The Gift: Part I

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker & H Macdonald
Rayli © H Macdonald, T'leen © C Sandwalker

T'leen leaned against his pack, and stared into the dancing flames of the fire, watching the interplay of reds, oranges and yellows idly. Shining sparks flew up now and again, like tiny fairies, soaring up towards the night sky before they cooled into black specks, reflecting in the small pool that nestled among the trees surrounding the clearing.

He sighed quietly, lightly stroking his abdomen. He had recently finished his dinner -- a rather unfortunate wild pig that had blundered across his path -- and now he was feeling the usual effects of such a meal.

He was entering a slight doze when a sharp 'snap' from the fire brought him back to wakefulness. "I think I'd better get some shut-eye," T'leen murmured to himself, easing into a standing position and stretching. Bending down to open his pack, he pulled out a square of thin linen. He laid it on the ground, close enough to the fire to feel its warmth, then concentrated hard, pointing at the linen with his right index finger. A warm red glow began to surround the square, and over the next few seconds it grew in size, and inflated.

His task done, T'leen opened his eyes and looked at his 'insta-pad' as he called it. It was basically a bed of air, about six inches thick, and big enough to let him sleep comfortably upon it. He then pulled a light blanket from his pack and lay down on the pad, pulling the blanket over his body. It was a warm night, so he didn't really need it, but from experience he knew the mornings could get quite chilly.

The wolf morph closed his eyes, and was soon deep in slumber. The stars above moved through the sky, unconcerned with the dealings of Furkind down below.

The next morning, T'leen had a quick breakfast of his own special blend of muesli, performed his ablutions and doused the fire, before tidying up and leaving the clearing. He hoped to reach the next village by dinnertime; his father's fiftieth birthday was coming close, and he wanted to find something special for him while he was in town.

The journey was relatively uneventful, save for one little incident when a nobleFur passing by called him a number of unsavoury names for not moving off the road quick enough. T'leen got him back though; when he had passed by, he whipped out his recorder, loaded it with a dart (not poisoned -- he didn't want to kill the horse) and blew hard. Before the nobleFur had got much farther the dart spiked the horse's rump. The startled horse reared up, dumping the astonished nobleFur on the ground, and galloped off in a cloud of dust. T'leen didn't dare look back, just in case the nobleFur saw the big grin on his face.

About an hour before the sun touched the horizon T'leen crested a hill, and looked down upon the small village of -- he checked his map -- Lower Manlo. Taking a deep breath, he began the final approach to the town.

The village was still quite busy, despite the lateness of the hour. As he moved down the main street people stopped their activities to look at him, before resuming their tasks. He often got that reaction -- no other Fur he'd met had the same colouring he had. His fur was completely black, except for a six-inch wide stripe of white running from his throat to his groin; on his back were three jagged lightning bolts of blood-red scarlet. His eyes were just as strange, being bright violet; running over the left eye was a slash of scarlet fur, giving him a scarred appearance. As he passed he could hear townsfolk muttering about the 'evil-looking stranger'. The wolf was starting to get tired of these remarks; he'd have to do something about it sometime.

He came across an inn; the sign outside proclaimed it to be the King's Head Inn. The fašade looked a little shabby, but it was kept well maintained. T'leen opened the door, and stepped into a surprisingly clear-aired tavern; not a trace of the thick miasma of smoke that was usually prevalent in taverns. There were a number of tables scattered through the room, each with at least two Furs sitting at them. Some were eating, others drinking. All were talking quietly, until the wolf started making his way to the bar. This is getting ridiculous, T'leen thought with irritation. "Do you have any vacancies for a night or two?" he asked the plump ferret behind the bar. He looked the sort to be the manager.

"Yes, we do," replied the ferret, looking T'leen up and down. "You got money?" He nodded when the wolf pulled a number of silver coins out of a pocket on the red belt he wore diagonally across his chest. "All right, then. Two nights, is it? Rates are nine silvers for the first night, and five for each night after. Food and drink are extra."

T'leen privately thought this was outrageous, but he didn't offer his own opinion in case he got thrown out. He counted out fourteen silvers and put them down on the counter. The ferret picked them up, scrutinising them carefully, before nodding to a flight of stairs in a far corner. "Up there. Room 4." He passed a bronze key over. As he headed towards the stairs, the conversation began to pick up again.

When he got up there, he found the room rather tidy, though cobwebs cluttered the top corners. Shuddering slightly at seeing vague movements in them, T'leen put his pack on his bed and returned to the tavern below.

