Birthday in Red and Black

Characters © their players
Text © 2006, C Sandwalker

It was eerily quiet when Vivienne entered the small flat that she shared with her husband. She closed the front door behind her and hung up her raincoat, then picked up the shopping bags to carry them into the kitchen. "Serath, honey?" she called, glancing around and not seeing any evidence of his presence. "Are you home?"

No answer came, though for a moment she could have sworn she heard a muffled giggle.

"Odd. I wonder where he is. For that doesn't sound like the kids are home either," she mused to herself as she put the bags on the bench and began to unpack them, putting their contents into cupboards and the fridge. As she opened the latter to put a bottle of milk into it, something large and brightly coloured caught her eye. She crouched down to get a better look, and found a cake, iced all over with what seemed like lemon frosting from the scent of it. Around the edges were piped decorative scrolls in pale yellow frosting, and in the centre, written in a cursive style with red frosting were the words 'Happy Birthday, Viv'.

The tortoiseshell feline stared for a few seconds, before she slowly stood up again and closed the fridge door. Suddenly she felt hands touch her hips, and she turned around to see the smiling face of her lupine husband. "Happy Birthday, love," he murmured, before he leaned his head forward and pressed his lips to hers.

"Mmmrrrrr," Viv purred as she leaned back against the fridge and pulled Serath closer against her. "Thank you, hon. It's nice to come home to a surprise." Her hands gently roamed over the naked wolf's back, feeling that it was slightly damp. He smelled pretty nice too, with a hint of a scent that she couldn't quite place.

"That's nothing," Serath said with a chuckle. "I have more surprises in store for you. But you'll get them one at a time. First up, I'm cooking dinner."

"Ooh, lovely." Viv released from the embrace and turned back to the shopping bags. "Let me just finish putting these away. Then you can spoil me rotten," she said with a big grin. "By the way, are the kids sleeping? I don't hear them."

Serath shook his head. "No, I found them a babysitter for a few hours. A friend of mine has young kids of his own, so he knows how to take care of them. Linus was a bit put out, but he's always been something of a rebel. Kimmy was perfectly fine with it. So...we have the evening to ourselves," he finished, his voice taking on a more seductive tone.

"Sounds like you've planned this for a while," Viv remarked with a smirk. She quickly finished putting the groceries away, then flumped into a chair at the dining table. "Whatcha got planned for dinner?"

The wolf tapped the side of his nose. "Ah, but that would be spoiling some of the surprise. You'll like it, I'm sure. It's a fish dish, I'll tell you that much." With that he smiled and starting rummaging through cupboards, getting out the utensils and ingredients he needed.

Viv sighed and leaned back into the chair. "At least get me a glass of wine to sip at while I ponder, weak and weary," she said, snagging another chair and putting her feet up on it.

"Of course, love," Serath replied, going over to the pantry and pulling out a bottle of light white wine. "This is going in the meal, so I'd might as well open this now." He fetched a couple of wine glasses from a cupboard, grabbed the corkscrew from a drawer, and proceeded to uncork the bottle and fill the glasses. "Your wine, lovely lady," he said with a cheeky flourish as he handed her one. "A nice Riesling, a young wine of only three years, with a just a hint of lime. It was a good year for Germany."

"Thanks," said Viv with a wry grin, sipping at the wine. "Mmm...yeah, it is a little fruity." She sighed softly as she leaned into her chair. "What a day. The supermarket was so busy this afternoon, as if every man and his dog just had to buy groceries while I was."

"Mmm, I must have found a quiet time to do mine," Serath said as he went back into the kitchen, taking a sip from his own glass before resuming the preparation of the meal.

The feline was almost fidgeting with curiosity as her husband chopped, peeled and mixed, the edge of the benchtop hiding his actions from her view. She stayed silent, trying to imagine what it was that he was making. Eventually she heard the unmistakable sounds of something being put into the oven. "In a few minutes, you should start to smell it," Serath said as he sat down in one of the other chairs.

"You're such a tease, you know," Viv said with a mock pout. "I'm gonna have to do something just as cunning for your birthday."

Serath just grinned back and sipped at his wine, still only half drunk. "Well, you'll have about eight months or so to plan for it. You'd better get started."

"Feh!" was Viv's retort. "I'll get you my pretty...and your little doggy too!"

