Gryphons' Discovery: Part I

Characters and Text © 2001, C Sandwalker

Storyline: It is five years since Tarin and Gregin first met Elania and, by gryphonic tradition, they, and other mature males, are sent out from the clan on a mission of 'self-discovery', as it were, the purpose of which was to ready maturing gryphons for living in the world around them. Now being best friends, Tarin and Gregin fly off together to the west, to seek out wisdom, strength, and other wonders....

It was a rather cold day, the temperatures over the past week or so having plummeted to near freezing. Leaves fell thick and fast from the trees, ice was forming at the sides of slow-moving streams, and large flocks of birds were winging their way south. Winter was falling over the land, and Gregin and Tarin were suffering miserably.

The edges of Tarin's beak were clacking together, much like human teeth chattering, in the frigid air he and Gregin were flying through. He was sure that, if he happened to turn and look at his wings, he'd see ice on them.

Ahead of him, Gregin was flying, scanning the terrain for a safe place to spend the night. It was nearly nightfall, and both gryphons were getting tired, of flapping their wings, of the incessant wind that threatened to freeze up their respiratory passages, and of winter in general.

Finally Gregin began spiralling down to the ground. Tarin gratefully followed, anxious to let his cramping muscles relax. As they glided down, he saw a cave opening at the base of the cliff they were flying parallel to. Idly he wondered if the cave would be big enough to hold them.

He soon found out. He touched down a few seconds after his friend, and traipsed in after him. The cave was just big enough to comfortably accommodate both gryphons, running about twelve metres into the cliff, and about five wide.

"Yes, this'll do quite nicely," Gregin said appreciatively, gazing around the cave's interior. Almost immediately he flopped down onto the floor, and yawned. "Come on, cuddle up. It's bloody freezing!"

Tarin followed that instruction with enthusiasm. They had found that if they huddled in a ball, they could pool what little heat their bodies generated, allowing them to survive the falling temperatures.

They positioned themselves so that they were top-and-tailing, somewhat like a sixty-nine, and made themselves comfortable. "Night, Tarin." Tarin yawned then replied. "Night, Gregin." The two gryphons fell asleep in short order, snuggling up to each other as the lowering red sun disappeared over the horizon.

Tarin had been asleep for only three or four hours when he woke, feeling something dripping onto his face. Slightly annoyed at having his sleep disturbed, he opened his eyes...and found a fully erect cock, dribbling what Tarin surmised to be pre-cum. Eww! he thought, and made to push himself away. On further reflection, he craned his neck to get a view of his friend's face. His friend appeared to be quite happy, his beak bent in a slight grin. Every now and then Gregin muttered a few incomprehensible words quietly, then fell silent again.

Glancing at the oozing prick in front of his face, Tarin, on a sudden impulse, flicked out his long tongue, and licked the head of his friend's cock, tasting the emission as his friend whimpered in pleasure at the contact.

Not bad, Tarin thought as he swallowed. Barely daring to believe that he was doing it, he went back for more, gently swiping his agile tongue over Gregin's cockhead, enjoying the odd spicy taste of his pre-cum.

Gregin let out a quiet moan, and began thrusting. He was quite clearly having an erotic dream.

Opening his beak wide, Tarin let his friend's prick thrust into his mouth, the long rod almost gagging him as it went down his throat. Quickly overcoming the gag reflex, Tarin used his tongue on the cock's length to further Gregin's enjoyment.

Gregin was starting to pant, and soon shifted into a higher gear, fucking his prick rapidly in and out of Tarin's mouth and throat. Then with a loud, triumphant cry, Gregin let loose, long jets of thick cum shooting into his friend's oral cavities.

Tarin almost choked on the unexpected bounty, but managed to swallow the first mouthful. After the second he had worked out the trick to it, and was swallowing jism easily, letting the warm fluid slide down into his crop, where it was churned up for later digestion.

He was sorry when about a minute later Gregin's ejaculation had slowed to a bare trickle. He used his tongue to collect the last few drops of cum, and swallowed them into his crop, from where he could regurgitate it if his friend wished for a taste. Sighing contentedly, he lay his head down again, and fell asleep.

Neither gryphon awoke until about two hours after dawn the next morning, when the sun finally shone its bright rays directly into the cave. Gregin came awake muttering to himself about the inconsiderableness of the sun at waking him so early, whereas Tarin merely blinked a few times and yawned.

While performing their usual morning stretches, Tarin noticed his friend shooting odd glances at him, and remembered the events of the night before. "Have an interesting dream, did you?" Tarin asked casually, shooting his own surreptitious glances at Gregin's nether region.

Gregin looked sharply at Tarin, then quickly looked away. "Er...what gave you that idea?" His nares (nostrils) started to turn red with embarrassment. He trotted outside on the pretence of viewing the surrounding terrain.

Tarin followed him, starting to enjoy this little tête-à-tête. "Oh, nothing," he said, before dropping the bombshell. "Maybe it was the way you fucked my mouth, your obvious sounds of pleasure, or the cropful of cum I have that gave it away."

