Gryphons' Discovery: Part II

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker

Gregin and Tarin have returned home, and are now considered full adults. While keeping up a fašade of normal relations, they secretly indulge in their newfound passion. Eventually they get the chance to meet with Gregin's friends, and together they have a fun-filled afternoon....

"Give me a break, Soria!" snarled Gregin. The little gryphlet who had followed after him whimpered, then started keening loudly. Gregin sighed, and tried to calm his younger sister down. "I'm sorry, Soria, but I want to be alone with my friend for a while, all right? I'll play games with you tomorrow, I promise. No more tears?"

Soria sniffled, then nodded. "Good," Gregin said. "Now off you go. I think Brann's around somewhere. Go push him in the lake, hmm?" The small creature gryph-grinned, then went off happily to seek out her friend.

"Sisters...oy!" Rolling his eyes in exasperation, he set off in the direction of Tarin's new aerie, situated in a prime location, with a panoramic view of the lake and the snow-capped mountains framing its northern edge.

Reaching it a few minutes later, having flown instead of taking the long way around, he settled down in a cleared area in front of a large cave. "Anybody home?" Gregin called, looking around in case Tarin was outside.

"I'm up here!" called a voice from somewhere above. Craning his neck upward, Gregin searched for the source of the yell. Finding it, he yelled back, "Come down here! I've got something to tell you."

Tarin flew down a few seconds later, landing lightly on the ground. "All right, then. Now that you've interrupted my daily sunbathing session, what's the fuss?" He lay down, determined to get a few moments more of sunlight.

Gregin lay down as well before speaking. "I've managed to get an afternoon away from Soria -- you know, my sister?" Tarin nodded in acknowledgment. "Well, we have the whole afternoon free, and I thought this might be a great opportunity to meet my friends." Gregin winked at Tarin in a sly gesture.

"Oh really?" Tarin raised the gryphonic equivalent of an eyebrow. "Are they expecting us?"

"Not exactly...but I know exactly where they'll be at this time of day." He turned his head to look in the direction of the west side of the lake. "See that grove of oak trees over there? That's where they normally go."

Tarin followed Gregin's gaze to stare at the barely visible grove. "Ah, yes. I know the place." He got up, stretching himself thoroughly. "Shall we go pay a visit? Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, do they have an excuse for being together so often?" He flapped his wings a few times, shaking out any loose feathers.

"That's an interesting question. I'll ask them -- if I remember." Gregin's expression clearly showed that he wouldn't. Tarin sighed. "Never mind." He leapt up into the air, hovering ungainly until his friend had got his wings in order.

Gregin launched himself into the air as well, and circled around, picking up altitude. Tarin wasn't far behind. At a height of around two hundred metres they picked up a thermal, and used that to boost their flight over the lake. Why flap when one could coast?

The trip didn't take very long, only ten minutes at most. Before they landed Gregin swivelled his head around, checking for observers, then dove quickly into the trees, Tarin right behind him.

They landed softly on the ground, their talons scratching up the leaf litter that lay strewn over the forest floor. "Just a short walk, and we're there. Just follow me." Tarin sighed. Like he had much of a choice?

It was dark in the wood, but not unduly so. Up above, in the intertwined branches, numerous birds sang quietly, ceasing their tunes as the gryphons passed underneath, then resuming. Tarin grinned to himself, enjoying the momentary feeling of being at the top of the food chain.

"Here we are," Gregin whispered, coming upon a large clearing, an area where the tree cover let in more light, but still obscured the ground below. Tarin came up from behind and cast his gaze over the area.

In the centre of the clearing, about twenty metres away, were two gryphons, somewhat larger than himself. Refocusing his eyes to get a sharper image, he could see that they were engaged in some oral activity. One was lying on his back, licking at the genitals of the other, who was standing over him facing in the opposite direction. He too was licking quite spiritedly at the other's bits.

Tarin looked at Gregin with an expression of inquiry. "What now?" he asked, not particularly willing to just walk on in.

"Leave it to me." Gregin padded into the clearing, and just stood for a few seconds, waiting for one of them to notice his presence. Eventually one did, looking up with a startled expression, when he cleared his throat loudly.

"Oh! Gregin! We weren't expecting you...." The flustered gryphon trailed off into silence, and just stood staring. "So...for what do we owe the honour of this visit?" he finally asked, breaking the tension.

"I've brought a friend for you to meet." He looked in the direction of the bush Tarin was concealed behind. "Tarin, come out and here and meet the boys."

A rustling of leaves, then Tarin appeared, padding up to stand next to Gregin. "Tarin, this is Halen. Underneath him is Prosen. You two," he said, reversing the introduction, "this is Tarin -- a new convert, you might say." Tarin nodded in acknowledgement, as did Halen. Prosen couldn't really do the same, as he was still engaged in his vigorous licking.

