Any Bed in a Storm

Characters and Text © 2005, C Sandwalker

Lightning flashed, and thunder crashed, as was the way of most storms. The lights dimmed slightly then returned to full brightness. Lying in bed, with his back resting against the headboard, Trent, a raccoon barely into his twenties barely noticed, engrossed as he was in his book, a particularly exciting 'whodunnit'. About halfway through the fairly thick book, he thought that, as usual, the murder had been committed by the butler, but it was beginning to look as if it was in fact the victim's sister who had bumped him off.

The lights dimmed again as thunder rattled the windows, even more so this time. "Hmm, this is a really bad storm," he murmured, finally lowering the book and glancing outside. Through the rivulets running down the windowpane he could make out the blurry shapes of the orange streetlights. A car drove past slowly, its headlights cutting through the gloom.

There was something comforting about being tucked in bed while a storm raged around the house. Up here in the attic the rain falling on the tiled roof was quite loud, but some judicious alterations and padding had muted the sound rather nicely. He sighed contentedly and raised his book again.

"Twent? I'm scared...." came a voice from the stairway.

The raccoon looked up and smiled when he saw his boyfriend standing at the top of the stairs sucking his thumb, and holding a plush bear under his arm, wearing only a tight pair of blue briefs. Though the red fox was only a few weeks into being eighteen, now and then he liked to pretend that he was a young child, especially during weather like this. The fact that he was much shorter than average, only a little above five feet tall, helped to enforce that image. Often it led to certain activities under the covers, which Trent was happy to indulge in. "Aww, come 'ere, Fluffums," he cooed softly, putting his book aside and pulling back the duvet, patting the empty space beside him. "Climb in with me. I'll keep you safe and warm from that nasty storm."

'Fluffums', whose real name was Aaron, made a rush for the bed, somehow managing to effect a waddle as a toddler might have. He jumped up onto the bed, making it creak alarmingly, and snuggled in under the chequered duvet, his white-tipped tail flicking out from under the edge. "Thank you, Twent," he said in a cute imitation of a cub's voice. He looked up at Trent and smiled, sucking his thumb again.

Trent smiled and snuggled up to his 'cub', pressing his body up against the younger fox. "You're welcome, sweetie. There's nothing to be scared of when you're with Unca Twent."

As if to test that statement, the lights flickered briefly then went out, leaving the attic in darkness, save for a hint of moonlight coming down from the skylight, illuminating the bed. "Brilliant timing," Trent muttered darkly.

There were a few moments of silence, then Aaron murmured, "Twent? Why da lights go out?" He cuddled up to the raccoon, pressing his smaller body against Trent's, feeling nice and warm. The attic's insulation wasn't perfect, so drafts still came in to blow against their fur.

Trent sighed. "Lightning might have struck a power pole, or something." He looked out the window and saw the streetlights were off as well. "Or a transformer. Oh, well. Guess it's just you, me and the darkness." He put his arm around Aaron, pulling him a bit closer. "It's good to cuddle up with someone at night." He stroked the little fox's back gently, smoothing down the fur.

Aaron mrred softly and stroked back, licking at Trent's face then kissing his lips. "Uh-huh," he replied quietly. His free hand moved slowly down the raccoon's back, edging towards his rump, which he gave a firm squeeze when it got there.

"Eeep! Stop that!" Trent exclaimed, slapping Aaron lightly on the backside. "Unless you want to be 'punished,'" he added with a sly grin. He rubbed his groin against his younger friend, poking at him with the head of his pink member, which had started to slide out of his sheath.

"Umm," murmured Aaron as he thought for a moment. He then grinned and squeezed Trent's buttock again, followed by a yank on his tail. He giggled and made to get away, but Trent was too quick for him.

"Oh, no you don't, you little scoundrel!" The raccoon made a grab for Aaron's underwear, snagging them and hauling the fox back onto the bed. "You're not gonna get off that easily."

Aaron wriggled around, whimpering cutely and trying to get out of Trent's grasp, though he wasn't really making the effort. This was part of the fun, after all. The best part, his 'punishment', was to follow.

"Right, you little squirt," said Trent as he yanked down the fox's undies to expose his cute butt, "get on your hands and knees and wag that ass. Gimme a good target to aim for."

"Don't hit me, pwease? I be good!" Aaron pleaded, a big grin on his face as he moved his rump around, waving his tail in Trent's face.

