The Gift: Part II

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker
Rayli © H Macdonald, T'leen © C Sandwalker

T'leen awoke to find himself being shaken, rather forcibly. "Huh? What? Oh...Rayli, it's you." His mind wandered foggily for a moment through the mists of half-wakefulness before emerging into clarity. He groaned and sat up, rubbing his eyes before looking across to Rayli, who was now dressed and ready to go...where? "What did you wake me up for? It's much too early."

"You asked if you could come with me, remember?" Rayli replied, grinning widely. "It's just after dawn; we're already late. Come on, get your kit on. I'm going to take you to a nice little cave -- I hope you aren't afraid of the dark."

"No, no...not at all. It's the little nasties that usually inhabit the caves that I'm not very fond of. Like spiders. And bats, to a lesser degree." T'leen didn't look particularly happy about the idea, but he was willing to do it for a good reason -- to find a suitable gift for his father. He also liked Rayli's company.

The golden-furred Rayli pulled at his arm. "Hurry up! I want to get away before the sun disperses the mist." She padded over to the door and leaned against it, tapping her foot on the floor to show her impatience.

"All right, I'm up already." The wolf slowly got off the bed, reaching down to pull on his worn shorts. "Keep your fur on." He pulled on his belt, settled it comfortably over his chest, then joined Rayli at the door. "Now we can leave." The feline turned and opened the door, stepping out into the chilly hallway.

"Not very warm, is it?" T'leen remarked as they walked down the stairs into the bar area. "This floor is freezing my pads off. Not that you care," he added, seeing Rayli's big grin.

"Oh, don't be such a sourgrapes," she said, heading for the front door. "Being a traveller, you should be used to it by now, surely." Again she opened the door, the bell hung above it ringing merrily, and stepped out onto the street. Without thinking she closed the door behind her -- just as T'leen was about to walk through the doorway. A thump and a loud muttered curse came floating through the door, and Rayli turned to see what the wolf was complaining about.

T'leen joined Rayli a few seconds later, rubbing his nose. "Did you forget I was right behind you?" he demanded indignantly. "That hurt!" He glared at Rayli's amused expression and snorted. "Sadist."

The feline just sniggered lightly and began trotting off down the street, towards the end of town opposite to where he'd come in the day before.

"So, where is this cave?" T'leen asked as he jogged along beside Rayli -- he had to just to keep up. This cat could really move! "I want to get back in time for lunch."

"Not too's about a league to the northwest, in the side of a hill -- used to be a burial site a few decades ago. Nowadays everyone is put in the cemetery just to the east of town." They were now passing the town boundary -- marked by a sign that said 'Lower Manlo welcomes you' on one side, and 'Thank you. Come again' on the other. "Caves, tombs, temples...I'm quite happy to ply my skills there. In a cemetery? Nuh-uh. Not on your life."

T'leen peered at Rayli with an amused expression. "You don't mind plundering the dead if they're not in the ground, but when they are, you do. You're a strange person, Rayli."

"It's not that...I just have standards I adhere to, that's all." Rayli seemed a little abashed, and tried to change the subject. "Any more ideas on what your father might like? Something he's always wanted?"

"Now that I think about it, he's always wanted a sapphire, especially a large one. My mother gave him a ruby when they were married, and he gave her a sapphire. She died not long after I was born. He set her sapphire in her headstone in the cemetery. That probably wasn't a good idea; someone stole it not long after, and ever since he's wanted to replace it with an even better sapphire, but with magical protections on it so it can never be taken again."

Rayli thought for a few moments, continuing to walk briskly. "Well...I know of one place that might have such a thing. There's an abandoned mansion about...three hours' walk west. A noble used to live there, until he died. He had no heirs to look after the place, so it gradually fell into disuse. It's been nearly three centuries since it was last lived in. I dare say we might find something valuable in it."

The wolf's ears pricked up. "Really? I've never had the chance to be in a nobleFur's house -- I'm much too humble for that kind of privilege. Hmm...that means we're going to have to miss out on lunch then."

"I'm sure you can go without lunch for once in your life," Rayli said, grinning at T'leen. "If we're successful, then it will be worth the lack of food, won't it?" She suddenly picked up the pace, forcing T'leen to run to catch up. "There's a turn-off up ahead that will take us in the right direction. In addition to that, there's a small village that has a wonderful bakery...."

