Something Ventured

Characters and Text © 2001-2008, C Sandwalker


"River?" I murmured one evening after we'd finished making love. We were cuddled up together, the window slightly ajar to let in the night breeze to cool the room. After the amount of effort we'd put into our exertions, the breeze was welcome. "Have you ever considered more...kinky ways of being intimate?"

" do you mean?" My Companion, a tiger-patterned chakat named Deepriver, turned hir head slightly to peer curiously at me.

A long silence followed before I answered. "Well...." I hesitated, wondering if I really wanted to ask. Then I pushed on before I thought my way out of asking. "I mean...other ways of expressing intimacy. Such as...well, anal."

An even longer pause followed what I said before River replied again. "Anal, hmm? I might be interested...depending on who's taking it. Why do you ask?"

"Because...I'd like to try it," I said after taking a deep breath. River didn't strike me as being particularly liberal in some of hir views, but now and then shi managed to surprise me. I think shi likes throwing me the occasional curveball to keep me off-guard.

"Really, now? And what brought this on?" Hir eyes had narrowed in the expression of shrewdness shi gets when shi's trying to coax more information out of me. "Watching porn?"

The inner surface of my ears went dark as I blushed. "Sort of. One of my friends in class told me in great, earthmoving detail about her experiences with anal, and gave me a disc with a couple of her 'home movies.' So I naturally came home very curious, watched them...." I trailed off, pausing for a few seconds before finishing. "And that's pretty much why you got dragged into the bedroom before you'd had time to get your uniform off."

"Aha. I wondered why you were so eager to mount me." River smiled, twisting hirself around a little to kiss me full on the lips, slowly, gently. "I didn't mind, but it would've been nice if you'd waited for me to rest for a short time before screwing me as if there was no tomorrow. Now I'm really knackered."

"I could've taken matters into my own hands, but I wanted to share the moment with you." I cuddled River with gentle arms, stroking loose strands of hir raven tresses back from hir face.

River began to purr, kneading lightly at the mattress.

"So would you like to do me under my tail?" I eventually asked, pausing briefly in my caresses to ask.

"I dunno...are you really sure you want to? And it's really...dirty back there." River put on an expression of disgust.

I thought some more over my desire to try anal sex. On one hand I was fairly adventurous, and I wasn't one to turn down something new unless it was proven lethal. Having my Companion's cock buried in my tailhole would definitely be a new experience; I'd never had anything inserted into that hole, aside from a doctor's finger. On the other hand I'd read and heard that anal sex could be quite painful. I'm not one for pain, and if I was experiencing pain then River might very well experience my pain as well through our empathic link. It wasn't too strong, but it was enough for one to feel the other's hurts sometimes. "Don't worry; I'll make sure to clean myself out first before you enter. I wouldn't want to turn you off."

River nodded slowly. "That would be much appreciated, hon." Shi snuggled up against me, starting to purr again. "You might want to practise a little first," shi suggested, "as a sort of warm-up. Our cocks are pretty thick, you know."

"Mmm, you're right, I suppose." That had occurred to me, but it had slipped my mind until now. "I was told that some gentle fingering can help in preparation. Start with one finger, and add more as the anus loosens up."

"Sounds like she knew what she was talking about," River mused. "Well, when you're ready, what say we have a night of mutual exploration? Perhaps we can both experience this new activity together." Hir voice was quiet, but thoughtful.

I didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then I hugged hir tightly and lick-kissed hir lips. "If you're really sure about it, then it's a date. We could probably go the whole hog and have a romantic dinner, soft music, flavoured condoms...."

River shot me a raised-eyebrow Look. "My, aren't we ambitious. Let's just start off small, hmm? Though flavoured condoms.... Those could be interesting."

I grinned back. "The strawberry ones are quite nice; the flavour actually tastes real. It's like chewing gum flavour, though; it wears off eventually."

"I see. Well, you get some of those, I'll get some lube, and we'll be set for an interesting night." River hesitated momentarily before adding, "Do you think we could get Grey out of the house? I don't really want us broadcasting to hir if we're...erm, 'experimenting'. Particularly if it gets a little...painful."

"Yeah," I drawled slowly as I thought. "I'll shout hir a movie ticket or something if it'll get hir out for a few hours." I suddenly yawned widely, making my jaw click. "Ow. We'd better sleep. I have an 8AM class."

River smirked at me. "And it's my day off, so I can laze in bed most of the day. Or until something else gets me up."

I poked my tongue out. "Yeah, yeah. Rub it in." I ruffled hir hair lightly and yawned again. "Oh, could you reach over to the clock and set the alarm for 7, please? You're closer."

"Sure," River agreed, shifting hirself to reach for the clock. While shi pressed buttons to set the alarm I stretched out languidly and pulled my pillow under my head and the blanket over my body. When shi'd finished, I put my arm around hir and cuddled hir closely. "Mmm, love you, River."

"I love you too, Sandy," came the softly murmured reply. "Sleep well."

" too."


When the alarm went off the next morning I leaned over to give the snooze a hard slap to shut it up. Then I rolled over to wake Sandy; sometimes shi heard the alarm, and sometimes shi didn't. I liked to tease hir awake by nibbling and blowing into hir ears. I did so now, turning hir head slightly then leaning in close to gently blow into hir right ear. It twitched violently then settled again. I blew again, then started nibbling on the ear's edge. Eventually the combination of blowing and nibbling roused Sandy from slumber, and I kissed hir on the lips. "Good morning, sleepy 'kat," I said when hir eyes opened up. "Time to get up."

"Mrrrf," Sandy responded, closing hir eyes again and rolling over away from me. "Don' wanna."

"Tough." I took hold of the blanket and whipped off the bed, exposing Sandy to the cool air. "Get up before I resort to more drastic measures."

Sandy grumbled some more, but shi eventually took the hint and got off the bed. "Fine, fine," shi muttered. "I'm up." Shi yawned widely, ruffled my hair then padded out of the room. A short time later I heard water flowing in the bathroom as shi waited for the shower to warm up.

I debated pulling the blanket over myself again and going back to sleep, but got up instead, feeling too awake. I arranged the blanket neatly on the bed again, then went out to the kitchen to put the kettle on and start breakfast.

Sandy looked much more awake when shi entered the kitchen about half an hour later. Hir fur was still damp, and stuck out in odd places. "You missed a few spots," I pointed out, handing hir a large mug of coffee and a plate stacked with toast.

"Yeah, I know. I stayed in the shower a little too long again." Shi glanced out the kitchen window, and saw that it had started raining again, with a bit of wind to blow it around. "In this weather, I don't think it'll really matter if I groom myself properly or not. By the time I get to class I'll probably be mussed all over." Shi took a gulp of hir coffee, winced at its heat as it went down, then started on hir toast, chewing quickly.

I sipped at my own drink, a cinnamon blend of chai tea, and leaned against the counter as I watched my Companion scarf down hir breakfast. "You know, if you got up slightly earlier you wouldn't have to rush breakfast."

Sandy shrugged, as hir mouth was full. "You might have noticed that I never plan ahead if I can help it," shi said once shi'd swallowed. "I'm the impetuous one, Grey's the practical one and you're the shy one."

I should do something about that, I thought to myself. Sandy had helped me come out of my shell somewhat, but I felt I still had a way to go before I'd be comfortable in social situations. I almost always took a passive role in anything, only rarely daring to be 'up front and personal'. Aloud I said, "Yeah, of these days I'll shed the 'shy' description."

"That'll be the day!" Sandy shot a grin at me and took another big bite of toast.

I slapped hir lightly on the arm in mock admonishment. "I might be surprised." I sipped at my tea as a welter of thoughts ran through my mind, including a rather explicit image of Sandy being pinned to the bed while I screwed hir mercilessly. I smirked into my tea, careful not to let Sandy see it.

"What's got you horny?"

"Hmm?" I broke out of my little reverie and blinked at Sandy. "What?"

