( too those rightly enraged by what appears to be me making light of Tuesday's events or anybody else that doesn't deserve it, proceed to the end of the page... )

The Devil in WTC

Rather a lot of attention has been paid to an image apparently of the devil in the second explosion.


wtcdevil.jpg wtcdevil.jpg
Why not? According to the Weekly World News, Jesus of Nazereth turns up on tortillas all the time... so lets examine it more closely.

Point 1 ) Yup, forked tail, all very traditional

Point 2 ) cloven feet... well, maybe. It's difficult to tell with those those stubby little arms and legs. Maybe it's a thalidomide devil?

Point 3 ) Pitchfork, just right for jamming sinners down into the boiling lakes of hell. Oh, hang about, maybe it's a scythe.. no.. it's not that either... looks more like a sickle to me.. I could be mistaken.. maybe he's waving a billow of dust around.. but if I start on that line of thought where would I stop?

Well, might as well look for what other entities decided to turn up

suprised.jpg suprised.jpg
  Here's a good example found after a few minutes searching...
suprised2.jpg suprised2.jpg
  A big face in the dust. He looks a bit suprised - not suprising, so do the people running for the lives in the foreground. Maybe he's pointing back over his shoulder to indicate exactly where a large building used to be?
Pillsbury.jpg Pillsbury.jpg
  The pillers of fire and smoke rising from the buildings - nobody here, right? No self-respecting supernatural entity would want to appear halfway thru the disaster, right? They all want top billing...
Pillsbury2.jpg Pillsbury2.jpg
  Looks like I was wrong! There IS somebody there.... Is that the Staypuft Marshmallow Man?
joecamel.jpg joecamel.jpg
  And look! It's an anthropomorphic camel dropping it's cigarette! 
( Use your imagination here, people ) Obviously a message in this for us all...

and one last example and a comment...

mdf50483.jpg mdf50483.jpg
  How about that! This random dustcloud  looks just like a 110 story office building collapsing with godsknows how many thousands of workers, rescuers, and tourists still inside!

To all of those people who are making something of a supposed demonic figure in the dust when the scale of the disaster makes a mockery of anything as *petty* as human pattern-spotting ....  arseholes, the lot of you

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