Gryphons' Discovery: Part III

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker

This story is set some years after the previous story, due to a slight error on the author's part. The word 'discovery' takes a new meaning when Gregin's sister Soria, younger by some twelve years, follows Gregin and Tarin to their forest 'hide-away'....

Soria lay on the grassy hilltop, surveying the lake below. The gentle breeze blowing through her feathers made small ripples on the water, showing as a dark blue-green from her vantage point.

This afternoon she was spending some time by herself, wanting to feel Nature surrounding her. She liked to stare up at the clouds and watch them drift by, imagining that they looked like rabbits, trees, fishes, gryphons.... Now and then she'd see other gryphons flying around, heading in and out of the aerie. If she strained her eyes she could just about make out who each gryphon was -- the ones that she knew, anyway.

Her gaze strayed over to the aerie again, before returning to the lake. "Hmm, what's this?" she murmured, seeing two gryphons flying across the lake. She adjusted her focus to try and make out individual features. "Ah! My brother and his friend. I wonder what they're up to?" As she watched, they suddenly dived into the forest surrounding the lake, after casting furtive glances around them.

Soria, ever a curious gryphon, just had to find out what they were doing. No-one ever looked around like that unless they were wary of being followed. She got to her feet and stretched, spreading her wings out, before leaping into the air and catching a handy updraft. She glided towards the lake, keeping aloft with a minimum of effort, her eyes trained on the spot where her brother and his friend had disappeared.

When she was near the spot she saw an opening in the forest, where a couple of trees had fallen. "Aha!" she thought to herself. She circled slowly towards the clearing, then folded her wings to drop in, unfurling them again to backwing to a soft landing.

"Okay, now which way did they go?" she wondered, turning her head this way and that to find any signs of recent passage. Finding what seemed to be a roughly trampled path heading deeper into the forest, she followed it. As she proceeded, the wildlife in the trees stopped their incessant chatter, aware of the presence of a large predator moving through their neighbourhood.

The young gryphon had walked for only a couple of minutes when she began to hear the low murmurs of conversation not far ahead. Moving as quietly as she could she crept up until she could hear what was being said, then secreted herself in a large leafy bush, pushing some of the internal branches away so she could see everything.

She looked out upon a large clearing; glancing upwards she saw that the trees grew so that their limbs obscured the clearing from casual scrutiny from the air. A sort of dim twilight lit the area. Less than three metres away stood her brother, Gregin. Beside him was his friend Tarin, whom Soria had privately thought was the perfect gryphon for her. Her gaze lingered on his lithe body for a few seconds, before she managed to tear it away to examine the other two gryphons. They were bulkier than the other two, and their colouring was the usual assortment of mottled browns, with only slight traces of black to mar their fine looks. "I still think Tarin's more handsome," she thought silently. She settled in for a long, and hopefully interesting, wait.

"Nice to see you again, Tarin," said Halen, taking a step forward and nuzzling Tarin with his beak. "You too, Gregin." The other gryphon, Prosen, greeted them in the same way. "No-one followed?" Halen asked then, his voice taking on a serious note.

"Of course not. We always check before we fly in," Gregin said, slightly insulted. "We've done this often enough to be sure of ourselves."

Halen nodded, but didn't look too convinced. "There's always a first time for everything, including getting caught. That doesn't include the time when you first found us. Lucky you took an active interest, otherwise things could have become quite unpleasant for you."

A chuckle escaped Tarin's throat. "Sorry," he said apologetically when Gregin stared at him. He still had a gryph-grin on his face, though. "It seemed rather funny when you told me how you met these two. Imagine being given away by an orgasm!"

"Yes, well...." Gregin hung his head, looking embarrassed. "I sort of got carried away that time. I don't intend on making the same mistake twice." He cleared his throat and fluttered his wings. "Anyway, we're not here to talk. Talking can wait until after we're done."

