Around the World in 80 Yiffs: Chapter 5

Characters and Text © 2003, NeoDragonZero and Sandwalker

Sitting submerged in a local hot spring, Zanthador relaxed his muscles and nerves as he conversed with a newly found friend. He had happened upon a wolf morph named Erzak, nearing the age of twenty-five and fairly well built, standing a good 6'5" (paling in comparison to Zanth's size) and harbouring quite the interesting personality.

"So that's what this is all about, eh?" Erzak questioned. "Feeling a little horny are we, Zanth?"

Zanth's hide merely darkened a bit from embarrassment. "I told you it was kind of stupid. Just forget about it, will you?" he entreated.

"I don't mean it in that way, Zanth, really I don't," Erzak started, his face reflecting his apologetic tone. "It's just that you usually don't hear of something anywhere near this nature in the world, especially in this day and age...."

"I know it may seem strange, but it's a sort of calling for me. Call me crazy. I'm sure I'll meet a lot of furs along the way who'll think the same thing, but it's something I truly want to do," Zanth said, his foreclaw making slow circles in the low-bubbling water.

"Zanth, believe me, you're fully entitled to do anything you want to in life, even if this 'mission' is something you want to partake in. If you really want to do it, then by the gods don't let anyone stop you!" Erzak replied, his fist lightly slamming the water for emphasis.

"You really think so?" Zanth asked his lupine friend, a slight smile of hope desperately crawling across his muzzle.

"Yes," was Erzak's solemn response.

"Thank you, Erzak. It means a lot to me."

Erzak hefted himself up and out of the soothing water, but before Zanth could ask where he was headed, the wolf held up his paw. "Don't worry, I'm not leaving. I think what I'm going to do is going to help your nerves and muscles relax just the bit more I think they need."

The dragon merely raised an eyeridge and wondered what his friend was up to. A few moments later he felt the wolf's strong paws rest on his tense shoulders, beginning to rub them roughly to ease that tension away.

"Mmm..." Zanth mrred, taking great pleasure in the massage Erzak was giving him, grateful that the wolf was able to find and ease the knots that had seemed to lie throughout his body for some time now.

"Feels good, huh?" Erzak asked the dragon, knowing full well that it did. "Just stay relaxed and the tension will just melt right off," he continued, his voice but a whisper in Zanth's ear. Little did Zanth know that Erzak's touch and voice was causing him to get slightly aroused.

Feeling his member stiffen a bit, Zanth realised that he was beginning to feel an attraction towards the wolf aside from friendship. What's this? Am I really getting aroused from this? he wondered. But it just feels so good, he thought, his mrring only creating a smile across Erzak's muzzle.

"Glad you like it so far, because it only gets better after this," he whispered into the dragon's ear, a smirk show through in his vocal tone.

"Mmm? And why's that?" Zanth inquired.

"Because massages aren't the only thing I'm good for," he replied. The wolf then hefted himself up again and before Zanth could query his actions, he found the wolf back in the water facing him, massaging his chest, though with only one paw. To Zanth's surprise, Erzak's paw had disappeared beneath the surface and had grabbed a hold of his now half-erect penis. He slowly began to manoeuvre his paw from massaging both the dragon's sheath and cock, seemingly without pause, causing the dragon's mrrs to increase in length and volume.

"You like, huh?" Erzak asked, a slight note of arousal colouring in his tone, his breathing faintly ragged.

"Mm-hmm," Zanth murmured, leaning his head back onto the ground as Erzak continued with his ministrations.

"Would it bother you to lift yourself up onto the ground then, so I may continue my 'work'?" he asked. Zanth complied without argument, lifting his great bulk up and onto the solid earth, not wanting the great pleasure he was receiving to end so soon.

Erzak smirked to himself. "Why, thank you." He removed his paw from Zanth's chest and brought it to the task of rubbing the dragon's large sac, his other paw continuing the work it had been performing beneath the bubbly surface moments before.

Gods, Zanth thought. This feels unbelievable! How could a male perform this well? he wondered, his eyes returning from the back of his head for enough time to watch as Erzak's muzzle encompassed the head of his large and prominent cock. A low moan escaped his scaly lips as his eyes returned upward into his head; he drooped his head backward once more as pleasure crept throughout his brain.

Erzak looked up with a coy smile shining in his eyes, plainly happy that Zanth was enjoying his treatment. Honestly, he hadn't thought the dragon would have taken to his advances, especially when they had turned sexual, but it mattered not to him now. He continued to lick and suck on Zanth's flared cockhead, his rough tongue sending powerful sensations coursing through the mighty dragon. He used his fairly long muzzle to its advantage and proceeded to take his meat into its warm depths.

"Ohhhh..." was the immediate response.

He continued his work for a few more minutes, bobbing his head rhythmically, not really trying so much as to get as much of Zanth's cock into his muzzle as trying to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. He became even more pleased when he found a slight touch at his own rampant member and after a few seconds recognised it as his tail, using it as a makeshift paw to stimulate him as well.

Happy that Zanth was not showing signs of regret, Erzak let out a pleasure-filled moan. With that he began to swirl his rough tongue on the dragon's cockhead, pleased that his moans only grew in volume. He kept up his rhythmic bobbing, keeping his mate on edge, letting him know that he knew exactly what he was doing. A few more minutes and the dragon was overwhelmed beyond his senses and let loose his thick dragonseed into the wolf's eager muzzle.

"Mmm," Erzak said when Zanth had finished ejaculating. "Tangy. I hope you're not too tired though, because that wasn't all I had in mind."

"Oh really?" Zanth asked mock-innocently. "And what else," he continued, walking toward, then behind, the smaller wolf, "did you have in mind, hmm?" he asked playfully, bending down and lightly darting his tongue near Erzak's furry tailhole.

