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Welcome to my site. I am Chakat Sandwalker, child of Skywatcher and Trailblazer. I have been writing for over ten years now, since my first story was begun in December 1999.

At left you'll see the story categories, as well as other links. The 'Miscellaneous' category pretty much includes anything that doesn't fit into the other ones. Chakats are feline-based taurforms thought up by Bernard Doove. Visit their homepage at The Chakat's Den.

17 January 2010 - Updates

Finally, another update! I really don't write as much as I used to. I've just finished a commission for someone on FurAffinity, entitled Taking a Snapshot. In a rather clichéd plot, Chakat Snapshot has a breakdown in the middle of the Nevada desert. Enter Draeko, an 8' dragon from Australia, in his trusty pickup truck. You can probably guess the rest.


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