"This is it?" T'leen sounded disappointed at his first glimpse of the mansion. "I thought it would be...well, more impressive." He took a few steps through the long, untended grass of the massive lawns and faltered again. Nearly every window in the three-storeyed house was broken; those that weren't were extremely dirty. What could be seen of the bricks was weathered from their original dark red-brown to a faded pink; thick trails of ivy obscured most of the structure from sight.

"What did you expect? It's been at least two hundred years, after all. Anything could have happened to it. Burglars, weather, hooligans...." Rayli stalked purposefully towards the heavy-looking front door. "Come on!" she called, waving an arm.

When T'leen reached the front steps Rayli was busy examining the lock on the door. "A lock this old should be easy to pick -- if it hasn't rusted through by now." Just to test it, she took hold of the heavy brass door-ring, turned it, then pushed hard.

With a loud, shuddering creak the door fell open -- literally. A huge cloud of dust rose into the air when the door crashed upon the floor inside, washing over the two adventurers, causing them to cough and choke.

When the dust had somewhat cleared Rayli stood up, brushing off her clothes. "Door's open," she announced nonchalantly, walking in. Her tail waved to and fro behind her as she walked; rather suggestively, T'leen thought.

The foyer they walked into was quite large, extending to several metres above their heads, capped by a vaulted ceiling. A small shower of brick dust floated down from it, giving T'leen some misgivings about the safety of the building. "Ah...Rayli, are you sure that it's safe in here? I don't like its condition much...."

"Hmm? Oh, don't worry about that. It's when the bricks themselves fall down rather than the dust that you have to worry." Rayli turned and grinned at T'leen's uneasy expression. "Just don't yodel, and we should be pretty safe."

"Er...right. I won't yodel, then." T'leen shook his head at Rayli's dry humour, and concentrated on studying his surroundings. Obviously, in a house of such antiquity, there was a lot of dust, lying thick over everything. The floor was laid with what appeared to be marble tiles; some were missing, leading the wolf to the conclusion that other looters had been here. Placed here and there was cloth-covered furniture. Along both sides of the room stretched two ornate staircases, taking whoever deigned to tread on them up to the next level. Their woodwork was riddled with borer, as T'leen found out when he shook one of the banisters to check its stability.

"I wouldn't recommend going upstairs yet." Rayli's voice floated out of a hallway off the foyer. "The stairs are a little unstable."

"Have you been here before, then?" T'leen asked, laying the piece he'd broken off on one of the treads before going to look for Rayli.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, I have," she replied, turning briefly to make sure T'leen was behind her before continuing. "A couple of times. Sometimes looters manage to uncover things that were previously hidden, and they leave them, not knowing their true value. This was the kitchen," Rayli said then, going through a doorway into a large cavernous room. "All the pots, pans, cauldrons and stuff are long gone, of course. Not a lot remains in here. Still, if you'd like to look around and have a sniff at ancient history...feel free. "I'll be in the dining room -- last time I was here I found a silver napkin ring." The feline left the kitchen, leaving T'leen to nose around the numerous cobwebs.

Along one side, set in the rear wall, were two hearths; iron hooks with encroaching rust extended out over sooty grates, where pots or kettles had hung in ages past. T'leen sniffed carefully around the hearths. He could almost swear that the aromas of cooking food wafted into his nostrils. On a whim, he peered up the chimney, wondering when it had last been cleaned. About two feet up a solitary brick jutted out. "Odd," the wolf thought, reaching up to push it back into its place.

Having done that, T'leen backed out into the kitchen again, looking around. "Hmm...what's that sound?" he wondered aloud as a low rumbling started coming from where Rayli had gone.

Following his ears, he went down another short corridor to a large room, almost the size of the kitchen, which showed signs of having once been a dining room. A lone chair, its cloth covering tattered and stained, its stuffing rotted away, stood in a corner, the only furnishing in the room. "Rayli, would you happen to know what...." He trailed off, staring at Rayli's dumbstruck expression.

T'leen's eyes roamed around, until his gaze fell upon a gradually widening opening in the floor, hard up against the wall adjoining the kitchen. "Well, I'll be..." he muttered in quiet fascination. "That brick must have opened it up."

"Brick?" Rayli murmured, shaking her head. She turned to look at T'leen. "What did you do? I had no idea that this even existed!"

"Er...there was a brick in the chimney; I pushed it, then...I guess this started opening." T'leen padded over to look more closely at the hole, which had now stopped widening with a grating 'clunk'. A set of narrow stairs spiralled downward into the darkness. "I'd say it was a secret passage of some sort, or a hidey-hole. You're more acquainted with these things; what do you think?"

