Around the World in 80 Yiffs: Chapter 6

Characters and Text © 2003, NeoDragonZero and Sandwalker

As he drifted through the air on silent wings, the half moon shining its heavenly light upon him, Zanth wondered, Where shall I go today? He liked flying at night; it was so peaceful, and when he was flying above water it shimmered at him as if in greeting. Nothing much could be seen below him in the darkness; only vague forms, silhouetted in shades of black, hinted at their identities. Might as well just let myself go where the wind takes me. There wasnít much of a breeze at the altitude he was at, but it was enough to propel him at a sedate pace. Smiling to himself, he closed his eyes and went to sleep, letting his subconscious mind take up the burden of making the minute wing adjustments to keep him aloft.

When dawn broke in a blaze of pink and orange glory, Zanth opened his eyes, yawned, and looked down to see where he was. Most of the surrounding land was jungle, peppered liberally with small lakes. If he squinted, he could just make out a coastline on the eastern horizon.

The dragon swooped down, until he was skimming low over the bushy treetops. Just under the rush of wind past his ears he could hear the animals of the jungle starting to wake up, though the predominant noises he could hear all belonged to birds.

He chose a lake at random and backwinged lightly to land in the shallows around its edges, for the trees crowded too closely for him to land safely on the shore. The water was pleasantly warm, despite the early hour, so Zanth waded into the middle of the lake, which was about fifty metres wide, until he was almost fully submerged. "Ahh, this is nice," he murmured, spreading his wings out and floating gently, his head only just above the surface.

"Hello! Who are you?"

Zanth spluttered as his head went under in his surprise. He raised it and looked around for the source of the small piping voice. "You tell me!" he replied.

"Silly! I canít tell you your name, because you havenít told me what it is yet!"

The voice seemed to be coming from his right. The dragon scrutinised the shore, trying to identify the voiceís owner. "Iím Zanth. What about you?"

"Thatís a nice name. My nameís Aleena." A head suddenly poked down out of a tree and stared at him, eyes wide and unblinking. Then a grin split the creatureís muzzle and it disappeared into the foliage again. A moment later something slipped down the tree and stood on the lakeís edge.

It appeared to be a weasel, or at least a close relation. It stood about five feet tall, and was well fleshed out, though its figure was slender. The fur was very dark brown, almost black, with a cream-coloured patch under its throat. The tail was nearly as long as the body was; the tip twitched to and fro as the creature stared curiously at Zanth with light brown eyes.

"Whatís a weasel doing in this neck of the woods?" Zanth blurted, his curiosity getting the better of him. "Arenít you a bit...well, lost?"

A happy laugh was his reply. "Oh, no! Iím not a weasel. Theyíre my cousins, and they live far to the north of here. Iím a tayra1."

"Um...I canít say Iíve heard of your species," Zanth admitted sheepishly. "Sorry for the confusion."

"Thatís okay," Aleena replied. "We tend to keep to ourselves here in the jungle." She smiled winsomely at him.

Zanth smiled back, bowing his head respectfully. "A pleasure to meet one such as yourself, Aleena," he said, wading closer for a better look at this new creature. As he got closer, he caught a light whiff of something familiar, but not quite. A moment later it came to him; what he was smelling was the unmistakable scent of female arousal. "Tell me," he said as he touched foot on the shore, "do you find me attractive?"

The tayra looked down at the ground and shuffled her feet. "Well," she murmured, glancing up briefly then gazing down again. "I guess so. I mean, youíre so much more interesting than the males of my species." She looked up and spread her hands. "You know what males are like; all they care for is just the occasional mating when our breeding season comes around. Trying to get a good fuck between seasons is like trying to get ice in the heat of summer."

It was all he could do to not snicker at the analogy. "Yes, I could imagine that would be quite frustrating," he sympathised. "Perhaps I might be able to help?" He sat up on his haunches, showing the tayra what he had. His sheath was thickening up, swelling in his arousal. He grinned at Aleenaís expression upon seeing his cock slowly emerging from its home; her pale golden eyes had widened, and she was staring in wonder.