The conversation decreased slightly as he entered the room again, but picked up again as he went to the bar. "A light ale, please, not too warm," he politely asked of the bartender, a surly-looking fox wearing a dirty apron, which bartenders the world over seemed to consider a 'uniform'. The fox looked at T'leen as if he had just asked for a bucket of pig swill, then went about fulfilling his request.

While that was being done, T'leen looked down the bar at the other occupants. There were only two -- a rather bored coyote, putting away a whiskey, and a golden-furred feline of some description. Now, she looks interesting, he thought, noticing the confident set of her face, and the odd blue markings on her face, and tail.

As if she knew that he was looking at her, she looked up, straight into his eyes. She raised an eyebrow just slightly as she looked at him, her eyes moving from his face to his unclothed chest; she then leaned back slightly to get a look at his back. T'leen waited for her to turn away, expecting that she would find him just as...well, 'evil-looking' as everyone else seemed to think. She didn't, which he found peculiar. He wondered if he should say anything, but just as he opened his mouth his ale arrived in front of him. "Thank you," he said then, sipping at it warily. He made a face; the ale was a bit too warm, which made it seem flat and uninviting. He looked at the bartender, who returned the look belligerently as if to say, "I dare you to complain," and thought better of it. Ah, well. I've had worse drinks before.

A couple of minutes passed. The whole time he could feel eyes on him, lots of them. Didn't people have anything better to do than stare at him? He was sorely tempted to turn around and yell, "What are you all staring at? Do I have three heads, or is it the sword sticking out of my back?" or something else equally as acerbic.

"Could I have another ale, please?" The feline had a pleasant voice, with a smooth purring quality about it. "I promise I'll pay my account next time I'm in."

T'leen watched as the barman stalked down to the feline's end of the bar and gave her a withering stare. "Rayli, you've been saying that to me for the past two weeks now. The charges you've run up are on a list as long as my arm, little lady. Either pay up today, or get out and don't come back until you have some method of payment -- preferably in hard coinage."

Rayli's face fell. "In that case, I'll be seeing you. I will pay you back -- I just don't know when." She stood up, pushing her stool back. She drank what little remained of her ale, set the mug on the counter, then turn to go.

"Hold it," T'leen spoke up, for some reason feeling that he shouldn't let this feline get away. "I'll pay for her. How much does she owe?" He dug into his purse again and withdrew a small number of gold coins. "Will these cover her debt? I'll pay for her drinks for the next two days as well." By all the Gods, what was he thinking? He was squandering hard-earned money on the bill of a Fur he had never met?

The barman's eyes widened slightly; he nodded and took five of the coins, biting them to authenticate them. "These seem okay.... Rayli, come sit down again, and have another drink. This gentleFur here has paid for you."

Rayli grinned at the barman as she accepted her drink and took a vacant stool on T'leen's right. After taking a quick sip she turned to look at him. "Thank you...sir," she said, deciding that he deserved more respect than he had been shown already. "I won't forget your generosity." She sipped at her ale then said, "I'm Rayli. I'm a treasure hunter by trade."

T'leen thought for a few seconds before replying. "Tialeen Rashka de Pokova, but I prefer to be called T'leen. I'm a wanderer; I do odd jobs for Furs whenever I'm passing through villages to earn money, and otherwise travel around, living the quiet life."

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes, before T'leen finally broke it. "What kind of treasure do you look for? What do you find? Anything valuable?" He chuckled quietly, then added, "Sorry if I'm asking so many questions. There's a method to my madness, you see."

"That's fine. I enjoy answering questions as much as I like asking them." Rayli grinned. "Well, I search for gold and silver, though other precious metals and gemstones hold some fascination for me. Actually finding such things is the hard part. I have to go into a lot of tombs and caves and such; quite a few of the tombs have been booby-trapped. Really gets the blood running when you have to dodge spears and knives, vicious dogs, poisonous spiders...." T'leen shuddered involuntarily at the mention of spiders. "You don't like spiders?" Rayli asked, grinning widely.

"No, I don't. I loathe the things with a passion," T'leen said, a deep frown on his face. "There's some in my room that I'd like to get rid of.... They don't have to be killed...just removed from the room. Er...would you do it, please?" A sheepish grin split his muzzle. "A silly thing to ask, but...."

Rayli smiled, purring slightly. "Of course, T'leen, if you're that concerned about them. It's the least I can do, considering you paid off my debt." She went quiet, then spoke up again. "Would you like a piece of treasure, perhaps, as recompense?"

