by Kaa-Hahhnn Starhunter


A few times I wondered what Ikee-Nam felt as I ripped her virginity. Right then she had given herself willingly to me; the sudden flashes of pain I got around my tailhole as the dragon ripped me open only signaled the rape to which I was now victim.

I tried to cry, to scream, to give voice to the feelings and the pain that split my soul much in the same way the dragon's cock opened me, forcing its way inside me. I gasped, tensing my tail muscles, trying to keep Ss'karryhl from entering me more. He grunted, pleased at my resistance.

"You... are tight, my little saurian... *hrnnnn!!*."

Slowly, inch by painful inch, Ss'karryhl forced his thick member inside me. I tensed, trying to keep him from going farther, but my meager strengths were not match for the dragon. His claws clenched around my waist, and forced me down on his rock hard cock.

I moaned as I felt something hard and hot between my legs. To my surprise, my own cock had come out of my slit and now stood painfully erect, dripping clear liquid. Ss'karryhl smiled as he saw this, and promptly turned to rub my hard maleness. I moaned, trying to keep his claw away from it. Soon the pleasure I got from his touch was undeniable. I cursed and screamed as much as I could with the gag on -- cursing myself for getting aroused at this savage assault, screaming for the dragon to get his release, and to give me mine as well.

The rubbing on my cock only worked to weaken my will. Suddenly I realized there would be no denying; no amount of resistance would keep Ss'karryhl from taking my flesh, using me the way Rontrag had been used, to release pent-up urges the dragon had held for ages. Life no longer seemed willing to struggle for, and I abandoned my body, letting the dragon use me as he pleased.

I could only muster a muffled cry as the huge dragoncock filled me completely. Ss'karryhl hissed with pleasure as his member was gripped by my hot flesh, his own cock burning inside me. He held there for a few seconds, then slowly lifted me clear of his length, only to then push back in again. This time he met no resistance.

Ss'karryhl grunted loudly as he moved my limp body up and down, much like a rag doll; at the same time, my cock throbbed and pulsed under his furious stroking. I felt his hard flesh moving inside me, and wished for death to take me; I cried as I realized it would not be so. It continued for a long, seemingly interminable time, while I sobbed, begging for the dragon to finish.


Ss'karryhl gasped. His grip on me strengthened, his claws digging into my skin and drawing a little blood, as orgasm gripped him. He jerked and thrashed hard, roaring loudly with pleasure and the intensity of his climax. I felt the powerful shots of the thick, hot dragon seed filling my bowels with incredible force. Just then my own cock pulsed, spurting my seed to fall to the ground. I moaned and gasped -- to my surprise, Ss'karryhl did so.

I heard a soft moan despite the loud dragon grunts. Rontrag had awakened, and now watched horrified as the dragon moved me, used me for his insatiable hunger. My gaze met his for a brief instant, before he averted his tear-filled eyes. I closed mine, tears running down my cheek just like the dragon seed oozing from my tailhole and down the thick shaft of the dragon. I had been raped; used in a way that tore at my mind. I was no female to be taken... tears flowed down my eyes.

I don't know how long we remained locked after that; time seemed meaningless while I tried to cope with the deluge of painful thoughts racing through my mind. Finally Ss'karryhl withdrew with a wet, slurping sound. More of his seed trickled from my ass to fall on his crotch and stomach. He dropped me on his belly, still holding me tight.

"Much better than your friend here!" Ss'karryhl finally managed to say between gasps. "It may take a while for me to recover... but use you I shall do again! In the meantime..."

He put me back, resting on my belly, on the rocky outcrop I had spent the night on. He slapped my snout with his seed-covered cock, smiling. "Lick it clean."

I averted my face, growling. Fuck yourself and die, I thought, furious.

Ss'karryhl roared furiously. "No! Fuck YOU!" He grabbed my snout, almost crushing it in his strong grip. I trashed desperately with pain, trying to breathe, the gag biting painfully at the roof of my mouth. He released his hold, then took the gag rudely out of my mouth. "You better not bite, you bastard!!"

Forcing my mouth open, he rammed the entire length of his member inside my throat. I felt it harden, my cheeks bulging. Ss'karryhl rammed furiously into my mouth, choking the life out of me. I started collapsing, fainting from lack of air. The last thing I felt was the thick spurts of dragon seed going into my stomach...

* * *


I woke up as Rontrag's voice called me, desperately. My eyes cleared slowly; I could see he and I were locked inside a cage. I coughed, feeling nauseous. I vomited, a whitish fluid, along with my stomach acids.