In seconds it had reached its full length, and bobbed gently with his heartbeat, pointing at Aleena. "Well? What say I relieve you of some of your frustration, hmm?" he suggested, waggling an eyeridge comically.

Aleena chuckled nervously and nodded. "Iíve never seen such a big member before," she murmured, stepping closer and reaching out her hands to touch it. Her hands were gentle as they explored his cock, slipping up and down deliciously, sending little thrills of pleasure through him. "It feels so alive."

Zanth moaned softly, gently thrusting his cock through Aleenaís fingers. "Sometimes it even has a mind of its own," he murmured.

Suddenly a giggle from the trees caught his attention. He turned his head quickly, just in time to see a furry head disappear back into the foliage. "Some of your relatives?" he asked.

The tayra turned around and chittered in an exasperated tone. "Okay, you guys! Come out where we can see you, or go away." The leaves rustled for a few seconds, then a dozen or so more tayras slipped down out of the trees. They appeared to be somewhat younger than Aleena, and they were looking embarrassed at having been caught. One, however, was staring at Zanthís cock, mouth hanging open slightly, eyes glistening.

Noticing the hungry look, Aleena called it over. "Kalli, come over here. The rest of you, youíd might as well watch. Maybe youíll learn something." She continued stroking Zanthís member, moving over to the side so the young spectators could see better. "Now Kalli, I want you to rub your hands over his cock while I play with his balls," said Aleena, crouching down and taking the dragonís large orbs into her gentle hands. "Donít you dare shoot your load," she warned Zanth. "I want that cum where it belongs."

Zanth chuckled and nodded, moaning softly as the more tentative touch of the younger tayra caressed his organ. He scritched lightly behind Kalliís ears, eliciting a soft chirr from her throat. He let his gaze rove over their audience, and was amused to see that some of them were showing signs of arousal.

He inhaled sharply when he felt his balls being squeezed, and winced when Aleena gently nipped at them with her teeth. "Ohh, Aleena...that feels so good," he moaned. He looked down, and saw Kalliís blue eyes looking back. He leaned his head down and gave her a kiss, swiping his agile tongue over her head. "Kalli, would you please lick me?" he asked.

Kalli blinked and looked at the huge member in her hands, considering it. Then, with a smile, she nodded. "Okay." She bent down to her task, nuzzling Zanth's cockhead with her nose before rasping her tongue over the sensitive surface.

"Mmm," the dragon murmured, relaxing even further under the pleasurable onslaught. Already he could feel his climax rising up in him. "If you don't hurry up down there, I'm going to blow whether you like it or not," he warned.

Aleena popped out from beneath him, giving his balls a final squeeze. "I suppose you're right, but I was having so much fun." She chuckled and gave his thick member a squeeze, making Zanth gasp sharply. "Help me up then, so we can get on with the show. Kalli, I'm sure you can find something to do to make our lovemaking even better."

The dragon careful picked Aleena up, and with Kalli's help lowered her onto his cock. "Fuck! You're huge!" exclaimed the tayra, shuddering with pain and pleasure as her pussy was stretched far beyond what she thought was ever possible. As it was, Zanth's member barely fit halfway into her small body.

Zanth groaned loudly as his prick was engulfed by the incredible tightness of Aleena's pussy, giving a couple of spurts of precum deep inside her. "And you're so tight!" he growled in response. He lifted Aleena up until only the head of his cock was buried within her, then her lowered back down, gradually building up a nice rhythm.

After watching for a few seconds, Kalli started stroking the part of Zanth's maleness that wasn't sliding into her friend's cunt, squeezing it as Aleena slipped down and relaxing as she was lifted up. Moments later she found herself joined by one of the others, who started caressing his large furry balls and fingering his tailhole.

The dragon started fucking the tayra faster, his orgasm approaching quickly. "Ohh, yeah," he moaned, bending his head down and flicking his tongue over Aleena's hardened nipples. "Ride my cock, you sexy thing."