This could be a good opportunity to get something for Dad -- and for free! Well...not entirely for free; after all, I spent five gold pieces on someone else's bill! "Sure," T'leen answered, smiling. "Would you happen to have anything that might be suitable to give one's father on his fiftieth birthday?"

The feline thought for a few seconds while she mentally went through her inventory, which was rather scant at the moment. "No, not at the moment. I could try and find something, though. Do you have anything in mind? A golden cup? A silver medallion? Perhaps a small diamond? Even an old funereal urn if that takes your fancy."

"Maybe.... Would you mind if I came along on one of your hunting missions? I don't want to get in the way, but...I think I could handle a little bit of excitement. Just not the spiders. I am not doing anything if I have deal with spiders."

"I wouldn't expect you to. Deal with spiders, I mean. As for getting in the way...I could do with some company. I've been rather lacking lately for someone to talk to while I'm hunting about. Topik isn't much for conversation, but who needs words when one can just lie on the ground with it and...." Rayli trailed off, looking away in embarrassment. "Er...never mind that. The point is, you're welcome to join me if you wish."

T'leen looked amused. "Good, good. Will you be going out tomorrow?" Rayli nodded in reply. "About dawn, if that's not too early for you?" T'leen shook his head. "Not at all. Just knock on my door; room 4, it is."

"Really? I'm next door, in room 6." Rayli grinned, then finished off her ale. "What say we eat some dinner now, hmm?" she asked, changing the topic. "I don't know about you, but I haven't eaten since breakfast...did I even have breakfast?"

"I got into town about an hour ago. I ate at lunch, but all the walking I've done has given me an appetite. I'd better buy dinner, I think, otherwise you'll end up indebted to me again." T'leen jingled his purse again; it was now significantly lighter. "Or vice versa, if this keeps up."

Rayli got up and headed over to a large door set in the eastern wall. T'leen followed, and he soon entered what looked to be a restaurant environment. It still had the immutable je ne sais quoi that indicated that it was still a tavern, with (most likely) unsuitable food, but it seemed more than that, with an atmosphere that was almost friendly. Almost, because the occupants were again all staring at him as he passed through.

The food here was served buffetstyle, with the different dishes arrayed on tables in the centre of the room. Small magical heating pads kept the hot foods at a reasonable temperature. "What are you having?" T'leen asked, taking a plate from the stack at the side. "That roast beef looks good, don't you think?" He stepped closer and took a sniff. "Cooked this morning, I think." He put the plate down and began to carve off sections with the provided knife.

"I'll have what you're having," Rayli replied, taking another plate and following T'leen's actions. "Plus some of that seafood salad. You don't like it?" she added, seeing T'leen poke his tongue out.

"It's not that. It's just that I don't like the slimy feel of it." He shuddered, continuing to pile his plate with food.

When their plates were full they sat down at a vacant table to eat, but before they could take a bite a skinny anthro rat came up to them. "You'll have to pay first, if you want to eat all that," he said in a low, nasal voice. He held his hand out expectantly.

"Oh, of course. How much?" The rat told T'leen, who counted out the required amount. "This place is expensive," he muttered to Rayli when the rat had disappeared. "I've got only eighteen silvers left. I think I'll have to look for a bit of temporary employment, though that might be difficult if everyone is going to avoid me or think I'm some sort of freak."

"I know someone who needs some help with his work. He's a baker on the far side of town. His assistant broke his arm a couple of days ago, and he's hard pressed to keep up with his workload without him." Rayli cut a section off one of her meat slices and put it in her mouth. "Hmm. A little dry, but bearable." She poured some gravy over the meat, then dug in. "I'll call in and see him tomorrow, then," T'leen said, following Rayli's lead.

They ate in relative silence, until their meals were completed. "Ooh, I feel so stuffed!" commented T'leen, pushing his chair back and rubbing his stomach. "I haven't eaten so much since...last night." He grinned and chuckled.

"I haven't eaten so well since about a week ago. Probably because I never have the funds to buy a proper meal. All the stuff I find isn't worth much; usually just enough to pay the bills that I incur. I've found only one object recently that might bring a high price, but I'm not parting with it for anything!"

T'leen found the vehemence in Rayli's voice to be rather odd. "What is this object?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her obvious reluctance to answer the question. "Does this have something to do with that Topik you mentioned earlier?"