If Gregin's face could have gone red, it would have. As it was, the feathers on his head and neck rose up, and Gregin looked slightly unconfortable. "I woke up when you started licking me, and I thought 'what the heck'. I had no idea you were so good at that."

His tone was almost enough to make Tarin break out into giggles. Grinning, he said, "I've stored what you gave me. You want some?" At Gregin's answering nod, he used the strong muscles in his throat to regurgitate some of the swallowed semen in his crop. Holding the stuff in his mouth, he gestured for his friend to lie on the ground. Then he leaned over and positioned his beak over the one below. Gregin's beak opened, and Tarin let the semen spill down into the waiting mouth.

Gregin swallowed, surprised at how nice it tasted. "Not bad, considering it's my own." He got up, and faced Tarin, his eyes sparkling. "You've never done that before?"

Shaking his head, Tarin said, "No, of course not. I just happened to take the opportunity, that's all. What exactly were you dreaming about to have gotten you so aroused?"

Gregin sighed, and sat down on his haunches, staring down at the ground. "If you must know, I was dreaming about...." He paused, trying to think of a good way of putting it. "I was dreaming of you, to be honest, and about how good it would be to fuck you." He looked up at his friend. "I think since we've been together I've been attracted to you, but I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it. Those black spots of yours really are quite attractive, you know."

Tarin was, to say the least, surprised at his friend's revelation. His beak opened and closed a few times, then stayed shut as he tried to assimilate the information. "Well. I'm flattered. I honestly don't know what to say."

Gregin looked at Tarin with an expression of longing. "Please...say you'll be mine. I really want you. You're all I can think about, while I'm drifting along on the breeze all day." His face took on a downcast expression. "I'll understand if you think I'm sick and twisted. After all, a male gryphon liking another would cause an outrage in the clan. Imagine what our parents would say...." He started drawing idly in the dirt, silent.

"Um," Tarin offered, trying to think his way through what he had been told. If the truth were to be told, he had actually enjoyed the previous night's encounter, and wanted to experience that again, as well as any other activity Gregin wanted to engage in. He found himself liking the proposition more and more. "Sure, why not?" he said finally. "I really enjoyed your performance last night, and I look forward to more such activities. But," he added in a warning tone, "no-one must find out about this. We'd be out of the clan faster than you could say 'Fuck me' if they got wind of it."

In response, Gregin nodded solemnly. "Agreed. I know of a couple of other guys in the same situation. I only found out about them by accident. I should think they'd be amenable to having someone else join their 'exclusive' club." He chuckled grimly.

Tarin changed the subject. "Now, perhaps we'd better find something to eat and get going. There's a nice lake about a half-day's flight southward we could spend a few days at." Tarin grinned at his friend, who returned it.

The sun reflected off the lake's surface, ripples shattering the light into tiny pieces. The two gryphons were lazing on the yellow sand of the shore, Tarin curled up close to Gregin, both watching the wispy clouds ahead go drifting by.

Gregin took a deep breath, then sighed in contentment, relishing the feel of his friend's warm body against his own. He idly cast his mind back to when he first starting feeling attracted to males. It had been about a year and a half ago. He had been flying around aimlessly, looking for some excitement, when he had noticed a gryphon on the ground, looking about as if making sure the coast was clear. Curiosity getting the better of him, Gregin had landed out of sight, but close enough so that he could trail the furtive-looking gryphon to his destination.

He had followed for about a mile, partly through thick forest, until they came to a secluded clearing, barely visible from the air. Gregin had hidden in a large clump of bushes, and watched as he saw the gryphon he'd followed greet another affectionately. He'd watched dumbfounded as the first, after some playing around with his mate, mounted the second, and proceeded to fuck his arse as if it were a female's cunt.

Gregin's prick had gotten quite hard as he watched, and he'd gently rubbed himself with one paw until, stifling his moan of release, he'd offloaded into the bush in which he was concealed. A few seconds later, the first gryphon was shouting his way through an orgasm, thrusting really deep to shoot his seed into his friend's bowels.

After that, the two had swapped around and continued, unaware of their secret spectator. Gregin had watched intently, eyeing the strong muscles rippling over their bodies as they fucked, the sweat running in small rivulets down their legs, then came to a sudden realization that females didn't really interest him. Sure, he'd mated with a few, produced no gryphlets (much to his relief), but there was no...overwhelming lust like these two were exhibiting.

From somewhere he had gotten the courage to step out of the bushes and confront them directly. After their initial shock and dismay, the two listened with interest as Gregin explained his actions. Not long after that, he'd been gently initiated into the group, now totalling three members.

Gregin gradually came back to reality again, noticing he was aroused again. Tarin noticed too. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked coyly.

"I might be...but where are we going to find a large yellow duck with four legs and purple spots?" Gregin joked, knowing what Tarin was really talking about.

Tarin turned his head, and gazed reproachfully at his friend. "You know very well what I'm thinking, and I'm sure I have the same thought as you."

