look and noted that the dragoness had long, blue hair as well as a very curvy figure for a dragon. The dragoness' six breasts, two large ones and four smaller ones, swayed slightly as she moved. A pair of large wings was folded up behind her back, out of the way so they wouldn't be harmed. There was a belt around her waist, attached to it was a pouch and a few small bags. Her body was decorated by various bits of jewellery too but she wore no clothes or coverings of any sort.

The whole time that Rayli was examining the dragoness, the dragoness was doing the same thing to her. The dragoness' amber eyes ran over Rayli's nearly naked body, lingering at her breasts and the curve of her bottom, still raised up in the air.

"It looks like it was worth the wait," the dragoness said, smiling down at Rayli as she reached the stone block.

The dragon's smile made Rayli uneasy, dragons had a mean set of teeth and her state of helplessness would not make defending herself easy if the dragoness decided she was hungry. She cringed as the dragoness lightly placed a clawed hand on her shoulder, the fear in her eyes plain to see. The dragoness laughed quietly at Rayli's reaction and knelt down to be at Rayli's eye level.

"Calm down...dragons don't 'really' eat Furs you know, that's pure fiction...mostly, " the dragoness told her.

Rayli began to calm down again, the dragoness' pleasantly smiling face and reassuring touch steadying her nerves. "Sorry, but you are quite a sight."

The dragoness smiled at the compliment. "As are you."

The insides of Rayli's ears turned a redder shade of pink as she remembered that her half-naked body was on display. "Thanks...I think. I'm Rayli."

The dragoness laughed. "I'm Loka."

" that we've been introduced you wouldn't mind letting me go would you? Seeing as you don't intend to eat me...."

"Actually, I do mind. Just because I'm not going to devour you doesn't mean I'm just going to let you go," replied Loka, following up her statement by opening her mouth just slightly and brushing her long, forked tongue over Rayli's muzzle.

Rayli's eyes widened. Surely Loka didn't intend to.... The hand on her shoulder had begun to rub her bare shoulder blades and Rayli couldn't help but purr quietly. Loka placed her free hand on Rayli's other shoulder, gently massaging them with her large hands. Rayli purred a little louder and began to smile; maybe this wouldn't be so bad....

Rayli's reaction made Loka smile, she looked Rayli right in her partially closed eyes and extended her tongue again, this time brushing the tip against her lips. Rayli looked surprised for a moment before relaxing again. Loka's long tongue withdrew a little before slowly sliding between Rayli's lips and into her mouth. Rayli's pointed ears stood up on end as she felt Loka's tongue slip into her mouth, brushing against her own short, rough tongue. Loka continued to explore Rayli's mouth with her tongue as she slid her hands off Rayli's shoulders and moved them to Rayli's breasts, cupping one in each hand and gently squeezing. Rayli let out a little gasp as she felt the dragoness' hands firmly fondling her plump breasts, allowing Loka's tongue to wrap around hers.

Rayli murred loudly as she felt Loka's tongue slide out of her mouth again, opening her eyes totally as she felt her breasts being released. Loka gave her a quick grin before turning and walking around the stone, stopping when she was standing behind her. Rayli watched the dragoness' rippling muscles and feminine curves pass by her with a smile, wondering what Loka was up to.

She let out a loud gasp as she felt something flicker against her now damp pussy through her panties. Loka was crouching behind her and teasingly licking her cunt through the thin pair of black underwear, causing Rayli to shudder slightly. Loka gave her a few more licks before rubbing at Rayli's covered crotch with her fingers, the black panties quickly becoming soaked as Rayli's cunt was stimulated. Rayli licked her lips and smiled to herself, the dragoness would have to strip her naked soon or she'd go crazy.

As if sensing Rayli's state, Loka pulled her hands and tongue away from Rayli's crotch and walked around to the side of the block so Rayli could see her. Rayli watched as Loka opened the pouch at her belt and pulled out a large blue dildo. Rayli's ears perked up, that thing was BIG and she had a pretty good idea of where it would be going. Loka gave Rayli a teasing smile as she held the dildo out for her to see, holding it in front of Rayli's face and bringing it to her lips. Without even thinking, Rayli opened her mouth and gave the dildo a quick lick, running her tongue over its cool, shiny surface. Loka smiled and began to push forward with the dildo, slowly forcing the tip into Rayli's mouth. Rayli wasn't too keen about allowing something so large inside her mouth but didn't have much choice, her mouth gradually being forced to open as wide as possible. Luckily Loka didn't try to push the dildo too deep, moving it back and forth instead. Rayli closed her eyes and let the dragoness have her way,

licking at the artificial cock as it slid in and out of her mouth.

Eventually she felt Loka pull the dildo out of her mouth, allowing her to close her it again. She didn't have long to rest though as Loka's hands were on her bottom moments later, gently caressing her. She shivered slightly as the hands explored her rear for a while, touching, squeezing and rubbing. The hands moved up to her hips and began to slowly pull the silken panties down her thighs, revealing her defenceless pussy.

"Please be gentle," Rayli begged, almost whispering as the dildo brushed against her outer lips. Loka gave her a reassuring pat on the bottom. "I won't hurt you, I'm just going to have some fun."

