Worlds Without End

The CGI experiments of Drhoz - using a variety of  software, including Terragen, and Lunarcell from Flaming Pear. Most of these get used as gaming props or backgrounds for other pics.

drht-new1.jpg Home from Home
tn_marspyramidsc.jpg Once and Future Mars

Further Afield
drht-cherenkovcanyon.jpg Alien Lands

Video Feeds
bdrhta-mikhepolar.gif Probe Footage
Passing Surveys
tn_drhp-prusuuyva.jpg Galactic Jewels
Suborbital Shots
tn_drht-tyrannis5.jpg Suborbital Shots

The Chaos Factor
tn_drht-mtmandlebrot.jpg Mount. Mandlebrot
tn_drht-splashlake.jpg Extreme Oddities
Mikhe's Reach
drhp-qualm.jpg Transhuman Empires

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