Cheat Code

Characters © Sega, Text © 2003, C Sandwalker
Picture this story is based on © Battle Angel

Sonic closed the door behind him and leaned against it momentarily before he hung the small collection of golden rings he'd snagged during his run on the hook fixed to the back of the door. He then headed into the kitchen to fix himself a snack. Studying the contents of the icebox for a few seconds, he pulled out the ingredients for a couple of club sandwiches.

Leaving the mess on the bench to clean up later, Sonic went to the couch and flopped down onto it, putting his feet up. "Ah, that's better," he sighed with relief, letting his weight off his aching feet. "I must be getting old."

It didn't take long for him to finish his snack. He cleaned up in the kitchen, putting the food back and washing what he'd dirtied, then went down the hallway to the bathroom, intent on having a long soak before dinner. As he passed the door of Tails' room he heard some loud beeps and sound effects, accompanied by some frustrated muttering. He chuckled quietly to himself as he moved into the bathroom. "He's still playing that game? Good luck to him."

Sonic spent the time waiting for his bath to fill undressing and admiring himself in the mirror. "I'm such a hot hedgehog," he said, winking at himself and making various poses. "Hmm...but getting a little flabby around the edges," he added when he studied his profile. There was a definite paunch developing around his waist. "Time to lay off the chilli dogs."

The hedgehog turned the water off, tested the water with his hand, then climbed into the bath, gradually immersing himself in the hot water, just below his tolerance level. "Ooh, that feels good," he moaned, leaning back on the cushion he'd attached to the bath for just such an activity. He took a bottle of pink bath salts from the shelf just to the right of his head and sprinkled a handful into the water, giving it a vigorous stir. The faint scent of strawberries tickled his nostrils as he replaced the bottle. He smiled and sighed contentedly, closing his eyes and relaxing.

Some time later, when the water had cooled to the point of being tepid, Sonic slowly leaned forwards, grabbed the soap from the wall inset and began to rub it all over his somewhat wrinkled skin. It made far better sense to soak first and wash later, he'd found; where was the sense in soaking in dirty soapy water?

Sonic got out of the bath, standing on the bathmat to let excess water drip off his body as he bent over and let the water out. Having done that he reached for his blue towel, which was hanging somewhat askew on the rail, and began to dry himself thoroughly, making sure that he got into all the nooks and crannies. He mrred quietly as he gently fondled the towel around his cock and balls, trying to resist the erection that almost immediately started to grow. "I'll deal with you later," he said with a grin, hanging the towel back up and exiting the bathroom, grabbing his shorts on the way out.

A particularly colourful epithet assaulted Sonic's ears on the way past Tails' door again, stopping him in his tracks. "I wonder where he got that word from," Sonic said to himself as he put his ear against the door. Someone was definitely getting frustrated in there. "Knock knock!" he called as he turned the handle and poked his head around the door. "Having trouble?"

Tails was sitting on his bed, leaning against the wall with his elbows resting on his spread-apart knees, wearing only his underwear (which showed off his privates in no little detail through the tautly stretched fabric). In his hands was a small game device, from which issued various noises of electronic mayhem. Tails' face wore an expression of intense concentration as he frantically pushed buttons to achieve whatever purpose he was focused on. He didn't appear to have heard Sonic's question.

Sonic pulled back to leave Tails to his obsession, but before he could Curiosity gave Sonic a sharp nudge. What was it about this game that had his foxy friend so enraptured? He pushed the door open wider and walked in, taking a seat next to Tails and leaning his head over to see the screen. He grinned when he saw that he was playing one of the games that local software developers had released based on his ring-collecting activities. I'm so much better looking than that dude! he thought smugly.

Tails' thumbs worked quickly, stabbing at buttons seemingly at random. He panted softly as he battled the various enemies the electronic representation of his buddy was encountering. "C'mon, just one more hit...aaaargh!" He suddenly threw the game down on the bed in disgust and muttered another swear word.

"Hey, what did I tell you about swearing?" Sonic admonished, batting Tails on the muzzle with a firm but friendly hand. "And how long have you been playing that game?"

"Long enough," Tails grumbled, leaning against Sonic and heaving a huffy sigh. "I've been trying to finish that damn level for ages, but the boss keeps killing me... Someone gave me some cheat codes to try, but they're really not much help; you still need skill to use them."

"Where's the fun in playing games if you're going to cheat?" Sonic put an arm around Tails and held him, stroking his fingers up and down the fox's arm. "You should take a break from playing games for a while. Do something more productive."

