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Welcome Stranger.

This is our very own website for The Enforcers. The Enforcers is a anthromorphoponic (anthro or furry) webcomic that updates every Friday or Saturday.
Agent Leeroy of the Enforcers is sent on a dangerous mission to the fortress of an even more dangerous, evil scientist, Dr Ratt. Now, this could be a managable problem, except for the fact that an even more dangerous creature wants revenge on Leeroy for the murder of his brother. But with Lee's fierce partner, Elsie the spy and Robbie the zebra hippy along for the ride, it's going get interesting...

This site has comics, art, wallpapers and other stuff that has accumulated on my mighty hard-drive of graphics, everything except Mr T getting air on a old-time bicycle (for now...)

13-1-06- Yaharr! We have a navigation system, ye savy? Took me ages, so appreciate the convenience or die a horrible, multi-coloured death at the hands of the zombie kangaroos (They're coming to get us, Dark Key!) I'm working hard on Mutation #38, it's gonna be a doozy! (Tee hee, doozy.)

10- 1-06- Still working on that a-cursed navigation problem. I suppose I'd better put up a voting buton soon, I wonder if BuzzComix still lives, I know it was an affiliate of Drunkduck so maybe it's dead too....

8-1-06- Added a new wallpaper!

5-1-06- Revamped the website, I'm making it a little darker because Dark Carmen is well and truely active this dreary January morning.

It's official- Drunkduck is dead, and so I guess I'll have to rely on my regular readers to check out the comics here.

Stupid website- I SHALL DESTROY IT!!!!!!!! I wish I didn't make it in Dreamweaver 4.