The insides of Rayli's ears went a bright shade of red as she nodded. "It is Topik. I found it not far from here, while searching through a temple of some long-forgotten God. It' do I put this...? It's a toy of pleasure, you could say. It' my room if you want to see it." Her voice had gone very soft, and she was trying to avoid looking at him./p>

T'leen raised the other eyebrow. "A dildo, in other words." Rayli nodded slowly. "Interesting.... Yes, I think I would like to see this object. How did you find it?"

"Well...." The feline looked around to make sure no-one was listening. "I was about to leave this temple, when I saw this glint of gold in a far corner. I went over to investigate, and here was this box, with an object made of gold inside it. It had been quite a while since I'd had any time for pleasures of the flesh, and it was just the right shape...." She trailed off, blushing even further. "It's not just a dildo, though."

The wolf blinked and leaned forward. "What do you mean by that? It has other uses as well?"

"Not that I can figure out.... I'll show you what I mean, if you don't mind watching a live performance." She was starting to enjoy herself, leaking her little secret to this handsome stranger. Briefly she wondered if his masculine looks were duplicated in his shorts. Hopefully she'd find out...soon.

T'leen was taken aback by such brazenness. "Ah...I'm not sure.... Are you sure? You barely know me at all, and to show your body off in front of a complete stranger...." Despite this admission, the wolf found himself being aroused by this thought, and he shifted in his seat to ease some of the growing discomfort in his shorts.

"Of course I am. I wouldn't have offered you the chance if I wasn't serious." Rayli yawned, showing off her pointed teeth, then rose out of her chair. "I'll be in my room if you want me," she said, with a glint in her eyes. "And thank you for the dinner. It was wonderful." She turned and stalked lightly away.

"That is one very interesting feline," T'leen murmured as Rayli disappeared. He surreptitiously moved a hand down under the table to rub the bulge in his shorts. He hadn't felt this horny for ages; he was going to need some relief, and soon. "Well, if you want me, you'll get me," he said under his breath. He tried to focus his thoughts on something mundane, like bricks and mortar, and soon his erection had disappeared. Quickly, before it could return, T'leen left the table, hurrying towards the stairs.

"Who is it?" came the husky purr from the room when T'leen knocked on the door marked with a white '6'.

"Who do you think, Rayli?" he shot back, pushing down on the door handle and pushing the door open. "It's me, T'leen." His eyes started adjusting to the low light levels as he closed the door behind himself. As the room became clearer to him he inhaled sharply.

On the bed, lying in a sensuous position, and totally 'in the fur', was Rayli. Her lean figure was even more pronounced that it had seemed. The wolf's eyes travelled down her body, resting hungrily on her pert breasts, before moving down to alight on the slight glimpse of her pussy she afforded him. "Like what you see, T'leen?" the feline asked, trailing a finger around one of her nipples.

T'leen swallowed hard, unable to reply for the moment. Seeing her lying there, posing herself for his visual pleasure.... He felt the familiar tight feeling grow in his crotch, and reached down to stroke it. "Let me help with that," Rayli purred, beckoning to him with one finger.

He padded over to the bed, removing his belt and draping it over a chair, and stood by the side, his shorts tenting outrageously. "My, you are a big one," remarked the feline, gently slipping her fingers into the top of his shorts and pulling them down and over his raging hard-on. Whoa! her mind yelled when the wolf's thick cock was suddenly revealed. That's so huge! I wonder if I could take it....

A groan escaped T'leen's throat as the full eleven inches of his wolfhood were released from its confines. He looked down to see Rayli's surprised expression. "You're weren't expecting something that big?" he asked with just a hint of smugness.

"Admittedly, no," said Rayli, eyeing the big cock with longing. She trailed a finger down the length of the organ, making T'leen shiver in pleasure. "This could be interesting...." She smiled wickedly for a moment, then suddenly engulfed the head of the wolf's cock with her mouth, taking almost half of it in.

T'leen involuntarily bucked forward as the sensations of warmth and wetness were felt, cramming more of his member into her mouth. He almost immediately withdrew it when Rayli started gagging and choking. "Oh, sorry, Rayli!" he apologised, bending down to look into her eyes. "You just surprised me, that's all."

"No worries," she croaked, cracking a grin. "I'm a little out of practice, myself. Let me try that again." She bent her head forward, and slowly took T'leen's member into her mouth again, sliding hir muzzle up and down part of its length, gradually taking more and more into her throat, until her nose was buried in T'leen's abdominal fur.

Curious, T'leen lightly felt Rayli's throat with one hand, thrilling slightly as he felt his cock react to his touch on her neck, which bulged from containing his cock.

