by Kaa-Hahhnn Starhunter


There was something I had not foreseen in my hot-headed decision. I had forgotten about Ikee-Nam. Breaking the news was not something I looked forward to do... but needed. By our laws, I could not walk away from her without her consent... not until the hatchlings had been born and were capable of sustaining themselves. She was still recovering from her egg laying, so I waited until nightfall before I told her about it.

To say she was hysteric would be an understatement.

"But -- I just laid the eggs! Our eggs!! The ones you sired!"

"I do this for our own good, Ikee," I said as I packed the rations and other stuff I had been given.

She turned to look at me, and I saw the tears welling in her eyes. Her voice was soft, full of pain and fear. "How some foolish quest can be so fucking important that you risk leaving these hatchlings-to-be to live without their sire?!"

"If I succeed, I will return with renown."

"Renown!" she snorted loudly. "Renown does not feed you. It does not raise your hatchlings! It does not fertilizes our meager crops -- it's only dung that fertilizes bloated egos!"

Wrong choice of words. Ikee sat on the nest, covering the eggs, and sighed with despair. Despite her anger, I could hear the sadness in her voice. I sat down next to her, wanting to hold embrace her tightly. She turned away from me.

"Renown is nothing you... nothing you can mate with... like you used me!!"

A very long silence took over as I pondered her words. For the first time I realized the risks, weighed them against my stupid feelings towards Rontrag, against the possibility of a better future for the clan... I touched Ikee-Nam's chin with a finger... this time she did not reel. She sobbed, full of pain.

"We are dying, Ikee. The soil barely feeds us. The children of Maia die while the fur-pelts prosper." I swallowed hard, afraid of my words to come, blasphemous as they were. "Maia has forgotten us, my mate."

Ikee said nothing, though I knew my words had hit deep within her. "How many generations will pass before the last one of us dies? If Maia does not helps us, it is our obligation to do so. I want our hatchlings to grow never having known the hardships we have faced. I want them to feed their children in sweet plants, without the taste of dry sand in them. Whatever the sacrifice, we must fight for our children!"

She turned to face me; her beautiful, green eyes looked deep into mine, moist with tears. "What if you never get to see your hatchlings?"

I tried to make my words sound sincere -- Maia knows I would had gladly given my soul and body to make sure that came to pass. "They will not lack a father," was all I could say. I bowed to her and walked away, to the opposite corner of the room, to give her time to think. I turned to look away from her, so my mind would not influence her decision.

Hours passed before she spoke. I turned to look at her; her plates were again a bright red, revealing her disposition to mate, even if this time she was not rutting. "You gave me much," she said, caressing my snout as she pointed to the eggs. "And I gave you pleasure. I want you to remember me, the way we were happy together."

I nodded, and she laid on the floor. My cock emerged hard and hot; she moaned as I penetrated with one strong shove and thrust into her. I knew of the long walk I was to endure during the following days. I cared not for sleep, as time and time again I took to enjoy her warm, moist vent. Once again I lost count of the times we climaxed... only to get into the throes of passion soon after. Ikee drank my seed even, after I thrust into her snout with the same hunger I did on her vent.

Again the sun greeted us with my cock buried into her.

* * *

The sun was close to setting when I addressed Rontrag for the first time since we left the clans' territory.

"What shall we do with the dragon when we get to his lair?"

Rontrag did not turn to look at me, but kept walking with the same cockiness his species seemed to bask in. "We do nothing. He gets to live."

"Why? Sounds like a dumb thing to do. If we kill him --"

"Because, weed breath, we can't kill him! He's too big for both of us."

"Really... I thought your kind just was quite brave."

"Brave. Not stupid. Quite unlike others, who seem to think with their tails." He stopped, smelling the air for a few instants, then dropped his pack. "This looks like a good place to sleep. Get your coat on now."

"Why?! It's still hot!"