"I said, what's got you horny?" Sandy gestured at my undercarriage with a half-eaten piece of toast.

Suddenly I was aware of the raging erection that was bobbing beneath my belly. My ears blushed bright pink in embarrassment, and I stuttered a bit as I tried to explain. "I, uh, I was just thinking of, um, you and I, uh... Oh, damnit." I lowered my head and put a hand over my eyes so I couldn't see Sandy's expression.

"Hey, hey, it's okay." Sandy's voice was imbued with a sense of caring as shi put an arm around me. "I have such thoughts about you too."

"Really?" I murmured, slowly raising my head and looking at Sandy. "What do you think about?"

" of my favourite little daydreams involves you and I in a pool together. You're resting against the side while I take you from behind. Just before I come I pull out and let my cum spurt into the water under your tail." As shi spoke shi leaned closer until shi was whispering lightly in my ear. "Then I push back in, and let the rest of my seed fill you. Mrrrr...."

I felt even hornier now. A quick glance at Sandy's belly showed that shi was also getting aroused. "Gah, stop that!" I protested, still blushing furiously. "Now's not the time or place to get amorous. You have to get going, or you'll be late again."

Sandy whined quietly, having to make the tough choice between going to class or staying and bonking me silly in the kitchen. Eventually shi sighed and pulled away. "Okay, I'm going, I'm going." Shi slurped down the remainder of hir coffee, stuffed the last piece of toast in hir muzzle, and ran back to the bedroom to collect hir textbooks. "See you tonight, River," shi called when shi came out again and headed for the front door.

"Bye, hon! Don't you dare jump me tonight, either! Lemme get my breath first before you do anything." I got a grin and a wink for an answer before Sandy closed the door with a hurried bang.

I shook my head and smiled. Hir joie de vivre was one of the reasons I liked hir so much. I finished off my tea, then rinsed what crockery we'd used and put them into the dishwasher. After I'd done that I went back to our room to open the curtains and windows and do a quick tidy up before Grey got up.

Even while I was doing that I was still thinking about what Sandy had told me, and my erection hadn't gone down at all. I chewed on my lip for a few seconds, then decided to take care of it myself. I closed the door, locked it, then lay down on my backs upon the mattress, making myself comfortable with a pillow under my head. My right handpaw curled around my thick member and stroked it, squeezing it gently as I kneaded at my breasts, concentrating on the area around the nipples. As I masturbated I focused on Sandy's little fantasy, except that instead of being on the bottom, I was on top. I imagined the waves caused by my thrusting motions, slow from the water's resistance; my hands firmly kneading hir breasts; my mouth pressing to hirs, our tongues playing with each other; my erection pushing deep into my Companion's sex over and over until I climaxed with a yowl of pleasure. I could feel the strong pulses of my cock as I came, thick jets of creamy white firing out of my body and into Sandy. I felt as if I were floating, light-headed with ecstasy.

I slowly came back to reality when I heard Greytail's voice intruding into my thoughts. "River? Are you okay in there?" Shi didn't sound particularly concerned. If anything, shi knew what I'd been up to, judging from the light-hearted 'grin' that shi projected. I wasn't much of an empathic receiver, but I could pick up enough from Grey to get a vague sense of how shi felt, and right now shi felt 'amused' -- a bright, sunny yellow to my mind.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine!" I called. I glanced downwards, and saw that my lower belly was partially covered by a small pool of semen. My handpaw hadn't escaped the damage either; the last of my rather sticky climax had dribbled down over its 'fingers'. I quickly looked around, and saw that the towel we usually kept out for such occasions wasn't present. "Damn!" I muttered, remembering that I'd put it into the laundry yesterday and forgotten to fetch a clean towel. For now, the sheet on the mattress would have to do. I carefully shuffled off the bed, falling the short distance to the floor with a quiet thump, then grabbed the nearest corner of the sheet and pulled. A few more pulls had the sheet off, and I effected a quick clean-up job before I opened the door, ears flaming. "Sorry if I woke you up," I murmured, looking down at the floor to avoid Grey's gaze.

"No problem; I was about to get up anyway, hon." Grey put a hand under my chin and gently lifted it up. "Sandy left you unsatisfied again?" shi asked with a smile.

"Yeah, in a way. Shi told me one of hir little...fantasies before shi left." I was silent for a few seconds before I told Grey the details, and what I'd been thinking.

Grey nodded and rubbed hir chin. "Do you often fantasise about being on top?"

I thought for a few moments and nodded. "Yeah, I guess so. Sometimes I imagine Sandy being restrained in some way while I, uh, have sex with hir. Or in some other vulnerable position. I guess I can't be the top in reality, so I resort to fantasising about it."

"Curious." Grey raised hir eyebrows, looking quite interested. "I think Sandy would love it if you showed hir that you can be dominant too. It doesn't have to be a big thing."

"I know that, but...I'm always afraid that I'll do something wrong, or shi won't like what I'm doing, or not in the mood," I protested. I was starting to feel a bit less confident again.

Grey gave me a level look. "Shi's very understanding, River. Even if you just make the attempt, shi'll appreciate the thought involved."

I still felt uncertain about it, but I knew Grey was right. When I did do something to surprise hir, Sandy was always pleased about it. I decided then to tell Grey about Sandy's desire to try anal sex. Right after I went to the bathroom to fully clean myself up.

While I used a damp cloth to wipe off the congealing semen I told Grey the details of Sandy's conversation with me the previous night. Hir reaction was fairly comical; I've never seen anyone's eyebrows shoot up so fast. "Really? I probably shouldn't be surprised; shi's always been one to be 'different'. I've never considered anal myself; it doesn't really appeal to me. If others want to indulge, they're welcome to."

I dumped the cloth and the sheet into the laundry hamper, then turned to face Grey. "I'm not sure what I think about it either. I'd never even thought about it until shi brought it up." I hesitated briefly before adding, "I think that I'd be willing to experiment with it, if only to keep Sandy happy. I just feel...well, I don't want to hurt hir. I don't like to cause people pain, even if they want it."

"Shi knows what shi's doing, I'm sure," Grey reassured me. "Shi might seem impatient and reckless, but when it comes to you shi considers hir actions first."

"Yeah, I guess," I murmured. "This kind of situation seems a little different to me, though. We've never done anything...sexual that might hurt the other." I absently chewed on a clawtip for a few seconds before speaking again. "Just this once, I think I'd like to get things started, but I'm not really sure about it. Sandy has that crazed friend of hirs to talk to, but I don't have anyone, really. I mean, it's not something I'd ever bring up with anyone -- except you."

"Hmm." Grey rubbed hir chin and lifted hir gaze ceilingward in thought for a few seconds. "I think I might know just the person to help you. Have you met Kerisa's flatmate Dréko? Gay wolftaur, blue streaks in his hair?"

I narrowed my eyes as I tried to remember. "Mmmm, no, I don't think so."

"Ah. Well, you could try talking to him about it. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you in any way he can." Grey paused for thought again. "I think he's got work this afternoon, but I believe he's free until about midday. Kerisa should be home as well; it's her day off."

I nodded in reply. "All right, then. If you can give me the address, I'll go see him." This would be a time when I was not going to be shy...if I could help it. I'd met Kerisa a few times, and I enjoyed her company, so I wouldn't feel too out of place if she was in the vicinity.

"Mmm, sure. I'll just have to fish it out of my address book, if I can find the thing." Grey looked down at my lower body, then said, "I'll go look for it, and you have a shower; I can still smell the cum on your fur." Shi winked, eliciting another blush from me, then left the bathroom, closing the door behind hir.

I had a relatively quick shower, just long enough to run shampoo through my fur, concentrating on my nether regions. I then spent a few minutes in the dryer, relishing the warm air blowing all around me. Then, feeling refreshed, I stepped out of the bathroom, ready for the morning ahead. I went back to the bedroom to put on a halter top, and a medium-weight jacket over that for protection against the cold.