Rayli, having recovered some of her composure, joined T'leen at looking down into the hole. "I guess you're right," she said, wrinkling her nose at the musty scent that rose up. "What say we leave it to air out a little, before we investigate, hmm? Who knows when the air down there was fresh last?"

The wolf and feline backed away from the hole. "Show me where you opened this from," Rayli said then, turning and stalking back to the kitchen. "If you keep this up, you could be a valuable addition to my business enterprise." She grinned back at T'leen. "As I prefer to call my trade." T'leen rolled his eyes before following Rayli.

"It's in this chimney here," he said, seeing Rayli looking around the kitchen. "Stand in the grating, and look up. There should be a brick sticking out about two feet up."

"No...I don't see anything unusual. Did you push it in all the way? If you did, the hole might need to be shut before the brick pushes out again." Rayli backed out of the fireplace, little smudges of soot staining her golden fur. "The chimney needs a good clean, though," she remarked critically. "Anyway, let's have a nose-around upstairs. I'll show you how to get up the safe way. I wouldn't trust those stairs too much. I fell through one of the steps last time I was here."

"Climbing the ivy? That seems so...romantic," T'leen remarked, staring up at the back of the house, where a large window stood open on the third floor. He took hold of a vine and tugged at it. "Seems sturdy enough, but I'm not sure...."

Rayli peered down from halfway up the wall. "Just come on, and don't worry about it. It's had a lot of time to grow strong enough to support some Fur's weight. Trust me."

T'leen shot the smug feline a withering glance, before setting foot on a thick section of vine. "Coming from such an unscrupulous character, 'Trust me' doesn't go too far towards making me feel very confident."

A snigger came from above. "Thank you; I try my best." A moment later there was a grunt as Rayli hoisted herself in through the window, making a soft landing on a mouldering bed. "Wow...what a disaster area. Well, at least we don't have to worry about making a mess." She peered out of the window to check on the wolf's progress. "Hurry up! Aren't you used to climbing?"

"Only when large, vicious animals are after me," came the reply. A minute or so later T'leen fell into the room, cursing as he whacked his legs on a bedside table. "I think I would've preferred to take my chances on the stairs," he muttered, rubbing his injured legs.

"Oh, don't be such a wuss," Rayli murmured, smiling in a sardonic fashion. "Be a big, strong wolf, not a small, weak kitten." She turned and padded out of the door, which at some stage had been removed. "Interesting...looters have taken some of the doors. Well, I guess the wood had some value, though a door isn't exactly easy to carry around with you until you trade or sell it."

T'leen followed close behind, limping slightly. "No, I suppose not." He gazed around as they stepped down a hallway liberally lined with thick wisps of cobwebs. "Ugh...spiders," he murmured quietly, not wanting Rayli to hear.

Rayli entered another door, moving aside to let T'leen through. "This used to be the master bedroom. That's what I'd guess from the size of it, anyway. The last couple of times I was in here I found a silver ring and a piece of purple cloth. I took the cloth to a weaver; he said it was the richest purple he'd ever seen -- nobles would pay handsomely for a colour that intense, and would I sell it to him so he could try to duplicate the dye? I got a lot of gold that day. The ring was worth only five golds, but it was still worth the effort. Now, look around, and see if you can spot anything that looks as if it might be worth even a silver."

The feline and wolf searched the room for several minutes, looking in every possible hiding place -- nooks, crannies, cracks and crevices, but nothing turned up.

It was while T'leen was pressing about in the walk-in closet that he found another secret passage. "Uh...Rayli?" he said as the wall in front of him quietly slid back. Obviously the door had been kept in good condition. "You might want to look down here."

Rayli came over and looked over T'leen's shoulder with some measure of amazement. "I don't believe you," she muttered darkly. "I've been here several times, and I wasn't the slightest bit aware of the existence of these passages. You come here once and within half an hour you've discovered two. How do you do it?"

"Uh...beginner's luck?" T'leen offered, a big grin splitting his muzzle. He sniffed at the air that had been released from the passage. "Smells funny, but I guess that's to be expected. I'm going down. Coming?" Without waiting for an answer he started climbing down the ladder that ran down the vertical passage, into the heart of the mansion.