"You feeling well?"

"I think so." I said weakly. "As best one can be after this. The dragon...?"

"Probably hunting, I guess. He locked us in this cage after he finished ramming his cock in your mouth, then went outside."

I tried to get onto my feet as best as I could, walking towards the lock.

"Don't bother trying. It's a tough lock." He pointed two fingers at me, the claws broken. "Lost these two trying to work it out."

Sighing, I slumped to the floor. "Then we are done for." Rontrag nodded. I said nothing, trying to get a hold of myself as anger and frustration raged within me. "Someone should have stepped on your egg before you were born," I finally said.

"Oh, yes?! And how in hell would that help you now, weed-breath? If I had not come to study that dragon, someone else would have done, and you would have volunteered the same!!"

"Someone who would had been smarter and made a better study of the dragon!"

"Fuck the dragon! He would have caught anyone getting here!"

"Right!! More than enough reason to kill him like I suggested!

"Just the two of us, tail for brains?!"

"A whole fucking army then!! Your whole pitiful hunting race, perhaps!! But we should have killed him!"

Rontrag roared, his toeclaws flexing almost uncontrollably. Saliva dripped from his slightly open jaws. Normally, I would had feared confronting a meat eater, much less a radical hunter. Right now I saw him as the only path left. I wished nothing more than for him to strike... and kill.

"You are like the rest of your kind!! Weaklings!! Fit to become the dragon's lovers!!"

Rontrag kept looking at me, breathing deep. He shook his head slowly, then moved to the opposite side of the cage, looking at me with a faint smile. "No... I won't kill you. That would leave me alone with the dragon. You will not get out of this easily."

I breathed deep, furious that not even Rontrag would grant me a release from this world. I got on my feet and leaped at him, screaming. Rontrag yelped as I caught him off guard.

My hands closed on his neck, strangling him as hard as I could. He tried to lash at me with his toeclaws, while I hit him on the legs with my spiked tail. Never did I strike to injure, although I did try to choke the life out of him. My hands eased their grip only a fraction, but enough for him to recover just enough.

Rontrag grabbed hold of my wrists, and held tightly while he looked at me with hate filled eyes. His snout suddenly struck, and his jaws clenched around my snout tip. Teeth pierced my flesh; I resisted the pain, watching as my blood trickled down to his mouth.

The taste of blood served the desired effect. Rontrag was suddenly driven by his hunting lust, his mind slipping into the desire to kill, becoming stronger. He slammed me to the opposite side of the cage, then jumped on top of me, raging. I gave a quick prayer to Maia as the tip of one of his toeclaws rested on my stomach.

A loud roar filled the cave. "ENOUGH!"

Ss'karryhl had returned. His reddish scales even more so, bathed in the blood of the prey he carried on his right shoulder. He dropped the dead animal on the ground then turned towards the cage, opening it instantly. Rontrag screamed as the dragon grabbed his tail and dragged him out. Rontrag struggled in his grip, desperately trying to escape, giving the dragon a hard time even.

In his fury, the dragon left the door to the cage open. My eyes shone, and I sprang towards it, hoping I would make it.

Just as suddenly, my left foot stepped on the mess I had vomited earlier before. I slipped, and fell loudly to the cage floor, slipping, and stopping half out from the cage. A hard kick sent me reeling back inside just as I tried to get on my feet. I screamed in pain; the mark of sharp nails where the dragon's foot had hit me. The cage door slammed loudly -- I was trapped inside again.

"I will dispose of you later, little saurian," Ss'karryhl growled, looking at me with rage while he held the struggling Rontrag. "Right now this one needs to be broken a bit more."

Ss'karryhl disappeared into the deeper parts of the cave, Rontrag's screams trailing off... then coming stronger. Screams of pain and despair, begging for mercy, mingled with the loud grunts of the dragon, extending for long minutes... then the scream of the dragon's ecstasy... a short pause... then Rontrag screaming... and everything getting repeated on and on for several long hours...

* * *

My loud moans fueled Ss'kahryl's passion, and he hissed with pleasure as orgasm took him again, spurting hard inside my mouth. Some of it trickled back into the cushions, while I swallowed most of it. Ss'karryhl gasped and panted; he pulled out moments later, to take a rest.

"Good saurian," he said, patting my rump hard. "You do pleasure me well. Maybe when the time comes, I will make your death a painless one."

"It was mine to serve you, my lord," I said, licking my lips clean, already used to the taste of the dragon's juices.