"Uh, uh, uh," was about all the tayra could manage to utter as she was pleasured beyond her wildest dreams. The cock pounding into her body was deliciously thick, and she could feel his precum dripping out around the tight seal of her cunny.

Kalli tentatively put her face up to the join between dragon and tayra and began licking the juices that were flowing in increasing amounts from between Aleena's legs. Finding the taste to her liking, she delved deeper, moving her head with her friend's movements up and down Zanth's cock. Suddenly she felt a hand slipping between her legs, and without missing a beat she spread her legs apart and let the intruder better access to her now dripping femininity.

It was all too much for the sexually overstimulated dragon. With a roar loud enough to shake fruit from the trees, had there been any, he pulled Aleena down as far as he could and released his massive load of draconic cream deep inside her, pumping her womb full of his seed.

The impaled tayra felt herself filling up with warm semen, squirting all the way up her body it seemed, until it started to spray out of her under high pressure, all over Kalli's young face. Screaming in delight, Aleena threw her head back and climaxed hard around Zanth's cock, squeezing it in a vise-like grip.

Surprised, Kalli let the white goo splatter over her, opening her mouth to catch some of it. It ran down her chin and dripped down her body onto the person below her, who stood up to share the bounty with her. She grinned when she realised it was her brother Theo, and gave him a cummy kiss on the lips. Seeing that he was sporting an erection, she grabbed hold of it and guided it to her wet pussy lips. Taking the hint, Theo thrust his member into his sister in one long stroke, making her groan in pleasure.

"Ohhh," moaned Zanth, after his orgasm had run its course and his maleness was softening inside Aleena's body, "I haven't had such a good fuck in ages." He leaned his head and kissed his partner's head gently, before turning his attention to Kalli. He chuckled weakly when he saw that she was now involved in a lust-satisfying exercise herself. Turning his gaze back to their audience, he saw that some of the watchers had taken matters into their own hands, so to speak, and were busy pawing off or fingering themselves. One couple had even taken it further and were going down on each other.

After a few minutes had passed, Zanth lifted Aleena off his member and laid her on the shore. She smiled up at him and reached up to stroke his muzzle. "Thank you so much for doing that -- that was certainly the best fuck I've ever had." Catching sight of Kalli and Theo going at it, she shook her head slowly. "And I think I've opened up the avenues of sexual exploration to these kids," she added with a rueful grin. "A bit earlier than I imagined, but...." She trailed off and shrugged. "Oh well. I supposed I'd better bathe myself now -- in water, rather than cum," she said with a wide grin.

Zanth helped Aleena wash herself out, then blew hard all over her to dry her fur. "My pleasure," he said when she thanked him again for the service. "I know how much wet fur smells." He gestured down at himself. "I've got far more fur than you do."

"True. Will you be staying much longer?" Aleena's tone was wistful.

"Well, I suppose I can stay for a bit, if you can find me something to eat? I haven't had breakfast yet, for obvious reasons!" admitted the dragon.

Aleena chuckled. "Of course. I'll see what we can drum up. Anything in particular?"

The dragon told her, and she ordered those who had finished with their sexual activities to scour the forest for a wild animal or two to sate his appetite. They came back about half an hour later carrying a large capybara, which had been despatched with a bash over the head. Zanth made quick work of the rodent, then made himself comfortable on the beach to digest it.

When it was time for him to depart, he was deeply sorry to leave Aleena and the other tayras behind -- they were unusual creatures, with what seemed to be a high sex drive, at least in the case of the females. Aleena gave him a tight hug around his neck and a kiss, then stood back with the others as he leaped towards the middle of the lake, flapping his wings once, twice, three times before he managed to gain enough momentum to prevent him from falling into the lake. He circled around, waving a claw down at his new found friends, then disappeared over the treetops.

Sunset was still a few hours away, so Zanth pondered where to go next. All he could see were miles of jungle. Bleh, he muttered inwardly. Another boring flight with no movie.

1 The following links on tayras may be of interest: (with picture)$narrative.html