All four gryphons laughed for a few seconds, before separating into pairs, Tarin joining with Prosen, and Gregin with Halen. Within seconds they were engaged in rather pleasant activities.

Soria, hidden in the bushes, was dumbfounded. She found it hard to believe what her eyes and brain were telling her, yet almost right in front of her was her own brother, taking another gryphon's cock balls deep in his beak. Tearing her shocked gaze away to focus on Tarin, she was even more surprised to find him with his tongue up his partner's tailhole.

The poor gryphon didn't know what to do. One part of her mind told her that she should just leave and go home, and pretend that she hadn't seen anything. Another part suggested that she stay and watch. Yet another argued that four males getting it on with each other was totally wrong, and that she should tell somebody who would do something about it.

Finally she decided to just stay put and see what eventuated. Moving carefully, she shifted her position so that she was a bit more comfortable, and peered out through the green foliage again.

Prosen sighed quietly with pleasure, enjoying the sensation of Tarin's agile tongue worming around inside his rectum. His cock, dangling below his body, felt as hard as rock; he ached to relieve the pressure building up in his balls.

Only a couple of feet away Gregin was lying underneath Halen, suckling on his thick member, bobbing his head up and down the entire length, taking the last inch or two down his throat. Halen was groaning in ecstasy, digging his foreclaws into the ground, and carving deep furrows in the soft earth.

The only noises in the clearing were the rustling of the trees' leaves, and the various sounds of sexual enjoyment, as well as the occasional chirp of a bird high above in the forest canopy. The relative peace wasn't to last much longer.

A loud keen of ecstasy rent the air as Halen gave in to his body's urges, bucking his hips forward as he came. Gregin was careful not to miss a drop as he swallowed his friend's copious emission of thick spunk. 'He must have been saving up,' he thought to himself after thirty seconds had passed and he was still swallowing the bittersweet cream. He was left wanting more when the last drop had disappeared down his gullet, and Halen's cock had softened.

Halen turned and nuzzled Gregin's cheek. "That was great, Gregin," he said warmly, licking a stray droplet of cum from his beak. "It's been a long week without relief."

"He would have been happy to service you," Gregin replied, waving a talon in Prosen's direction. "Why didn't you ask him?"

"Because I wanted to give you everything I had." Halen's eyes seemed to sparkle, and he winked. "And because you can handle the amount I give you. He tends to dribble a bit. No offence, Prosen."

Prosen nodded. "None taken." He turned around to glance at Tarin, whose head was still mostly hidden by the bulk of his rump. "That's enough of that. You know what I like."

"Sorry. I got carried away." Tarin gave a few more internal licks before pulling his head away. "You want it hard and fast, or slow and gentle?"

"Hmm...slow and gentle, I think. You last longer that way." Prosen spread his legs a little, giving him better stability, then looked back at Tarin again. "Ready when you are, mate."

While Halen and Gregin watched, Tarin reared up onto his hind legs and shuffled forward to drape his body over Prosen's. "Oof!" gasped Prosen when Tarin dropped onto him. "Gained a little weight, have we?"

"It's all muscle," Tarin replied smugly. "Plenty of fucking has toned me up." He started humping forwards, until his cock, with precum oozing from the tip, found its mark. With a sigh of satisfaction he slowly slid into Prosen's body until his sheath was touching the other's anus. He then began to rock his hips back and forth, pulling his slick cock out almost all the way before pushing it back in.

"I love watching him in action," murmured Gregin fondly to Halen. "I'd take him over any female any day."

A nod and gryph-grin was Halen's reply. "I know. I feel the same way about Prosen. It was sort of an accident, how we met. I'll have to tell you about it sometime."

Smiling wryly to each other, the two gryphons lay down to watch Tarin make love to Prosen.

Soria watched the four males with a mixture of shock and fascination. She had seen others doing much the same things that they were doing, but there was always at least one female involved. Not so with these fellows.