"Precisely. Get as much heat as you can trap inside. The desert gets exceedingly cold during the night." He started collecting some dried grass, and lighted up a small fire with it. "I'll keep watch. You go sleep now. I guess you may need it, after having spent energy last night filling your mate's body with your seed."

I snorted. Ikee and I made no secret we mated; I was sure our gasps and grunts must have kept a few curious saurians awake. "She and I have hardly been together. She asked me to give her one last moment of pleasure before we left." I noticed the temperature dropping rapidly as the sun set; just as the hunter had said. I wrapped myself quickly in thick clothing, and cuddled on the sandy ground. "It is good to have a mate at your call, and share her body when you feel the need."

Rontrag nodded, a soft grunt, almost seemingly a whisper. It never occurred to me the hunters had any sex. Of course they did, how else they would reproduce?

"Have you have ever mated, Rontrag?"

"A few times. The alpha hunter keeps control of which males mate with the females. The conditions of the land makes it hard to sustain us hunters. We cannot let many of us live." His eyes turned to look at me; surprisingly, not as the eyes of a hunter, but as the ones of a subservient creature. "But the urges run high in my race. I... I have no say about what is done to my body."

I said nothing more, and turned to sleep. I fell asleep almost instantly.

* * *

Days passed. We barely exchanged words, except when it was necessary to communicate things. All this time I followed him, the hunter... it was not in my nature to lead, and honestly, I was not about to challenge his large toeclaws.

We kept walking -- after several days of march the desert gave way to a vast, open plain. Not much to look at, but after a few hours of walk the grass became more abundant. Small furry herbivores were seen running around. Rontrag turned to look at me; I nodded, as I knew he was as eager to hunt as I was to munch on the soft grass. He dropped all his equipment, and ran after the small creatures.

I ate greedily, and purred as I relished the taste of the soft plants -- full of moisture and so sweet, quite unlike the sandy taste of the ones back at the clans' territory. I turned my head slightly to look at Rontrag as I heard him roar. Thankfully, he was quite far away, and knew he was rending his prey to pieces while it was still alive. I came to feel some respect for him right then, knowing how tempting a target I must have presented to him. I dismissed the thought and went back to eat.

It took six more days of walk before we reached a thick forest, where I found more sweet plants and Rontrag hunted larger game. Rontrag said it would be two more days before the dragon's lair was visible, still some four days march past a wide river (in which we took time to drink and bathe in its cool waters). The weather soon grew colder, and for once in my life I took to wear full clothes instead of the almost nakedness which was the clans' lifestyle.

We arrived early one morning. I made out the lone cave in the distance -- set against a high, steep cliff; beyond that an almost impenetrable mountain range would had impeded our walk if we so wished. I shuddered at the white capped mountains, realizing it was the cold death which had claimed the life of many of the clans' ancestors.

All this time we had taken extreme precautions not to alert the dragon of our presence, keeping ourselves hidden and silent within the vegetation. Feeling like prey and predator at the same time. And yet, I could not help feel a pang of fear as suddenly a large shape appeared at the cave's entrance.

I stood in awe as I saw the dragon, and knew why Rontrag had said it was foolish to fight it. A biped like us, he was easily more than twice as tall as us. I got an obstructed view of his powerful ody, for he was completely nude despite the cold air. His skin was almost completely red, a deep, flame like tone; his highly muscled chest and belly, down towards his crotch, was a sandy color. Two large hones protruded in his head, each going past the eyeridges. Several small plates lined his back, a deeper reddish color than his skin; these resembled in arrangement the plates of my own race, though were quite unlike mine. I noticed his maleness; while his cock was held inside his body, his balls were highly visible as these protruded just beneath his slit.

His red skin seemed to glisten under the morning sun, almost as if in flames itself. He stood there, basking himself in the morning sun, while he scanned his surroundings. Hidden in the vegetation, Rontrag and I waited in complete silence, knowing there could be no hope of survival against such incredible hunter. Still, I felt those ancient eyes almost going past my flesh, as if looking deep into my soul, every time the dragon scanned the area where we hid. It was an alien feeling, and yet strikingly familiar... something I had felt more than once in my life... yet I could not place exactly what it was.