Ss'karryhl opened his eyes, cocking his head to look at me, curious, before he laughed loudly. "Your pleasure? Since when my raping you is a pleasure? And what is with this 'lord' business?"

"What else would I call someone who is obviously more powerful than I? It would be my duty to serve you, for you --"

"Shut up," he growled as he turned me around to fasten the cuffs tighter. "Don't make me feel sorry for having raped you and your friend."

Sorry? Could it be possible the dragon had feelings? Maybe... if I could play it right... perhaps there could be a chance.

I winced at the sudden lash of pain as he tightened my bonds. "It was your right, sir. We were not entitled to take any of your hoard, no matter how noble our motives were."

Ss'karryhl moved to grab a bottle of oil. "And which motives were those?"

"Our clans -- they are dying, sir. Our barren land will no longer be able to nourish our races. Unless we can buy back some of the fertile lands that once belonged to our ancestors, Maia's children will soon become nothing but words in the mouths of the new inhabitants of the world. Perhaps not even they will think of remembering us."

Ss'karryhl snorted. "Fools. If they belonged to you then why you did not fight back for them?"

"We are weak, sir, and our numbers few. We would be massacred instantly. The only other option that was available was our slavery to the new masters... and that was unthinkable."

There was a long pause, after which the dragon laughed noisily. "Unthinkable! And here you are all subservient, treating me as your "master" so there's a chance I may get to spare your pitiful existence!"

I remained silent. Hurt by the truth. As much as I had submitted, who were to say the rest of my kind would not do the same? And how long before they did? Soon they would start noticing our delay, would take us for dead, or that either or both ran off with the treasure. Perhaps they would send more to the lair... or else they would take the easy way and submit. No, I could not allow it.

"I do not speak for the rest of the clans, sir," I finally said, my voice barely above a whisper.

Ss'karryhl smirked, and took the cork out of the bottle; a sweet perfume soon invaded the room. "I have to grant you something. You two were quite foolish to come here. But also very brave."

"We needed the wealth desperately, sir. We... didn't think there was any other choice."

Ss'karryhl paused for a while. I could notice he was thinking, perhaps weighing my words. "It is true I have noticed the decline of intelligent reptiles. It pleased me to feel your presence, and yet it angers me that you were so bold to think you had the right to try and rob me!"

I shivered at his sudden outburst of rage, even more so as his hot breath washed over my naked body.

"Still," he continued, "as another of Maia's children, I cannot allow this to happen. It would mean the death of my roots... specially your --"


"Nothing," he stammered, a bit angry. "I am under no obligation to help your clans. And you two bastards are not worth the trouble -- maybe I should devour you later. Still, I can understand your plight, my scaly brother. If you were willing to sacrifice yourself, I should give you what you want."

My heart leaped with sudden joy. Blessed be Maia!, I thought. Finally our races would have a chance to live! My happiness was such that I would have dared leap and kiss Ss'karryhl were I not tied up. I would see my hatchlings grow healthy --

"That, on one condition," Ss'karryhl voiced.

"And that being?"

"That you stay forever by my side. So that what I lose in gold, I recover in a slave that will give me the pleasure I crave."

My happiness plunged faster than a bird shot from the sky, an arrow in its heart. "B-but... s-s-sir! I have a mate and hatchlings that await for my return!"

"You are my slave, remember? You have offered yourself, saying you were pleased to give me pleasure!" Ss'karryhl growled, and I noticed the anger mounting again in his eyes. Curse my words.

"What about your friend?" the dragon grunted. I turned to look at him, and saw him rubbing the oil on his once again hard cock. "Does he has family too?"

I shook my head nervously, knowing there was more suffering to come. "From what he told me, his clan used him as the rulers' toy, even."

Ss'karryhl looked around for a gag, then turned back towards me, tensing the leather. "Then he would not be doing anything he has not done before. You will get to leave tomorrow, my little saurian. In the meantime, let me enjoy you for the last time."

I was hurt by his callous words. "But... he has not voiced his opinion!" I managed to say before he fastened the gag in my mouth.

"He has no say in this. Neither do you, come to think of it." He turned me so I could rest on my belly, then yanked my tail, exploring my tailhole with a clawed finger. "If it bothers you, I suggest you two discuss it. I shall await your decision."

Nothing more he said after. Next thing I felt was my tailhole opening wide as his cock was forcefully pushed inside. The oil was little comfort from the dragon's size. I trashed and squirmed at the painful sensation, my screams muffled by the gag.

