Summaries of NanaOh volumes
Eventually to contain translations of articles that particularly interest me,
or that I am bribed to translate. I am learning Japanese and this will be a part of my study practice.

The Below index is INCOMPLETE, I've not all the magazines.
I have curently only translated the text from the covers and the titles of a few regular articles.
Also I may make mistranslations - especially on names. If I do please let me know if you spot an error so I can improve and amend.


Nanao 13 - 2008 Autumn

* [Kimono to hand] Cheering Squad (Using kimono you have)

* Nagajuban “the ideal vs reality"


* Chaos in the wardrobe and head? Fix it in one fell stroke with [traffic control]
* The growing trouble of “kimono too similar to each other” simplified?
* Overcoming the difficulties in turning kimono into obi.
* Enkimono: Sea Bream
* Recipes: Sweet Puddings

[trans note: this volume has numerous cleaning hints with lots of photos.]

I do not yet have a copy of volumes 14-18.

Nanao 19 2009 Autumn

* Drab? Change that image with smartly dressed [Iromuji] declaration
- Recommendations for loveable Kimono
- [Best Iromuji] consultants
- Breakthroughs for using [one piece storage] for small items
- TPO distinctions

* Neat and light perfection. Rules to solve [Collar issues] step by step.

* In-love-at-a-glance Fukuro Obi
* Bag Substitutes. Make an [Azuma bag] (eco-bag made from tenugui)
* Search out [small treasures] around Kyoto
* A bee-line to Smartly dressed Autumn - Striped paradise!
* New serial: Conversations : Yai Shigeru with guest Kuroyanagi Akiko.

* Enkimono: Fans
* Recipes: Chestnuts

Nanao 20 2009 Winter [top]

*Different Body shapes. Slender and good-looking [Kitsuke] tricks

* Co-ordination Championships


*Fifth year aniversary edition: Collaboration project
*Intense suffering, [Cord Hell], goodbye. Comfortably pleasant torso wrapping.
*Enkimono: Tigers
*Recipes: Black Beans

Nanao 21 2010 Spring [top]

* Summer pieces you can rely on: Cotton, Delightful
- Heading for shops that satisfy [Cotton Desire]
- Genuine places, where can I go in cotton?
- Play with a full heart - co-ordination notebook
-Skillful cleaning methods, tailoring coats

* [Stash] improvement project
- refreshing in and out
- packed with hint's you'll want to imitate


* Summer single pieces you can rely on
*Yoshinaga Mayumi: At Play in Kimono [Nishiogikubo] (西荻窪, Tokyo)
* Edamoto Nahomi: [Sushi Rolls]
* Garment picture-hints
* Make a [Katazome Furoshiki]
* Attractive foreign printed-calico fever
* Ise Cotton [tailoring] trip

* Enkimono: Swallows

Nanao 23 2010 Autumn [top]

* [Obi] Initiation Notebook
- Rating [cupboard obi] conference
- Which obi should I buy next?
- Skillful tying tricks for [antique obi]

* Shall we head out? Kimono Trips


* Prim komon, Autumn preparations
* Make a canvas tote bag
* To Tsuruooka for Ogiwara's waka (japanese song)
* Nakadaeri san's kimono stroll [Iriya-Negishi] trip, delicious food stuffs & crafts
* Mail Order Project: From Autum to early Winter - well dressed with travel companions
* Enkimono: Harvest moon
* Recipes: Mushroom dishes

Nanao 24 - 2010 Winter

* Clever bargains. [Product notebook]
- Loaded with smart and skillful techniques.

* [ Dreamy Coats] search team


* Enkimono: Mochi
* Watanabe Akiko's[ Pickled white cabbage]
* Oota Akiko [kimono stroll] Azabjuuban (麻布十番)Minato, Tokyo.
* Mail order booklet [Nanao's Habadashery Shop] Best buys
* Special anniversary:
* Flying leap, in a good year, one early spring. Rabbit's first dream
* Beginners men's kimono
* Simple Knitting Easy arm warmers

Nanao 25 - 2011 Spring - lots of foreign patterns

* Unwritten embarassment [TPO] Primer
- All out feature! Modernised • Kimono taste
* Completely charmed by printed calico


* if you have a mind to do something, you can do it (なせばなる)? Prepare for rain with hand made items.
* A nice warm mood. Exploring utensils by Masune
* Spring colour tsumugi
* Kimono to hand [inappropriate times] diagnosis room
* Once around the world, A calico journey
* Time trip in Cotton Kimono - Kawagoe
* Recipe: Strawberry Jam
* Enkimono: Bamboo Shoots

I do not yet possess volume 26

Nanao 27 2011 Autumn - Seven year anniversary [top]

* [Repair] Paradise
- Refresh your cupboard and mood!