Hours passed. Still the dragon did not budge from its resting place. He twisted and turned a few times, sunning every part of his muscular body, and giving us a clear and complete view of his graceful physique in the process. I whimpered as I watched him move; my own body had already started aching from the awkward position in which I stood; born of prey stock, my race had not as much endurance as a predator.

"Is he going to stay there all day?" I whispered.

Rontrag snorted. "Yes," he whispered, his voice dry and edgy. "He is a predator, and a highly successful one. Unless you want your bones sucked dry of their marrow, I suggest you endure your cramps."

I gave a quick glance at Rontrag; he stood there, like a hunter waiting patiently for its prey to make its move. I watched him for a few moments, then at the dragon... noting a resemblance, of sorts. I imagined the dragon coming from the same stock as Rontrag's hunter species... and I shuddered at what the dragon could be capable.

The sun was on its way to its resting place when the dragon suddenly unfurled his wings to their fullest extent, basking them in the afternoon heat. I could not help but admire what a magnificent creature he was. He took a few steps out of his cave; I saw his leg muscles tense, then he jumped into the air.

"He's taking flight!" Rontrag whispered, almost unable to hide his surprise. I ignored him, my eyes fixed on the dragon as his wings beat twice, thrice... and he was in the air, climbing higher with each wingbeat. He hovered for a few moments before he turned to fly eastward at an incredible speed; he was soon gone, his body a speck hidden by the mountains.

"Odd," Rontrag whispered.

"What is it?" I asked, a bit uneasy.

"Nothing. He used to go west, into the forest, every time he went to hunt. And early in the day, more often than not. He must have found himself some new hunting grounds."

We waited for almost two hours, making sure the dragon would not return, before we ventured inside the cave. I regretted raiding the cave of such a magnificent creature, and begged for him to understand it was for our clans' survival.

Light from the setting sun shone directly into the cave, striking the hoard. I stood shocked, unable to believe the sight of that much gold. I gathered that what we could fill our sacs with would gold enough for the clans to buy some luscious lands for everyone to live in peace.

"Get to it, grass breath!" Rontrag ordered as he took the sacs and started filling them with coins and other valuables. "And choose well -- I am gathering only for the carnivores. What you get is for you grass eaters."

I nodded, then started filling the sac with coins and other valuables I imagined would be worth much when sold to the mammals. I had hardly filled the first sac when my heart raced, and suddenly I was unable to move, transfixed, locked with fear... similar to the same sensation I felt when the dragon stood at the cave's entrance, but intensified.

"I guess we have enough" I said, almost stammering with the words. "Let's go."

Rontrag sneered. "Leave if you want, prey. You still don't have enough to save your kind."

I could have left right there and then. But somehow I cared for that arrogant bastard, enough for me to try to get his worthless scaly pelt to safety. "The dragon's not gone! Let's get the fuck out of here!" I said, almost begging.

"Fuck, Sargas!" Rontrag growled, scooping out more coins into the sac. "I studied that motherfucker for months! He is gone hunting! He never left for less than a day. No way that dragon will return any minute now!"

"He's a sentient! He need not get into a pattern!"

"Specially when he wants to catch the thieves that were skulking outside his lair!"

I wished for death right there and then. It was not Rontrag who had spoken.

Rontrag dropped the sac and turned, his eyes widening in shock and fear, while a shadow fell on my back. I turned slowly to look towards the entrance. There he stood, the terrible -- yet somehow still magnificent -- beast. His eyes seemed to burn my soul as he turned to look at me, then at Rontrag. Smoke came out of his nostrils as he breathed, slow and deep, and I could see, and hear, that he was not at all pleased at the raiding.

Rontrag and I stood there, watching him, watching the entrance a few steps behind. My mind raced, analyzing... if we could race far enough, we could manage to lose ourselves in the forest just below the entrance. It was a long shot, and we both realized that only one of us would get to escape, if at all. Being the hunter, Rontrag was the more agile.

