Rayli's Find

Characters and Text © 2001, H Macdonald


"No, thank you...."

"I already have five of these...."

Rayli tossed the small stone idol over her head to join the rapidly growing pile of rejects and sighed. "Isn't there anything here worth taking?" she asked out loud, looking around her. After going to so much trouble to find the 'legendary lost temple of...some dead guy' Rayli had expected to find something really valuable or at least something interesting to look at. Unfortunately, it seemed that whoever used to own this place wasn't quite as rich as rumour had suggested.

Rayli's feline tail began to twitch, the blue-furred tip tapping against a large stone head. The young Fur's blue eyes scanned the room again, hoping to find something of interest. She was a good treasure hunter, well known for her abilities...and for her habit of spending copious amounts of her hard-earned money on entertainment. Her golden yellow furred body was short, quick and lithe, perfect for her line of work. A light breeze, allowed into the temple by a large hole in the ceiling above her, ruffled her shoulder length brown hair. On each cheek she bore three blue-furred stripes that came from just behind her jaw and stretched up, across her face, stopping a claw-length from her eyes. There was also a set of similar stripes on her left shoulder and another three near the tip of her tail.

With a scowl she stood up and looked down at the reject pile. She growled unhappily and lashed out with her foot, sending a small statue sailing into the shadows. She turned and walked away, determined not to show just how much kicking that statue had hurt. Just as she was about to leave the room she suddenly spotted something shiny in the corner, catching her attention and causing her to pause. With a graceful bound she cleared a group of dull-coloured vases and landed near whatever had caught her eye.

She walked forward until she was standing in front of a small chest. The lid was partially open and she could see a faint glow coming from inside. Rayli knelt down in front of her find and cautiously opened the chest, still remembering a certain chest she'd found in one of the local catacombs once -- it had taken weeks to get that goop out of her fur; it seemed that even dead Furs had a sense of humour. When nothing unpleasant happened she relaxed and picked up the chest. Inside were a faded blue pillow and a strange metal object. Bringing the chest closer in order to get a better look she inspected her find.

The object was about as long as her paw; its shiny golden surface glimmered and glowed faintly. It looked like a cylinder except that one end was longer and pointier than the other; even this end was smooth and rounded, however. Rayli reached in and removed the item from the chest, which she placed on the ground beside her. It was not cold like she had expected, and was quite light despite its appearance. She was thinking about whether the object would be worth anything when she realised what a convenient shape it was...just right to have a little fun with it before leaving the temple. It had been a long, hard week, and until now Rayli hadn't had time to relax and enjoy herself.

A grin spread across her muzzle and she found that her free paw was already sliding down her body towards her crotch. She pulled her pack off and rummaged through it until she found an old blanket. She placed her pack next to one of the many large stone heads in the room, winking at the head as she did so. "Boy, are you in for a show," she told it as she lay her blanket on the ground, strategically placing it in a patch of sunlight that was streaming in through the hole in the ceiling.

She pulled her top off first and threw it away with a grin, her soft, plump breasts suddenly on display for the crowd of stone heads and chipped vases. She carefully placed her new toy on the blanket beneath her feet, wanting to have both paws free for the time being. A quiet ‘murr' escaped her lips as she lightly brushed her paws against the sides of her breasts, following their curves with partially extended claws. Her body began to sway gently from side to side as her eyes slowly slid shut for a moment, enjoying the sensations and the warm sun against her bare fur. She teased herself for a moment longer before gliding her hands down her body until they reached her belt. She unbuckled it, and smiled to herself as she felt her skirt slide down her legs to form a pile around her feet. As soon as she had stepped out of it she kicked it away, wanting to get to the fun part. It wasn't long before her underwear was resting on the forehead of one of the room's many statues.

Rayli, now totally naked except for her single earring and necklace, lay down on the blanket. For a moment she just lay still, eyes closed, enjoying the sunlight on her bare stomach and breasts. Her legs slowly slid open as her left paw moved down her body to brush lightly against the outer lips of her wet sex. A smile slowly spread across her muzzle as she began to tease herself, her other paw cupping her left breast and squeezing it slightly, brushing her thumb over the hardening nipple.