* Searching for [Obi of Destiny]
- Visiting Morio's hand-made items


* Blooming by the Roadside (1): Large Pink (Kawaranadeshiko) [New feature]
* Watanabe Mori's [Wagashi] calendar
* A premonition of Autumn through tsumugi mawata (silk floss wadding)
* Congratulations! Commemorative issue for our seventh year since launch
* Enkimono: Turtles
* Recipes: Drying fruit

Nanao 28 2011 Winter [top]

* Mature Inspiration
* Fret-free [recycle shops]
* Comfortable coats


* Blooming by the Roadside (2): Shepherds Purse (Nazuna)
* Enkimono: Mt Fuji
* Recipes: Rice gruel and side dishes

Nanao 29 - 2012 Spring

* [Kitsuke] troubles conversations
* Cheerful Komon


* Blooming by the Roadside (4): Snake Strawberries
* Enkimono:
* Recipe: Chirashi sushi

Nanao 30 2012 Summer [top]

* [Heart-squeezing] Yukata Projects
* Fret-free small handmade items
* Level up Boys Yukata Dojo


* Blooming by the Roadside (4): Wandering Jew (Tsuyukusa)
* Nakagawa Chie's visit to [woven bamboo]
* Kogawa Ito's Kimono stroll [Yushima]
* Easy Crochet [hemp]
* Enkimono: Fireworks
* Recipes: Steamed Eggplant

Nanao 31 2012 Autumn [top]

* Two All-Out huge features loaded with "Stylish Kimono" hints
* Dressing up Tsumugi T
* Great [kitsuke] strategies for praise


* Shinshuu Ageta. Birthplace of "Apple katazome (stencil dyeing)"
* Miura Shion Kimono Stroll [Chitoseyama]
* Five Month Lady Keiko Izumo - Matsudo journey
* Blooming by the Roadside (5): Japanese Silverleaf (Tsuwabuki)
* Enkimono: Chestnuts
* Recipes: Oota Akiko pickling with oil for long Autumn nights

Nanao 32 2012 Winter [top]

* [Stash] Magic Project
- Kimono you'll rapidly want be wearing
* Heart cleansing. Edo Komon


* Kimono's [storage] the big picture
* One piece [Edo komon] you can rely on
* Kogawa Ito: To the birthplace of silk, Tomioka
* Oomiya Eri: [to Meiji shrine] Kimono Stroll
* Includes calendar and Nanano best hits habadashery shop
* Blooming by the Roadside (6): Buttercup (Kinpouge)
* Enkimono: Dusting
* Recipes: New Years dishes

Nanao 33 2013 Spring [top]

* [Kimono Recycle Shop]
* Rain Coats
- What is good?


* Blooming by the Roadside (7): Chinese Milk Vetch (Rengesou)
* Heart racing, Promises. Hosugawa Ai's Fukuoka (kyuushuu) Chiku [Kurume pattern] Journey
* Kimura Iuko's [Spring in Asakusa] Kimono Stroll
* Nakagawa Chie's in-love-at-a-glance komon catch-up
* Make Ueda Naoko's [Cross Stitch Obi]
* Enkimono: Maneki Neko

Nanao 34 2013 Summer [top]

* We hadn't realised it was such fun: When to wear [Summer Kimono]? Right now!
* Small item guide:
Tenegui - Obidome - Parasols


* Roll Out! Dishevelled-yukata rescue squad!
* Kogawa Ito: [Golden-image Matsuri] in Kouchi trip
* Raku chan: Make a [clasp purse]
* Includes grandad's illustrated reference manual
* Nakamura Rumi's [Yanisen (Tokyo)] stroll
* Blooming by the Roadside (8): Saxifrage (yukinoshita beneath-the-snow)
* Enkimono: Momotarou
* Recipes: Ginger Syrups

Nanao 35 2013 Autumn [top]