I made my move. I dashed towards the entrance. As I expected, the dragon suddenly turned to face me. I looked deep into his eyes, unable to keep myself from fathoming that alien, and yet familiar, presence. Somehow, I managed to strike something deep within him, for he stood there, scanning me intently, as if looking for some hidden clue. I saw Rontrag dash towards the entrance, eager to take chance of the opening I had given him.

It was not to be. The dragon turned effortlessly to cut his escape, grabbing Rontrag with one swift stroke of his left claw. Rontrag squirmed in his grasp, and I watched for a second as the dragon pressed his snout on Rontrag's neck. Rontrag screeched as the dragon ripped his coat, exposing the hunter's flesh, which the dragon licked and tasted. I thought the dragon would devour him right there, and I sprinted towards the exit.

I had cared enough for Rontrag. Tried to save his skin. But it was survival of the strongest -- or the smartest. Good riddance, I thought as I ran for the exit.

Five steps later, the dragon had caught me. His hot breath washed over my snout as I found myself staring into his gaping jaws. I had a vision of those sharp teeth closing on my neck, and prayed that it would end right then. Instead, his right claw held me rudely in a tight grip before the dragon threw me to the floor. A strong feet pinned me to the ground almost instantly. The dragon smiled fiendishly at me, then turned his attention to the squirming and screaming Rontrag.

To my surprise, Rontrag was still unscathed, even if shocked with absolute terror. I watched as the dragon continued to rip Rontrag's clothes. Within seconds Rontrag was completely naked. The dragon then pinned him on the ground with his other feet, holding him in place as he turned towards me. Within seconds I too was fully naked. I could feel the cool air grabbing hold of me, and my fight subsided.

"Now, now..." the dragon said almost casually, "which one of you will be the first to go?" Absolute terror gripped me, the feelings of my ancestors revived in my mind, of how prey feels as it realizes it is all over for oneself. Meanwhile, Rontrag squirmed under the dragon's foot, gnashing with teeth and claw. The dragon roared as one of Rontrag's toeclaws managed to rip the dragonflesh and draw some blood. "Ah, yes... the feisty one!"

The dragon grabbed Rontrag and hurled him into a nearby cage. Rontrag was on his feet immediately, but he was not fast enough. Rontrag struggled futilely, trying to get out. Satisfied, the dragon then devoted his attention to me. He walked away from the cage and towards a chest near the center of his hoard. The sound of his feet stepping on the gold was almost mocking, reminding it was greed what got me into this. The dragon smiled a toothy grin, and I gasped, thinking it was finally over for me.

"Yes, he will be the first to go... but I want you to watch."

I choked, disgusted at a creature that made fun of its prey before being eaten. The dragon rummaged into the contents of the chest, looking for some stuff, finally taking some leather straps and belts. Satisfied, he started walking towards a small stalagmite.

I wondered why he had not locked me then in the cage, but who I was to know anything about dragons? Rontrag had thought himself an expert. Rage coursed through my blood, as I silently cursed Maia for not fulfilling my initial wish of Rontrag dying in the desert when he set out alone that day.

My mind got back towards the dragon as he twisted my arms behind my back. His grip on my arms was strong; any attempt to break free only met with more resistance, and I quickly realized the futility of trying. The dragon tied my arms with some leather cuffs, then fastened a collar around my neck, with a leash attached to the stalagmite he sat me on. He chuckled as he spread my legs, then tied a bar to keep them that way.

"Why in hell you don't eat me?!?" I screamed, more out of outrage than pain.

"Shut up," he commanded as he finished fastening the cuffs, making sure these would held me, but not tight enough so blood would not circulate. He held a leather strap with some large round ball attached to the middle of it. "This should keep your mouth shut... or open." He chuckled, and his laughter sounded like the snoring of a longneck.

"What the fuck do you want with me?" I shouted, frightened, yet at the same time enraged, just before he managed to put the gag on me, tying it tightly, the leather biting into my flesh.