Before long she was purring quietly, occasionally shivering as she slowly became more and more aroused. She decided she couldn't take any more teasing and reached for her new toy, wiping it on the blanket to make sure there was no dust on it. Bringing it to her lips she kissed it lightly, quickly tasting it with her tongue. Unable to wait any longer she gave her toy a quick tongue-bath before placing the rounded end at her opening and sliding it deep inside. The object was indeed the right shape and was an almost perfect fit. Rayli groaned happily and relaxed, enjoying the sensations coming from between her legs.

Suddenly her keen ears picked up a quiet humming; it was strange, yet pleasant. She was about to investigate when her toy began to vibrate. Her eyes widened and she let out a loud gasp, the vibrations sending little waves of pleasure rippling throughout her body. "Aren't you full of surprises?" she gasped, gently writhing about on the blanket.

She was gasping and groaning loudly when the toy began to glow brightly. To her shock and amazement, the glow began to form into what looked like metal plates and mechanical parts -- a whole machine of some sort was being created right before her eyes. She lay still, too surprised to move as the glow eventually began to fade, revealing a Fur-sized golem with vaguely cat-like features straddling her naked body. She found herself admiring the golem's shiny and powerful appearance, almost forgetting that its metallic cock was still inside her.


The golem's glowing ‘eyes' looked into hers as it placed its ‘paws' on either side of her body and lowered itself down onto her. Rayli found the feel of its metallic body against her surprisingly pleasant and couldn't help but wrap her arms around it, clutching it to her. For a machine it was incredibly gentle as it arranged itself above her, its movements fluid and almost graceful.

The golem drew back slowly, its cock almost sliding all the way out of her cunt. It paused for a second before suddenly thrusting forwards, driving its golden rod deep inside Rayli's pussy and making her cry out in pleasure. She moaned loudly and arched her back, pressing her breasts against the golem's metal-plated chest. The golem began to gently fuck her, its cock pushing deep inside her before withdrawing, almost leaving her slippery slit only to push back in again. Rayli's moans and cries steadily became louder as the machine's thrusting began to speed up, pounding into her harder and harder.

It wasn't long before Rayli had reached her peak, yowling loudly with pleasure as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure rushing throughout her body. But she didn't have much time to recover. The golem paused for only a second before resuming its thrusting, steadily fucking her now quivering pussy with steady, mechanical thrusts. Rayli found herself writhing about on the blanket, moaning and gasping as the golem drove her to orgasm after orgasm, her juices flowing down her thighs and soaking the blanket beneath them. It seemed like forever before the golem's thrusting eventually began to subside, slowly coming to a stop.

A loud moan escaped Rayli's mouth as she felt the golem's cum-soaked cock slide out of her, allowing more of her juices to flow out. She lay still for a while, breathing hard, a pleased smile spreading across her muzzle. The golem sat on its knees and looked down at her, watching her silently. Its metallic paws began to rub her tummy and breasts as she relaxed, causing her to purr happily.

A small giggle escaped her as she felt the golem's paws slowly rolling her over onto her stomach. The paws continued to explore her naked body for a while, eventually sliding up the insides of her thighs and over her buttocks, heading towards the base of her tail. Rayli opened one eye just slightly as she felt one of the golem's paws close around her tail just above the base. She found herself shifting onto her paws and knees as the golem began to gently pull her tail upwards, raising her rear end into the air. Rayli giggled again and wriggled a little, wondering would happen next. Her sensitive ears detected a faint whirring coming from the golem so she lifted her head up a bit and looked behind her. She watched as a panel above the golem's cock slid open, her ears perking up as another metal penis slowly emerged. This new cock was a little bit smaller than the other, not as wide but slightly pointier and made of silver metal. She smiled at the golem and licked her lips, murring quietly as she watched a faintly blue fluid seep out of some little holes at the base of the silver sex organ, coating itself with artificial lubricant. "What do you intend to do with that?" she asked it, grinning and wriggling her hips again.