Without conscious thought she moved a foreclaw down to rub gently at her femsex, which was by now rather wet. She'd always fantasised about seeing Tarin in action, and it was coming true in front of her eyes. It wasn't quite what she expected, but she was going to make the most of the opportunity. She smirked silently as she rubbed at her seeping pussy. 'This would be a good time to do some blackmail,' she thought.

Before she got too far along the road to orgasm -- she was rather noisy, and she didn't want to relent her position of power just yet -- she stopped rubbing herself, and very carefully, and quietly, made her way out of the bush. She crept up behind Halen and her brother until she was a scant metre away, before sitting down on her haunches and waiting patiently for someone to notice her. Thankfully no-one had noticed her. She could hardly wait to see their reactions upon seeing her.

Tarin humped away at Prosen's rear with long, slow movements, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the sensations of the other gryphon's tailhole massaging his cock as he thrust it in and out. He opened his eyes slightly, to glance down at Prosen, and got the shock of his life. Sitting just behind his friends was Gregin's younger sister. With a gasp of surprise he stopped thrusting, staring gape-beaked at Soria.

"Strange...why did he stop?" Gregin murmured to Halen, looking at Tarin's odd expression. He turned his head to glance behind him, and let out a strangled squawk of surprise mixed with horror at seeing his sister right behind him. "Oh, gods, no!"

Soria's smirk was chilling, her eyes half-closed in an unpleasant manner. "Hello, brother dear. I see I've caught you at a bad time. Perhaps I could 'come' back later?" Her emphasis on the word 'come' was not lost on Gregin.

Tarin pulled himself off Prosen's body, leaving his glistening cock dangling below. For a brief moment Soria focused on it, imagining how it would feel sliding into her pussy, before snapping her gaze back to Gregin. "I'm sure you have a good excuse," she murmured in a sweet tone, before adding, "So it had better be a good one."

The gryphon smiled inwardly at seeing her brother and his friends looking so uncomfortable. 'It's their own fault,' she thought. 'Of course, it's provided me with a great opportunity to get seriously fucked.'

Gregin made several half-hearted attempts to explain what they were doing, but eventually gave up. "We're sunk," he muttered gloomily. He looked at his sister's smirking face, and wondered if she had an ulterior motive. It wasn't like her to smirk like that, unless there was something she really wanted. 'This might turn out for the better after all,' he thought. He fluffed up his feathers and fur a bit, trying to make himself look a little more impressive. "You're up to something, aren't you?" he asked accusingly, staring Soria right in the eyes.

'He's smarter than he seems.' Soria stared back while she thought of a suitable answer. "I'm not up to anything, except blackmail. What say we cut a little deal?"

"What kind of deal?" Gregin asked suspiciously. Too many times he had ended up with the worst of a bargain.

"Well, let's see...." Soria glanced at Tarin again. "I've always wanted to be fucked by your friend there. While I'm here, I'd might as well get serviced by the others, too." She gazed at the various expressions the other gryphons were showing. "Doesn't that sound like a good deal?"

No-one said anything. Gregin still looked glum, Halen and Prosen weren't sure what to think, and Tarin was still gaping at Soria. Finally he shut his beak and began to think. When he was younger, he would have jumped at the chance to fuck such a -- here Tarin appraised Gregin's sister critically -- nice-looking female. Right now, though.... "I'll agree," he said, getting everyone's attention, "but on one condition."

"What's that?" Soria asked archly. Inwardly she was wondering what kind of condition Tarin had in mind. "You're hardly in a position to bargain."

"I think I am. You still get what you want, but I also get what I want. Here, you're on our grounds, so we should have the right to express our own demands."

Soria thought about this for a bit. 'I suppose technically they're right, though really they shouldn't be here at all.' Aloud she prompted, "So what is this condition?"

"I'm not saying," Tarin said, taking a few steps closer. "We will give you all the sex that you want, but only if you do it our way."

