All in the Family

Characters and Text © 2005-2006, C Sandwalker

Note: Kjertan is pronounced CHEER-tin; Ďkjí is a Norwegian combination.

Kjertan woke up from a restless sleep, blinking his eyes sleepily as he tried to adjust to the low light levels in his room. Something had roused him, but for the time being he couldnít put a claw on it. For some time heíd been hearing strange moaning noises, and it was a particularly loud moan that had woken him.

After a couple of minutes the adolescent gryphonís eyes had grown accustomed to the light. Now he could see that there was light coming from beneath the heavy curtain screening his room off from the main cave. A quiet screech followed by a deep groan came through, alerting him to the fact that there was something interesting going on in the cave that he probably shouldnít see. All the more reason to have a peek! he thought with a grin.

He quietly sneaked out of his nest and slowly made his way to the curtain, trying not to dislodge any of the toys that he usually kept strewn around on the ground. Another moan reached his ears as he got to the slightly ragged curtain. He took a deep breath, steeling himself for whatever his amethyst eyes might see next, and carefully pulled the curtain away just enough to let him see out with one eye.

Seconds later he pulled away, beak agape at the scene heíd just witnessed. "Whoa!" he whispered, totally amazed and, feeling a stirring at his crotch, aroused. He pulled the curtain away again, a little wider to see with both eyes.

An orgy appeared to be in progress, with his parents at the centre of it. Kjertan knew that they still had a sex life, but this was way more than he thought they got up to. Five gryphons, three male and two female, were hard at it, making all sorts of weird noises. He rose up on his hind legs and reached down with a foreclaw to lightly caress his maleness, now fully out of his sheath and throbbing almost painfully. This was by far the most interesting sight he had ever witnessed, even more so than the time he had accidentally seen his best friend clawing off down by the river. Carefully leaning his foreleg against the wall he continued watching intently, stifling his moans of pleasure just in case they happened to hear him, though he doubted that was likely.

One of the males, a rather striking golden gryphon with white-tipped wings, was busy pounding his cock into the tailhole of his mother Merita, grunting loudly every time he thrust inwards. Another, a larger gryphon with sandy fur and dark brown feathers, was underneath, filling her other hole. The other female, cream furred with tan feathers, was underneath Milan, Kjertanís father, her throat bulging with his maleness, while the almost completely black gryphon atop her slithered his tongue deep into her slick sex.

"Wow," Kjertan murmured, stroking his cock faster. Small droplets of his precum splattered onto the packed earth of his caveís floor and the curtain. Through the gap heíd created he could see how much the elder gryphons were enjoying the orgy. He began to pant quietly, his climax almost upon him.

The golden male suddenly let out a loud screech of ecstasy, ramming his shaft hard into his motherís rump as he started to fill her bowels with his hot seed, gripping her shoulders with his claws. "Ungh! Take it, bitch!" he growled, his neck feathers ruffled up.

Kjertan was taken aback; no-one talked to his mother like that! He momentarily forgot that he was trying to be a quiet observer and stepped out beyond the curtain, ready to defend his mother.

The golden gryphon noticed the movement in the corner of his eye and looked up to fix Kjertan with a steely blue gaze. "Well, what do we have here?" he said, his voice low and somewhat menacing. "Seems we have a little spy. And whatís this I see? Why, I do believe itís a hard-on!"

What little bravado Kjertan had summoned up evaporated when the gryphon saw him, replaced by embarrassment at having his erection pointed out. He turned to duck back into his room but a stern, "Oh, no you donít!" caught him up short.

Kjertan turned back to face his parents and the other gryphons, noticing that everyone had stopped fucking and were now solely focused on him. The cave was totally silent, save for the sounds of breathing, making him feel quite uncomfortable. He suddenly felt quite small, and he crouched down on the ground a little, ears lying flat against his head.

"Whatís your name?" the golden gryphon asked abruptly, cocking his head and focusing his right eye upon him.