"Here you go," Grey said when I entered the kitchen, handing me a piece of paper with an address on it. "You can take the 387 bus most of the way, then you have to walk about five blocks."

"Cool. I'm sure I can handle that." I hated using buses -- they were usually crowded, and taur-friendly buses were still more of a novelty than a standard. As none of us had a car, the bus was really the only method of getting around the city quickly, unless one travelled only to neighbouring suburbs. I tucked the paper into the left pocket of the jacket, then went back to the bedroom to collect my bus card. "Okay, I think I'm all set. I'll let you know how it goes when I get back."

Grey embraced me and gave me a lick-kiss on the cheek. "Okay, hon. Good luck."

"Thanks; hopefully I won't need much luck. Except maybe for getting a seat on the bus." I grinned, then turned to leave the house. When I stepped out into the foyer, I noticed that the rain had stopped and the clouds were starting to break to let the sunshine through.

I had to wait a few minutes at the bus stop, and when it came I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bus was only partially filled, and also that a taur seat was free. I paid for my ticket and sat down, leaning against the specially placed pads for resting one's arms. The bus pulled smoothly away from the curb, and I was on my way.

When I got off the bus, traffic was fairly heavy, considering it was at least an hour since the morning rush hour had finished. I was nearly run over a couple of times by impatient drivers waiting at intersections. As shy and non-confrontational as I was, I did express my displeasure at their impatience by flipping them the bird. "Arseholes," I muttered under my breath.

The street that Kerisa and Dréko lived on was fairly quiet, considering its proximity to a major road. I could hear the traffic, but it was muted by a large number of hedges and trees. I walked down the odd-numbered side of the street, my eyes briefly flicking over the predominantly brick houses before searching out the letterbox. I stopped at a blue letterbox with '45' in shiny gold numerals screwed onto the front, and looked up at the house. It was fairly nondescript, light cream with red trim, and styled as an early 20th-century villa. In the gardens before it was a spectacular display of roses in a range of warm hues. "This must be the place," I murmured, suddenly feeling nervous. I strolled slowly up the path to the front door, which was painted the same colour as the letterbox, and knocked firmly on the door.

About thirty seconds passed before someone came to the door. I saw a brief glimpse of a vulpine face at the side window, then the door was opened. "River! What a surprise to see you here."

"Hi, Kerisa," I said, waving a hand. "It is a bit of a surprise, yeah. I'm here to see Dréko, actually." The quizzical look the foxtaur gave me made me blush slightly. "Is he in?"

"Uh, sure, he's in the back garden." Kerisa waved for me to come into the house, and peered at me closer as I stepped over the threshold. "A bit unlike you, isn't it?"

"You have no idea. Believe it or not, it was Grey who suggested that I come. I have a, uh, personal matter to speak to him about."

Kerisa's eyebrows shot up. "Really? Now you've really got my curiosity piqued." She closed the door, and led the way down the dark hallway to the door at the other end. Sunlight flooded in when she opened it, and I saw when she went out that it was actually a large conservatory-like foyer. "Hey, Dréko! You have a visitor!" she called as she exited into the back garden.

A few seconds later a wolftaur appeared from behind a large, profusely flowering rose bush. "Oh, hi there," he greeted when he came up to me. "Deepriver, right? Kerisa's spoken of you. What can I do for you?"

"Er...that's a good question," I murmured, scratching behind an ear. "I was, uh, wondering if you might be able to help on a...personal matter." I knew I was blushing furiously as I spoke; I could feel the heat in my ears.

"A personal matter, eh?" Dréko grinned at me and nodded. "Well, then...let's see what I can do to help. Kerisa, put the kettle on, will you? River, have a seat in the conservatory."

Once we were settled in the conservatory, which was filled with a variety of brightly coloured potted plants, and with a cup of tea in hand, Dréko turned to look directly at me. "Now, Deepriver. May I call you River?" At my answering nod he continued. "What's this matter you'd like me to help with? I know how shy you are, so coming here must have been a big thing for you."

"Yeah, it was a bit. I'm still feeling quite nervous, particularly with this matter I need to discuss." I took a sip of my tea, savoured it, and swallowed. "Mmm, tastes wonderful. You'll have to tell me what blend it is."

"It's a custom blend; I'll give you the details later. Right now...." He trailed off, tacitly prompting me to explain my visit.

I took another sip of my tea before answering. "Well...Sandwalker and I were talking last night...about anal sex."

Dréko raised his eyebrows, but he otherwise showed no other emotion. "Go on," he said with a small nod and a sip of his tea.

"Shi said that shi's interested in trying it, and...well, I said that if shi wants to, then I'd be happy to give hir the opportunity. However...." I trailed off, wondering what to say next. "I'm not really sure how to go about it. I've never seen anything anal-related being done; I don't really watch porn, and my only sexual experiences have been more...straight-laced." I savoured another sip of tea for a few seconds, then added, "I talked to Greytail, and shi suggested that I talk to you."

"Really now." Dréko looked at me with a straight face. "I suppose that was because I'm gay, am I right?" The corners of his mouth lifted a little in a slight smile. "I'm sure Kerisa knows why Grey knows about my bedroom activities. Don't you, Keri?" he suddenly called.

A scuffle and a muffled "Yes!" indicated that Kerisa had been subtly eavesdropping on our conversation.

"She can't resist listening in when sex is being talked about," Dréko said with a grin. "I'm sure she told Sandy at some point."

I nodded, my ears blushing. "Probably. They were -- are -- best friends for years. They'd probably share juicy stuff all the time."

"Oh, indeed." Dréko winked at me and tapped the side of his nose. "And not just verbally, either. The day after she moved in here she went over to visit Sandy -- apparently they hadn't seen each other in years -- and came back the next day with that 'I've just been laid!' glow about her."

My ears turned an even darker shade of pink. I hadn't heard that story before. "I'll have to ask Sandy about that; you've got my curiosity piqued now."

"You're welcome," Dréko responded with a grin. "'d like some pointers on how to prepare for anal sex, I take it. And perhaps a bit more?"

I nodded mutely, looking down into my teacup. At that moment I couldn't look him in the eyes and say 'Yes'.

"Well, I think I can help you out. I have some materials that you might find useful. Come with me." Dréko got up, and I followed, sipping from my tea as I went. "Don't mind the mess," he said as he went down the hallway and opened a door. "I'm usually fairly neat, but sometimes things get a little disorganised."

When I walked into the room I saw immediately that this was a room that was inhabited by a male. A few magazines of the adult persuasion were strewn over the floor; a big pump bottle of lube was lying on its side beside the mattress, upon which the blankets were lying in a tangled heap; and a few empty Coke bottles were scattered over the floor. "So I see," I murmured, glancing down curiously at the magazines. I bent down to pick one up, putting the teacup aside on a dresser, and leafed through it while Dréko was rummaging through a bookcase, muttering to himself.

I had never really looked at pornographic publications before, so I was somewhat unprepared for what I saw as I perused the magazine. This one started off tame enough, showing a pair of wolf morphs in what looked like a locker room posing for the camera, then they gradually got more explicit. In three pages they progressed from just showing off their muscles and manly figures to one getting his tailhole pounded by the other. The final page showed a stream of cum firing out of the wolf being fucked, then a close-up photo of his well-stretched anus leaking dribbles of semen.

I was unaware of how aroused I'd got until Dréko turned around with a few books and pamphlets in his hands. "Ah, found them. These should help you...." He trailed off, his gaze drawn to somewhere on the floor underneath me. "Uh...River? You're, um, showing." He made a small pointing gesture at my undercarriage.