Rayli stayed in that position for several seconds, before sliding back off it to take a breath. "Mmm...that feels nice going down my throat," she said with a smile. She went down on it again, this time using her throat muscles to gently massage T'leen's cockhead.

It was all T'leen could do to stop himself from coming right then and there. "Rayli, stop," he groaned, right on the brink of his climax. "I don't want to come yet."

She slipped his member out of her throat again, and kissed the head. "Sorry...I got carried away." The feline smiled, then moved to the other side of the bed, picking up a worn backpack. She opened it up, and rummaged around inside. "Ah, here it is." From the pack Rayli brought out what looked like a rod of gold, made from a number of thin plates, about two inches thick, nine inches long, and tapering to a round point. "This is Topik," she said proudly, "the greatest thing I've ever found." She handed it to T'leen, and watched as he inspected it. "There's more to Topik than meets the eye, though," she added thoughtfully.

T'leen handed it back, but Rayli shook her head. "Keep holding it...I want you to pleasure me with it." Having said that, she lay down on her side, and gestured for the wolf to get beside her. The feline spread her legs and tenderly fingered herself, spreading her pussy lips apart to let T'leen get a good look at her femininity. "Put Topik inside me," Rayli murmured, imperceptibly shivering as the wolf lay down beside her. It had been so long since a male had been with her; she just wanted him to take her right then and there. But no...she could save that for later.

"Of course, Rayli," whispered T'leen softly, reaching down with the hand that held Topik. Before he slipped the golden dildo into the feline's body, he inserted a couple of fingers, sinking them into her wet pussy up to his palm. He finger-fucked her for a few moments, watching Rayli's expression. Her eyes closed, and she began to purr softly. T'leen smiled, and leaned closer. His tongue flicked out of his muzzle and lapped against one of her nipples. The purring increased in volume, so he did it again, extending it into a gentle suckle at her nipple, while his fingers slid in and out of her hot cunt.

All this stimulation pushed Rayli over the edge. A surge of adrenaline flooded her system as she came to her first climax, causing her to yowl with feline ecstasy. Her body writhed on the bed, shuddering in strong spasms as the effects of her orgasm swept through it.

Finally she was still, panting hard from her exertions. "That was great, T'leen. Thank you for that." Rayli pulled his head up to meet hers and kissed him, slipping him a little tongue before parting. "Now...if you don't mind, could you please let Topik have his turn?"

"Sorry...I got distracted." T'leen grinned, then took hold of Topik, which had dropped onto the bed between Rayli's legs, and slipped the very tip into her pouting cunt, moving it up and down her cleft.

"T'leen! Don't do that! Just shove it straight in!" demanded the feline, glaring at him. She gasped as T'leen did so, feeling every golden inch slip agonisingly slowly into her body. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on Topik as T'leen dragged it out again, then relaxed as he put it back in.

Several thrusts later the vibrations kicked in, startling T'leen so much that he let go just as he pulled Topik out for another thrust. "What the...?" he yelped, staring at the shuddering dildo.

"That's the first thing that Topik surprised me with," Rayli said, smiling up at T'leen. "The best is yet to come. Now put it back inside me so it can work its true magic."

Still a little wide-eyed, T'leen picked up the gently vibrating dildo and slipped it back into Rayli's body. She mewed like a kitten when he touched a particularly sensitive spot inside her; grinning, the wolf did it again and again, until she rose to another peak.

Rayli was just winding down from her high when Topik began to glow, a soft white light radiating from it. T'leen again released it, scrambling backward as the light grew in intensity. Through narrowed eyes he could see Topik changing form. Fascinated, he stared as what seemed to be a collection of metal plates and rivets quietly formed into a cat-like figure. Then the glow was gone, and there sat -- "What is it?"

"I'm not really sure. A golem, I believe. It's like a mechanised Fur -- it'll do whatever it's programmed to do, and when it's finished its task, it returns to its original form." Rayli stared into the golem's eyes, which appeared to be large blue diamonds. "Topik maybe nothing more than a machine, but it sure knows how to make love."

As if it knew they were talking about it, Topik turned its head to look at T'leen, then at Rayli. It was then that T'leen realised that what was originally a dildo was now Topik's cock -- which was still embedded in Rayli's body. "Wow," he murmured, raising both of his eyebrows.

Topik silently straddled Rayli, gazing into her face with his diamond eyes, placing his forearms on either side of her. It then began the slow fucking motions that Rayli so enjoyed from the golem. She began to pant with little kitten-like sounds as Topik drove its golden prick in and out of her wet pussy.