"You'll have to get me a dog, first."

"Good point. Don't expect one of those in the near future."

As the minutes passed the couple chatted about what they'd done that day. Serath related that he had spent most of the morning and early afternoon preparing the cake and the dinner ingredients, and buying her a gift. Viv told of chatting with video distributors about the latest sexploit they'd filmed and edited. As they talked, the aromas wafting from the kitchen grew stronger.

Eventually Viv stopped and sniffed. "It's fish! Though I can't identify what type, nor what you've cooked it with."

Serath sniffed as well. "Mmm, I think it's nearly done," he said, getting up and going into the kitchen to check on the oven's contents. "Yeah, I think we have a meal now." He grabbed a pair of oven mitts and opened the door, quickly pulling out the fish and depositing it on the stovetop. "Yowch! Damn, that's hot!"

"Of course it is, silly." Viv sniffed heavily and mrred. "Mmm, it smells great, hon!" Her tail twitched in anticipation.

Plates were pulled out of the cupboard, cutlery out of the drawer, then Serath gingerly teased open the aluminium foil, releasing the steam pent up inside, as well as the intense aromas. "Mmm, it does indeed," he replied. He carefully sliced up the revealed fish, aportioning it between the two plates, giving a slightly larger piece to Viv's. He then pulled out of the fridge a small jar of semi-transparent sauce, and drizzled a little bit over, then added the veges steamed with the fish, before picking up both plates and the cutlery and bringing them over to the table. "Your meal, madam," he announced, setting Viv's plate down with a flourish. "Bon appetit!"

Viv laughed and pulled Serath's head down for a kiss. "Thanks, love. Mmm, smells really good!" She picked up the cutlery and started attacking the food fervently.

Serath took his place on the opposite side of the table and waited for Viv to finish her first mouthful before starting on his own meal. "How's it taste? Cooking fish is a rarity for me."

"Tastes okay to me, hon. I don't think I've ever had fish cooked like this before." Viv paused while she savoured the different flavours. "Fruity, I think. Lime?"

"And a hint of lemon, plus a few herbs, butter and veges," finished Serath. "Overall, a good effort on my part. And for dessert we have the cake, of course. And vanilla ice cream to go with it."

The feline nodded with a smile. "I should have birthdays more often, hmm?"

"Ugh, I don't think so. I'd go nuts if I had to keep buying a gift every day. And keep making dinner and dessert." Serath put another forkful of fish into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. "I do hope you'll do the same for me when it's my birthday."

"Mmm, maybe. Or just take you out to dinner. I heard there's a new restaurant opening up soon that's got an automotive theme to it," Viv said as she cut up her food. "All the seating's been taken out of junked cars and reupholstered, the menu has food named after cars, the waiters wear gas station livery, advertising through the ages...."

Serath raised his eyebrows. "Oh, really? That does sound interesting. I think I'd like to check this place out."

"I'll see if I can get tickets to its grand opening." Viv smirked at Serath and tapped the side of her nose. "I might be able to pull a few strings."

"I'll take your word for it. Sometimes, it's best not to ask, I've found," Serath replied with a chuckle and shake of his head, before he focused his attention on eating before the food went cold.

The conversation was suspended while the couple ate, and when they were done Serath collected the dirty plates and cutlery and put them in the sink for later rinsing. "Now, do you feel like a piece of cake now, or should we wait until later? Either way, you'll get your gift soon."

"Oooh, what did you get me?" Viv said, her eyes lighting up. "Screw dessert; I want my pressie!"

Serath laughed. "It's in the bedroom," he said, strolling out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. "Follow me if you want to 'get it'. Emphasis on the 'get it', if you know what I mean?"

Viv smirked, getting out of her chair and trailing behind Serath. "Of course," she replied, resisting the urge to just barge past him and ransack the room herself.

"I put it under the bed, as is traditional." Serath leaned down and pulled up the valence. "I'll let you do the honours. Watch out for the dust bunnies. They're breeding again."

"I would've thought you'd vacuum under there," Viv muttered as she got down on her knees and reached under the bed, fumbling for...something. Eventually her hands touched something that made a crinkly sound, and she grabbed it, yanking it out into the light. "Bright pink," she murmured, blinking at the wrapping paper.