"Okay," Soria said with a minimum of thought. "I agree. You four fuck me, and I'll keep quiet," she said, realising after she said that that Tarin had said 'our way'. 'What could he mean by.... Oh, no.'

Tarin grinned, his eyes glinting a bit as he stepped closer to Soria. Her face taken on a shocked expression as the implications of what he had said sank in. "Oh, yes. I'm sure you'll come to like butt-fucking as much as we do, don't you think, boys?" He turned his head to regard his friends.

Halen and Prosen looked happy enough with the development, but Gregin looked faintly ill. "But...she's my sister," he hissed to Tarin. "I can't fuck her!"

"Whether you do or not is your decision to make, but the rest of us aren't held by family ties, so...." Tarin turned a little smirk of his own on Soria, "we aren't inhibited."

The young female had lost her confident demeanour; now she was half-crouching on the ground, craning her head away so she couldn't see their eyes. "Don't worry, dear," Tarin said in a low voice, "I'll make your first time as easy as I can."

She nodded in response, and watched as Tarin moved around to her rear, seeming to inspect what was under her tail. He lowered his head, moving it out of her field of vision. Suddenly she felt something tickling her anus, trying to worm its way in. "Just relax, and let him in," Gregin said, coming over to his sister to lend his support.

Soria eyed her brother with frightened eyes and nodded. Slowly Tarin's tongue intruded into her back passage, moving all around inside her. 'Actually,' she thought, 'this isn't so bad. Kind of ticklish.'

After about a minute or so of that mildly sensuous activity Tarin withdrew his tongue and smiled at Soria. "The next bit is going to hurt, but I'll move as slowly as you wish, to make it easier for yourself." He raised himself up onto his hindlegs and moved forward to drape himself over her body. While he had been tonguing Soria's tailhole his cock had grown to full strength again, and now it bumped against her rear end, trying to find her anus.

It took several tries, but Tarin eventually found his target. "Okay, big breath, now," he murmured to Soria as he forced his cock into her virgin butthole about an inch.

Soria gasped at the first sensation of pain, and tried to hold back the tears without much success. Gregin sat by her side, nuzzling her with his beak and uttering soothing words to her.

As the pain in her anus abated somewhat, Tarin pushed into her a bit more, bringing a fresh wave of pain. "I'm sorry, Soria," he said, so that only she and Gregin could hear. "I'll take back what I said, if you like. I'll still fuck you, but the others won't. I promise that this will feel better very soon. Just trust me." Tarin slowly and carefully ensheathed the rest of his cock in Soria's tailhole as he spoke, then rested to let her rectum relax. "All right, now?" Tarin asked presently. "Has the pain lessened?"

Soria nodded a few seconds later. "Please...continue." She sniffled, and looked her brother directly in the eyes, twitching the corners of her beak into a slight smile. "I can do this. I brought this on myself." She winced as Tarin withdrew some of his cock, then pushed it back in again.

Moving slowly and carefully, Tarin began to fuck Soria, with short strokes at first, gradually lengthening them until he was pumping his full length into hir loosening tailhole.

"Feeling good now?" Gregin asked, noticing that Soria was beginning to relax more, and even push back against Tarin's thrusts.

She nodded, her eyes regaining some of their previous sparkle. "You were right. It does get better." She glanced at the other two gryphons, who were watching her with interested expressions. Sitting on their haunches, she could see their obvious sexual excitement; their cocks were standing out against their brown-furred bodies, oozing thick precum. "What are their names?" Soria asked her brother in a low whisper, gesturing with her eyes.

"Halen's the bigger one, and Prosen's the other. Why?" Soria grinned wryly, then Gregin looked at the two males more closely. "Oh, I see." He thought for a few moments, then said, "Are you interested in them at all?"

"You could say that," she murmured, idly increasing her backward thrusts in time with Tarin. "I'd like to get one of their cocks in my mouth, if that's not too much trouble?" She chuckled at Gregin's wide-eyed expression. "I'm a horny gryphon today."