"A pleasure to meet you, Tarin," said Halen. Looking him over, Tarin judged that he was at least fifteen kilograms heavier, and a heck of a lot more muscular. His colouring was of a mottled cocoa and grey, the feathers an even tan. "Same here, I'm sure," he returned. He glanced down at Prosen, his gaze travelling down his body to his impressive cock.

"Don't mind him," Halen said, noticing Tarin's gaze. "He never says much in the first place. Anyway," he continued, abruptly changing the topic, "what are you like at fucking? I have a hole aching to be filled, and my partner's otherwise occupied."

Tarin blinked rapidly at Halen's blunt remark. "I'm all right, I suppose. Gregin's the only one who'd have any opinion on my sexual prowess -- and a vixen I met some years ago. She thought I was pretty good."

The other gryphon nodded, then looked at him sharply. "A vixen eh? What was it like? I've heard of the odd tale or two about gryphons mating with other species, but I've never actually come across anyone who claims to have done it."

Tarin shrugged his wings, flipping them out then back onto his back. "Great. She could suck cock like you wouldn't believe, and her arse...exquisitely tight." He sighed in recollection. "But that was over five years ago, and we haven't seen each other since."

"Ah," Halen remarked simply. Then he cleared his throat. "Enough reminiscing. Get in behind!" he ordered, a gryph-grin on his face. He turned his head around to watch Tarin move round to his rear end, losing sight of his head when the other bent down to lick at his puckered anus. He shivered slightly with the sensation of an agile tongue worming its way into his butt.

Gregin watched for a few seconds, a small smirk on his face, before he glanced down to Prosen. "Hey, Pro," he said, crouching down so he could get a better view of his face. "Come out from under there and give your other friend a lick, hmm? Can't have Hal monopolising your time."

The gryphon underneath Halen took his beak away from the large cock he was busy with, and turned his head to regard Gregin with large golden eyes. "No, we couldn't have that now, could we?" With a bit of difficulty Prosen managed to slide himself out from under his partner. "Oy, it's good to be on one's feet again." He shook himself and stretched out his wings, giving them a good shake. "That's better."

"Is it?" Gregin lay down on the ground, and rolled over onto his back. His filling sheath was very much in evidence, the first few inches of his cock sliding out into the cool air. The gryphon looked up at Prosen expectantly. "Perhaps you can now make me feel better now."

Prosen chuckled deep in his throat, and moved forward to take up position beside Gregin. Lying down himself, he bent his head forward and used the tip of his long tongue to gently tease the head of the other's cock, eliciting a whimper of pleasure and a bout of butt-wiggling.

Continuing his ministrations, Prosen snaked his tongue down Gregin's length, to curl around the wide base, using the tips of his claws to tickle his bulging ball-sac. He then brought his head up, looked Gregin in the eyes, then went down on him fully.

The slick meaty shaft slid into Prosen's beak smoothly, nudging the back of his throat as he took the entire length into his mouth. Gregin whimpered in delight as Prosen's tongue rasped gently on the sensitive skin of his prick, giving himself up to the tender ministrations of his partner.

While those two were enjoying their company, Tarin had decided he'd done enough butt-kissing (and licking besides!) and was now getting ready to demonstrate his abilities.

With a practised movement, Tarin rose up on his hind legs, shuffling forward to rest his forepaws on Halen's back. As he moved to enter Halen's tailhole, he had a momentary panic that he would miss his target and make a fool of himself. His fears were quickly dispelled when, on the first attempt, his cock slid smoothly into the other gryphon's butt.

Halen moaned quietly, a blissful expression coming over his face as he felt his new lover enter him for the first time. "That feels wonderful," he murmured, swivelling his head around to look Tarin in the eyes.

"I'm glad you think so," Tarin said, blushing very slightly. "I haven't had any complaints so far." He felt his cock hit bottom, and he pulled out an inch then shoved it back in, repeating the motion over and over.

The gryphon underneath him shuddered with immense pleasure, almost involuntarily shoving himself backward against Tarin. "Ooh, those short strokes are just the thing to get one going," he said with a grin. Then, in a more serious tone of voice, "But I'm sure you can do much better than that. Go on...give it to me!"

Tarin didn't bother answering, instead letting his actions speak for him. He thrust shortly for a few more strokes, then pulled his prick out until the head was just inside, and rammed it back in as hard as he could.

Gregin chuckled with amusement when he heard Halen's startled yelp, then groaned when Prosen gave his nut-sac a gentle squeeze. "That feels nice," he murmured quietly, twisting his head slightly so he could get a better view of his other two friends. His attention was drawn away after a few seconds when Prosen released his dick from its warm confines.

