Jason's First Time: Part I

Characters and Text © 2002, Yellowfur

Man, it's hot today, thought Jason as he walked down the street towards his house. Jason was a buck, 19 years old and well built. He wasn't overly handsome or anything, but he was muscular, his antlers were growing, and he was shaping up nicely. He was wearing his normal college clothing; plain white shirt tucked into his blue jean shorts, with a belt to hold them up. He had a black mesh backpack slung over one shoulder. The only reason it was mesh was because he didn't like the clear plastic ones and, according to the school, mesh was the only alternative.

He looked around slowly, surveying the sidewalk as he made his way home. He could almost see the pavement boiling in the intense heat. He turned the corner onto his street; his house was the second one on the block. Brick red vinyl siding covered the exterior, and it had a brown shingle roof. It had two stories, with a window on each side for the front on each floor, and the door in the center of the house. Right next to his house was an entirely black house with a carport. That house was occupied by a family of foxes. Two fox cubs, Mary and Sam, were in the front yard playing. Mary was the elder at eight years, and Sam was only seven. They were playing and having fun inside of a chain link fence the family had put up around the house.

Jason walked on by and up the sidewalk to his house. He found the door was locked and used his key to get in. The door opened silently since his dad had redone the house. His father was a master carpenter, and not long after they had moved in he had completely redone the entire house so that not a board squeaked nor a door creaked; the entire house was made to be silent and sturdy.

Jason made his way to the kitchen and got himself a glass of water and an apple he found in the fruit drawer in the fridge. He made his way back to the living room to eat the apple, letting the air conditioning cool his overheated body. He glanced at the clock. "Lets see... it's 3:30, which means Sis probably isn't home. Mom won't be home from the motel until 6:30 and Dad usually isn't home until 7 or 8." He suddenly realised he was talking to himself and shook his head. He was turning into his father, who often did the same thing.

He simply thought about it. Since the door was locked, his sister probably wasn't home; her school was on the other side of town, so it took her longer to get home then him. His mother worked as a housekeeper for a motel, and his father ran a carpentry shop, making and repairing things. "That means I have the house to myself for a bit." He blinked and chuckled to himself, drinking the water then taking the glass back to the kitchen before making his way upstairs to the second floor.

There were only four rooms on the second floor. At the top of the stairs was the bathroom, and then a storage room, Jessie's room, and his room at the end. Jason made his way down the hall to his room. I'll just drop my books off in my room then watch TV for a bit before anyone gets home, he thought to himself. As he started past his sister's room he noticed the door was open a crack, and that there were noises coming from inside.

Jason froze. The door was locked, and he was almost sure his sister wasn't home, so who was in her room? He decided to take a peek, and crept over to the door to look inside. His breath caught in his throat and his knees went weak at what he saw.

His sister's bed was against the wall, right out from the door, and standing at the foot of the bed was his sister, naked and bent over. One hand was holding onto one of the bedposts to support her; the other had a six-inch dildo in the shape of a buck's cock, which she was thrusting in and out of her pussy. From his vantage point he had a perfect view of her. Jason was frozen, torn between running to his room and staying to watch as his shorts became tighter and tighter. Suddenly Jessie moaned. "Oh, Jason."

Jason was shocked. Here was his own sister, in her room, using a dildo and fantasising about him. The apple he was holding dropped to the floor and he just stood there dumbfounded for a second. He made a decision then to make his sister's fantasy come true. Why not? Jessie was old enough to know what she wanted, and she wanted him. Besides, she was extremely beautiful, and he didn't think anyone at school knew she was his sister; at least, he hadn't told anyone, and if they did know he wouldn't say anything.

He quietly dropped his backpack on the floor and removed his belt and shorts. His shaft was already very erect at watching his sister. He prided himself on having a fair sized shaft, nine inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick. Having forgotten about the apple, he silently pushed the door open and walked up behind his sister. Jessie was so far into her bliss that she didn't notice her brother stop all but an inch from her rear. She didn't notice him until he reached out and laid his hands on her hips.

Jessie snapped her head around to see her brother standing there, and was suddenly afraid. Her eyes travelled down his body and rested on his length; so much bigger then the toy she was using, the object of her fantasies was right there behind her.

Jason took a deep breath, not moving. Jessie lost her grip on the toy and it slipped from her and fell to the floor with a quiet thud. They both looked at one another for a second, then Jessie took action, sliding back against her brother's crotch, his shaft lying beside her tail on her hips. Seconds later she reached back and gripped his balls, gently rolling and massaging them.

He almost came right then and there, but he managed to contain himself and smiled back at his sister, pulling back until his shaft dropped down in line with Jessie's sex. Jessie again took action, pulling on her brother's balls, urging him to do it. Jason slowly slid forward, the tip of his shaft meeting his sister's sex then parting the folds and slowly pressing inside. He was overwhelmed; sure he masturbated from time to time, but it was never like this. This was incredible.

He pressed his hips hard against his sister's as they met, and shuddered as her slick walls rippled around him. Jessie again took the first action, pulling off her brother's cock then thrusting back against him again. Jason leaned over his sister's back and hugged around her waist. One of his hands slipped up to her breasts while the other trailed down between her legs to her crotch, to feel her mound and his shaft thrusting in and out of her, as if to prove to him himself it was all real.

He set himself into a gentle rhythm, pulling back until his shaft almost slipped from his sister, then thrusting all the way in again. They both moaned loudly with one another as they raced toward their peaks. Jason came first, already overly worked up, his hot seed spurting form his shaft all over his sister's slick inner walls. The feeling of his hot cum set Jessie off as well and they howled loudly through their climaxes.

They rested there, Jason laying on Jessie's back a few seconds before he pulled away from her and left the room, grabbing his shorts, the apple and his backpack. He went straight to his room and locked the door behind him. Had that just happened? Did he really just do that? He dropped everything by the door and slumped on the bed, his shaft still hard and sticking into the air. Yes, it was real, it did happen. Jason was overwhelmed and exhausted, and sleep quickly found him. His last thought before he drifted off was what his sister was thinking about all of this.

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