Rayli waited until T'leen had descended a few rungs before following. "Do you have any ideas of where this might go?" T'leen called up a minute or so later, his voice echoing in the small confines of the passage. "Whoops. I've just hit bottom." A few seconds later Rayli joined him, and they glanced around. "It's dark," said T'leen. "Horribly dark. You don't have a light by any chance, do you?"

"Let's see...." The feline searched her pockets, while T'leen waited anxiously in the dark. ", I -- wait a bit." She grinned wryly, though it couldn't be seen in the darkness. A soft white light began to glow around her right hand, and she raised it up to illuminate both of them. "I forgot that I could do this. I don't go into such dark places, so it's a skill I rarely use."

T'leen rolled his eyes and grinned sheepishly. "I can do it, too," he said, raising his own hand. A ball of pale pink light surrounded his hand. "I never got the hang of white light -- just pink."

The two let their eyes adjust to the light, before moving into the murky darkness. "I think it's heading north...under the road, going into the forest. I could be wrong, but that should be pretty close, if my sense of direction is holding up down here."

"I'll take your word for it," remarked T'leen, searching the earthen walls and floor for any signs of recent -- within the past century or so -- passage. All he could see was just thick dust, holding their footsteps as they walked slowly through the darkness.

The passage continued for another hundred or so footsteps, then took a sharp turn to the left and began to slope upwards. "I wonder where we'll end up," mused T'leen, who was trying not to look at the abundant collection of spiders and their webs that were lining the ceiling.

"Who knows? Whoops! A dead end." Rayli came to a sudden halt at a blank wall. T'leen narrowly avoided walking into her. "Please don't use that phrase while we're down here," he said plaintively.

"Sorry, but that's what it is -- there's nowhere else to go." She peered around and above her, trying to find some sort of exit. "Oh," she said then, pointing to a faint square marked in the ceiling above her. "I think this is the way out."

T'leen sighed. "About time. This passage is giving me the creeps." He stood back as Rayli dispelled her magical light and pushed at the square, releasing clods of earth to fall to the ground. "It's...moving," she grunted as she pushed. "Must have been...a long time ago...since this was opened."

Finally the opening gave way, lifting up and back to let in warm sunshine. "Ah...that's much better," T'leen said, sniffing deeply of the fresh air that now flowed in. He suppressed his own light before pushing Rayli aside and hoisting himself out of the passage, leaning down to pull her up.

Looking around, they found themselves in a forest clearing. In the centre stood a disused well; some of its bricks had fallen to the ground. Behind them, about ten metres away, stood what seemed to be a shrine of some sort. A cherubic face was carved into the lintel above the crumbling doorway. Rayli groaned. "Not another one!"

"Another what?" T'leen asked, padding over to examine the face. "Looks kind of creepy -- no-one has a face like that." He brushed a claw against a cheek, and part of it crumbled off. "Oops."

"Another place for worship. I'm always coming across them, and though they're sometimes easy pickings, just once in a while I'd like something different." The feline sighed melodramatically, then stalked in. "Come on. Let's see what's inside."

Some of the room was open to the elements, they saw immediately. Moss grew on the far side where the roof had collapsed to let the rain fall on what seemed to be an altar. Rubble was strewn across it. "Lovely," commented Rayli, sniffing at the dank air. "I don't think we'll find much in here."

"Oh, I don't know. People leave little gifts to the gods at the altars, don't they? People might have done the same thing three centuries ago, and their offerings might still...have survived." T'leen walked down the central aisle to the altar, being careful not to slip on the moss. Looking closely, he could see several odd-looking lumps against the altar, coated in green moss and slime. "Got something to scrape this moss away?"

Rayli rummaged around in here pockets and came up with a knife. "This'll do." She padded up to T'leen and handed it to him, watching intently as he carefully dug away at the moss. "I hope they're not little stone figurines -- they're not worth very much."

Another minute or so passed before T'leen fully uncovered one of the objects. " might be interested in this," he said, his voice tinged with embarrassment. "This particular deity seems to have been in charge of, at the very least, fertility." He handed the object to Rayli, who scrutinised it with her keen eyes. "You might find a use for it."

It took her a few seconds to figure out what the wolf meant. "Oh, I see!" she exclaimed, laughing. "Now I know what this is." The object in her hands took on a whole new perspective when she realised what it was. Although it was somewhat scarred by the ravages of time, it was recognisable as an imitation of an erect penis. "I think it needs some work before it could be useable," Rayli commented, a smile on her face. "Perhaps this won't be such a waste of time after all."