The golem didn't answer with words, but it did answer. Rayli lowered her upper body until her breasts were just brushing against the blanket, purring quietly as she listened to the golem lining itself up. The paw that wasn't holding her tail in the air came to rest on her right hip, getting a firm yet gentle grip. A little gasp escaped her mouth as she felt the slippery tip of the metal penis come into contact with her puckered tailhole, the golden one below it sliding between her outer lips and about a claw-length inside her. The golem pushed forwards slowly and Rayli gasped as she felt the silver cock pressing against her tight little hole, gradually pushing its way into her until the very tip was in her butt. Her claws dug into the blanket as she felt her puckered hole being stretched to allow the metal prick inside, the gold one also gradually going deeper.

Suddenly the golem stopped and Rayli let out a growl of protest as she felt it pulling back, both its metal cocks withdrawing. She didn't have time to complain, however, because as soon as the golem's artificial sex organs had left her body the golem began to push forward again, re-entering both her holes every bit as slowly as before. Rayli smiled, realising that the golem was actually ‘teasing' her. "Hey, cut that out," she told the machine with a grin as she felt it pulling out again. The golem continued to tease her like this for a while, never speeding up or going any deeper than before.

Just as Rayli was beginning to think that the golem would never get to the good part she felt it grip both her hips firmly. She let out a loud gasp followed by a pleasure-filled moan as she felt the golem thrust into her, driving its metal shafts deep inside her, the still slippery golden one sliding easily into her waiting cunt. The silver cock, now buried in her tail hole, caused her some discomfort at first as it pushed all the way in, stretching her tight anus. The pain was soon replaced by a far more pleasurable sensation however and Rayli found herself enjoying the feel of the golem's hard cock pushing into her butt. After giving her a few moments to adjust, the golem began to move again, pulling back before thrusting forwards once more. Rayli murred loudly and lowered her upper body until her chin was almost resting on the ground, her breasts swaying back and forward as the golem fucked both her holes with strong, steady thrusts.

It didn't take long before Rayli was crying out with pleasure, coming hard. Her ears flattened against her head as she felt her inner muscles quivering and clamping down on the golem's still moving rod, her anus contracting hard around the invading silver penis as well. The golem didn't even slow down, continuing its thrusting with mechanical efficiency.

Rayli remained still for a moment, enjoying the sensations as the golem steadily fucked her from behind. She closed her eyes and murred happily, beginning to push back against the golem's thrusts, forcing its smooth shafts even deeper inside. With a mechanical ‘whirr' the golem increased its pace, followed by a quiet ‘click' soon after as it began to push harder too. Rayli's cries of ecstasy echoed through the temple as the waves of pleasure turned into tidal waves, driving her rapidly towards her peak once more. The golem gave one last extra hard thrust, slamming into her as deeply as possible and firmly gripping her hips. Rayli responded by moaning loudly and coming again, even harder than before.

A content smile spread across Rayli's muzzle as soon as she had finished panting; she opened her eyes and sighed happily. Her ears perked up again as she felt the golem's silver sex organ begin to pump a warm, soothing liquid into her tailhole before withdrawing both its cocks from her body, allowing her cum to flow out of her pussy and down her thighs. She lifted up her front half and looked back just in time to see the golem begin to glow. The glow became bright white as the golem's parts slowly disassembled, disappearing with a flash and leaving nothing but its golden shaft, still coated by Rayli's juices.

Rayli rolled over and sat up, her legs spread apart. She picked up her toy and examined it again, being careful not to let it slip out of her grip. It looked exactly as it did when she had found it, apart from being coated in cum instead of dust, of course. With a smile she brought the toy to her lips and gave it a kiss. "I'm definitely keeping you," she told it, licking it clean. Her free paw slid down between her legs to idly rub her tailhole as she wondered how such a clever combination of magic and mechanics had been created. She stood up and moved to recollect her gear, slightly unsteady for the first few steps.

It was late afternoon by the time Rayli re-emerged from the temple, having slunk inside that morning. She helped herself to a bread roll from her pack as she padded down the road, heading back to the village where she was staying. She looked back at the temple as she left and smiled, patting the cylindrical bulge in her belt pouch as she did so. It didn't bother her that the trip hadn't yielded anything she'd be willing to sell. Who needed gold, when they had a golden playmate like hers?