* * *

Rontrag paced restlessly inside our cage. His toeclaws twitched, flexing almost uncontrollably. His tense muscles were highly noticeable all over his naked body; these released in sudden spasms, making his movements seem jerky, as he tried to control the emotional flood racing through his mind and soul.

"One of us..." he stammered, almost choking on the words. He turned to look at me. "Tough decision, eh?"

I nodded, still silent. I had said nothing after I let him on what the dragon had said, hoping he would understand my position.

"We each would lose a lot," he continued, his voice shaky. "You... would lose your mate, and your hatchlings... they would need someone to take care for them all. And you would lose your freedom."

I nodded. "Yes."

"While I... I would only lose my freedom... to run, to hunt."

"You were a sex object for your clan," I added, hating myself for bringing it up.

Rontrag nodded. "That is not known outside our species. But what that beast did to me -- to us -- is nothing but brutal rape. At least the senior hunters brought me to pleasure at the same time they got theirs."

Silence followed for longer than I anticipated. I imagined the hunter going onto another raging fit, perhaps trying to attack and kill me in his desperation for being the one to leave.

Rontrag sighed, looking outside the cage and towards the entrance, where we could see some stars shining brightly. He finally slumped on the cage floor, snout pointing down in defeat as he covered his eyes with his claws. "The need of the many are stronger. I -- I am only one."

I moved to his side of the cage, and gently pried the claws from his eyes. Copious tears ran down his snout as he turned to look at me. I rested my hands on his shoulder and held him tightly. I said nothing, and yet he understood better than if any words had been spoken. He nodded, getting closer. I felt the sharp touch of his claws on my back. But never was my flesh pierced, as Rontrag held my skin tightly yet lovingly. No longer did I feel anger towards this hunter, as we both joined in a tight hug -- one that lasted until daylight.

* * *

The next morning, the three of us waited at the cave's entrance. Very few words were exchanged as Rontrag and I said farewell to each other.

"All set," Ss'karryhl said as he held two large sacs, one on each of his claws. "This should exceed any expectations your leaders may have. Now, for the sake of you and your people, you better not try to dispose of this for yourself. Not even a single gold piece -- else you and your people would wish to have died slowly in that hellhole you live in."

I watched silently as Rontrag took the sacs on his back, grunting under their weight. For a moment I was worried the load would prove too much for him under the desert heat -- I prayed for his safe return to our clans.

Ss'karryhl held me tightly as I watched Rontrag race away, silently, with his load. The hunter did not turn to look back once towards the cave he was enormously pleased to leave behind. Within moments he was gone in the forest near the hill's foot.

Ss'karryhl tugged the chain attached to my collar, and I followed him into the cave. The dragon wasted no time for him to claim his part of the bargain, forcing me to stand on all fours, and yanked my tail. He lifted my hips, and I felt his cocktip poised at my tailhole.

"It was your decision," he said, smiling. "I hope you can live with it."

I said nothing, preparing myself to be used again. "Who knows," I said, a bit defiantly. "Maybe if I--"

My words were cut short with a loud gasp as he pushed hard. There was a scream. Not mine -- Rontrag's. A cry of pain... and farewell.

* * *

Ever since that day Ss'karryhl has used me much as I used Ikee-Nam on the days we first mated. A short, intense thrusting inside me, followed by a short pause... then more sex... and so on for days.

To my surprise, two years later I had an unexpected visit. Rontrag returned for a visit, bringing news... and one of my hatchlings. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as I saw the young boy, already growing strong and obviously very well fed. Even Rontrag was different; still lean, as it was the nature of hunters, but his skin glistened from a far more nourishing diet.

I cuddled the hatchling as Ss'karryhl and I listened to Rontrag told us how the dragon's gold had been more than enough for the clans to take claim of one of the choicest sections of land ever. There was still more than enough left over for the fur-pelts to decide to form a pact with the clans. The clans would never be large enough to claim dominance to the earth again, but they would never lack allies to defend them.

I prompted Rontrag for news about Ikee-Nam. She, understandably, mourned my loss -- I asked Rontrag not to tell the clans what became of us in the dragon's lair, but I did not want her to live in that lie. I had promised her I would sacrifice anything for my hatchlings to grow strong... and she was proud that my sacrifice had been the clans' salvation.