"Kj-kjertan," the younger gryphon stuttered, trying not to look at his parents. His feathers hid the blush that had spread all over his face, knowing that theyíd be eyeing him up, especially his maleness. He shot a quick glance at his mother, and saw that she was definitely interested in what was bobbing beneath him. His cock jumped a little when he realised that she wanted him.

"Ah, yes...I remember now." The elder gryphon paused, then introduced himself. "Charlton," he said slowly, starting to thrust into Kjertanís motherís rear end again. Apparently he was still hard and raring for more. "Rethaís throating your father, and Nelvinís underneath your mother."

A nod was all Kjertan could respond with as he watched the orgy pick up again. His cock was aching with the need to finish what heíd started, but if he wasnít allowed back to his room to finish off....

As if reading his mind Charlton pulled out of his motherís rump, giving her a slap on the butt. "Give it up, Nelvin," he said to the underlying gryphon. "If you havenít come by now youíre getting too old. Why donít you give the boy a go at her?"

Kjertan inhaled sharply at the very idea of fucking his mother. It was so wrong, yet.... He glanced at his motherís face, and saw that she was looking at him intently. Then she winked. She really wants me to fuck her? he thought in amazement. He noticed Charlton was staring at him too, with an odd curve to his beak, as if he expected the young gryphon to do it.

Grumbling, the sandy-furred gryphon manoeuvred himself out from underneath Kjertanís mother, his cock still hard. "Fine," he muttered. "Iíll just go claw off until someone wants me." Nelvin turned and wandered off to the side, where he flumped down on a pile of pillows and started stroking his engorged member.

"Sheís all yours, son," Charlton said, smirking and giving Merita another slap on the butt, making her cry out in pained pleasure. "Show her what a piece of young meatís like."

A wave of nervousness washed through Kjertanís body when he realised that this was it -- this would be the time when he lost his virginity. Anxiety started to creep up on him, and he stepped forward before it could gain too much of a hold. "Okay, then," he murmured, slowly slinking around to view his motherís pussy, for the first time looking at it as something to fuck, and not just where he had come out of some sixteen years ago. It was pink, and her lips were slightly puffy. A trickle of clear fluid seeped out from between the folds, making the entrance to her inner depths glisten.

He tried to ignore the intent expressions on everyoneís faces, and concentrate on the task before him. He swallowed hard, then raised himself up on his hind legs, shuffling forward awkwardly to drape his legs over his motherís back. Moment later he realised that he was a bit too short; his cock was several inches too low to gain entrance. As if knowing this, his mother lowered herself to the ground, looking over her shoulder at him. "Take it easy, love," she said softly. "Just relax."

Easy for you to say; youíre not having your first fuck in front of everyone! Kjertan took a deep breath and tried again. This time he managed it more easily, and he found himself sliding over his motherís back, his cock finding its mark and slipping in.

Merita fluttered her wings a little as her son embedded his virgin cock deep inside her slick sex. "Ooh, you feel so much bigger inside me," she murmured, flexing her muscles around Kjertanís shaft. "Itís wonderful."

Kjertan didnít know what to think. The sensations he was getting from his cock were...interesting, to say the least. Far different to what he felt when just clawing off. His motherís pussy muscles flexed gently around him, causing him to mrr pleasantly. He pulled out a bit and thrust back in experimentally, then again. This feels so much better than clawing off! he mused, taking a few seconds to establish a gentle rocking motion, at about the speed that heíd normally pleasure himself.

"Oohhh, yesss," Merita moaned, lowering the front part of her body a bit to rest her head on her claws. "So good, son." She swished her tail around Kjertanís legs, the tip of it tickling at his balls.

The young gryphon felt quite self-conscious, fucking his mother in front of his father and their friends, but he relaxed a little when his father grinned at him. "Howís it feel, son?"