A few seconds passed before I fully comprehended what Dréko had just said. I tore my gaze away from the magazine to stare at him, then quickly looked underneath myself. I froze when I saw the thick rod of pink that was waving around beneath my belly, then did the first thing that came to mind: I dropped to the floor, hiding my raging erection from view. My ears felt as if they were being seared by a grill from sheer embarrassment. I kept hold of the magazine, however, and when I lowered my gaze again to avoid having to look at Dréko my eyes fixed on that oddly tantalising sight of a cum-filled tailhole. I threw the magazine away in a random direction, wishing that I could just sink into the floor to hide, and buried my face in my hands.

Total silence filled the room, gaining a sense of oppressiveness that seemed to make the air thick and heavy. Eventually it was broken by Dréko clearing his throat. "I'll just go wait in the kitchen," he said, slowly moving past me. His voice showed a trace of embarrassment as well. "Come out when you feel ready." I felt his hand gently pat me on the shoulder, then he left. I heard him speaking in a low murmur to Kerisa, then silence.

"May I come in?" Kerisa's voice was coming from the doorway. I lifted my head to look at her, and nodded slowly.

She padded in, and lay down beside me, putting an arm around me in a gentle hug. "S'okay, River. It happens. At least it was in the privacy of a bedroom, and not in public, right?"

I nodded again. "Yeah, I guess. But...gods, I feel...angry, embarrassed, nervous, not to mention horny. I just had to pick up that magazine. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but in this case it made hir aroused."

"That's not such a bad thing, really." The vixentaur looked around the room at the magazines scattered around. "Which one were you looking at?"

"Uh...I don't know. That one over there," I said, pointing in the direction I'd thrown the thing.

"Hot Males, Hotter Action? Cheesy title." Kerisa came back with the magazine, flicking through it briefly. "Mmm. I can see why this had an effect on you. These guys are hot!"

I chuckled weakly. "A bit. It wasn't really them that caught my attention though. It was more what they were doing. I've, um, never looked at porn before. At least, not such explicit porn. I'd only browsed a little softcore until now."

Kerisa nodded. "You got in at the shallow end then. I fell in the deep end when I found my mother's stash of Buff Wuffs, Cocks of the World and Whiplash. I was just starting to go into puberty then, and seeing all these males showing off their dicks, jacking off, fucking, spraying cum everywhere... Well, I soon learned the joys of masturbation, put it that way." She grinned wryly.

"You're not helping my erection, you know!" I protested, though I giggled at what Keri had said.

"I could help it go away," Kerisa murmured, turning to look at me. "If you feel you can trust me. I know how shy you are, so I certainly won't push you. I'm just offering to help you." She waved a hand to gesture at all the porn lying on the floor. "Staying in this room probably won't help you either; everywhere you look there's something to arouse you."

I didn't have to look to see that she was probably right. I'd be in Dréko's room for a long time unless I managed to turn my mind to things that wouldn't further arouse me, which was pretty difficult, as all I could see with my mind's eye was what I'd just seen in the magazine. Or...I could accept Kerisa's offer. "So...what are you proposing, exactly?" I asked her.

The vixentaur smiled and licked my nose. "Just a blowjob is all. Nothing too heavy."

"Hmm." I thought back over the last few times Sandy and I had been intimate, and realised that we hadn't done much in the way of oral sex; we enjoyed mounting each other far too much to spend time pleasuring each other's maleness. It'd be a pretty big thing for me, getting into intimate with someone else other than Sandy and hir sister, but...damnit, I was a chakat! Being able to share pleasure with others was built into us, so why shouldn't I share it now? I was already out on a limb having come this far, so why not step out onto it a bit further? "Okay," I replied, smiling and licking Kerisa's nose back. "Why not?"

Kerisa grinned back. "Great! Lemme just close the door." She got to her feet and moved over to close the door with a quiet click before coming back to me. "I'm sure Dréko will have some curiosity over why the door's shut, but that's his problem. Now, roll over, hon. Let's see that cock of yours."

I blushed at her forwardness, but I did as she asked, feeling a thrill run through me as I exposed myself to her. "I think you're the first aside from Sandy and Grey to see my cock, you know," I murmured, glancing down to see her reaction.

"Really? I guess I feel a little special for being only your third then," Kerisa said. Her eyes roamed up and down my body slowly, eventually fixing upon my maleness. "About nine inches or so?"

"Yeah, something like that. I haven't really had occasion to measure it," I replied with a little giggle. "Sandy and I were usually too eager to get into each other to stop to do so."

The vixentaur mmmed and nodded, lightly stroking the tip of a claw up the underside from base to tip. It wasn't much, but it was enough to make me quiver and murr. "Nine inches, eh? Mrrr...this'd feel great inside me," she said, partially under her breath. She lifted her head and grinned widely at me. "Not that I'm suggesting that you mount me, of course."

"Kerisa!" I blushed again, and I swear my cock throbbed harder. "You're not helping!"

"Hehehe, sorry. I'll get right on it." The vixentaur encircled my member with her gentle fingers, squeezing it lightly at the base before she swept her hair out of the way and lowered her muzzle to my cock.

I could feel her warm breath blowing gently over my glans, then the tip of her tongue as she flicked it across the sensitive flesh. Once, twice, three times. Then she lifted her head again and grimaced. "You know how bad that pun was?" she muttered. "Not intentional, I assure you."

Another giggle escaped me when what she had said sank in. "Oh, don't worry about it. Just do what you were doing just now. It felt great," I replied, batting her lightly on the head with a handpaw.


"Right," I said, lowering my head again over River's pulsing shaft. Before I touched it with my tongue once more I gently sniffed at it. Almost immediately I felt the heady rush of arousal as hir musky male scent assaulted my senses. It was...difficult to describe what I felt, but I thought it was one of the most delicious scents I'd ever smelled before, suffused with that distinct masculine aroma.

I sniffed again, holding the scent as long as I could before I released it slowly. Damnit; now I was starting to get aroused. I briefly wondered what shi'd say if I suddenly straddled hir and impaled myself on hir cock, but I thrust the thought out of my mind and went back to concentrating on orally pleasuring hir.

My tongue swirled over the soft surface of hir glans, slowly, sensually. I slowly moved my hand up and down about an inch or so over the base of hir shaft as I worked on the top. Gently I slipped my lips down over hir glans to engulf it, my tongue working over it as I lowered my muzzle further down.

I began to moan softly as I bobbed my head up and down, twisting my neck as I did so to vary the sensations River would be feeling. I looked up briefly to see how River was reacting, and was pleased to see that shi seemed to be enjoying it. Hir handpaws' claws were extended and were digging into the carpet, rhythmically kneading it. Hir eyes were closed, and shi was purring loudly.

It had been a long time -- several months, probably -- since I'd last indulged in cock-sucking, but I made the experience last, instead of showing how eager I was to taste hir semen by going too quickly. On the other hand, I thought it more prudent if I could bring hir off sooner, rather than later, so that shi could get home.

From the copious amounts of precum leaking into my mouth I guessed that River would be one of those people who could seemingly ejaculate in bucketloads. Hir pre tasted sort of bitter, with a slightly sugary undertone; it wasn't unpleasant, and I savoured the flavour of it as my mouth filled up.

River's purring increased in volume, before shi began to make soft mewling moans, bucking hir lower hips up to thrust hir member deep into my suckling muzzle. Hir breathing devolved into short pants, and hir claws made slight tearing noises as shi dug them into the carpet. Knowing shi was close to climax, I increased my efforts, pursing my lips tightly on the upward pull of my head, sliding my tongue around hir glans and wiggling the tip over the very end.

I was startled by a sudden yowl from River's throat, but before I instinctively pulled my head up in surprise hir cock began to pulse strongly. My mouth was suddenly flooded with a series of huge spurts of cum, very thick and gooey and bittersweet in its taste. I barely had a chance to enjoy it before I had to gulp it down to ready my mouth for more. The stuff oozed down my throat, feeling almost like warm yoghurt as I forced it down.