"Ohhh," Erzak drawled out, "I'm sure if you continue like that you'll find out soon enough." He bent forward and raised his tail in anticipation, wagging the tip of it in invitation.

"Then let's find out indeed," Zanth replied before continuing his assault on the small puckered ring before his muzzle. With each flick of his long agile tongue, the moans that Erzak let loose from his furry lips only sent his heat escalating far beyond what he thought was possible. But he cared not about what he thought was possible or not at the current moment; all he cared about was making love to the gorgeous specimen before him.

After a few minutes of teasing, he began to trace a foreclaw around the ring of Erzak's anus. This caused him to buck slightly, his breath becoming slightly ragged. He looked back towards the dragon and Zanth could see all the pent-up lust being brought out in full force, yet in a somewhat relaxed tone, almost as though Erzak didn't want to move incredibly fast, but still let his senses be drowned by pleasure. He could see in his eyes that he was begging for release. Silently Erzak mouthed to him 'Please' and Zanth needed nothing more.

Standing up, Zanth hunched slightly over the smaller wolf and, aiming his cockhead at his entrance, slowly edged into his lupine lover.

"Oh, gooods," Erzak drawled. Zanth continued pushing himself in, and in what seemed like no time at all he was slowly pistoning in and out of the wolf's tight tailhole.

Gods does this feel good, Zanth thought, his muzzle slightly agape in pleasure, tongue lolling to the side. He's so tight; it's like nothing I've felt before!

"Yeah, Zanth, come on!" Erzak huffed. "Fill my hole completely," he urged, slamming backwards when Zanth heaved forwards; the sensation of that alone sent the two males ever-closer to their peaks. However, Zanth surprised the wolf, eliciting a small yelp, when he leaned back and laid on his back, letting Erzak ride upright as he chose.

"My, my," Erzak panted. "Aren't we full --" He paused for gasps of air from his pleasure-filled assault. "-- of surprises?" he asked of the dragon beneath him, Zanth glancing back with a toothy grin on his muzzle.

"I like to keep," Zanth grunted, his clawed hands now gripping Erzak's ass cheeks, "my lovers guessing," he finished, lightly raking his claws on his furry back.

Feeling the claws trailing along his spine, combing through his fur, Erzak couldn't help but moan loudly in pleasure. I never knew that could feel so good.... While he thought that, Zanth speeded up, knowing full well that both were borderline on reaching their orgasmic peaks. Feeling this, Erzak began to strongly grip Zanth's shaft with his tailhole when he moved upwards, encouraging his partner farther.

"Ohhh..." Zanth groaned. "Erzak...I'm almost there...."

"I know love," the wolf responded. "Me too...."

Their efforts didn't last much longer as both were quickly thrown over the edge, Erzak orgasming first, his thrashing causing Zanth to blow his load strong and hot into his lovehole, filling his insides and seeping out of their union. Their intense cries of pleasure resounded off the rocky walls around them and anyone within an earshot would know two lovers had consummated.

Both were left sweaty, weak and lying with each other, Erzak rolling off Zanth's now limp rod, watching as it retreated into its home. He scooted closer to Zanth and put his arm on his chest, a bright and joy-filled smile reflected in his blue eyes. "That was utterly amazing," he said, being the first to break the silence.

Zanth craned his head upwards and grinned to his lover, reaching a clawed head over to rustle his headfur. "That it was...."

Erzak mrred happily as Zanth moved a claw to scritch behind his ears, smiling to himself. His thoughts flashed back to the sight of the wolf in full heat, slamming himself upon him and smiled to himself once more. Who would believe that a wolf like him, fully content now, could harbour such a lack of inhibitions? he mused for a few moments then shaking it away. It doesn't matter. I'm just glad to have had this kind of experience with him.

A few more hours passed before they both had regained enough energy to stand again. They chatted some more, Erzak telling Zanth where he could be reached and not to be shy about coming to visit; he even promised another massage at Zanth's request. They picked up their towels and made themselves decent, not wanting to draw any particular attention from curious furs.

Nearing the exit, they both stopped and embraced once more, the sight of Erzak's wonderfully blue eyes melting Zanth's heart. As Zanth became lost in his eyes, Erzak took the opportunity to bring his lover's head down level with his and pull him into a passionate kiss. This awoke Zanth's senses, yet he did not retaliate, but rather encouraged it further, parting the wolf's muzzle and seeking his rough tongue with his own. However, although he wished it could last forever, Erzak forced himself to part from his lover's scaly lips. He laid his head against Zanth's large chest and hugged him tightly.

"I'm going to miss you," he whispered, trying to hold back the lump rising in his throat.

Zanth stroked his headfur lightly, holding him close to his heart. "Can you hear that?" Zanth asked of him.

"Your heartbeat?" the wolf asked.

Zanth nodded. "As long as you can hear that, you'll know I'll always be with you, as will be my love for you," he said, lifting Erzak's chin so he could view his soft blue eyes. "Understand?"

"Mmm-hmm," Erzak answered, reaching up and wiping his tears from his eyes. "Thank you Zanth."

"No thanks needed, mate," he replied. "Just remember what I've said when you begin to feel lonely." Erzak nodded and smiled slightly then embracing his lover one last time. A soft rumble arose in the silence a few moments later and they both parted and chuckled lightly.

"I suppose we should eat something, no?" Erzak asked.

Zanth nodded, a smile still on his face. "Join me for dinner?" he asked, offering his arm.

Erzak responded to the gesture happily. "I'd love to," he replied, a joy-filled grin plastered on his muzzle. He took the dragon's arm, and with that, they departed the hot spring with fond memories, and the hope of creating many more to come.