Around the World in 80 Yiffs: Chapter 1

Characters and Text © 2003, NeoDragonZero and Sandwalker

Soaring above the clouds, a large shape floated upon warm thermals of air. Although it didn't seem it from afar, the shape was really a large blue dragon, its hide near that of the midnight sky. He was named Zanthador, Zanth for short by his friends, and he was returning from a trip to the beach to wash his scaly hide clean, though the sand often got in the way of progress. Floating higher up, the sun reflecting off his scales, he expected to find some sort of tranquil peace in his being. To his surprise, however, he found a burning need for release, for satisfaction he couldn't give to himself.

Slowly descending to a small clearing in the now present forest, he noticed a young tigress moving about, his keen draconic eyes watching her pick fruit from a nearby tree. She could be interesting, he thought, taking in her curves while smirking to himself. Flapping his massive wings, Zanth floated down to the clearing, the grass bending under the downward force he created. As his clawed feet touched the grass he noticed the tigress' face gazing at him, half in shock that he had appeared apparently out of nowhere, and somehow happy that he had made his presence welcome.

"You don't seem afraid; that's good," he stated, smirking slyly as he gazed at her lovely form once more, taking particular interest in her firm round breasts. "Good, because after we're done here I doubt you'll want me to leave," he finished, his smirk changing into a broad grin.

"Oh?" she asked, a devious glint shining in her absinth eyes as she edged closer to him. "Well, judging by your comments, and that smile," she said, grinning back up at him, "I guess I can't object." She ran her paw against his sheath, much to his delight. As she proceeded with coaxing his member from its home, she spoke again. "But before we get started, I think I should introduce myself, because after we're done I doubt you'll want to think of me as a one time thing..." she said, giving a sly smirk of her own. "My name's Jenrial, but you can call me Jenny for short," she said, taking his now free cock and stroking its growing length, admiring its girth while using her other hand to fondle his balls.

"Well, Jenny, my name's Zanthador. Shorten it how you wish," he replied, moaning as she used her rough tongue to further increase his still growing erection. He closed his eyes and placed a clawed hand on her furry head, allowing her to continue her ministrations. As she continued, his member clearly over a foot in length, she sat back for a moment, continuing to stroke his length, while wondering how it would feel slipping in and out of her already dripping wet pussy. Slowly she trailed a clawtip up the entire length, his rumblings only encouraging her further as she lightly trailed around his cockhead. Feeling his grip on her head tighten a bit she knew that her teasing couldn't go on for much longer and thus took the tip into her warm and waiting muzzle.

After a few more minutes of her teasing his tool inside her mouth, she was rewarded when his pre started to flow. She quickly lapped it up, savouring the tangy, yet inviting flavour. She quickened her pace and soon nine of his sixteen inches was fully in her muzzle.

Zanth slowly opened his eyes, amazed at her skill, and even more amazed that she had taken so much of him already. His thoughts soon disappeared into the waves of pleasure that soon filled his mind, spreading like wildfire through his body, loud moans escaping his scaly lips.

She managed to bend her head so she could take the remaining length down her throat, using its muscles to massage the hot rod. She could feel him nearing release and speeded up once more. Her cold feline nose nudging his sac was all it took to push him over the edge. With a mighty roar that sent birds into flight he released his draconic seed out and down her feline throat, Jenny more than happy to accept his gift.

Removing her head while cleaning him off, and wiping the excess off her own muzzle also, she spoke. "I hope you've got more where that came from...." She rose, a sly smile playing over her features, as she turned around, getting down on all fours and presenting her wet pink sex to him. "Take me now," she commanded, her tail begging him forward.

With a devilish smile he edged towards her, her deep purrs only making him hornier. Aiming his tip at her entrance, he slowly pushed just his head in, enjoying her shuddering response. Her tight pussy grabbed at his cockhead, trying to force the rest of him inside her depths. Not feeling in the mood for teasing, he edged out slowly then slammed into her hard, forcing as much of him into her as he could.

Jenny's eyes went wide with pleasure, not expecting him to start so quick, but his roughness turned her on all the more. He began to slam into her faster and faster until his sac was heard slapping against her mound. The way she shoved back to meet him, along with the way she gripped him as he withdrew, only made his excitement grow, pleasure drowning out his senses.

"Ohh, yeah!" she screamed, turning back to look at him with dark lust-filled eyes. "Fuck me good, you horny dragon, I'm all yours! Ohh...."

Grinning excitedly, he moved his hands to grab her breasts, twisting the nipples hard, eliciting deep moans from her feline throat. Suddenly he lifted her off the ground, holding her up with his strong arms while allowing her to ride his cock for all its worth. She began panting heavily and turned her head around to kiss him deeply, forcing her tongue inside his muzzle. She explored and found his tongue, battling with it while moaning into his mouth, her heavy breathing tickling his scaly muzzle.

Withdrawing from their lust-driven kiss, she stared up at him, her broad grin reflecting his. He had edged back against a tree for support, fearing that his balance might give out, and Jenny took this into account as she swivelled around to face him, still held in his arms, continuing to ride his cock, loving every minute of their wild lovemaking.

"Ohh, Jenny..." Zanth began, trying to speak through his moaning and panting. "I knew you'd feel good driving up and down my shaft," he said, leaning his head back as she started to claw at his chest, "but I never thought you'd be this good!" he finished, moaning again.

"Ohh, yeah! Come on, fuck me good," she panted out, trying to hold off her orgasm as long as possible. "Ahhhh...oh Zanth, I knew you'd feel good too, but I didn't'd feel this good either! Ohh, fuck!"

He could feel his sac start to tighten, and he knew he couldn't last much longer. Leaning forward to kiss her, he placed his clawed hands on her hips and speeded her up, determined to end his pleasure-filled torture. He could feel her pussy grip his cock harder, on both up and down movements, and he could tell she couldn't hold on much longer either.

"Ohh, Jenny...I'm almost there..." he panted into her ear, nibbling it as he continued to pound her onto him, seeing his vision start to haze over. Jenny merely panted harder in response, trying to get him to come before her.

Finally not being able to take it any more, he shoved his entire length into her, feeling it nudge her cervix as his seed exploded from its prison and gushed into her waiting vagina. Feeling his seed gush through and down her pussy, Jenny was pushed over the edge too, arching her back as she howled loudly and came too.

After a few minutes of coming down from the high, Jenny still mounted on Zanth's now softening cock, her arms about his neck, he drew her into a final kiss. Dropping her down from his grip, he hugged her tightly, reflecting back her warm smile.

"You were fantastic. I'm definitely gonna find you again," he said with a big grin.

"You were too, and I hope so, because I'd love to do that again," she responded with a sly smile, lightly rubbing his sheath.

He grinned at her as he slowly edged away, not wanting to harm her as he took off. Flapping hard, he began to float into the open skies, soaring into the clouds as he waved goodbye to a tigress he knew he'd be seeing, and thinking about, again soon.