Jason's First Time: Part II

Characters and Text © 2002, Yellowfur

The Day After

Jessie stood there, bewildered at what had just happened. Her vibrator was on the floor, still buzzing, and she had just had the greatest climax she could recall ever having, but...was it real, or was it her imagination? It had all happened so fast. She thought her brother had come into the room and had sex with her, but he wasn't here now. She was sure it had happened, yet the doubt was still there.

"Jessie!" Her mother's voice came from downstairs.

"Yes, Mother?"

"Dinner will be ready soon. Get your brother, and come down here."

Well, she sure wasn't ready for a meal, but her mother always had to have a family dinner. She walked over to her dresser and grabbed the towel she had put there, and cleaned herself up a little. That will have to do. Her mother wouldn't wait for a shower. She got dressed, walked down to her brother's room and banged on the door. It was locked tight and she could hear snoring inside. No, her brother hadn't been in her room, not at all. How could he have been when he was sleeping that heavily? She shook her head. It must have been her imagination; that was all it was: her passion mixed with a good imagination.

"Kids! Dinner!" her mother called again. She grinned and jumped the banister, running down the stairs and turning into the room that served as the dining room.

"Sorry, Mom. Jason is asleep."

Jessie's mother gave her a blank stare, as if the elder doe was looking into a set of headlights. She was slim, maybe in her mid-40s. She had on a blue skirt that hung loose around her knees, and a dark blue t-shirt. She was usually as sweet as honey, except when it came to the family. "Then you go back up there and wake him up, or you won't eat dinner."

Jessie looked at her mother. "That isn't bloody fair!" She grumbled and got up, returning to her brother's door and banging on it. "OPEN THE DOOR!" she screamed at him, "Or neither of us gets to eat today!"

Getting no answer, she sighed and fished in a pocket for her set of house keys. Quietly unlocking the door to her brother's room, she opened the door. Her brother was there, lying on top of the covers, completely naked, with an erection as hard as stone.

Jessie slammed the door, her heart racing as she took deep breaths. It really had happened, it wasn't her imagination, it really had happened. She made her way back to the dinner table. "He said he wasn't hungry, that he felt kinda sick and just wanted to sleep," Jessie said, hoping her mother would believe the lie.

Her mother nodded. "Ok, but tomorrow he has to wash the dishes."

Jessie sighed. Why was her mother so hell-bent on family dinners? It didn't make any sense.

Suddenly her father walked in. Himself a buck of many more years then Jason, he had a full rack of antlers sporting fifteen points. and an extremely well-toned body. He worked in the construction business, and was in his navy overalls when he came in. He immediately went over to Jessie's mother and kissed her. "Hello Linda, love," he said, smiling at her.

Linda glared at her husband. "Don't 'Hi Linda, love' me. You're thirty minutes late getting home from work and you didn't call. How am I to have a family dinner without the family?" She paused for a few seconds. "I'm sorry Charles. It's just that it seems we get to spend less and less time as a family nowadays." She sighed and started putting food on the table.

Charles couldn't help but smile at his wife and hugged her tightly. "You're a wonderful wife. Just be yourself, and the family will fall into place." He took his seat, and the three began eating.

Jason awoke. How long had he slept? He first looked out the window, and saw that it wasn't night yet. He checked the clock. It showed 6:30, so he'd had only a few hours. He blinked and looked down at himself, seeing that he still had the largest erection he had ever had. He looked around and pulled the blind. No need to disturb anyone else just yet.

He checked to be sure the door was locked, then went over to his closet and opened it up. Inside was a mess of coathangers, sports equipment, shoes, and anything else he didn't have room for. In the back, under some old gaming magazines, was an old-looking box, which he pulled out and opened up.

Inside was his little collection of sex toys. There were several things he had planned to use on the first girl in his room; a dildo, some love gel, a package of condoms...and then there was his lotion. He had bought this lotion from one of those triple-X magazines. He had paid with a money order and had it shipped to his house.