"You yourself said it."

I realized he would not kill us right then... but something inside told me I would wish he had done so. He seemed pleased with my reaction, licking my gagged mouth. I turned my head away in disgust, and he smiled, then turned towards the cage holding Rontrag.

The dragon returned to the chest, then got some leather belts, which he tied around his loins, cuffs hanging from them. The dragon fastened a thicker, larger belt around his waist, from which he fastened two more cuffs. He then walked towards the cage.

"You," the dragon said, his voice filling the cave as his roar once had. "You were here not long ago. I felt your presence then, and let you undisturbed. It had been a long time since I saw a scaly brother. And when you took that item, I did not mind -- thought perhaps you had done so in admiration."

Rontrag screamed in terror as the dragon opened the cage and grabbed him by his legs, pulling him. The dragon growled as he held Rontrag dangling from a leg, his head down about four feet from the ground, then slapped him hard in the snout a couple of times. Rontrag ceased struggling, dazed.

"But now you came back, with another, to rob me!" The dragon's voice was furious, but still I could notice some sadness in it. "You are no better than the fur-pelts who have come to rob me so often. They all met their destiny. The most fortunate I killed promptly; the rest have died in pain."

The dragon looked at me; again going deep into my soul -- and yet going past, reaching the core of me. He turned his back towards me, so whatever he was doing with Rontrag I could not see. "You two should be honored... brothers in scale, you shall give this dragon something he has not gotten in a long time." When he finally turned, Rontrag had been fastened head down, so his snout lied in front of the dragon's slit. I choked and threw up my meager breakfast as terror gripped me.

Rontrag recovered just in time to hear his words, and he started trembling and screaming, trying to crane his neck and head away from the dragon's groin. "Maia!! Please.. Don't... *choke*... not... not here too!!"

The dragon caressed Rontrag's head, almost lovingly. "It's been eons since Ss'karryhl had an intelligent reptile to get some pleasure. Now I got myself two."

Ss'karryhl -- which we know knew as the dragon's name -- said nothing more. His tongue slid out of his long snout, probing inside Rontrag's slit. Rontrag squirmed, repelled by the warm tongue. Ss'karryhl smiled as he began pulling, taking Rontrag's cock from the slit. Rontrag gasped at Ss'karryhl's administrations; I imagined Rontrag would find himself unable to contain himself, if the other hunters had had sex with him against his will. Rontrag gasped and went rigid as his cock started to harden. At the same time, the dragon's own cock started to peek out of its own slit.

Rontrag's eyes seemed to bulge as he saw the huge dragoncock come out, larger and thicker in proportion to Ss'karryhl's body than any would had thought possible. It was coated with some slimy substance, possibly a natural lubricant of some sort. Rontrag twisted his head away in disgust as the thick member rubbed against his snout.

Ss'karryhl held Rontrag's head easily in his left claw, while holding his victim's cock wrapped tightly with his tongue. He forced Rontrag to stare directly into the throbbing, oozing member. Rontrag gasped as his lips touched the cock.

"Nooo!!! Please!!! Kill me!!!"

"Did I hear right? You beg for death?"

Rontrag gasped, nodding. "Please..."

Ss'karryhl smiled. "Well... too bad." Ss'karryhl pressed the back of Rontrag's jaws with his thumb and middle finger, forcing him to open. Rontrag gagged and gasped; with one quick trust Ss'karryhl impaled his thick member into Rontrag's mouth.

"Nooo--gglooohhhkkkk!!!" Rontrag could say no more. His cheeks bulged, distended as the huge cock buried itself into his throat. Rontrag tried desperately to pull, but the dragon held him fast, forcing him to take every bit of the cock. Ss'karryhl bucked his hips several times, and each time his stiff member disappeared deep into Rontrag's gullet.

"Yessss..." Ss'karryhl hissed, "you better not bite... or else it will go far worse before I get to kill you." Rontrag whimpered, nodding as far as he could, then suckled on the huge cock. He gasped and gagged, barely able to breathe. I imagined he wasn't unused to perform that act, though the huge size of the cock was.