"Sorry; it was the only wrapping paper I had," Serath apologised. "Anyway, it's what's inside that's important. Open it!" He sat down on the edge of the bed and waited eagerly, tail wagging. "Hope you like it."

There was a flurry of paper flying through the air accompanied by enthusiastic ripping sounds, then silence as Viv beheld the revealed contents.

"It' It's...I'm not sure how to describe it." She slowly stood and held up a PVC suit, examining it. The top part was red, with a diagonal slash running from just under the left armpit down to the opposite hip, marking the boundary between red and black, with a couple of stripes of each colour sort of 'interlocking' the two. The breasts had small holes, trimmed with black, about two inches across, allowing nipples to show through. The sleeves were wrist-length, and, like the main body, bi-coloured, but black at the top, and red at the bottom. The bottom part of the torso was black, extending all the way to the ankles. At the crotch, there was nothing -- a red-trimmed gap about five inches wide ran from the pubic area down between the legs and up to just above the tail. Ingrained into the fabric were little flakes of gold and silver. From crotch to neck ran a series of small round snap fasteners.

There was silence for a few seconds before Serath broke it. "So...what do you think?" There was a slight undertone of anxiety in his voice.

Viv held the suit against herself, going over to the full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door to admire it. "Mmm, it looks very nice on me," she purred, looking herself up and down and turning from side to side.

"Try it on! It should fit...I took in one of your other suits to make sure it was the right size."

"Oh, I will, definitely," Viv murmured, putting the suit down on the bed and starting to strip. Knowing Serath liked to watch, she took her time, making a show of the removal of her clothes. As usual it had the effect of arousing him, the pink tip of his cock peeking out of his sheath as she shucked off her light blue cotton shirt, then her bra. Grinning widely, she turned around and started undoing her jeans, pushing her rump out towards him and raising her tail as she worked them down her legs.

"You're such a cock-teaser, you know that?" Serath complained in a mock whine. He leaned back on the bed and just let his erection grow, the shaft bobbing slightly as it filled with blood.

His wife stepped out of her pants, then started on her panties. "Oh dear. These seem to be stuck. Would my sexy wuff like to help his wife out of them?" she asked coquettishly, turning her head and batting her eyelids at him.

That was definitely not an offer that Serath would turn down. "Of course," he said, his eagerness evident. With a twinkle in his eye he crawled over to Viv and hooked his fingers into the waistband of Viv's panties. Though he wanted to just rip them off, he restrained himself, slowly working the light pink garment down over his wife's shapely rump and down her legs. He inhaled deeply as he caught a whiff of Viv's feminine scents and mrrred in pleasure.

Once Viv was completely nude, she turned around and leaned down to kiss Serath's lips. "Mmm, thank you. Now I can slip into my new outfit."

The lower half was donned first, accompanied by a few cute grunts of effort as the slick fabric was pulled up over her legs. "If this was any tighter, I'd be wearing it under my fur," she commented as she pulled the rest of the suit up, slipping her slender arms into the sleeves and doing up the fasteners. She adjusted it in a few places then examined herself in the mirror again. "Mrrr! This does look good on me!" she exclaimed, turning around to get a look at her back as well. "You have good taste, love."

"Thank you," Serath replied, a little modestly. "I wanted to get something that was substantially different to what you already had, and...that was what I found." He found himself being pushed back onto the bed as Viv climbed up onto it and straddled him. "Uh...this isn't quite going where I was planning," he murmured.

"Oh, really? What were you planning, then, sexy?" Viv said, restraining the wolf with light pressure on his chest and planting herself firmly on his crotch, rubbing back and forth along his engorged shaft.

"Mrrr...I was you out first," Serath said with a little whimper. Little spurts of precum were dribbling from his cock as Viv rubbed her pussy lips up and down his length. "Then...fuck you to another climax, then take your arse...and finish over your suit."

Viv continued to grind over Serath's member for a few more seconds before she relented, lifting herself off. "Sounds good to me...but what say we do this instead?" With that she swung herself round in a fluid movement, firmly parking her sex over his muzzle and leaning down to lick over his cock.

Serath had no complaints about it. His senses were briefly overwhelmed by the intense aroma of his wife's pussy, which was starting to leak fragrant juices into his nostrils. He extended his tongue and slipped it between her labia, lapping at the sweet, musky fluids seeping out. "Mmm." His cock twitched hard as Viv slipped her lips around the head, swiping her rough feline tongue over the sensitive flesh, firing another juicy spurt of pre into her mouth.