"Sort of...warm and silky," Kjertan replied, "and pretty wet. You like this, Mum?" he asked, somehow feeling that the approval of his mother was important -- it was his cock that was filling her pussy, after all. He got a couple of nods in reply, and a big smile.

Feeling a bit more confident now, Kjertan gripped his motherís sides harder and started pounding his cock into her more forcefully. His movements were still a bit uncoordinated, his thrusting erratic, but overall he was doing a pretty good job.

"Now youíre getting the hang of it," Milan said, his beak curved in a grin. Heíd pulled out of his partnerís throat and was now buggering her with long strokes of his impressively thick cock. "You should try her ass out too; it's just divine!"

Kjertan blushed furiously, and looked to his mother. "Go ahead," she said with a wink. "It's already lubed up for you. Isn't it, Charlton?" she said, raising her voice to be heard by him.

The golden gryphon chuckled, it sounding more like a rumble. "Indeed. Go on; she loves a good cock up the butt," he said, nodding to Kjertan. "Fill 'er up."

"Okay," Kjertan agreed slowly, pumping a few more times into Merita's pussy before sliding out. She lowered herself even more, allowing the young gryphon's cock to line up with her loosened tailhole. Taking a deep breath, he pushed forward, his eyes widening as the tight anal sphincter opened up and swallowed his cock. The sensation was indescribable, the way it slid over his member to the root, like he was sliding through a pair of very tight lips, as far as he could figure.

Merita groaned in pleasure, tightening her anal muscles as her son slid into her. "Ooh, you do feel good in there!" she purred, pushing back to get all of Kjertan's young cock into her rump. "Do me hard, love."

That sounded like a great idea. Kjertan was almost ready to blow already, just from the tight heat of his mother's rectum surrounding his shaft. He started to thrust again, his movements made easier from the semen Charlton had deposited earlier. It wasn't long before he was feeling the unmistakable signs of impending climax; his balls pulled closer to his body, and he was panting hard, trying to keep going as long as possible before losing it.

He was finally pulled over the edge by his mother's hole clenching and relaxing in a soothing massage. With a screech of ecstasy he began to squirt his young gryphon seed deep into Merita's bowels, his cock throbbing strongly with every spurt, feeling as if his very essence was being forced out of him in waves of dizzying pleasure. He was somewhat aware of the cheers around him, congratulating him on completing his first fuck.

When his orgasm had finished he slowly pulled out, feeling totally knackered by all the physical effort, then sat on his unsteady haunches, his thick cock softening and sliding back into his sheath. "Wow," was all he could say for the moment, blown away from the whole experience. He looked at his mother's gaping tailhole, oozing a mixture of his and Charlton's cum, and got an odd urge to taste it. As Merita still had her rump hiked up, and was looking back at him expectantly, he thought he'd might as well indulge himself. He took a step or two forward, and lowered his head until his beak was only a couple inches away from her anus. He then extended his tongue, swiped it around the rim of the creamy hole and sucked it back in again, mulling over the thick liquid and its taste. It was quite bitter, a combination of the semen mixing with his mother's rectal juices, but it wasn't too bad. He decided to go for more, and slipped his tongue into the dark hole, thrusting it in deep.

As his vision was obscured by his mother's rump, he didn't see Charlton whispering to Nelvin, then to his dad. He could hear the quiet chuckles from all three though, and he turned around to look at them curiously. They looked back at him, his father winking conspiratorially. A flash of pink caught his attention, and he glanced downward to see his father's member slide slowly out of his sheath, dark pink and glistening slightly in the light, causing him to inhale sharply. He'd never seen Milan's cock in detail before. His sharp eyes took in the dark veins running beneath the surface, the slight bobbing in time with his father's heartbeat, the large drop of precum oozing out. A glance to either side showed that similar things were happening with the other two gryphons. The way they were looking at him gave him a somewhat uncomfortable feeling, and he crouched low on the ground, lowering his tail tightly, his ears flattened against his head. It was definitely good to be on the giving end, but he wasn't so sure about being the receiver.