A tail flicked against Sonic's legs as Tails snuggled up a little more against him. "Yeah, I know, but there's nothing to do around here." He turned his head and glanced over at the window. "Especially since it's started raining."

"Oh, I don't know about 'nothing'.... I can think of a couple things you could do," Sonic suggested, "and I have one cheat code you haven't tried yet."

Tails flicked his ears with interest. "I'm open to ideas...and what's this about a new cheat code? Ooh...." The young fox mrred softly as Sonic's hand moved to lightly grope his crotch. "Is this one of those ideas?"

An answer wasn't immediately forthcoming, as Sonic tilted his head around and engaged Tails in a slow kiss, precluding any sort of verbal reply. Both parted their lips after a few seconds, letting each other's tongues explore the other's mouth.

Sonic pulled Tails down to lie with him on the bed, running his hands over his young friend's body as they kissed. His hand moved to lightly caress over Tail's underwear, feeling the prominent bulge growing beneath the fabric. "Mmm, let's get these off," he murmured, slipping his hand under the waistband and pulling downwards.

"Ohh, Sonic," Tails moaned as his erection was suddenly freed from its tight confines. It extended about six inches out of his sheath, and throbbed gently with his quickening pulse, almost a match for Sonic's slightly longer member. He put his hand on it, feeling it jerk in response, and began to stroke it slowly up and down, while helping Sonic to remove his underwear. In seconds they were both naked and rubbing against each other, hands around each other's cocks.

After a couple minutes Tails moved down so that he could take Sonic's cock into his mouth. His tongue rasped gently over the slightly flared head, the tip wiggling in his cockslit, as he grasped the rest of the shaft and tugged up and down slowly.

"Mmmm," moaned Sonic, moving around on the bed and thrusting a little into his friend's mouth. "You're so good at that, hon. Turn around so I can suck on you too."

The fox smiled around his mouthful and did so, letting go for a few moments while he changed position, before he resumed his pleasurable task, sliding his muzzle down half of Sonic's cock. He mrred softly when he felt his maleness being enveloped by Sonic's mouth, spurting a little precum over his tongue.

It wasn't long before Tails was brought to the edge by Sonic's ministrations. He pulled his muzzle off Sonic's cock to cry out in ecstasy as his cum squirted out in thick jets over the hedgehog's tongue. He went limp a few seconds later as his body went into momentarily pleasure overload.

"Heh-heh," Sonic chuckled after he'd spent a few seconds savouring the bittersweet tang of Tails' cum and swallowed. "Who da hog?"

Tails opened his eyes and glanced back and Sonic. "Looks like you are," he replied with a grin, turning himself around and snuggling up against his friend. He lapped at Sonic's lips, still tasting the remnants of his orgasm upon them.

"Now I can show you that cheat code I mentioned," Sonic said, reaching around and rubbing Tails' butt. "Get on your hands and knees, kid." A light slap was delivered to the fox's right buttock as incentive.

I bet I know what this code is! thought Tails as he moved into position, raising his rump high and swishing his two tails out of the way, showing off his cute tailhole. He looked over his shoulder at Sonic, who was moving up behind him, cock standing proud and leaking a few drops of precum.

"This code is very simple," Sonic murmured as the head of his member pushed against Tails' tight pucker and slowly entered him. "It's just 'up'," and Sonic pushed forcefully inwards, burying his whole shaft inside the young fox. Without missing a beat he pulled out and thrust back in, "up, up, up...." He emphasised each word with another deep lunge.

Tails clenched down around Sonic's thick cock as he started pounding his ass, moving backward to take every inch up his rear passage. "This code…isn't in the book," he murmured, looking back over his shoulder at Sonic. "What does it give me?"

"Well, if you were female, you might well end up with another life, if you know what I mean." The hedgehog grinned and winked conspiratorially.

"Ooh." Tails grinned back and wiggled his butt against Sonic. "I think I do. A hundred thrusts for an extra life?"

"You got it, kiddo," Sonic replied, gripping his friend's hips and starting to pump harder. "Maybe a few more than that."

It wasn't too long before Sonic grunted loudly and rammed his cock hard up Tails' rump, filling it up with his creamy seed. "Ungh! Yeah, that's some good ass," he mumbled, pumping in and out a few times as he drained himself. Finally he pulled out, gave Tails a friendly slap on the butt and lay beside him, cuddling him close. "Now, did that code help you at all?"

"I think so," the fox said, turning his head to lightly lick at Sonic's muzzle. "At the least, I enjoyed learning it!"

"Good. There's another one that I can teach you, but I'll save that for another time...."