Gryphon's Threesome
© 2001, C Sandwalker.

Storyline: It is a few weeks since Elania began 'educating' Tarin, a young gryphon who is rejected by gryphonic society because of his colouring. On this particular occasion, another gryphon follows up on his curiosity, and discovers Elania and Tarin going at it....

The day was slightly overcast, clouds of various shades of grey scudding across the sky, obscuring the sun for long periods.

Elania hurried along the forest path, skirting pools of water that had formed from the heavy showers a few days ago. Today she was dressed in a light, but warm, cardigan of faded teal, over a thin cotton blouse in dark green. The colours clashed horribly, but the cardigan was the only one she had, the others having been consumed by moths.

Muttering another foul word at the forces of nature, she narrowly avoided another muddy patch, almost slipping over as she stepped around it. The fruit basket she was swinging in her right hand prevented her from falling in the mud, its sturdy frame supporting her weight as she regained her balance. Her mood improved somewhat when she called to mind the image of young Tarin: brown, attractively mottled in jet black, with a cock that would put most men to shame.

Today, she was going to attempt something different, that she'd thought about while fingering herself in both holes at night to bring herself to a reasonably satisfying climax. Elania smiled to herself, sighing inwardly.

She came upon the clearing, where she had first met her gryphonic lover. To one side stood the log, upon which Elania set her basket. Looking around, she searched the thinning undergrowth for the unmistakable beak of a gryphon, poking out of the bushes.

Not seeing signs of Tarin about, Elania settled herself onto the log, choosing a space that had dried out sufficiently for her not to get her blouse damp. He was often a few minutes behind her arrival, regardless of what time she appeared.

Less that two minutes later, a loud, strangely sneaky, crashing noise became evident, resolving itself into the form of a brown, mostly black, gryphon, who grinned in his delight at seeing her again. He trotted forward for a hug, which Elania gladly gave him.

"How about we do it out in that field there," she suggested after the greetings had been dispensed with. She gestured with an arm at a field, on the forest's outskirts, that the path wound through on its way up the ridge. "I'd imagine it would be a sight more comfortable than kneeling on sharp branches, rotting leaves, and mud." She glanced down at the bottom edge of her blouse, frowning when she saw the mud stains she had picked up.

Tarin glanced at the indicated field, and nodded. "Okay." He began moving up the path to the field, the expanse of long grass looking delightfully concealing. Elania followed, already shrugging out of her cardigan. This was likely to be a warm session.

Together they romped into the grass, choosing a spot well away from where anybody might see them, hunkering down to hide themselves.

"Okay, today I want to try something different. I want you to lie on your back, if you can...." Elania stripped her clothes off as she explained. "Instead of fucking my pussy, you'll be taking me up the ass. Got that?" Completely naked, she turned and bent over, pointing to her anus, pink and puckered. "Where your crap comes out."

Tarin wrinkled his beak which, for a gryphon, was no easy task. "You want me to put my cock in your...." He trailed off. "Is that not dirty?"

Elania hmmed. "Sometimes, but I've already been to the privy today, and I washed out my butt, so you shouldn't get dirty. Think of it as fucking my pussy, but a bit tighter." She looked Tarin up and down, smiling at his rising erection. "Now, can you turn over onto your back?"

The young gryphon rolled over carefully, making sure he didn't inadvertently break any of his fragile wing bones by extending them out to his sides.

"Good, good," commented Elania. She knelt down by Tarin's left side, taking his engorged member into her mouth, and began to suck him off, gently though. Just enough to spread her saliva all over it for natural lubrication. No matter how many times she gave Tarin a blowjob, she always found it thrilling to be tasting his rigid meat, often deep-throating him for the great feeling she got having several inches of fat cock poking down her gullet.

Elania withdrew the gryphon's cock from her mouth, deciding it was lubed enough to allow it to slide into her butt with a minimum of resistance. She got up, and straddled Tarin's muscular body, positioning his dick at her rear entrance. Slowly she lowered herself down onto the stiff prick, feeling it intrude into her rectum. A grimace showed itself on her face as she took more of the cock into her, stretching her arse muscles beyond what she thought was humanly possible.

"Aaargh," she moaned, a mix of pleasure and pain. She stopped, allowing herself time to adjust to Tarin's size. She pulled off a bit, then lowered down again, gaining another inch or two.

After a few stops and starts, Elania sighed happily as she felt the last inch of gryphonic maleness sink into her bowls. She looked into Tarin's eyes, smiling as she leaned forward to start her rocking motions. Tarin grinned back, twisting his flexible beak into a resemblance of a smile.

Elania moaned softly, joining with Tarin's groans as she slowly fucked her arse on his wonderfully filling prick.

She hadn't been going very long when a rustling noise was heard getting closer. A few seconds later, another gryphon appeared, this one covered completely in various shades of brown. His eyes widened when he saw what was going on.

"So this is where you've gotten to every week!" exclaimed the stranger, whose eyes roamed up and down over the odd couple. "You can't get a female for yourself, so you went for a human?"

Tarin, mortified, tried to cover his face with his wings, as if that would hide him from the intruder's gaze. The young woman, rather surprised and shocked at being discovered, only stopped her movements momentarily before resuming her pleasurable activity. "And who are you to accuse him of such a crime?" she asked, glaring hard at the brown gryphon.

"Gregin. He's nothing but a lowborn miscoloured freak," he sneered, his eyes still roving rather eagerly over her body.