T'leen rolled his eyes. "Quite the horny cat, aren't you?" He chuckled and shook his head before going back to his digging. "This looks like another as well." He brushed it off, then gave it to Rayli. "Seems to be made of silver, I think. A waste of silver if you ask me, but...."

"Who did ask you, hmm?" Rayli held the second phallus in her hands, wondering how it might feel sliding into her body. It was quite heavy, which was natural enough for something made of solid silver. The surface was smooth, but it was pitted and tarnished from so many years of weathering. Her face took on a dreamy expression as she started imagining herself using it. Unconsciously she moved a hand down to slip it into her pants, spreading her legs a little to gain access to her pussy. A moan escaped her lips as she slipped a finger inside.

Engrossed in his excavations, T'leen didn't notice Rayli's activities until he heard a soft moan from behind him. "Rayli? Is something...." He trailed off when he saw what she was doing. "Oh," he said shortly. Briefly he wondered if he should go, and leave her to pleasure herself, then decided against it. He stood up, moving to stand right in front of her. "Rayli...Rayli, snap out of it." His eyes drifted down to her groin, then quickly back to her face.

"Hmm? Oh, sorry. I, er...." The insides of Rayli's ears turned bright pink when she realised what she'd been doing. "I don't know what came over me." She chuckled weakly.

"That's okay. I was going to leave you alone so you could...bring yourself off, but I figured you might be rather tired if you climaxed, so I stopped you before you could get that far." T'leen grinned. "If you're wanting relief when we're finished, I'll be quite happy to help."

Rayli giggled. "I'm sure you would be." She took her hand out of her pants, and idly licked her juices from her fingers. "Hmm...sweet," she murmured. "Right. Anyway, back to work. I want to see what else the ancients left behind." T'leen smiled and nodded, then resumed work.

Nearly half an hour later, all the objects were revealed. There were twenty-three in all; each one was a phallic symbol of some description, and had the potential to be a 'plaything'. "These people were sex-crazed maniacs, if these toys of the flesh are anything to go by," remarked Rayli, raising an eyebrow at a finely carved dildo that was ridged , and tapered from a two-inch base to a rounded point. She put it back in its protective box. "I wouldn't mind trying that one."

"That figures," T'leen said with a chuckle. He stood up and stretched, looking around the ruined shrine. "I wonder who the deity was." He padded away a few steps, scouting around the floor, picking up rocks for any signs of anything with the slightest value. "Hmm, what's this?" the wolf muttered to himself, spying a flash of blue underneath a crumbled stone. With some effort he lifted it up and took a closer look. There, under the rock, glittered a large sapphire. Scattered around it were a variety of other gems. The tattered remnants of a leather sack lay beside them.

Surprised, T'leen dropped the rock -- directly onto his foot. With a howl of pain he jumped backwards, and started hopping around muttering various cursewords. "What did you do?" Rayli asked, looking over from where she was examining another dildo.

"I dropped this bloody rock on my foot! There's a number of gemstones underneath it. Someone must have been very careless to have left something so valuable behind." Standing on one foot, he bent down and lifted the rock, pushing it to the side with a thud, revealing the gemstones.

Rayli padded over, her eyes widening when she saw the glittering stones. "Wow! This is worth a small fortune!" Her face took on a calculating expression as she mentally figured out their value.

"The sapphire's mine!" said T'leen, taking the large blue stone and holding it up to the light. It sparkled with blue fire in its many facets. "No flaws, I think. What say you?" He handed the gem to Rayli, who examined it more thoroughly. "Hmm...not that I can see, but I'm not an experienced jeweller. I can tell you it's worth at least a hundred golds, probably two." The feline bent down and picked up the others. "These I'd probably put at between twenty and fifty golds. Aside from that, the question that's bugging me now is...what are they doing just lying around?"

"I could only speculate," T'leen murmured, again looking around the ruined chapel. "Something about this doesn't ring quite true."

"Who cares? They're ours now," Rayli said, almost purring her pleasure. "If there's nothing else to salvage, let's get out of here. First, though, let me get my *ahem* toys." She grinned and padded away to get them, before heading up the aisle to the doorway. "Coming?" she asked, cocking her head to the side to regard T'leen's thoughtful expression.

He blinked and nodded. "Coming." He tucked the sapphire into the safety of a tight pocket, then joined Rayli in leaving the crumbled chapel. "I bet you would have been happy to worship this particular deity, hmm?" T'leen teased lightly as they headed towards the hole again.

