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The Enforcers: Mutation

Mutation #49


AS much as it hurts my obsessive complusive Photoshopping to do so, I wasn't able to complete the shading and other little niceties of this comic; my compy is out o memory and Photoshop will not stand for that.Every five minutes I get a 'FEED PHOTOSHOP MORE MEMORY NOW!!!' message, because clearly I have forgotten how bad my computer since those past five minutes when I was notified last. So yes, I'm dissapointed that I couldn't get this all finished and proper looking but that could take another week.

Two things I love about this particualr page; Blayde's unintentional gangster pose in panel 1 (He's actually wiping blood away from his mouth) and the fact that his abs posess the mighty power to talk all by themselves in Panel 5.

So, anyways, sorry about the lack of proper shading-ness, I hope your eyes can handle the raw power of unshaded comic!!! And now I am away, to cull many, many files off the C drive and try and finish my HUGE amount of homework. I shall endevour to update in two week's time, I know I always say that, but you never know....
-Carmen D