The squirts of semen came thick and fast for a few seconds, slowing down as hir orgasm ebbed. It took nearly thirty seconds for River's cock to stop spurting, but I kept going, stripping every drop I could out of it, causing the chakat to writhe a little as shi tried to deal with the strong sensations from hir now overly sensitive cock. I slowed down my sucking, gently easing my lips up and down hir shaft, then leaving it alone with a soft kiss to the glans. I licked my lips, then moved up to softly press them against River's, stroking hir hair back from hir face. "There you go," I murmured with a smile. "Feel better now?"

River opened her eyes and looked into mine. "Yes, I do. Thank you," shi purred. Shi reached around my upper body with hir arms and pulled me close to give me a deeper, more tongue-filled kiss. "Mmm, so that's what I taste like," shi mused aloud when she released me.

I stared at hir, surprised by hir boldness. "That was...unexpected," I eventually said. "Definitely not something I would have expected from you."

The chakat chuckled. "I had an attractive vixen leaning over me; I couldn't resist." She smiled a little sheepishly, and began to roll over to get to hir feet. "I'm not usually so forward, but...I guess being close to my male peak is affecting me a bit. I've been horny all day, no thanks to Sandy. If I hadn't told her that shi'd be late for class shi would have mounted me in the kitchen."

"That sounds like hir," I commented with a big grin. "One of the horniest chakats I know."

"Sometimes." River moved over to the door and opened it, after making sure that hir erection had disappeared. "I wonder what shi'd do if I dragged hir into the bedroom and mounted hir without a by-your-leave."

"Enjoy it, probably," I suggested, following River out of the room. "I know that shi's sometimes wanted someone to be more dominant over hir."

Dréko was waiting for us in the kitchen. "Crisis averted?" he murmured, still looking slightly embarrassed. It was a rare sight to see him so flustered.

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks," River replied, giving him a smile. "I feel much better now. Sandy's partly to blame; shi left me all worked up this morning."

"Poor thing. I hope you get your own back. Perhaps tonight, eh?" Dréko waved with a hand at the reading material he'd collected from his bookshelf. "These should help you toward that end."

River glanced briefly at the books and pamphlets on the table before collecting them into a tidy pile. "Thanks. I'll look at them when I get home...and not before!" shi added with a grin. "The last thing I need is a stiffy on the way home. In you have a paper bag or something I could put these in?"

"Um...I think so." I went to a drawer and opened it, rummaging through it until I pulled ouit a rumpled brown paper bag with a picture of a mushroom on it. "This'll do," I said, handing it over to River. "I knew these bags'd come in handy sometime."

"Thanks." River quickly slipped the pile into the bag and folded the top down several times. "I guess I should get going; the free bus transfer runs out in a few minutes." Shi stepped forward and gave me a tight hug. "Thanks for the, um, help," shi said, hir inner ears going pink. Shi stepped back, looked at Dréko for a few seconds, then went to hug him as well. "And thank you for...well, talking with me, the tea and...the stuff you gave me to read."

The wolftaur just smiled and patted River on the back before shi broke the hug. "You're welcome, River. It was lovely to see you again, and I'm glad that I could help you out." He winked at hir then added, "Feel free to let us know how it goes."

"Oh, I will! I think." River blushed again. "If Sandy doesn't beat me to it," shi added, smiling at me. "Anyway, I'd better go." Shi turned to leave the kitchen and head for the front door. We followed hir, Dréko slipping past hir to open the door. "Thanks," shi murmured as shi stepped through it onto the front porch.

The weather was starting to turn foul again; occasional drops of rain spattered onto the bottom steps as the clouds above gradually darkened and banded together as if to intimidate the city below. "You'd better hurry, River," I said, stepping out to get a better look at the sky. "It'll piss down any minute."

"I noticed," River replied wryly, flashing me a grin over hir shoulder. "A little rain never hurt anyone, though. Just makes us furred types smell a bit off. Anyway, I'll see you...whenever. Catch ya!" With that shi padded carefully down the steps and strolled quickly down the path. Shi waved when shi got to the street, then disappeared from sight.

Dréko turned to me and raised an eyeridge. " I get to hear any juicy details?" he asked as he closed the door.

"Nah. Just sucked hir off. sugar, but with a slight bitter flavour." I shrugged. "To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind doing it again. I don't get enough opportunities to suck cock."

The wolftaur smirked and snickered. "If you got me drunk, you might possibly get mine. No guarantees, though."

I poked my tongue out at him. "Tease. Anyway, back to the grind. Got that blasted test to study for." I sighed theatrically and leaned against the wall with a hand pressed to my forehead.

"Pfft! Drama queen. You'll do fine, miss '70-percent-or-over,'" Dréko said, waving a hand in dismissal. "Just remember that most of the answers are 'B' in multichoice sections."

"Really? I'll keep that in mind." I dropped the dramatic pose and headed for my room. "See you in a bit, Drake."

"Sure thing. Lunch'll be in an hour and a half or so. Making scones again."

"Ooh, great! Extra cheese, this time, please?"

Dréko grinned and nodded. "Very well. I've even got some more jam to put on them."

I grinned back and nodded. "Cool. See you then." I disappeared into my room and closed the door, before flumping down onto my mattress and stretching out. I lay there for a few minutes, licking around my teeth and gums to make sure that I'd fully savoured River's cum. "Shi's getting there," I murmured to the ceiling, with a smile. "Definitely improving."


I wanted nothing more than to just lie down and rest when I trudged through the door after getting home. River greeted me with a cup of chai tea and an enigmatic look on hir face, which I didn't bother to question. When shi had that look on hir face shi'd take hir own sweet time in telling me what shi was hiding.

"How was your day?" shi asked me, settling down on the other couch with another cup of tea.

" could've been better," I muttered into my cup before sipping from it, savouring the warmth. "Nearly got run over twice; failed a test by just two marks, so I have to retake it; and then I didn't have enough money for the bus, so I had to walk home...." I trailed off into a long sigh and took a swig from my mug. "What about you?"

" wasn't too bad," River replied, sounding somewhat evasive. "I had an interesting morning, to say the least."

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at hir, seeing a bit of a twinkle in hir eyes. "You're up to something, aren't you?"

"Maaaaybe?" River lifted hir mug to hir lip and drank slowly for a few seconds before saying more. "Did you have any plans for tonight?"

I looked up at the ceiling while I thought. "No...short of having dinner and perhaps doing a bit of revision for the test resit. Why?"

"Mmm, I was thinking...about what we were talking about last night." A slight reddening of River's ears was about the only way to tell that shi was feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed about what shi wanted to say. "And I decided that I'd like to, uh, try that with you."

A long pause followed, the only sounds in the room our breathing and a branch tapping on a window as the wind gusted. I was a bit surprised, but I hid my expression in my mug. "Really?" I managed to say with a fairly neutral vocal tone. "What know, the 'extras'? Romantic dinner and the like?"

"Ah, I'd forgotten about those. Well, they're not really needed, are they? Just you and me...and lots of lube," shi added with a slight grin.

"Of which we have plenty. And I think we still have some latex gloves in the bathroom from that hair-dye experiment."

River nodded. "So...after dinner, then?"

I nodded. "Suits me fine. Do you know when Grey will be home?"

"Uh, shi left a note on the fridge saying that shi'd be out until about 9 or so. Something about having to do some research." Shi glanced up at the clock on the wall. That gives us about four hours or so."

"Mmm. How about we just order out for pizza, and see what happens afterwards?" I suggested. "I really don't feel in the mood for spending time cooking anything, not to mention that it'll take a lot of time."

River nodded in agreement. "Works for me. Same as usual, then?" shi asked as shi got up to fetch the phone.

"Yeah. Extra pineapple, this time."

I stretched out on the couch and continued to sip my drink while River called in an order for four pizzas -- we could almost always finish off two pizzas each if we were particularly hungry. When shi'd finished shi hung up and came back into the lounge, coming over to my couch and parking hirself beside it. Shi leaned closer and draped an arm around my neck, and I leaned a little against it, starting to purr. "You know...I admit to being a bit nervous."