Rayli gave him a level look. "Perhaps." Her tail twitched to and fro behind her, a sign that she was somewhat excited. "You know," she began, sniggering quietly to herself, "we don't have to go back right now. We could just...take a rest, enjoy the sunshine?"

"But I'm hungry," T'leen complained good-naturedly. "I get the feeling that you don't want just a rest." He peered at Rayli with narrowed eyes. "You want to play with your toys, don't you?" He injected an accusing tone into his voice, but grinned widely.

A shrug, then a laugh, answered his question. "Okay, you've got me. Yes, I'm very eager to try some of these out." Rayli held up the bag that she had brought with her for the purpose of carrying anything she found. "Would you like to help?"

"Oh, I don't know." The wolf pretended to think about the question seriously for a few seconds, tapping his chin as he 'thought'. "If you promise that I can have the use of a couple as well." He chuckled at Rayli's expression of interest. "Well, I'm entitled to a little enjoyment as well. A good friend I knew when I was younger taught me how to increase the pleasure I got from the inside, as well as the outside." He saw Rayli's mouth open, and he stepped in before she could get anything out. "Before you say anything, yes, we did 'do it', and I enjoyed it."

Rayli sniggered. "I would never have picked you to be the, how do I put it, 'bottom' type." She sat down on the soft grass close by the hole and grinned up at T'leen. "Well, now that you've admitted that, we can definitely have some more fun together." She opened her 'bag of goodies' and began pulling the contents out.

Sitting down next to her, T'leen inspected the dildos more closely. "Hmm," he mused as he handled a penile imitation with a slightly roughened surface. "I wonder how this might feel...." He looked up at Rayli, who looked back with an amused grin. "What?"

"Nothing." She was silent for a few seconds as she selected a large dildo with little knobs on it for herself. Having done that, she began to remove her shorts and panties. Knowing that T'leen was watching, she made a performance out of it.

"You know, we shouldn't even be doing anything like this," T'leen began protesting, though he was now gazing at the pink slit between Rayli's legs with interest. "We barely know each other for a start. Have you always been this brazen?" he asked, finally managing to tear his eyes away from the tempting orifice to focus on her face.

Rayli smiled seductively. "Sometimes I like to think so. I'm unencumbered by relationship, and I assume you are too, so what's the problem? Life is too short to be prudish. Live a little. Be happy while you can." She lay down, spreading her legs slightly, and fingered her pussy, giving T'leen a much better view.

T'leen thought about what Rayli had said for a few moments. 'Well, in a way she's right,' he thought. 'I'm old enough to deal with anything that comes my way.' He nodded in agreement with Rayli. "You're right." He smiled, then leaned forward to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Aww, how sweet," she said, purring softly for a few seconds. She then picked up the dildo she planned to use, and nudged the tip of it into her pussy. Slowly she pushed it inside her, until only an inch or so remained outside her body. Smiling at T'leen, she began to slide it in and out, moving it around as she did so to maximise its effect.

It was at about that point that the situation in T'leen's pants starting getting uncomfortable. With quick movements he removed his pants, letting his maleness spring free from its confines. "That's much better," the wolf sighed with exaggerated relief. He lay down next to Rayli, smiling and staring into her blue eyes.

"I hope you're not going to lie there doing nothing," Rayli murmured, slowing her movements so she could concentrate a little better. "If you've got nothing to do, grab another one of those. I still have a hole free."

T'leen grinned. "As you wish, my lady." He glanced at the assortment of dildos, then selected one that was slim, with numerous ridges. "This should give you something to smile about," he said as he shifted position to allow him a good view and access to her rear. He put the end of the dildo into his mouth and gave it a good coating of saliva, before putting the tip of it against Rayli's puckered anus.

The feline tensed up slightly as T'leen began pushing the dildo into her body, then gradually relaxed with a contented sigh. She shuddered as the ridges slipped one by one through her anal ring, until nearly all of the dildo's eight inches was embedded inside her. With agonising slowness he began to pull it out again, grinning widely at her reactions. "Too much for you?"

Rayli glared at him, her lips twitching upwards in a smile. "Hardly. Not enough, I'd say. Speed it up a little." She continuing thrusting into her pussy with the dildo under her control, twisting it around to probe around inside her body, touching different spots to bring her even more pleasure.