"Thank the gods that Mom doesn't pry into others' mail," he whispered to himself, pulling out the large jar and popping the top on it. The gel inside was strange, like K-Y except it was sticky. More like...well...like snot is what referred it to. It had stimulants in it and he hadn't used anything else to masturbate since. He put a glob on his hand and leaned back. Sitting on his feet and spreading his knees, he slowly started to stroke his shaft.

He moaned gently as the stimulants seeped into his member, and his stroking hand teased him. Oh gawds, yes, he moaned in his mind, his hips thrusting against his palm. He reached over into the box and pulled out the dildo. It was smooth, and resembled a wolf's cock. He had stolen it from his sister's room a long time ago, and ever since had been considering using it on himself, but.... He sighed and put it away; he was scared to try.

His paw continued to stroke his cock, his hips thrusting harder and harder. He moaned as his back arched against his paw as the slick sticky fluid stimulated him more. His other paw reached down and fondled his sac softly, then suddenly darted out and grabbed a jar that was in the closet and brought it forward. He moaned and quickly removed the top, his paw stroking harder as he leaned forward and climaxed. He jerked his shaft and aimed the tip at the jar, his cum spilling out into it. He panted and reached down to rub his balls, while the last of his cum dripped into the jar, mixing with much that was already there. Grabbing a towel in the closet and cleaning himself up, he put his toys and the jar of cum away.

What a day; he got to fuck his sister and jack off. He smiled and, still totally nude, walked over to his window and looked out, opening the blinds to do so. In the neighbour's backyard were Mary and Sam, but something he hadn't expected to see was also there. Their parents had apparently left and the two were inside the 8'-high wooden fence of their backyard, both totally naked. Jason didn't think this particularly interesting as children tend to shed their clothing when they can, but why was he getting turned on watching them play Tag?

He quickly rejected the idea that the sight of them was turning him on and shut his blinds so that he couldn't see them. He wondered if he should leave the room. If his Mom hadn't come up to get him for dinner something had to be wrong.

The phone rang but once, and a short time later there was a knock at the door. "Jason, it's your mother. Are you feeling better?"

Jason sighed a sigh of relief; his sister had stuck up for him. "Yes, mother," he replied and smiled inwardly.

"The phone's for you. Someone named Lester."

Jason grinned. "Okay, Mom. Thanks." He jumped up and answered the phone in his room, sprawling out on the side of the bed. "Talk to me, Les," Jason said.

"Hi, Jase. You know that vixen, Sandra?"

"Yeah, what about her?"

"Well, she knows my sister, and I talked to her, and you, my friend, have a date with her."

Jason thought he would drop dead. "Honestly, a date with Sandra? Don't you dare be joking with me!"

On the other end Lester laughed at Jason. "No joke, bro. She agreed, and you and her have a movie trip tomorrow."

Jason grinned. "Cool, where do I meet her?"

"At her house, duh. Do I have to go with you and tell you where to kiss during the movie?"

Jason gulped. "No, no...I know, heh-heh." His laugh was forced, and he was a bit nervous that Lester might just come along anyway, as he tended to ruin special occasions.

"Cool, then check you later man. I have to run." Click!

Jason hung up the phone and sighed to himself. The girl of his dreams was going on a date with him tomorrow. He rolled out of bed and got dressed; might as well let the family know he was still alive. He strolled out the door and down to the living room, exchanging greetings with his family. His mother on the sofa, his father in his chair and his sister was sitting across from their father.

Both his mother and father smiled and said hi. All his sister did was flash him a glance that could sear his soul. He nodded and went and got a bit of the leftover food and ate quickly then returned to his room, not wanting to stay in the gaze of his sister.

What did he do that was so terrible? After all, she had seemed to want to have sex with him, and she went along with it willingly enough. He sighed and decided it was best just to sleep, and he did just that, thinking good thoughts of the next day.

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