Milan stood up and moved to stand in front of his son, his cock swaying slowly from side to side as he did so. "Well, son...what do you think?" he asked, his eyes flicking to the side as Charlton slipped past to whisper something to Retha as well. "Your ma's a good screw, isn't she?"

Kjertan blushed, evident in the colour of his nares. "Uh...yeah," he mumbled, trying not to look at his dad's member, but finding it oddly irresistible. He couldn't help but feel just a bit curious about how it would feel stretching his virgin hole, though he was quite anxious about it.

"Think you'd like to suck a cock too?"

"Well...." The young gryphon trailed off, wondering how to respond. "Yeah," he said eventually, blushing even harder. "It looked like Retha was enjoying it. Dunno if I could...take it that deep." He didn't admit that he rather liked the taste of cum as well, if that deposited in his mother was anything to go by.

"It'll come with practice," Milan replied with a smile. He moved closer, watching Kjertan's eyes tracking his cock as it moved beneath him. "Open wide, son," he said as he carefully straddled the other gryphon's body, positioning his turgid member before Kjertan's beak.

Not having much choice in the matter, Kjertan opened his beak, extending his tongue to lightly flick it over the engorged head of his father's cock. A spurt of precum shot into his mouth, and he swallowed it before he had a chance to properly taste it. He bent his head forward a bit more, and Milan took another step forward, sliding about half of his thick shaft into his son's beak.

"Mmmph," Kjertan mumbled, his mouth suddenly filled with about six inches of slightly spongy cockmeat drooling copious amounts of bittersweet precum. The slightly rubbery edges of his beak scraped over the veined flesh of Milan's cock, causing the gryphon above him to groan quietly in response. He smiled a little around his big mouthful, and started bobbing his head slowly back and forth, curling his thin, agile tongue around to stroke the length.

The movements of the incestuous duo quickly settled into a co-ordinated rhythm, and, aside from a few times when Kjertan gagged as Milan's cock went too far into his throat, it was very pleasurable for both of them. So preoccupied was Kjertan with pleasing his father that he didn't notice Retha's approach, until he felt his cock, which had grown hard again, being caressed by her tongue. The sensation of a beak surrounding his erection was quite unusual, and he suddenly knew what his father was feeling right at that moment.

Then he felt another beak probing under his tail; before he could do anything a tongue wormed its way through his unprepared anus and started exploring inside him. He tightened up, drawing a startled 'Ow!' from his mother as her tongue was squeezed.

It was almost too much for Kjertan to stand. His legs felt weak, his throat slightly sore from the cock nudging into it, and his cock was rock hard, drooling precum down Retha's throat. As if on some pre-arranged signal Milan pulled away, leaving Kjertan's beak empty, followed by Retha giving a final slurp on his shaft and Merita kissing his tailhole.

Everyone had gathered around now, with Kjertan at the centre of it all. He looked around slowly, suddenly feeling very self-conscious, even more so than before. His father looked down at him with raised eyebrows. "Think you can take my cock, son?"

Kjertan eyed the cock he'd just coated with a generous amount of saliva, then swallowed hard. "I...I think so," he stuttered. Mum seems to like being fucked up the butt a lot, he thought, so I'd might as well see what it's like. "It's gonna hurt, isn't it?"

"To start with, yes," Milan said, nodding slowly. "The pain will stop after a while, then it starts to feel good."

"Okay," Charlton said then in a loud voice. "Retha, if you would get into position?"

With a nod of assent, and a wicked gleam in her eye, the cream-furred gryphon slowly turned and lowered herself to the ground, swishing her tail to the side and showing off her softly glistening cunny, and the tight crinkle of her anal opening. "Ready when you are," she purred to Kjertan.