There was no talking for a couple of minutes as the couple worked on each other, though there were plenty of lewd noises of pleasure: quiet suckling, lapping, moans, purrs and the bedsprings creaking slightly. Serath felt like he was in heaven, or at least one of the lower levels. The taste of the fluids leaking out of her snatch was like a musky ambrosia, and the moans as he nibbled on her clit with his teeth were a sonata to him. His cock was getting a wonderful treatment, as Viv bobbed her head up and down, sliding its full length into her muzzle and throat. Now and then she'd swallow, and he'd feel a tightness ripple slowly down his shaft. If she didn't stop soon, he'd end up wasting most of his semen on her stomach.

He didn't have to worry too much. Just when he thought that he was going to reach the point of no return, Viv sat up and started grinding her dripping snatch over his muzzle, seemingly on the verge of climax herself. "Mmmf, yeah," she moaned, closing her eyes and concentrating on the sensations coming from her pussy.

Serath spread Viv's puffy labia with his fingers, exposing more of her inner recesses. His tongue delved deeply, curling and stroking the soft, silky walls. When he tired of that he moved slightly lower and nibbled on her clit, which had swollen noticeably, eliciting an increase in purrs and moans.

After a minute or so of that treatment Serath suddenly found his muzzle being sprayed with pussy juice as Viv reached her climax. Cries of ecstatic pleasure echoed slightly off the walls, making his ears hurt with the volume.

The feline continued riding her husband's muzzle like an impromptu dildo for a little while longer, until the 'worst' of her orgasm passed, at which point she raised herself to give Serath the opportunity to breathe. "Sorry...hon," she apologised, panting hard. "Got...carried away."

"No worries," Serath panted, licking his lips. "If I had to go, that'd be the way I'd want. Orgasmed to death." He grinned up at Viv, then sneezed. "Cunt juice up the nose," he explained, with a sheepish smile.

Viv laughed and ruffled Serath's hair. "So modest," she purred, giving him a kiss, and swipe over the lips with her tongue. "Now...about that pussy fuck... How'd you want me?"

"Um...well...ride on top?" the wolf suggested, glancing down at his raging hard-on, as yet unsatisfied. "It's been a while since we've done it that way. And I read that it was a woman's favourite position."

"Really? I've always been partial to doggy style myself," Viv mused as she straddled Serath again. She reached underneath and positioned Serath's shaft at her dripping entrance, before slamming herself down, taking her husband's cock in one go.

Serath let out a strangled yelp as Viv's rump came down on his balls. "Careful!" he urged, wincing. "I like my nuts uncracked."

"Heheh, sorry," Viv apologised, leaning forward to lick lightly over Serath's lips while she used her leg muscles to push herself up and down his veined shaft. "My bad." As she moved up and down she tensed her pussy around him, massaging his cock gently as it slipped out then in again.

" you," he murmured, lightly gripping her hips and keeping her rump stationary while he thrust up into her warm, silky tunnel. Her copious juices had made it deliciously slippery, so he had no trouble getting a good rhythm going. His balls bounced up and down as he thrust, giving him tiny jolts of pleasure.

Viv was breathing heavily in his ear, now and then murmuring dirty talk. "Yeah, fuck me hard, you sexy beast. Slam-dunk my cunt!" That kind of talk really turned the wolf on, and he obliged without hesitation, digging his fingers into her thighs and bucking up with more force, driving his engorged shaft hard into her sex.

It was difficult to resist his body's urges, which were telling him to fuck her hard and fast until he tied and pumped her full of spunk, but he was determined to christen his wife's new outfit properly. He gathered breath to ask if he could switch holes, but he found it a moot effort as Viv suddenly straightened up and lifted herself off. Clear fluids dribbled from her pussy as she got onto all fours next to him and wagged her rump at him. "Give it to me in my arse, babe. Gimme a good cramming."

"No invitation needed," Serath said with a big grin. He quickly repositioned himself to kneel behind Viv, rubbing his slick cockhead over her tight anus before he nudged it in slightly. He then gripped her hips and pulled her back onto his shaft as he pushed forward, getting a loud pained groan in response. Once he was fully embedded in her rump he leaned over and reached under to knead at her breasts. "This okay, hon?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just go easy to start with, 'kay?"

