The Truth about Kurrel the Raven that the US Government doesn't want you to know!

Kurrel the Raven is the alias of a 28-year old snake-handler from Perth, Western Australia. His involvement with the furry community is in artwork and costume-making, an interest mainly shared with local like-minded furries in Perth where he's been a persistent nuisance at get-togethers. He's responsible for many Perth furries trying a fursuit for the first time, letting interested furs try on Womble (his first fursuit, now retired and living in a Yokine masonic village) at parties. He therefore has a steadily growing reputation as the 'Gateway Furry' and is wanted for questioning by police in several districts south of the Swan River.

He also wrote The Furry Song, a neptunian rap in an Australian accent about furries. He released the original (the Kwookywomble version), deleted it due to not liking it, rewrote it a few times and finally rereleased it (the Kurrel the Raven version), then came to dislike it again and deleted it once more. It has since been rewritten and deleted no less than twenty-three times (including the Kransky the Wombat version, a puzzling 17-minute incarnation in which the lyrics consisted solely of the words 'my face, your thighs' shouted over and over). It is currently out of official circulation though it reportedly gets performed sometimes at furry conventions in the United States, although the imitations of his Australian accent often leave much to be desired. It has turned up on Second Life radio playlists. (Kurrel doesn't have an SL avatar, and is reluctant to check this for himself.) Both the Mephit Furmeet and the Midwest FurFest hold Furry Song Soirées, a listening marathon where all 25 versions are played end to end. During this, candles are lit and a small effigy of Kurrel is passed around the crowd and attendees kiss it lightly on each cheek, or on the forehead, depending on local tradition.

Kurrel's appreciation for species-defying anthropomorphic whomsy (such as his character costume Ythrykythyr) is tempered with an ongoing wariness with the sociopolitics of the general furry fandom itself, as well as the Faroese. Most of his creative snoutput now lies in the realm of electronic music instead of furry art, although he does take commission offers from time to time when he needs the attention and/or is broke or wants to buy a Leadtek 6600GT or basic food rations.

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