I once promised her the hatchlings would not lack a father, and they did not. A very unusual one, indeed. Rontrag himself took to raise them, in the way of the leaf eaters, yet in the strength and the cunning of the hunters. My sons, he said, were among the healthiest, and Rontrag was sure they would be fit to take our races to paths never dreamed by others.

Rontrag did not stay more than two days; I could still notice he was visibly uneasy from the memories... and seeing me in chains. That, and the changes he surely noticed in myself. I bid him farewell to him and my hatchling... for that could be the last I would ever see one of my kind.

I sacrificed myself for the survival of the clans; so my hatchlings could have a chance to live, I bound my word to the dragon. Still, it is my hope to leave someday, to go back to my kind. That was a long time ago... if I left now, where would I go?

Ss'karryhl will soon arrive from his hunt. I wish I could face the cold as strongly as he does. Perhaps, someday, I may find the way back to my ------ **********

* * *


Ss'karryhl hissed with displeasure as the parchment's writing ended so suddenly. From the ink spots that obliterated the writing, he deduced Sargas had been in a hurry to hide it. Nothing more was written after; it must have been shortly before he last raped the saurian... before he had to take some measures he now was beginning to regret having done so.

The dragon rolled the parchment and put it back where he had found it, next to what once was his slave's cage. How many years had passed since then? He shrugged; time was something dragons seemed to have plenty of and cared so little.

"Sargas! Come here!" he shouted as he felt his member harden inside his slit, as the accounts of those days when he took his slave's once virgin flesh fueled his desire once more. He hurried towards another part of the cave, where Sargas now rested.

The loud rattling sound of chains told the dragon Sargas trudged as fast as he could towards his master. It was the only thing the saurian could do, as his legs were chained, as they had been for years on end, allowing little movement. That, and that his slave still had to get used to a different way of doing things.

The dragon grabbed the chain attached to Sargas' collar, then tugged at it gently. "Let's go outside." Sargas nodded happily, his muzzle's little bells jingling happily as their owner.

Both reptiles climbed to the top of the cliff, where they could see for miles around. Ss'karryhl noticed the shadows in the distance. Not so long ago this land was deadly cold during winters; now it was slowly growing capable of sustaining life. The outskirts of civilization he had seen beyond the horizon were proof of it. They would never get any closer, though. They knew better than to tread on the territory of the dragon that saved their ancestors' lives.

Ss'karryhl smiled as he felt Sargas eagerly licking his feet to get his attention, then turned his back and propped himself on all fours, moving his spiked tail sideways, leaving his tailhole exposed and ready to receive and please his master. It had taken years and extreme methods, but Ss'karryhl had finally broken the saurian's will.

Ss'karryhl looked at his slave, who turned to look at him with eager eyes, whimpering. Never did it occur to Ss'karryhl that Sargas knew how to read and write. Had he known, perhaps he would not had taken such extreme measures. Then again, Sargas had been quite rebellious after Rontrag last visited. He knew somewhere deep in that mind still lived the little Saurian that once raided his lair. Perhaps there could be a way to reverse some of the damage...

Young as the saurian was, Ss'karryhl would had outlived him for centuries, unless something had been made. Sargas' sacrifice required more than leaving his clans behind. It was leaving also going the path of countless generations in the past. After all, it had been Sargas' race the one who gave birth to the first dragons.

Sargas moaned. "Is there a problem, my master? Am I not that pleasing to you anymore?"

"No, no... just was thinking of something, my little saurian." Sargas rubbed his slave's tailhole, feeling it pulsing eagerly. "I'm quite hungry for you. I hope you ate well -- we won't be eating in a few days."

"We can live of each other, master," Sargas said, trembling slightly with anticipation.

Ss'karryhl caressed Sargas' wings. These would never grow fully like a dragon's, but would be more than capable to sustain him in the air. Yes, he should try to reverse the spell and return his slave's memories. Ss'karryhl would like if they could take to flight someday -- and enjoy his slave's body while among the clouds.

Ss'karryhl nuzzled and kissed his servant's snout, just as he would do to a lover rather than the prisoner he once liked to rape. He gently pushed Sargas' tail aside, and promptly entered him; chains rattled loudly as Sargas squirmed and thrashed as Ss'karryhl rammed him dry. He hissed, then eased himself to better accommodate his master's cock.

In another time Sargas surely would lose count of how many times his master entered him that day. He only hissed as the sun warmed him, Ss'kahryl's cock buried deep inside, rocking him with his movements, as he tenderly stroked his slave's hard member. The first waves of pleasure took them both -- and would continue to do so for the long years ahead.

END... ?