Kjertan looked at the others, then at Retha. His mouth went dry again as he gazed at the succulent pinkness of her moist femininity, and his cock twitched, as if telling him what to do next. "Okay," he muttered, swallowing hard as he straddled Retha's body, lowering himself to prod at her entrance with his dripping erection. He missed a couple of times before he found the right place, but then his cock was engulfed by the warm, slippery walls of his partner's pussy, which clenched gently around him as he slipped all the way into her. "Ooohh, wow," he murmured. It felt even better than his mother's sex; a bit tighter, it seemed, and slightly hotter. He revelled in the exquisite silkiness of it for a few seconds before he occurred to him that he should start thrusting.

Milan stalked around to stand behind his son, watching his young rump moving back and forth as he fucked Retha. She was definitely enjoying his son's attentions, making various noises of pleasure as he drove his maleness deep into her clutching cunt. His gaze shifted to Kjertan's tailhole, which winked invitingly at him when his tail swished out of the way. His own cock throbbing with desire, he straddled Kjertan's body, and quickly found his son's virginal opening.

Kjertan froze when he felt the weight of his father pressing down on him, knowing that in a few moments his untouched hole would feel the thickness of a cock for the first time. A surge of anxiety washed through him when he felt the head of his dad's member pressing against his anus, and he tried to resist the intrusion, groaning with growing discomfort as the pressure increased. Suddenly he felt his tailhole give way as his father shifted position a bit, then a stabbing pain in his rectum that seemed to spread all through his bowels as Milan's cock speared into him.

The agony that suffused his innards was nothing like Kjertan had ever experienced, and he let out a squawk that echoed around the cave, and made everyone else flatten their ears and wince. "Sorry," his father said apologetically. "My foot slipped."

Tears leaked out of Kjertan's tightly clenched eyes, and he breathed shallowly, trying to cope with the outrageous pain from his sudden penetration. "Owwww," he whimpered. "It hurts so much."

Merita padded around to nuzzle his cheek. "Easy, love. It'll be fine soon. Just...try to relax," she murmured quietly. "Retha, why don't you help him take his mind off it for a bit?"

Almost immediately Kjertan felt a wave of pleasure radiating from his cock as Retha massaged him with her pussy muscles, strangely disconcerting considering the pain he was in. He groaned again and tightened his anus as his father slowly but gently pulled out of him, leaving only the thick head of his cock inside him. When he relaxed again Milan pushed in again, only an inch or so, and began to thrust slowly in and out, working his son's stretched tailhole gently.

Kjertan didn't move for a while, just letting his father fuck his no longer virgin tailhole with little thrusts. The initial pain had dulled, and, though it still hurt a lot, it was bearable. He cautiously started to thrust into Retha again, trying to time his movements with his father's so that he didn't accidentally impale himself on the massive member stretching him open. In front of him his mother turned around and raised her tail, offering her holes to him to lick. "Mmm," he murmured, extending his neck a bit to delve deep into her dripping pussy, inhaling the musky aroma. He started to relax a bit more now, feeling more at ease with his situation. His rump was starting to feel pretty good, and he pushed himself back onto his dad's shaft with more enthusiasm, gradually taking more into his stretched hole as he drove his own deep into Retha's body.

"Liking it, son?" Milan grunted as he fucked more of his cock into the young gryphon below him, getting more than half of it in now. Kjertan's anus was nicely loosened now, and he began to thrust harder and deeper, determined to bury every inch inside his son. It wouldn't be long before he'd be blowing a big load...and then Charlton could have him; he loved sloppy seconds.

Withdrawing his tongue from his mother's delicious pussy, Kjertan nodded. "It's...okay. Not as it was. Oooh, that's great!" he said suddenly as Milan pushed all the way into his rump, prodding against something deep inside him that sent a shiver of intense pleasure through him.

"Good. I knew you'd like it." Milan gripped his son's sides more tightly with his forelegs and increased the force of his thrusts, making Kjertan grunt and groan, more and more in pleasure.