Almost immediately the pace in her butt picked up, the dildo's ridges scraping her opening even more. "Mmm...that's much better." Suddenly her whole body jerked as T'leen rubbed her clit with his fingers. "Gods, T'leen!" she mewed as her journey towards climax took a dramatic jump forward.

Presently T'leen replaced his fingers with his tongue. The much rougher surface rasped along Rayli's clit, and lapped at the juices that were being forced out with every push and pull of the dildo. He increased the tempo of his thrusting into her ass, driving in from different angles to heighten the stimulation.

A noise somewhere between a shriek and a yowl suddenly burst from Rayli's throat as the most intense orgasm she could remember flooded her body with pleasure. She thrashed around, almost clouting T'leen about the head with her knees. As a final touch, a massive amount of her pussy juices suddenly squirted into T'leen's face.

All too soon the orgasmic high left Rayli's body, leaving her feeling drained, yet extremely satisfied. She looked up at T'leen, who had lifted his head to stare at her, and started laughing weakly.

"Yes, very funny, Rayli," he said, licking some of the pussy cream dripping down his muzzle with his long tongue. "Good thing I had my eyes closed." When he'd cleaned as much off as he could, he added, "You're the first female I've met who could do that."

"What? Pussy squirting?" She giggled at T'leen's wry expression. "Well, it never came up in conversation, and it doesn't happen often -- only when I'm really hitting the heights." She crooked her finger, beckoning T'leen closer. "Let me clean the rest of that off for you."

T'leen submitted himself to her ministrations, and soon his face was clean, though rather damp. "That's better," she murmured, inspecting her tonguework. "I think you're going to need a bath, though. And myself, now that I think about it."

The wolf and feline lay there in the sun for a while, watching it move across the heavens. Now and then they turned to each other for a snuggle, a kiss, a softly murmured comment.

"We'd better head back," T'leen said when the air had grown noticeably cooler, and the sun was lowering towards the western horizon. "We haven't even had lunch yet. No wonder I feel so hungry!" He got up and stretched, yawning widely.

Rayli chuckled. "I suppose you're right. Help me up, will you?" She held her arm up for T'leen to grasp it. "Thank you," she said when he had pulled her to her feet. She brushed the grass and dirt from her body, and started to put on her panties and shorts. "Uh, T'leen?" She pointed down at T'leen's lower body and smiled.

"What?" T'leen looked down, then chuckled. "Whoops. I can't go back like this." He bent down to retrieve his pants. Feeling a hand on his head, he looked up. "Yes?"

"While you're currently uncovered, what say I take care of you, hmm?" Rayli crouched down, and lightly fondled the lupine sheath, black as the darkest night. Almost immediately the pink tip of his wolfhood began to slide out. She put her mouth over it, and let the maleness swell and lengthen, pushing itself along her tongue to nudge her throat.

T'leen growled his pleasure in a low rumble, stroking Rayli's headfur tenderly. He resisted the urge to thrust into her muzzle, instead letting her do what she pleased. "You're very good at that," he said, scritching behind her ears.

Rayli didn't say anything; her mouth was presently occupied. Her tongue curled about his cock, rasping gently across the tip. A hand went to cup his balls, lightly squeezing them, eliciting a quiet yelp from their owner. Her nose was nuzzling his crotch, her breath blowing through his fur, which added to the sensations T'leen was feeling.

The wolf could feel the familiar bodily urges rearing up, and he tried to hold back, wanting to let Rayli pleasure him just a little longer. He resisted for all of ten seconds, at which point the feline's teeth very lightly scraped over the sensitive surface of his cock, triggering his own climax. He tilted his head back and howled as his balls clenched up giving up their load of creamy wolf seed to Rayli's eager mouth.

Rayli smiled around T'leen's member when she felt the strong orgasmic pulses begin. Seconds later she received a mouthful of warm bittersweet cum, flowing in short bursts from the lupine cock. She savoured his unique taste before swallowing to let her mouth fill up again.

Once she'd milked every last drop of semen from T'leen's cock she pulled it slowly out of her muzzle, kissing the tip, before standing up to give T'leen himself a kiss. "That's my lunch taken care of," she remarked with a grin.

"Hmmph!" replied T'leen, weakly reaching down to pull his trousers on. "I'm glad you're satisfied." He sighed, then sat himself down on the edge of the hole. "Race you back." With that, he jumped in, bringing his magic light to bear again, leaving Rayli open-mouthed behind him. "Hey! Wait for me!"

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