T'leen smiled as he watched, and shifted position, assuming the cross-legged position. His right hand closed around his maleness, and he began to stroke it with long, smooth movements. "That's a wonderful sight, Rayli," he said, eyeing her body moving about beneath the golem.

"Thank you," the feline panted, turning her head to smile at him. "I'll give you some treatment too, after my next climax." With that, she clasped her arms around Topik's body, pulling him closer, and thrust her lower body up to take every inch of the metal cock into her.

Barely thirty seconds had passed before Rayli came to yet another orgasmic high, yowling her pleasure in such a way that it echoed slightly from the walls. "Ouch," muttered T'leen, wincing at the sheer volume of Rayli's cries.

The golem stopped thrusting, seemingly to give Rayli a bit of time to recover. It wasn't long -- Topik started his slow fucking motions again, much to T'leen's amazement. "Doesn't it ever stop?" he asked, incredulous.

"Not usually, though I have learned that it responds to certain commands that were written on it. Topik, stop." At Rayli's command Topik ceased moving, looking down at its mistress impassively. "Topik, withdraw." The golem slipped back off her body, revealing its cock, which glistened with Rayli's pussy juices. She smiled at T'leen, repositioning her body so that she was on all fours. "Come up here in front of me," she said with a wry grin. "I'm going to suck you off while Topik fucks me."

"Sounds great to me," the wolf replied, moving up to the head of the bed. His cock stood out from his body, drooping a bit from the weight. He inhaled sharply as Rayli kissed his cockhead, beginning to lick down the length of his dark red member.

"Topik, double up." In response to that, a low whirring sound was heard from Topik, before a small panel opened up just above its cock. Out of this was extruded a slightly smaller version of its cock, but made of silver. From tiny holes in its tip came a blue liquid, presumably for lubrication. "Topik certainly comes well equipped, doesn't it?" T'leen said, surprised yet again.

Rayli lifted her tail high over her back; the golem then took hold of her rump, pressing its two cocks against her openings. She jerked forward as the cold lubricant touched her anal pucker, then relaxed as Topik gently pushed the pointed tip into her. The feline sighed as both of her openings were invaded by Topik's metallic sex organs once again. "Mmm...that's so nice."

The golem commenced its slow and mechanical, yet oddly graceful, fucking. Rayli then took T'leen's cock into her muzzle again and began to suckle on it, using her tongue to great effect. She started driving her body back to meet Topik's thrusts, slurping on the wolf cock that filled her throat as she did so.

It was a very strange threesome -- or foursome, if one took into account Topik's second cock -- T'leen decided, as his cock was given a wonderful massage by Rayli's throat muscles. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. His fingers ran through her hair, and down to cup her face. He could feel that he was getting near to his peak, and started trying to suppress the urges that were telling his lower body to release his seed. "Rayli," he whispered, "I don't think I can last much longer...."

She didn't reply; she couldn't, really, because of the thick member that filled her throat. She merely nodded slightly, and began to move a bit faster, hoping Topik would take the hint. The golem did understand, and increased his fucking tempo accordingly.

It was now a full-on attempt to climax at the same time for both Rayli and T'leen. Her breathing was growing erratic as her body tried to meet the demands that were being put on it; his breathing was getting ragged as he tried to hold his climax back until Rayli peaked.

Suddenly Rayli went into a fit of spasms, accompanied by a series of strangled noises that might have been cries of joy. It was just too much for the wolf to handle. With a loud howl of his own he gave in to his body's urges, letting the thick wolf cream flow out of his cock and down Rayli's throat to her belly.

The two were locked in orgasmic bliss for what seemed an eternity, before they collapsed. T'leen's softening prick slipped from Rayli's muzzle, still leaking a bit of pearl-white cum. Behind her, Topik had stopped, and withdrawn. A few drops of a clear fluid seeped from the larger hole in its silver cock. The golem looked down at Rayli's rump, at her recently fucked holes, then up at T'leen. He could have sworn that it winked before it began to glow bright white. In a few seconds the light had dispersed, and Topik had disassembled itself and returned to its more compact form.

"How was it?" Rayli whispered, lifting her head to look at T'leen. "Was that great or what?" She chuckled weakly at his dazed expression. "Floored you too, huh? What say we get some sleep, hmm?"

T'leen only nodded and smiled, then slid down to hug her body to his. The two lovers fell asleep in each other's arms, the golden shape that was Topik lying forgotten -- and cum-slicked -- between them.

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