"You're not the only one -- if anything, I'm more nervous than you. You wouldn't believe what I did this morning to get myself this far."

That piqued my curiosity. "Oh really? And what was it that you did this morning after I left you all horny?"

River batted me on the head with hir free hand. "That was mean of you. I had to go take care of it myself. Anyway...I went over to visit Dréko and Kerisa for some...advice."

"Advice? On what?" The words had left my lips before my brain had a chance to give me the most obvious answer.

"Sex," was River's brusque reply. "We had a cup of tea, and I said that you were interested in trying anal...and he gave me some reading material to browse. Also, um...." Shi trailed off, looking quite embarrassed. Hir ears were almost the same shade as hir fur. "Kerisa, um...also gave me a blowjob."

If my eyebrows had shot up any faster they would probably have reached escape velocity. "Really?" I said, trying not to sound as if I was hanging onto hir every word -- even though I was. Curiosity compelled me.

Shi nodded. "Yeah. Dréko invited me into his room, and while he was searching his shelves for things for me to read, I picked up one of his, uh, porn magazines. I, uh, got a hard-on, and...Kerisa offered to take care of it for me."

I let that sink in for a bit before replying. "So how was it, being blown by someone that wasn't me?" I just couldn't hide the curiosity in my voice.

River grinned widely, batting my head again. "You're incorrigible, you know that? felt really good. Almost the same, yet different. She enjoyed it as much as I did, I think. She even said that my cock would feel good inside her."

"I see. Well, perhaps she might just find out for herself sometime, hmm?" I replied with a grin and a wink. "Would make for an interesting threesome."

"Stop that! You're just getting me all horny again. Wait until after dinner first!" River protested laughingly. "Which should be here in about ten minutes if they've got their skates on. You'll have to pay for the pizzas if you give me an erection."

"Too late!" I reached down between River's front legs and grasped the half grown length of pink that was jutting out from hir sheath and gave it a squeeze. "You're halfway there already!"

River poked hir tongue out, and got me into a headlock before I could react. A moment later I felt hir knuckles running rapidly through my hair in a 'noogie'. "Okay, okay! I'll pay!" I protested laughingly, trying to bat hir away. Once shi'd released me I added, "Though I think you should answer the door with a full hard-on, and see what the guy says."

" think so?" River said, narrowing hir eyes as shi pondered that, rubbing a finger over hir lips. "I'd probably chicken out, though."

"Oh, do something daring for once!" I urged hir, giving hir rump a light slap.

"You think getting a blowjob by a female in a gay male's room isn't daring enough? Look at it from my point of view. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed in my life," River muttered, rubbing at hir butt where I'd slapped it.

I nodded, and slunk an arm around hir upper body, hugging hir close. "Fair enough. The day you go do something daring, such as bungee jumping off the Sky Tower, is the day I'll...."

"Get double-teamed?" River said after a moment's pause, grinning at me. "I have to admit, that would be pretty hot."

I snickered with an answering grin. "Mmm, definitely. Maybe some day...but not today," I replied, moving my muzzle closer to River's ear and licking lightly at it, sliding along the edge and just inside.

River mrred quietly, shifting hir head closer so that my tongue slipped a little deeper inside. "Mmmm, that feels so good," shi murmured quietly, a smile curving hir lips. "You certainly know how to push my buttons."

"Mmhmm," I murmured as I continued licking around River's ear. I moved around to lick over hir cheek, then hir lips, which shi parted to let my tongue slip inside. We both started purring loudly as we kissed deeply, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. Our hands were roaming over the other's upper body, caressing breasts, teasing nipples.

"We should stop. The pizza will be here shortly," River said after a few breathless seconds. "Don't want to scare the delivery man." Shi pulled away from me, though it was done reluctantly. As shi did I could plainly see hir erection, at full strength and bobbing with hir heartbeats. After a few moments I realised that I was sporting a hard-on as well.

"True...but I don't think either of us are going to be rid of our horniness before it arrives," I pointed out. "I could quite happily bang you right here in the kitchen, to be frank."

River smirked. "You never were particularly subtle, hon." Then hir expression changed suddenly to a look of shock. "Oh, crap! He's here!"

"Oh, don't worry about it. He's probably seen lots of erections before," I said, waving a hand flippantly. "I'll pay for it, if you get my wallet."

"Yeah, but probably not right in front of him!" River protested, before shi turned to leave the kitchen. "On the dresser?"

"Yup!" I called after hir as I went to the door, just as the person on the other side knocked firmly upon the glass pane. I put my hand on the handle, tried to shift my thoughts away from sex, then opened the door.

The canine standing on the doorstep, a Golden Retriever morph, looked down at his order pad. "Uh...two Hawaiians, one mushroom and one extra cheese? For...Deepriver?" he said, glancing up at me. He blinked quickly, and tilted his head as if to peer beneath me.

"Yes, I have a boner," I said bluntly as he opened his mouth to say something. "Money's coming shortly."

"I, uh, hope I wasn't interrupting anything?" he asked. He seemed sort of disappointed, and definitely somewhat embarrassed.

I grinned at his discomfort. "Not really; we were only just getting started. The real action will be coming later."

"Uh...right," he eventually replied, looking down at the pizza carrier in his hands and opening it. "Well, here's your pizza." He started taking the pizzas out of the carrier and handing them to me.

"And here's the money," came River's voice from behind me. Shi pushed in beside me and extended the payment toward the canine. "Forty-eight dollars fifty."

The canine took the money, checked it quickly then nodded. "Cool. I'll be off then. Enjoy your, er, meal." He then turned quickly and trotted off down the path.

"I bet he'll have something to tell his mates," I said as I closed the door, trying to keep the pizza boxes in the other arm from falling to the floor. "The look on his face when I said 'yes, I have a boner' was priceless."

River sighed good-naturedly. "You're incorrigible," shi said teasingly, taking the top two boxes from me and heading out to the lounge. I lagged behind a moment, watching the sway of hir rear hips and the flick of hir tail, and smiled to myself.

As we ate we watched TV -- some programme about life in the jungle was on that seemed quite interesting. We ate on the floor, leaning comfortably against each other. River finished first, as usual; I liked to savour my food a little more, particularly if it was a good meal. Afterwards we just cuddled, purring quietly as we let the food start digesting.

After some time, during which the nature programme finished and a crime one started, River turned hir head to look at me for a few seconds, before saying, "Shall we...?"

I nodded slowly, suddenly feeling nervous. The food in my belly felt like a leaden weight, and a vague sense of being sick came upon me. River must have picked up the slight empathic leakage, for shi smiled and gave me gentle kiss on the lips. "We don't have to, you know. We can just make love as usual."

"No, I do want to try it. It's just...well...fear of the unknown, I suppose. But as they say, there's a first time for everything."

"They also say first impressions last," River replied. Shi stroked a hand gently over my head and down my back.

"True, true." I sighed softly and lightly rubbed River's cheek. "Let's start off as usual, and see what happens, hmm?"

River nodded and kissed me again. "As you wish, love."


I could feel my Companion's apprehension; to me, it felt like a light pulsing of grey-purple waves of tension pushing at me. My own empathic projection sense was weaker than that of Sandy's, but I tried to ease hir apprehension by sending out my own waves of pale yellow assurance. If I'd been in hir place, I probably would have felt even more nervous. I privately thought to myself that if shi was brave enough to try something so intensely personal, then I would do it too, if only to show that I admired and respected hir choices.

We got up from the floor, and we both padded out of the lounge and up the hallway to our bedroom. "I'll just go to the bathroom first," Sandy said as I was about to enter our room.

I nodded. "I'll be waiting," I said with a smile. I watched hir go up the hallway to the bathroom, before I slipped into our room and went over to the dresser beside the bed. From within the top drawer I pulled out a large tube of lubricant, and a box of condoms; I might be willing to mount my love anally, but not quite willing to get myself dirty in the process. Having put them close to hand, I then stretched out on my backs, with my hind legs spread slightly and my hands upon my breasts in a slightly seductive fashion.