"Nope, too late!" Trent landed a solid smack on the fox's right buttock, making him yelp. "Bad little foxes get smacks on their bottoms." He slapped the left cheek next, eliciting another yelp. Aaron continued to wriggle around, feeling his own arousal start to grow. Getting his butt slapped always turned him on, as his parents had found when he was just a cub, much to their chagrin; they'd changed to a different form of punishment after that.

After several hard slaps, which caused the skin underlying Aaron's fur to go bright pink, Trent relented and released the 'cub' from his punishment. "Okay, that'll do. I think you've learned your lesson."

Aaron whimpered and rubbed his now quite sore buttocks. "I'm sowwy, Unca Twent," he said, looking very apologetic, though a hint of a smile curved his lips slightly. "If I make you happy, will you make me happy too?"

"Well, I don't know, Fluffums. What can you do for me?"

The fox looked away coyly, pointing to Trent's crotch. "I can suck your lollipop," he said.

Trent looked down, and noticed that he was sporting a full erection, eight inches of bobbing raccoon meat. "Deal," he said, grinning widely. He laid back on the bed, leaning against the bedstead. "Come on, then. Show Uncle Trent how much you like sucking lollipops."

Aaron's expression was beatific as he moved forward and sort of cuddled up to Trent, rubbing at his ballsac gently. He grasped the raccoon's cock and pulled it over a bit, leaning his head down to swipe his tongue around the sensitive head.

"Ooh, that's good," Trent whispered, stroking the fox's hair back from his face. "You have a good tongue. So young and talented."

The fox mrred softly, sending gentle vibrations through the sensitive flesh of Trent's cock. He began to bob his head, gradually taking more of the throbbing rod into his warm muzzle, curling his tongue around to caress the head. Behind him his fluffy tail waved in the air, making a rapidly moving shadow on the duvet.

Trent wriggled around a little as the pleasure crept through his body. He always enjoyed getting head from Aaron, especially when - "Ohh, gods!" he moaned suddenly, gritting his teeth and hissing as the cub did what he loved best - scraped his teeth carefully over the raccoon's cockhead. It wouldn't be long now until he rewarded his cub with a load of his sweet cream.

Aaron knew this too, and increased his pleasurable efforts, thrusting his muzzle fully down the hard shaft so that the tip of it went down his throat and swallowing hard. His tongue and throat massaged Trent's cock, coaxing trickles of precum out of it. He moved a hand down to play with the large balls hanging underneath, squeezing and rubbing at them gently.

Starting to pant now, Trent tried to endure the wonderful sensations coursing through his groin as long as he could. He was even feeling a little light-headed as well. "Uhh, yes, suck me," he murmured, on the verge of climax. "Almost...there!"

A few more slurps and a squeeze were all it took for Trent to boil over. He grunted loudly as his thick seed surged up his shaft and into the cub's muzzle in a series of powerful spasms.

The fox was ready for him. He kept just the head of Trent's cock in his mouth, while he stroked the rest of it, feeling the orgasmic throbs in his fingers. The taste was sweet, with a slight bitter tang to it. Aaron savoured it until his mouth was full, then he sent the gooey load down to his stomach with a couple of gulps, readying himself for more.

Three mouthfuls later, the raccoon was spent, wincing with pained pleasure as Aaron cleaned him of every last drop. "Thank you," he whispered as the cub moved up to lie beside him, pulling the duvet up to cover them. "Did you enjoy your treat?"

"Yup," Aaron replied, snuggling up against the larger male. "Nice'n'sweet."

They were silent for a few minutes as Trent recovered from his climax, then Aaron spoke again. "I wuv you, Unca Twent."

"Aww, I love you too, hon," Trent said softly, rolling over to cuddle his cub. "You're my special little fox." He leaned over Aaron to turn off his lamp, in case the power came on again, then cuddled up to the cub again. "Think you'll sleep now?"

"Uh-huh," murmured Aaron, yawning widely. "Tank you." He smiled, shifting his head on the pillow until he was comfortable. He heaved a contented sigh, then began to drift into slumber. "Ni-ni."

Trent smiled as well, stroking the fox's headfur. "Ni-ni, sweetie. Sleep well." He closed his eyes, listening to Aaron's breathing gradually slowing to a constant rhythm, before letting himself drift off.