"Sorry...I couldn't resist," Gregin chuckled. "Will here suit you?" He got to his feet, his long prick dangling beneath him ready for action.

Tarin smiled. "Of course." He moved into position, looking back over his shoulder to watch what his new lover did. "This fine?"

Gregin nodded. "Just perfect." He moved up behind Tarin, and licked his puckered anus, digging into it with his agile tongue.

Tarin started, not expecting his anus to be played with like that. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Lubing you up, in effect. The first time is always the hardest, so it pays to have plenty of lube to help things along." Gregin continued probing his mate's rectal chamber, making sure he supplied enough saliva to ease Tarin's discomfort.

Gregin sighed. "That should do, I hope." He rose up on his hind legs, and shuffled forward, resting the bulk of his weight on Tarin's back. His cockhead dangled barely an inch away from his friend's anus. "Don't resist me; just try to relax. I'll go slowly for you." At Tarin's nod of affirmation, Gregin pressed forward, letting his cockhead touch his mate's anus, then push in an inch or two.

Tarin winced. "Aargh. That's a big dick you have back there." He felt another inch force its way in through his rear entrance. "That's enough for the moment. Just give me a minute or so to get used to this thing.

"Ready." Tarin braced himself for more pain, but as Gregin slipped more of his prick into his arse, he noticed that it didn't hurt so much. He was quite pleased with himself when he heard his mate say, "I'm in all the way." He grinned. "Go for it."

Gregin withdrew his cock slowly, then pushed it back in, watching Tarin's face for any indication he was causing undue distress. Not seeing any, he repeated the action, then again. "All right now, is it?"

A grin was shot back at him. "It feels pretty good. Still hurting very slightly, but it's passing." Gregin nodded, and started putting a little more effort into his fucking, thrusting a bit harder, slightly faster.

It wasn't long before Tarin was bucking up against Gregin's thrusts, urging him to go deeper. "Oh, yeah! Ram it in! Deeper!" Gregin obeyed, really slamming into his friend, driving his prick as far into his bowels as he could, his balls slapping against Tarin's.

With a shuddering cry, Gregin orgasmed. "Ohhh...ohhh...that's so good...." Again and again his spunk erupted into Tarin's back passage, filling his friend to the max.

Tarin felt a hot, sticky sensation begin in his rectum, and grinned to himself. "Go for it, Gregin! Shoot that sperm into me like there's no tomorrow!" He could feel pressure building up back there, as his rectum was flooded with fresh jizz. Not having enough room to expand, the cum started leaking out around Gregin's cock, which continued to slide easily in and out of Tarin's butt.

All too soon it was over. Gregin had shot every last drop of cum into his friend, and was now lying on the sand regaining his strength. "That," he panted, his tongue hanging out the side of his beak.

A nod came back as Tarin's answer. "Wasn't it? I think that when you've recovered sufficiently, I'd like to do the same for you." He looked at his mate. "All right with you?"

Gregin nodded back. "Sure...I'll be a few...minutes," he panted.

Less than ten minutes later, Gregin was ready. Tarin started off by licking his anus lightly, then plunging it in as far as he could. "Yipe!" yelped Gregin. "You're eager!"

Tarin merely grinned and continued probing his rectal chamber for another minute before pulling his tongue out. He then stood up on his hind legs, and mounted his friend, plunging his slightly shorter prick into the slick hole.

A moan of pleasure drifted back on the breeze as Tarin commenced his butt-fucking. "I've missed out on a lot of things in life, but I'm glad this isn't one of them!" he exclaimed breathlessly after a couple of minutes.

"Oh, yeah," murmured Gregin. "My friends will be very pleased to meet you." He shuddered as another wave of pleasure swept through his body. "Must have been from that vixen you met up with years ago. What was her name?"

Tarin kept up his steady thrusting as he sifted through his memories for a name. "Elania," he said after a few seconds thought. "That's the name. I wonder what she's up to now...." He trailed off, increasing his tempo as he climbed his way to a powerful orgasm.

Both were going hard out, Gregin ramming back onto his mate's prick as he pushed forward. Both were panting from the effort. Tarin was starting to yell that he was getting near to his time.

Gregin's flexible beak bent into a gryph-grin when he heard Tarin bellowing, and felt a hot flush warm up his bowels. Again and again quick spurts of jizz fired into his rear, as Tarin slammed into his rump in the throes of passion.

Finally Tarin slowed and stopped, withdrawing his spent cock from his friend's arse, and flopping down onto the sand. "That...was...intense," he managed, panting even more than Gregin had.

"That it was, my friend. You are one great fucker. I can't wait to introduce you to Halen and Prosen." Gregin lay down as well, feeling Tarin's semen sloshing around as he moved. "I think I might just have a short nap. Excuse me...." With that he fell asleep almost immediately.

Tarin chuckled, and moved over to snuggle up to his new lover. Lying there with his head leaning on Gregin's side, he thought over the event of the last day or so. Overall it had been very busy, and a heck of a lot of fun. He yawned, and closed his eyes, letting the warm sunshine play on his fur and feathers, sending him to sleep.

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