Moments later Rayli let out a loud shout of surprise and ecstasy as she felt her outer lips parting around the head of the dildo, allowing the thick sex toy into her slippery hole. A low murr escaped her muzzle as she felt the dildo's entire length slid into her, filling her completely. It was a snug fit and Rayli could feel every slight movement deep inside her as Loka moved the toy back and forth a little, allowing Rayli time to become used to it's size. As soon as Rayli began to relax a little Loka reached across and firmly gripped Rayli's hip, holding her still. With teasing slowness Loka began to pull the dildo out, stopping just before it was all the way out. Rayli moaned and shuddered as the dildo began to gradually slide back into her depths, driving her wild with pleasure. Her tail twitched in the air as Loka increased the pace a little, gently pumping the fat, artificial cock in and out. Loka was slow and very gentle to begin with, increasing the speed and strength of her thrusts steadily.

Gasping loudly as the artificial cock slid in and out of her, Rayli could only try to relax and enjoy the ride.

"That's right, just relax...."

Moments later Rayli let out a surprised 'merf' as she felt something slim and cool drive its way into her ass, the tip pushing against her tight little hole and forcing itself inside with one smooth movement. Rayli murred quietly as she realised that Loka was using her long, scaly tail to fuck her up the tail hole. The tail began to slide in and out, occasionally thrusting extra hard, making Rayli groan loudly.

Loka smiled as Rayli's back began to arch and the loudly gasping treasure hunter began to move her hips, meeting each thrust with one of her own, driving Loka's tail and her sex toy even deeper inside. Rayli's eyes closed as she focused all her concentration on the feelings of pleasure and small amounts of discomfort she was experiencing, revelling in the sensations. The sensations became stronger and stronger as Loka's thrusting tempo increased once more, tidal waves of pleasure rampaging through Rayli's body with each thrust.

A loud yowl of pleasure escaped Rayli's muzzle as she climaxed suddenly, pushing back one more time and arching her feline spine. Loka stopped thrusting and took a step back, admiring Rayli as orgasm washed through her quivering golden furred body. Rayli's juices had by now completely coated the dildo and part of Loka's scaled hand; much of the clear, slippery liquid had also begun gradually flowing down Rayli's inner thighs.

Rayli, now panting heavily to regain her composure, shivered and let out a quiet 'Mrrooowl' as she felt Loka pull the sex toy from slippery wetness between her furry legs, allowing more of her juices to flow down her legs. Loka's tail tip slid out of her now not-quite-so-tight tail hole soon after, the feelings of pleasurable discomfort slowly fading. Loka raised her hand to her mouth, extending her long tongue to lap up the clear fluid coating it, enjoying the faint taste of Rayli's juices.

Rayli began purring happily as Loka's hands began to slowly caress her body, starting at her shoulders and gradually working their way down towards her tail base. She murred as Loka's fingers began to rub against the outer lips of her pussy, the touch intended to relax and soothe rather than to arouse. The fingers moved up to rub against her loosened tail hole, coating it with Rayli's own juices and driving away the last lingering sensations of discomfort. With a loud, happy sigh, Rayli announced that she had recovered from her 'ordeal', stretching out her limbs and enjoying the afterglow.

Loka watched her for a while before finally reaching out and giving one of Rayli's pert breasts a gentle squeeze, immediately getting her attention.

"Can I go now?" queried Rayli, her expression showing that even if Loka did release her, she wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

" it's my turn," Loka announced with a sly smile.

She stood in front of Rayli, turned away from her and slowly leant forward, her tail lifting up to reveal her wet sex. The scales around Loka's cunt were wet with her juices and every so often some of the clear liquid would gather at the point where the two outer lips met and drop free, the droplets splashing on the grass between her feet. Rayli licked her lips as Loka began to move backwards, eventually bringing her moistened slit within range of Rayli's tongue. Rayli wasted no time and immediately began to lap lightly at Loka's inner thighs, wanting to tease the dragoness for a while. Loka smiled to herself and backed up a little more, pressing the sides of her scaled outer lips against Rayli's cold, triangular nose. Rayli mewled quietly in response and began lapping at Loka's labia, her short, rough tongue gliding over the smooth scales. The dragoness gasped quietly, her legs becoming a little wobbly for a moment.

"Oh...yesss..." she hissed, the tip of her pointed tail slowly swishing back and forth like a tree branch in a gentle breeze.

A gasp escaped the Dragoness' lips as she felt Rayli's tongue slide into her wet sex, it's rough surface brushing against her sensitive inner walls with teasing slowness. Murring quietly, Rayli slipped her tongue as deep inside Loka as she could manage, eagerly lapping up the Dragoness' juices. This sudden barrage of stimulation, combined with the feelings of excitement and arousal that had been growing within her, drove Loka rapidly to her peak. With a surprisingly fierce roar of pleasure, the dragoness gave in to her bodies will, experiencing her first orgasm for many moons and soaking Rayli's furry muzzle at the same time.

A satisfied sigh escaped Loka's long, scaled muzzle as she took an unsteady step forwards and sat down at the base of the slab. She was busy enjoying the gradually fading sensations of pleasure and ecstasy when she heard Rayli clear her throat, suddenly reminding her that Rayli was still shackled to the slab.

"Sorry Rayli, I'll have you free in just a moment."

Rayli giggled. "Sure...take your time."

The shackles didn't stand a chance and soon Rayli was sitting on the edge of the stone slab, stretching her limbs and licking her muzzle clean. She had almost finished when she felt Loka's hands gripping her waist from behind. Moments later she was lifted into the air and was being carried over the trees at a speed that excited and distressed her at the same time. Loka's strong wing muscles were easily able to carry her weight. Rayli laughed and spread out her arms, enjoying the way the wind rushed through her fur. They soared over the forest, headed towards the area where the forest met the mountains that towered over them. Rayli closed her eyes and smiled, wishing she could fly like this all the time...

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