Ss'karryhl growled with pleasure, the kind he surely had not experienced in eons, while he worked his tongue on Rontrag's cock. Rontrag shivered with his own pleasure and fear; saliva and the mucous substance around the dragoncock foaming and bubbling obscenely in his mouth.

The scene played before my eyes was too gross... and yet I could not help but watch, a mixture of absolute fear mixed with fascination... terror that such would come to me... and yet, looking at something I never thought possible. Ss'karryhl hissed as he turned to look briefly at me, then positioned himself so I could have an obstructed view of his cock going deep into the poor hunter.

Suddenly Rontrag whimpered loudly, and I could see his cock pulsing as it spurted, sending his shots of cum into the jaws of the grinning dragon, who worked his tongue, milking Rontrag of every drop, spreading it around his jaws and tasting it.

"Is that all you can do?" Ss'karryhl said, almost gasping as his own climax seemed imminent. He pushed Rontrag's head into his groin, forcing the hunter to take the full length of the dragoncock. Rontrag trashed, squirmed, but Ss'karryhl held him fast.

Rontrag gasped and choked at the same time Ss'karryhl closed his eyes, his jaws open... the dragon panted and roared as he emptied himself almost into Rontrag's stomach directly, whose stomach started to bulge a bit. Large droplets of dragon seed dribbled from Rontrag's mouth, running down his snout and eyes, blinding him, then splattered on the rocky floor.

Ss'karryhl panted, slowly taking his huge cock out; tendrils of the whitish cum trailing after it and towards Rontrag's snout. Ss'karryhl cleaning his huge member on his victim's snout, then started unbuckling the cuffs, finally releasing Rontrag, who fell to the ground with a loud thud. The hunter laid there, coughing and weeping. He vomited, and a huge glob of cum splattered at the dragon's feet.

"There's no understanding you bastard," Ss'karryhl said while he looked at the weeping hunter. "You come to my lair to get something from me. This I gave you, and you don't like it?!"

To my amazement, the dragon's cock was still hard, and I could see now his erection was no less than 15 inches. I shuddered as I realized Rontrag's ordeal may not be over yet.

As if in response, Ss'karryhl grabbed him and tied him over a rocky slab, so Rontrag laid spread-eagled, his belly on the cold rock. Ss'karryhl lifted his tail, and massaged his asshole with a clawed finger.

"Please... not anymore..." Rontrag begged, his words hardly coherent between sobs.

Ss'karryhl decided to let his cock do the talking, and pressed the tip against Rontrag's hole, holding it there teasingly. He smiled, pleased to hear Rontrag beg. He arched his long neck and head, his snout reaching Rontrag's easily, licking the hunter's snout, tasting his own seed. His tongue went inside Rontrag, and pressed his lips against those of his victim, so his screams would be muffled.

With one cruel shove, the dragon buried half his member into Rontrag.

Rontrag stiffened, his head going up as his eyes opened wide. He struggled desperately, clawing at the rock as he pulled desperately at his bonds; he tried to screech but Ss'karryhl held firmly, their lips pressed together. Slowly he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Rontrag, his anus stretching beyond what I thought possible.

Again Ss'karryhl did it so I could watch. I winced in pain as I saw that monstrous cock plunge deeper, stretching Rontrag's anus wider. Ss'karryhl growled as he pulled out the entire length, only to bury it again inside, savagely. Ss'karryhl thrust slowly at first, then more rapidly, ramming the helpless Rontrag, getting more than half the cock out then back again.

I could hear muffled scream from Rontrag, his eyes shut tightly with pain, tears rolling down his cum-covered cheeks. His screams only served to fuel the dragon raping.

Long minutes passed; Ss'karryhl kept pummeling into Rontrag, thrusting mercilessly, time and time again. He seemed to stop once, hissing, as I thought he had orgasmed. He released his hold on Rontrag's snout just as he took his cock out, and my companion lowered his head to the rock, his eyes half-shut, gasping and sobbing loudly.