Retha's cunt clenched and relaxed around Kjertan's rapidly pistoning cock, coaxing him closer to orgasm. "Mmm, fuck me hard, Kjerrie," she moaned, tightening her grip on him.

The erratic massaging of his gryphonhood and the dirty talking combined to pull Kjertan over the edge. With a screech of ecstasy and a hard shove of his hips he released his second load of cum for the night, strong throbs firing it deep into Retha's slick cunny. Moments later she reached her peak, triggered by the cum pulsing into her body. Milan wasn't far behind either; the clenching of his son's anal muscles as he came brought him to a powerful orgasm. His cock seemed to get harder in the moments before he blew, and the pleasure was almost overwhelming as he unloaded, squirting thick jets of his seed into Kjertan's bowels in a mind-blowing salvo.

There was an almost palpable silence after the three had finished climaxing, then the other gryphons cheered. Kjertan was exhausted after all that effort, but his body was filled with a warm afterglow, as well as a big load of his father's seed.

Milan slowly withdrew from his son's tailhole with a sticky slurp, leaving it gaping wide and leaking copious amounts of cream. "There you go," he murmured with a tired grin. "Your first arse fuck."

"Mmm," Kjertan mumbled as he pulled out of Retha, almost reluctant to leave the sticky warmth of her cum-filled pussy. "It was great." He felt oddly regretful now; it seemed strange to not have a cock pumping into his backside, stretching him pleasantly.

"There're still two more cocks to deal with," Nelvin said with a smirk. "By the time we're finished you may think differently."

Kjertan glanced sharply at Nelvin, then at Charlton. Both were indeed quite ready for action, their cocks jutting out below their bodies, bobbing up and down a little and drooling precum. He swallowed hard, not sure if he could take on both of them; his anus was feeling a bit raw, and though the cum dripping through his bowels sort of felt good, he didn't much relish the thought of being so full of seed he'd be days getting rid of it. Nelvin's cock looked by far the biggest -- about an inch longer than his father, but definitely much thicker. If his hole wasn't stretched before, it certainly would be after that monster had invaded. Charlton's was longer, but about the same thickness as Milan's. "Uh...I don't know about this," he murmured, looking rather worried.

"Don't worry...we'll go slow," Charlton said, shooting a look at Nelvin. "Do you want to go first, or shall I? You're a bit on the big side, you know, and I prefer a hole that hasn't been torn open." The casual tone of his voice sent a shiver up Kjertan's spine, and he pulled his tail down tightly over his leaking hole. This was not turning out as he'd expected.

Charlton smiled at Kjertan. "We're just playing with you; Nelvin will fuck me instead. I would like a shot at your arse, though. I love fucking a butt that's already creamed," he added with a wry chuckle.

That relieved Kjertan somewhat, and he relaxed. He could probably handle Charlton without too much trouble. "Okay," he said with a slow nod. He hesitated briefly before turning himself to present his rear end to the golden gryphon, moving his tail to the side to display his slack anus, which still dribbled white semen in thin rivulets down over his balls to drip onto the ground. "I think I'm ready for it." He didn't look back, and flinched slightly when Charlton's bulk suddenly dropped onto his back, wincing and hissing as the other gryphon's claws accidentally scraped his side.

"Oops. Sorry about that," Charlton apologised. He shifted himself around on Kjertan's back, until he felt his cock slip into the sticky wetness of the younger gryphon's stretched tailhole. "Easy does it," he murmured, gently easing himself into Kjertan's rump, delighting in the sensation of Milan's cum stickily aiding his entry. He quickly hilted himself, staying still as he enjoyed the contractions of Kjertan's anal muscles trying to push him out.

Though it hurt a bit -- his guts were being prodded to a greater extent due to the longer member buried in him -- it felt good to be filled once again. He clenched his anus as tight as he could, eliciting a pleased rumble from Charlton as he pulled back for a thrust.