Elania hmmphed. "And he's the greatest lover I've ever had. I'd like to see you do better than him." Almost immediately after she said that, another thought popped into her mind. If she could get Gregin to fuck her other hole.... A smile spread across her lips as she thought more on it.

"Perhaps you could," she added, glancing at his nether region where she could see signs of activity. "I have a hole free if you're willing?" She stopped her rocking while she waited for an answer. She was pretty sure about what his reply would be.

"Of course. I can do anything better than he can." Gregin's voice had a tone of smugness to it.

Elania carefully turned over, so she was lying on her back, Tarin's prick still embedded in her butt. "Okay, then. Here's my cunt. Get fucking." She smiled with satisfaction when he eagerly got into position. His erection was fully extended now, and she judged it to be about the same dimensions as Tarin's. This should be good, she thought to herself.

Feeling the head of Gregin's cock probing for her pussy, she reached down and guided it in. "Aaargh!" she cried as Gregin pushed his cock in with one smooth movement. It felt as if she were being, pleasurably, torn apart.

Gregin rested most of his weight on Elania, who in turn pressed down on Tarin. "You okay, Tarin?" she asked. "Not being squashed, are you?"

"No," came the quiet reply. Tarin was too busy staring into his bully's eyes to say much more.

The young woman lay sandwiched between the two gryphons, revelling in the pleasure of having both holes filled to the max. "Ohhh, that's it, Gregin," she moaned as he pumped his dick in and out of her pussy. Poor Tarin, being on the bottom, could barely move, but the friction generated by Gregin's cock rubbing through the thin membrane separating her rectum and cunt was enough to keep all three grunting and moaning with varying degrees of enjoyment.

It wasn't long before Elania had her first orgasm of the session. Her snatch flooded with her juices, unable to escape because of Gregrin's big cock. She cried out in ecstasy, a euphoria washing over her, as her climax dispersed through her body.

Gregin stopped his fucking, and stared with concern at Elania's face. "Is something wrong? Did I hurt you?"

She laughed weakly. "It's all right. Keep going. That was just a climax. And a very good one it was too." She sighed as Gregin resumed his humping.

Less than five minutes later, both gryphons were grunting, trying to hold their climaxes back, but eventually the dam broke.

Tarin came first, hot, stringy jets of cum shooting with force into the woman's lower bowels. A few seconds later Gregin came to his boiling point, ejecting massive wads of spunk to mingle with Elania's juices. Her cunt filled rapidly, and soon the mixture began to squirt out under pressure from the seal around Gregin's cock.

"Ohhh, yeah boys! Fill me up!" she moaned, as she rose to another climax. Twin warm feelings raced through her lower body, one in her arse and one in her minge, as the gryphons continued to pour forth their liquid seed.

Finally Gregin wound down, pulling out with a wet slurping sound. "Come up here, so I can suck you off," Elania said, eager for the taste of his cum, which she saw was still dribbling a bit.

When he had done so, she took hold of his slippery member, and began licking it, being sure to catch every drop of his dwindling jism. Gregin sighed with relief as he managed to force out the last of his emission, which was quickly swallowed.

Having finished Gregin off, the young woman eased herself off Tarin's prick, and quickly reversed her position, so she was on her front, taking the long dick into her throat. Her pussy was conveniently positioned over Tarin's beak, which opened to let his tongue flick around her snatch, tasting the sweet, yet bitter mixture that oozed out of it.

Elania could taste a little bit of shit on Tarin's prick, but it was barely noticeable through the strong flavour of his jizz. She swallowed everything she could get, until he stopped paying out. Sighing, she moved forward, sat up and turned around, facing the two gryphons.

"That was amazing," she said with feeling. "You two were great. I sincerely hope we can do this again sometime."

Gregin and Tarin grinned in their gryphonic way, casting quick glances at each other. "I guess you aren't so bad after, Tarin," Gregin commented in as close to an apology as he was going to get. The shier gryphon nodded. "Thank you."

The young woman hefted herself off Tarin's body, so he could get up himself. Small rivulets of gryphon cum trickled out of her holes and down her legs as she did so. "Hmm, I'll have to do something about that before I get home." She swept a hand up one leg, and licked off the residue, repeating the motion with the other leg. Then she used handfuls of grass to clean the rest of the mess up.

She sighed again. Looking at Tarin she asked, "You still want me to visit you, or do you think you can handle it yourself now?" She directed her gaze to Gregin. "Perhaps you'll back him up a bit, won't you, Gregin? I don't know what it is you gryphons have against the colour black, but Tarin is a great lover. If I was one your kind, I'd be proud to have him mate with me."

Gregin grinned again, slightly sheepishly. "Well, you could be right." He turned to Tarin. "Say, you want to go show off what we've learned? Maybe you'll get lucky."

The other gryphon's eyes seemed to light up, his expression becoming less...fearful. He nodded eagerly. "Yes, very much. Thank you, Elania, for help given."

She ruffled his crest feathers. "Still not one for talking much, are you?" She pulled on her wrinkled clothes as she said, "I'll be back this way again soon. Maybe we could bring some friends along...." It was said lightly, but in her mind she was thinking, Could I pull this kind of stunt off again, with other people? Maybe....

Tarin and Gregin shrugged before taking off into the grass. "Maybe. We'll know soon, won't we?" Gregin called over his shoulder as he disappeared.

Maybe indeed. Elania straightened up her appearance as best she could, and resumed her walk to go berry-picking. How long would it be before people found out about the extra 'fruits' she was collecting? Only time would tell....