To my horror, Ss'karryhl suddenly buried his cock completely back inside the hunter. Rontrag screamed; to this day I don't thing that loud shrill will ever fade from my mind. Rontrag's screams were like those of a prey been torn alive by predators. Ss'karryhl pounded on him faster than ever before. With each thrust he lifted Rontrag clear from the rock. This continued for longer than I thought possible for anyone to keep that pace. Rontrag suddenly became silent; a soft gurgle emanated from his throat as he mercifully passed out, but not before Ss'karryhl gave his last thrust. His wings fluttered, his head bent backwards, jaws open, as the dragon drained himself into the hunter, before he finally collapsed, totally exhausted, on top of Rontrag.

Ss'karryhl remained inside Rontrag for a long time. He withdrew with a loud slurping sound; cum splattered on the ground as he pulled, much as I had seen when the clans' bull workbeasts pulled out of their cows. To me, Ss'karryhl was not much different -- sentient, yes, but a savage beast nonetheless.

The dragon turned to clean his cock with Rontrag's tail, and gave him a mock kiss in the snout, as if thanking him. He then turned to look at me. I met his gaze with hate-filled eyes as he said casually, "Tomorrow." He then trudged towards the back of the cave, and disappeared into its depths...

* * *

I was still awake by the time sunlight started shining again in the dragon cave. I gasped and rasped my dry throat, wishing for something to drink as I worked my tongue around the cursed gag ball that had forced my mouth open for countless hours. I would had taken the cursed thing had not my arms also remained tied behind my back. Long did I desist on struggling against the strong leather; it took me the best part of a minute to realize I would not be able to free myself. Despite my being tired, I did not sleep during the night. Wondering, thinking.

So it ends, I thought. Raped by a dragon before becoming his next meal. My thoughts drifted over to Ikee-Nam... I longed for her warmth, her voice... her sex. All were gone forever. I imagined her mourning, carrying five hatchlings of her own, alone... feeding them on food that would never nourish them... before their generation would be over, the clans would be dead. Tears welt in my eyes, and I sobbed.

A moan directed my attention towards Rontrag; shivering from the cold, he was still tied to the rocky slab. I saw his tail twitch and quiver, and he gasped just as his body went almost rigid. His naked body glistened in the soft torch light, covered in dried cum. I envied him for an instant; the gods had mercy on him and had kept him unconscious for hours. His moaning, however, told me his dreams were anything but peaceful. I hoped, I prayed, his dreams were the worst possible nightmares.

Shortly after sunrise, I heard the steps. The dragon was approaching.

For an instant, he looked as magnificent as I had seen him early the day before. I stood there in awe, looking at Ss'karryhl as he basked in the morning sun, as if he drew sustenance from it.

Then he turned to face me, leisurely walking towards where I stood, still bound and gagged. I met his eyes, looking deep into them, fathoming the mind that was behind. I wished to spit on his face, but my gag made it impossible.

A movement caught my attention briefly, and I watched as the dragon's cocktip started emerging from his slit. Ss'karryhl released the leashes binding me to my rocky seat, then sat on it himself, holding me on his lap. His growing cock pressed against my balls; as I watched, the cock grew to a size seemingly larger than when he raped Rontrag.

I breathed deep and fast, trembling with terror at what was only moments away from happening to me. I prayed to Maia to claim my life right then, to send me to a life of servitude... anything to take me away from the terrible fate that was to come.

Ss'karryhl licked at my neck; behind me I felt his cock rubbing against my tailbase. Why this? I thought, in something like rage, and yet almost crying. Please... don't let it be... don't let it happen to me!

Surprisingly, a thought came back. It will... because you wanted to rob me... and I am alone.

I stood there, shocked... I tried to ponder this thought, just as the dragon lifted me. I felt his cocktip pressing against my anus, and still my mind tried to analyze...

All my thoughts were squelched as I felt my anus ripped open.

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