It didn't really hurt as much as the first time. Though his anal ring felt somewhat abraded by the constant thrusting, he had to admit to himself that the sensation of a hard cock pumping deep into his backside was quite thrilling, and the little jolts that he got from that special place somewhere inside him were.... Kjertan couldn't even think of a word for how that felt. The thrusts into his rump increased in force and quickness, and he found himself pushing back against Charlton, tightly clenching then relaxing his tailhole randomly, the desire to be be filled with cum again strong.

"Mrrr, you're eager now, aren't you?" Charlton said, whispering loudly in Kjertan's ear. "I'll bet you want me to cream your butt, hmm? Fill you with hot, sticky gryphon cum? Let me hear you beg for it."

To anyone else it might sound as if he was just being used, but the dirty talk aroused Kjertan even more, and a small part of his mind noted the rise once again of his cock. He hoped he wouldn't be called upon to climax again; three orgasms in such a short time seemed a bit much for him. "Yessss..." he hissed, trying to put the right amount of pleading into his tone, "pleassse...fuck me full of your sssseed!" His sibilants were drawn out, as he sometimes did when he was particularly lusty. He lowered his body a little, allowing Charlton to pound his thick, veined shaft deep into his slick bowels. Each savage thrust elicited a grunt as air was pounded out of his lungs. It was starting to hurt now; the elder gryphon's cock jabbed hard into that spot somewhere inside him, causing a strange mixture of pain and pleasure, and his tailhole was feeling quite raw.

Just when he thought that he couldn't take it any longer he sensed Charlton's member thickening briefly, then a strong throb accompanied by a long, drawn-out groan, and he knew that the other gryphon was pumping his warm, soothing cream into his abused bowels. "Ohhh, yeah, that's it," groaned Charlton, humping a few more times into Kjertan's rump as he spurted his thick load. "There you go, boy."

Kjertan couldn't take any more, and with a weak screech he ejected his third load of spunk over the ground beneath him; it wasn't much, and more watery than his previous emissions, and it left the poor gryphon panting hard and ready to collapse. Charlton seemed to sense that, and he slowly pulled out of Kjertan's tailhole, releasing a small flood of his seed. "Easy, lad. Lie down for bit," he said, his lust ebbing into quiet concern at the state of his younger partner.

What a great idea. Kjertan's mind was fuzzy with pleasure, and it was an effort to get his body to follow his brain's orders. He swayed slightly as he took a few steps away, his tail still raised a little. He flumped down onto his side, his chest heaving somewhat as he tried to recover from the thorough fucking he'd just received. "Rrrrrrohhh man," he mumbled. "Intense." He couldn't concentrate properly for some reason, and found it hard to form coherent sentences through the pleasurable muzziness still suffusing his mind.

Chuckles came from all around him. "Oh, was indeed," his mother said with a wry smile. "Don't'll feel more clear-headed soon. We've all experienced that." She nuzzled his beak with hers. There was a heavy grunt and a hiss of pain from the side, and her head and his turned to look.

Nelvin had mounted Charlton with his larger bulk, and was determinedly shafting the golden gryphon's tailhole with wild abandon, his balls slapping hard against Charlton's, causing twinges of mild agony to shoot through him. "I never *ungh!* learn, do I?" he said, his expression showing how much he was feeling the massive member pummelling into his rear end.

"You always said you liked to get what you give," Retha said with a smirk curving her beak. She sauntered over to him, noticing that his cock was still semi-hard and coated in a white sheen from the cum he'd deposited in Kjertan's rectum, and lowered herself to scoop it up into her beak and start nursing on it.

"Mrrrr, yesss, clean it, Retha," Charlton muttered, moving slightly in time with Nelvin's fucking motions, driving himself onto the thick slab of meat impaling him over and over.

It took several long minutes, but eventually the cave echoed Nelvin's screech as he unloaded his balls deep into Charlton's backside with several particularly hard thrusts. His partner's face reflected the pain he was feeling through the rough fucking, then the relief as Nelvin stopped and pulled out.