I heard the toilet flush, then the water running, and a few seconds later Sandy appeared in the doorway. Shi closed the door behind hir before shi came over to the bed; we often had the door open, even when Grey was home, but sometimes we wanted a little more privacy. Shi looked me up and down and smiled widely. "You look great, love," shi commented, moving onto the bed and slipping hirself over me, gently easing hir weight down a little.

"Thank you," I murmured, wrapping all of my limbs around hir. "You're pretty attractive yourself." I gazed into hir eyes and bent my head up to press my lips against hirs. Our lips parted, and our tongues slipped through to play with each other, lightly caressing. My hands stroked down Sandy's upper back, my handpaws and rear paws doing the same for hir lower body; the claws scritched lightly through hir smooth tabby fur.

Our kiss became deeper, more loving; hir tongue slid over my teeth, exploring them, then it would pull back to let mine do the same to hirs. I moaned softly as shi suckled on my tongue, forming a counterpoint to hir low purring. Our bodies began to move a little, grinding against each other. I could feel hir maleness start to emerge, digging into my lower belly and smearing precum through the fur. My own responded, rubbing along hir member as it grew until we were both fully aroused.

We were both purring now as we enjoyed our initial intimacies. I could feel my belly fur getting quite damp as we both leaked pre. During a break in our kissing I nuzzled Sandy and murmured, "Roll off me hon, and onto your back."

Sandy did so, stretching out comfortably, hir pink cock throbbing gently against the backdrop of hir grey belly fur. I then rolled over and got into a low crouch. I looked Sandy up and down, settling my gaze upon hir member, then moved myself to take the head of it into my mouth. A soft moan escaped hir throat as my lips slid down the firm length. I caressed it with my tongue as I bobbed my head, gradually sliding more of hir cock into my muzzle until the whole thing pulsed against my tongue. Hir pre was musky and slightly bitter, but I enjoyed giving my Companion such pleasure; shi particularly enjoyed male pleasures, even at the height of hir female phase.

I scraped my teeth very gently over the sensitive flesh as I slipped my mouth up and down hir shaft; shi began to buck hir lower hips, thrusting into my muzzle. I paused in my bobbing, and just let hir thrust, while kneading lightly at either side of hir sheath. Hir pre was starting to flow more copiously, and I savoured the slight gooeyness of it before I swallowed it. I resumed suckling on hir shaft, and together we worked hir toward climax.

I could feel the waves of increasing pleasure being projected by Sandy, rich hues of orange enveloping my mind, as shi approached hir peak. However, just before shi climaxed I slipped my mouth off hir cock, leaving it throbbing strongly, and hir aching for release. Shi opened hir eyes, staring down at me. "Why'd you stop?" shi asked, panting hard. Hir vocal tone was almost desperate.

"Because, my dearest Companion, I want to save it for later," I replied with a little smile. I then lowered my head again, but this time I aimed a bit lower. The tip of my tongue traced the edges of Sandy's labia, circling around and finishing with a light flick over hir clit.

Sandy jerked sharply, bucking up against my muzzle. "Mmmf! Eat me out, love," Sandy urged, stroking hir handpaws through my raven tresses and pulling my muzzle more tightly against hir pussy.

I was happy to oblige hir, slipping my tongue into hir tunnel, lapping at the musky, slightly fishy-tasting nectar seeping from it. I spread hir labia apart with my thumbs, allowing me lick up and down hir slit more easily. Now and then I flicked hir clit, or nibbled on it, which really drove hir wild. Hir tail swished back and forth beneath me, rubbing against my breasts.

When I felt that Sandy was close to climaxing I ceased my oral pleasuring, leaving hir hanging again. "River!" shi whined, lashing hir tail.

I didn't answer hir, instead slipping my body atop hirs and mounting hir, missionary style. My throbbing erection found hir entrance, and with a soft sigh I eased myself into hir tunnel. I felt hir pussy stretching to accommodate my girth, comfortably gripping it with its silky walls.

Once hilted, we lay together, me atop Sandy, belly to belly. Hir cock pulsed between our bodies, still leaking. My lips pressed to hirs again, and for a few seconds we engaged our tongues again, before I pulled my hips back slightly, and thrust forward, beginning the movements that would ultimately lead to our peaks.

Usually our lovemaking sessions didn't involve too much of our empathic talents, though sometimes Sandy would enhance it by projecting a sense of what shi was feeling as we moved together. This time, however, I was going to use every bit of talent I had to help hir enjoy it, particularly when we moved onto the new stuff.

As I thrust into my Companion's body I held my own against hirs, our breasts cushioning each other's. Our tongues intertwined as we moved, hir lower body moving up to meet mine as I drove into hir, over and over. I could sense the joy and pleasure shi was feeling as I made love to hir, warm fuzzy hues of red, orange and yellow mixing together in my mind.

After a few minutes of gentle thrusting I gave Sandy another kiss on the lips, then slowly pulled out of hir, leaving hir stretched out and panting. I smiled up at hir, then lowered my muzzle to hir pussy again. Hir juices were flowing copiously; I used my tongue to great effect as I lapped at them, moving to hir clit to nibble on it before switching back.

Between my licking and nibbling, and a little empathic massage, Sandy soon reached hir peak. Hir yowl of intense pleasure echoed off the walls as shi came, hir tail lashing back and forth and hir pussy spurting a small amount of juice, which dribbled down over hir virgin anus, making it glisten in the light.

I pulled back to watch Sandy ride hir climax out, purring loudly at having made hir come. Shi eventually came down from hir sexual high, panting hard and looking somewhat limp. "You really know how to treat a girl, don't you?" shi asked, grinning at me weakly.

"Mmhmm. All the better to butter you up for the main course," I replied, stroking my finger over hir tailhole, gently easing the top of my index finger against it. Shi tensed up a little, then relaxed. "Still want to try it, love?"

Sandwalker looked at me, uncertainty showing in hir face. After a few seconds shi nodded. "I do."

"Grab a condom from that box, and put it on me, then," I replied. "Then slather lots of lube over it."

"Of course," Sandy said with a chuckle, rolling over to extract a condom from the box. As shi removed it from its wrapping I moved closer, positioning myself for easier application. Shi took a few seconds to figure out which way the thing was supposed to go, then shi slipped it onto my still throbbing erection, rolling it right down until it ended just above my sheath. Then shi reached for the lube, squeezed a very generous amount of lube into hir other hand and started spreading it all over my cock, making me wince from the coldness of it.

After wiping hir hands on the towel (which I'd remembered to replace), Sandy rolled over and got into the usual position for being mounted, flicking hir tail to and fro nervously. Once again I was feeling that grey-purple leaking from hir, and I tried to counteract it with my assurance. "Okay...I think I'm ready, love." Shi slowly moved hir tail to the side, revealing hirself to me.

I nodded, and took a deep breath. This would be a first for both of us, so I was starting to feel a bit nervous myself. I looked Sandy up and down, gazed into hir eyes, then made the move. I straddled my Companion's lower body carefully, and when I was nearly draped completely over hir I lowered myself, creeping forward until I felt the head of my cock start to slip into hir pussy. Having found that, I pushed myself up a little, so that I then found hir anus, at which point Sandy flinched slightly when shi felt the cold lube rubbing against it. "Easy does it," I murmured, pressing forward very gently, but just enough to apply pressure to hir pucker.

Sandy's anal sphincter resisted my attempted intrusion for a few seconds before the insistent pressure and the lube gradually weakened it. Gradually the head of my cock pushed through the tight ring of muscle, until it was lodged just inside. I could feel it tensing tightly, squeezing my glans like a vise. Sandy's discomfort was like a dark grey mist to me, and I cuddled hir gently, nibbling at hir ears while I tried to project the sensations that I was feeling. I knew it could be done, but I wasn't sure if I could do it. "How's it feel?" I murmured softly.