Gregin nodded, then looked at Prosen. "Prosen, would you like to have your cock seen to? Halen?"

The two gryphons looked at each other. "You go. I need a little more time to rest," said Halen. He gave Prosen a friendly push to get him up off his haunches. "Enjoy it while it lasts."

"Thanks." He padded over to stand in front of Soria. "Do you mind?" At Soria's answering nod, he manoeuvred himself onto his back, wriggling around until his cock was within the reach of Soria's mouth.

Soria smiled at Prosen. "Thank you," she said, before she lowered her head, and slowly licked the tip of Prosen's leaking member, cleaning it of the precum that was running down the shaft. She went lower, taking more of the firm maleness into her mouth until the tip nudged her throat.

Prosen shivered at the gentle touch of Soria's mouth, and thrust upwards slightly. "Thank you, Soria." He smiled up at Gregin, then Tarin.

The tempo of Tarin's fucking increased as he got closer to his orgasm. He wasn't sure if it was his imagination or not, but he could almost swear that Soria's anal passage seemed somehow silkier, more sensitive to his cock's thrusting, which increased his pleasure even more.

Gregin's sister was really getting into her first butt-fucking, clenching her rectal muscles around the cock in her rear entrance, and meeting every thrust. Her head bobbed up and down on Prosen's cock, trying out her throat muscles on the slick member.

"Uhh...Soria, get ready. I'm going to...." Tarin trailed off into a loud keen of ecstasy as he spilled his seed into her ass.

The warm, sticky feeling that began to spread through Soria's lower bowels was wonderfully soothing, and she concentrated on it, wanting to remember the odd sensation. Smiling inwardly, she doubled her efforts at pleasuring Prosen, eager to have her first taste of semen.

She wasn't disappointed. Barely a minute later Prosen let out a keen of his own as his thick cum spurted into Soria's mouth. The delighted gryphon savoured the taste as much as she could before swallowing to make room for more.

Slowly the three gryphons wound down. Tarin pulled his softening cock out of the warm cavern that was Soria's rectum and got off her back to sit on his haunches. Prosen just lay on the ground, his prick sliding back into its furry sheath. "How was that?" Tarin asked, his voice infused with warmth for Gregin's sister. "Did you enjoy it?"

Soria licked the last of Prosen's spunk from her mouth and beak, and turned to regard Tarin. "Actually, I did. It's not as good as being fucked in my other hole, but it was nice...especially when you came inside me." She looked at Prosen, then. "And you were just as enjoyable. I didn't know that semen would taste so nice. A little bitter, but...." She shrugged her wings.

"That's good. Now that we've satisfied the conditions of the 'agreement', you're free to go, provided you don't tell anyone about us." Tarin's voice took on a slightly hard tone.

"Don't worry about it. I think I understand what you feel, now." Soria was silent for a few moments, before she added, "Would you mind if I participated as well? Not all the time, just once in a while."

The four males glanced at each other, then they all nodded. "If you wish. Just remember that you have to be careful not to let slip anything about our activities," Gregin warned."

Soria nodded. "Of course." She looked up at the sky. "It's getting dark. We'd better get back, or questions are going to be asked."

"Good point." Tarin got up, ruffling his feathers. "Come on, guys. Time to wind up. Let's say...three days from now, conditions permitting?" One by one the other gryphons nodded, then began walking out of the clearing to fly out.

As they walked, Soria sidled up to Tarin. "Uh...Tarin? I'm not sure if I should say this, but...." She hesitated until Tarin gently prompted her. "Well, I like you a lot, but seeing you with Gregin, and the others...." She trailed off again.

"Ah. Well, I can't say that I'm interested in you in the same way, but I'm happy to have you as a good friend." Tarin turned his head to look at Soria. "Perhaps we might foment some sort of relationship. Who knows?"

Soria smiled. "Yes, who knows indeed?" Tarin turned his head back, so he didn't see the smirk that curved her beak.