Retha gave his cock a few more licks, then got up to attend to Nelvin as well, leaving Charlton to recuperate on his own. He strolled slowly over to Kjertan and lay down beside him with a groan. "Oof! You thought you had it rough? Try it with 'im!" he said with a tired grin.

" thanks," Kjertan murmured. "Not until I've had some practice." He suddenly yawned widely, and remembered that his slumber had been interrupted by the activities of the night.

"Tired, boy?"

Kjertan nodded. "You were being pretty loud in here, you know," he said wryly.

"Ah, yes, we were. should probably toddle off then. I think we're all finished up for the time being, aren't we?" he said, the last part in a raised voice to everyone else. "Time to call it a night?"

Milan nodded, glancing around to meet everyone's eyes. "Same again next month?" he asked, a glint in his eyes. "Perhaps our son may enjoy another late night of pleasure?"

"Uh...probably." Kjertan blushed a little, turning his head away from the grins turned on him. "I did enjoy tonight. I wouldn't mind doing it again."

"Excellent!" Milan's grin was wide as he said it. "Right, let's all retire for some sleep, shall we? You three can sleep over there on the pile of cushions, or the sand at the back of the cave if you want. You know where to find Merita and I." He turned his eagle-eye gaze on Kjertan intently, making him feel a little uncomfortable. "Son, would you like to sleep with us?"

Kjertan blinked. "Really?" He hadn't done that since he was very young. "If you really want me to." He stood up slowly, feeling the pain in his sore tailhole, at which he winced.

"We've got some ointment for that pain, too," Milan said with a slight smile. "I've had to use it myself on occasion." He turned to the others and nodded his head. "Goodnight to you all, and sleep well! I know we will," he added with an exaggerated wink.

"I'm sure," Nelvin remarked with a quiet snicker. "Goodnight, you three," he said, before he turned and stalked off to the huge mountain of cushions stacked in the corner, scattering a number of them and flumping down onto them. " comfy," he murmured as he stretched out. The other two said their goodnights as well and fetched their own cushions. Once they were at ease Milan dimmed the light glows by sliding shutters around them, then turned and led the way into main bedroom.

The cushions that served as his parents' bed were larger than the ones in the main cave, and were piled into a large square in the middle. Merita jumped into them, scattering a few in various directions. "Love, get the ointment will you, please? I'll treat Kjertan's aches first."

"Ah, yes." Milan fetched the small pottle of soothing ointment, which smelled faintly of jasmine and looked rather orange, and handed it to his mate. "There you go." He climbed onto the cushions himself and stretched out, watching as Merita carefully applied a liberal amount of the fragrant stuff to their son's tailhole.

Kjertan grimaced as Merita used her claws to spread the ointment over and into his sore anus. "Is anal sex always like this?" he asked, slightly plaintively.

"Sometimes," she said, finishing with the application and setting the pottle aside. "It can be hard for the first time, and if your partner, like Nelvin, is a bit rough, but generally it's quite pleasurable. I take it you liked being screwed by your father?"

"Heh, yeah," Kjertan said with a grin. "It was...sorta cool. I liked it when he came inside me. It felt weird, but...." He shrugged and carefully lay down next to his father.

"That's good. I'm sure there'll be plenty more next month." Merita dimmed the lights in the room then slipped onto the cushions beside Kjertan, putting him between her and Milan. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. We didn't mean to wake you," she added apologetically.

Kjertan grinned, though the light wasn't quite enough to make it out clearly. "S'okay. I couldn't think of anything better to wake up to." He yawned widely and stretched out again, putting his head on his claws. "Goodnight," he murmured.

"Goodnight, dear," his parents said almost in unison. "Sleep well."

"Definitely," he muttered as he drifted off almost immediately, his reserves of energy finally depleted. One last yawn and he was dead to the world.