Serath nodded and slowly pulled back, Viv's sphincter pulling outward as well as it gripped his shaft tightly. "Mmm, your butt doesn't want to let go," he said with a chuckle, pushing back in again.

"That's because it likes being stretched and filled by a big, thick wolf dick," Viv purred, glancing around and winking. She tightened her anal muscles, causing Serath to hiss through his teeth as the clench sent a pleasurable jolt through his shaft. "I know you love it too."

"Damn right, I do," muttered Serath, giving Viv's tits a firm squeeze and grope as he picked up the pace a little, humping into her back passage with quick strokes that bumped his furry balls with considerable force against her leaking pussy, making them damp.

Viv made soft huffing sounds as Serath pounded her rump, pushing the breath out of her lungs. "Uh, yeah...I love a bit of arse banditry," she murmured in a low voice, trying to match her movements to his to maximise their pleasure.

Serath flicked the feline's nipples as he kneaded her breasts, the little nubs of flesh hard and sensitive. Viv's reaction was to start purring, the tone of which rose and fell as Serath thrust into her body.

The urge to release his seed beginning to rise again, Serath increased the tempo of his strong shoves into Viv's tailhole, leaving her breasts alone to grip her hips for better speed. "This is gonna be good," he panted, his cock slamming into his wife's loosened hole over and over. Now that he was close to climax, his knot began to swell up as well, stretching her a little more. Before it got too big the wolf pulled out and grasped his arse-slick member and started stroking it quickly.

"Mrrrr, spray me, love," Viv murmured, looking over her shoulder again and waving her rump sensuously. "Get me all good and...cummy." The last word was said huskily, the tone low.

" wish..." grunted Serath, shuffling forward a little to position himself for a good coating. A few moments later he groaned loudly, thrusting his hips forward to propel the first creamy spurt as far as he could.

As if he'd aimed it deliberately, the first shot landed with a wet splat over Viv's left cheek. The next volley got her neck. From then on it was a constant series of large squirts, which landed wherever Serath happened to have his cock pointing at the time. Viv's shiny red and black PVC was soon covered in a generous coating of semen, which made it glisten wetly in the light. From neck to bum the suit was spattered; barely a square inch was left untouched after several minutes.

"Gimme your cock," Viv said as the wolf's supply of cum began to dwindle. She turned around to grab his still hard member, giving it a slurpy kiss before going down on it, sucking out the last of his climactic juices, not minding where it had been just a short while before. If anything, it gave it an extra bit of flavour.

Serath rubbed his wife's ears as she bobbed her head up and down, pulling out the last creamy dregs from his balls. "Urrrrgh, that's enough, hon...getting too sensitive," he murmured, wincing.

"Awww." Viv gave his dick a final hard slurp and lifted her head. "Mmm, creamy," she murmured, leaning up to kiss him. "Just the way I like it."

The wolf smiled and slipped his tongue into her mouth, tasting the remnants of his spunk. "Yeah, you cumslut," he said with a chuckle.

The couple rested together, cuddled up on the bed for a few minutes, letting the afterglow of their activities seep away. "You know...we still have cake in the fridge," Serath murmured.

"Oohh...yes, I'd forgotten about that. Mmm...I think it can wait, though. All that fucking's worn me out. How about a little nap first, hmm?"

"Sounds good to me, hon," agreed Serath. He put his arm around Viv's waist and snuggled up to her, not caring about the cum he was smearing all over his fur. It felt good to him, it felt right, and that's just as it should have been. They were silent for a couple of minutes, before Serath spoke up. "You know, we'll have to wash the linen again after this sexcapade."

"Yeah, I know," Viv replied, yawning widely and pressing herself back against her husband. "Good thing we have spares, then, isn't it?"

In a mock protest Serath said, "But it's me that has to wash and dry them and put them back on the bed."

"Aaah, get over it, ya big lug. I've seen you cleaning when you think I'm not watching. You secretly enjoy it. Now stop with the yapping, and get with the napping."

Serath chuckled. She had a point; he did like to keep things nice and tidy. "Yes, dear," he acquiesced. He kissed her on the cheek and laid his head on the pillow next to Viv's, spooning up tightly against his wife's back. He sighed happily and let himself drift off, the aroma of sex and semen wafting through his nostrils.