"Painful," shi muttered, trying to calm hir breathing and not grit hir teeth. "But keep going. I want it in me, love."

I nodded slowly, and continued very slowly easing my thick cock into my Companion's virgin tailhole, watching Sandy's reaction to see how shi was dealing with it. The grey mist deepened, accompanied by a low groan from hir throat. "Aaaahhh," shi breathed, hir eyes clenched tightly as hir rump was inexorably penetrated.

Finally I was fully inside my love, all nine inches of my shaft hidden within hir rectum. "I'm all the way inside, hon," I said softly, licking inside Sandy's left ear. "Are you okay?"

A long pause followed before shi replied. "Yeah, I think so. It hurts like crazy, though. Your cock seems bigger that it does when it's in the regular hole."

I stayed still, still projecting as much as I could the strong, pleasurable sensation of my cock being massaged by hir rectal muscles. "And this hole feels much's different, but it still feels good. Can you feel what I'm feeling, love?"

"A little. It's...quite weak, though. I can feel your cock in me, and yet...I have a vague feeling that it's me that's mounting you. That part feels nice," Sandy replied thoughtfully. Shi pressed hir upper back against my chest, starting to purr very quietly, though shi was still very tense. "Just...go slowly, okay?"


I stared at the wall as River began to push hir cock against my unsullied tailhole. After a few seconds I started to have my doubts about being able to do this, but by the time I had that thought it was too late; I could feel my anus stretching wide to admit River's penis, which felt a great deal bigger than it usually did.

Despite the pain I was feeling, I still wanted River's maleness deep inside me, and I told hir so. I couldn't help but let a groan escape my throat as shi slowly but firmly eased hir length into my rump. Though I tried to keep a cap on my mental broadcasting, I knew some of my discomfort was being felt by River, but shi gamely stuck with it, until shi told me that shi was fully inside me.

I purred quietly, leaning back against River's chest, feeling hir bosom pressing against my back. "Just go slowly, okay?" I murmured. My butt felt as if it was on fire, and I could feel hir cock throbbing strongly with hir heartbeats. Aside from the pain, that kind of felt good.

"I will," River replied, licking at my ears. Shi slipped hir arms around me and lightly caressed my breasts, rubbing over the nipples with hir index fingers, while shi purred into my right ear. The pain in my rump faded a little as I got used to being so incredibly stretched, and I began to purr as well.

As if sensing that I was ready, River gently pulled back slightly, sparking another jolt of pain and a sharp intake of breath. Shi hesitated for a few seconds, then pushed back in again, moving only a little of hir member in and out of me. "Is that okay, love?" shi asked me quietly, hir voice tinged strongly with concern. "I can feel how much it's hurting you."

"I'm okay," I said in response, nodding slowly. "It'll just take a little while to get used to it, that's all. So I've been told."

River nodded, and licked around the edge of my right ear, sliding hir tongue deeper while continuing to purr. I loved having my ears licked; it was virtually guaranteed to make me very horny very quickly. I gasped and moaned in pleasure, which somewhat overrode the signals my stretched tailhole was sending. "Mmmm, so good," I drawled in a low voice.

Taking heart from that, River took the opportunity to start working more of hir cock in and out of my tailhole, about half of it as far as I could tell. It still hurt a lot, but the liberal coating of lube helped to ameliorate the intensity of it. As my Companion moved hir hips to drive hir latex-clad member in and out of me, shi swirled hir tongue around and into my ear, purring pleasantly.

After a couple minutes, I was pleased to find that my rump was feeling only just a little uncomfortable; it was starting to feel quite good, actually. It was still a weird sensation, but it was no longer as painful as it was. I smiled and turned my head to look at River out of the corner of my eye, projecting some of the pleasure I was feeling to hir. "How's it feel for you, hon?"

River smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Now that you're starting to enjoy it, I'm finding it very pleasurable." Shi kneaded my breasts firmly, lick-kissing up and down my cheek and neck, and increased the length of hir thrusts, putting more energy into them. I started to move with hir, pushing back as shi drove forward, pulling away as shi readied hirself for another thrust.

Suddenly I felt the tip of River's tail brushing against my pussy, penetrating it with the last few inches. The fur felt wonderful against my clit as shi rubbed hir tail over it, adding to my rising pleasure.

The wonderful thrills coming from my clit, along with the surprisingly pleasant sensations from my back end, the ear lickings and the sticky noises resulting from our very intimate union, brought me to a strong climax. I threw my head back, letting loose physical and mental cries of intense joy and ecstasy as I orgasmed. My pussy went into spasms, causing small amounts of musky nectar to squirt out over River's tail and dribble down onto the bed. The muscles of my anus and rectum also reacted to a smaller extent, clenching and relaxing to massage River's rapidly moving cock.

River's breathing grew more laboured and erratic, lasting a few seconds before shi gasped and gripped my upper body tightly, before I felt in my mind a small explosion of ruddy crimson as my Companion reached hir own peak. With my stretched tailhole I could feel every throb of River's penis as shi came, filling the condom with hir copious seed.

The moment seemed to last an eternity, yet was over too soon. We were left panting and basking in a warm afterglow, River's arms loosely held around me, both of us purring loudly. We didn't say anything for a while, and just enjoyed the close contact. Eventually River broke the silence. "Well. Was it as you'd expected?"

I thought for a few moments before I replied. "You know...I think it was. Rather more painful than I thought, but when it started feeling good...I liked it. You?"

"Different," River responded after a slight pause. "I enjoyed the tightness of it, and the...taboo nature of it was...a bit of a turn-on," shi admitted with a blush. "If you asked me to do it again, I probably wouldn't say no to it." Shi nuzzled at my left ear and gave it a gentle nibble, before giving a couple thrusts into my rump again. "We'd better get cleaned up, love."

"Yeah, I suppose. If you'd be so kind as to get off me?"

River chuckled and nodded, pushing hirself up and back, gently easing out of my butt. "You'll have to get this thing off me," shi said, gesturing to the condom dangling from hir partially soft cock.

"Sure thing, hon," I replied, shuffling around to face hir and reaching for hir undercarriage. I slipped the fairly clean condom off River's shaft and tied it off, noticing as I did so that there was a sizeable load in the end of it. Next time, I thought, I'm gonna suck hir off. I then went off to the bathroom to wipe up and dispose of the evidence while River tidied the bed.

When I came back River was lying stretched out on the bed, on hir side and leaning on hir elbow. I lay down beside hir and snuggled up, nuzzling at hir neck. "Thank you for indulging me, love. I think that we should perhaps save that kind of intimacy for special occasions."

"Or when we're really horny," added River with a grin. Shi stroked my side and kissed me on the forehead. "If you enjoyed it so much, perhaps I might give it a go too. It's nice to spice up our love life with new things."

"It is, yes." I raised my head to look River in the eyes. "I'm so glad I met you," I said with a smile. "I don't think my life would be as complete without you."

River stroked a stray strand of hair back from my eyes. "Same here. I'd probably be still the wreck that I used to be if I hadn't met you."

"Well, you do seemed to have got more self-confidence. Your trip over to see Dréko was proof of that. I'm very proud of you, love." I leaned my head forward and firmly pressed my lips to hirs.

"Mrrr...don't get too amorous," River warned after the kiss was broken. "I might have to mount you again if you get me worked up."

"Would that be such a bad thing? Besides...I should be mounting you. But that can wait until we've had some rest." I lick-kissed River's cheek, and snuggled up.

River nodded and pulled the blankets up over us. "Sleep sounds good." Shi reached up to hit the switch above the bed to turn the light off, plunging the room into darkness, relieved only by the muted light of the street lamps shining through the curtains. "Goodnight, Sandy. Sleep well."

"You too, River. Ni-ni."