Straddling Gregin, Prosen looked his mate in the eyes, and backed himself up until he felt the hard rod of maleness touching his butt. With a little bit of repositioning, the head of Gregin's cock pressed against his puckered anus. With a happy sigh he slowly impaled himself, the stiff meat sliding in effortlessly until its entirety rested in his butt.

Curving the corners of his beak in a gryphonic smile Prosen began to move back and forth slowly, revelling in the sensation of Gregin's masculinity sliding out then in again. He turned his head to regard the other two.

"Oh, yeah! That's it, mate; I want that cock buried so far in my rump you'll have to dig it out!" Halen's voice was rising as he rammed back onto Tarin's powerful thrusts. A loud slapping sound emanated from the bodily contact as he drove his cock ever faster and harder into Halen's hole.

Tarin shifted into a higher gear, an indication of his impending explosion. Halen sensed the moment too, and he encouraged his lover further with more comments. "Hurry up and come already! My guts haven't had a good blasting in days!"

Less than a minute later Tarin hit his peak. With a triumphant keen of ecstasy he fucked his prick into Halen's arse one last time and started letting his flood of liquid passion spew out.

Halen gasped when he felt his rectal passage start filling with hot gryphon seed, and he stood still, concentrating on the wonderful feelings that were rushing through his body from his rear. He could perceive Tarin's sticky offering spurting from his cock into his lower bowels, and flexed his rectal muscles around the hard rod, wanting to coax as much of the life-giving fluid out of Tarin's balls as possible.

Finally Tarin was spent, and he rested for a few moments on Halen's back before pulling his prick reluctantly out of its gooey confines with a wet, sticky sound. He tiredly collapsed onto his side, but before he could do anything more he felt Halen's tongue licking at his maleness, cleaning it of its residue of cum. "Thank you," he murmured, smiling at Halen.

"You're quite welcome, dear Tarin," answered Halen, finishing his ministrations. Raising his head he looked over at Prosen fucking himself on Gregin's cock. "If you'll excuse me, I think I'll join the festivities over there." With a final lick he wandered over to the busy couple.

Gregin had his eyes closed blissfully, so he was unaware of Halen's presence until he felt another weight settling on top of him, and another cock trying to force itself into Prosen's already occupied hole. He quickly opened his eyes, staring past Prosen at the widely grinning gryphon now mounting them. "It's tight enough in here as it is without adding your dick to it!" he complained, though with a heavily amused tone of voice.

"True, but I've been wanting to try this for ages, and now seems as good a time as any." Halen lightly bopped Prosen on his head with one forepaw, and asked him to stop moving for a moment. Once the hole he was trying to enter was stationary he began to force his rod into it. Slowly it began to slide in, albeit with a lot of effort on Halen's part, and a few moans of discomfort from both Prosen and Gregin.

"Aargh!" moaned Prosen, feeling his tailhole widening way beyond what he had thought were tolerable limits. "That hurts!" Nevertheless he let the second cock invade his body, curious about what it would feel like once they got going again.

Eventually Halen had pushed nearly all of his cock into Prosen's arse, and he stayed like that for a few moments, panting, then pulled out a bit.

Prosen began to move again, pulling off Gregin's dick as Halen withdrew, then pushing back down again when Halen thrust back in. The rhythm was quickly established, and he found that, while it was still very uncomfortable, he was starting to enjoy being double-fucked in such a fashion.

Tarin, lying only a few metres away, grinned to himself as he lay watching the unfolding action. Maybe he'd try that at some stage, but not just yet. Right now, he was too exhausted to even consider the thought. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a dream-filled doze, the sounds and smells of the fucking gryphons pervading his senses.

It wasn't long before both Gregin and Halen came to their explosive orgasms. The incredible sensation of their cocks rubbing against each other was just too strong a stimulation, and both began firing their thick, creamy semen into Prosen's stretched rectum almost simultaneously, Gregin shooting first just the barest second before the other.

The rapid filling of his butt was enough to trigger Prosen's own climax, the sticky jism spurting out as if under high pressure over his and Gregin's bellies. All three gryphons were keening loudly, the strangely dissonant sounds merging into one exultant cry that scared some of the surrounding wildlife into silence.

Halen pulled his softening cock out of Prosen's hole with a tired sigh, grinning as he collapsed on the ground. "That was so...awesome," he said, panting heavily.

"That it was," replied Prosen, who was himself getting off Gregin. When he had done so he started licking his male milk off Gregin's stomach fur, before turning to his own to clean.

Gregin felt as if he had all his energy crushed out of him, the dullness of lethargy creeping up on him with arms outspread. "I'm so tired.... I think we'll have time enough for a nap before we go back, hmm?" He looked wearily at Tarin, and smiled. "He has the right idea."

"I second that," murmured Halen, moving so he could rest his head on Prosen's belly. Prosen stroked his lover's crest feathers, then ceased the action as he closed his eyes. Within moments, all three gryphons had joined Tarin in slumber.

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