* Introducing [Colour] notebook
- Strikingly [adventurous colours] for komono
- Spellbinding [traditional colour] illustrated reference book
- Kimono single pieces. [Colour co-ordinating]
* Slimming. [-5kg kitsuke] tricks


* Kousu Nameko's kimono stroll [Seichou Shiragawa]
* Nishiki Mako's Shinshuu kimono journey
* Tonda Washo(?)'s [Autumn Swordfish meals]
* Special What's your score? To be "useful" kitsuke dice game
* Become skillful at colour matching
* Blooming by the Roadside (9): Thistles (Noharaazami)
* Enkimono: Lion dance
* Recipes: Autumn swordfish dishes

Nanao 36 2013 Winter [top]

* At Last: unspoken kimono rules textbook
* Comfortable coat tricks


* Blooming by the Roadside (10): Jonquils (nihon zuisen)
* To the North country. Nakatsugawa Chie meets with world reknown Ainu.
* Enkimono: Pine gate
* Includes an original commemorative calendar
* Mail-order Project: Small prizes
* Recipes: Boiled Daikon

Nanao 37 2014 Spring [top]

* Japan's crafts are superb.
* [Tsumugi School]
* Hop, Stop, Juban


* A country-wide MAP. I want to know [Tsumugi]!
(Maps of Japanese Tsumugi locations)
* Nagajuban championship
* Artist Makino Isabu(?)'s Sketch-walk in [Koishigawa]
* Uematsu Ryoushi(?)'s [Bamboo-rice]
* Towards Nakamura Rumi's [Combination] and [Amami Ooshima]
* Fabric, How is it born? [Keisei] and [Ooshima]. Secrets of tsumugi to long for.
*(Coordination notebook) Easy by Obi.Techniques to Kasuri "refinement" happiness
* (Coordination notebook 2) Once around the world in Ooshima Tsumugi
* Made item report: Embroidered flowers
* Blooming by the Roadside (11): Violets (Sumire)
* Enkimono: Wakame

Nanao 38 2014 Summer [top]

* Season-swap practice handbook
This year for sure *heart* 10 hints for your [Yukata Debut]


* One year and "minimum" turn around. (SUPER) simple wardrobe seasonal swapping
* [Fret-free kimono] please!
* Haneri ~ Obiage calendar - Seasonal rules calendar
* Summer basic materials memo-guide
* Ishida Sen's Strolling in [Kagurasaka]
* Iizuka Noriko's
* Wagashi (12): A drop of green
* Blooming by the Roadside (12): Bindweed (kohirukao)
* Enkimono: Goldfish
* Recipes: Fig dishes

Nanao 39 2014 Autumn - 10th Anniversary [top]

* I love Kimono - That person too, this person too, are having fun.
- Kikuchi ko san's first Co-ordination experience
- Kogawa Ito's [Novels and Kimono]
- Misuna Chitzuru : Ideal living in Kimono
- Oofuro Eri and Seika Maiko in Conversation
- Sapporo's [Oteshio]'s Kimono almanac

* [Metamorphosis] co-ordination project
- [Special Supplement] Full-Colour "Colour" comprehension diagnosis sheet attached


* Cover Story: Close-by in Kimono. Hint loaded collectors edition
* Nakagawa Chie [new series] Patterns: Rabbits
* Hand made Japan: Kyokumihimo [new series]
* Walking department with Mr Aramata Hiro [new series] Edo's Ningyouchou [doll town]
* Traditional food department: seven herbs [new series]
* Book review with author Matakichi Naoshi [new series]
* Cinema with Asao Harumin [new series]
* Art with Hashimoto Mari [new series]: Tsumugi Rain (1983) review
* Non-gloomy rain coats?

Internal Articles in order:
* Wonderful Patterns: Rabbits
* Hand made Japan: Kyokumihimo
* Pattern x Pattern Adventure
* Pleased to meet you. Recycled kimonos
* Kogawa ito's [Novels and Kimono]
* Higashigawa Yuuko: Studio Fujino
* Wagashi fun
* Tamagawa Naranarafuku - Also serving Flowers' "Shamisen accompanied storyteller"
* Conversation: Isit to do with a girl's DNA? Working the kimono love.
*Hundreds blossom: look at the exceptions on blogs of the world (Includes Akira Times)
* Thanks to Kimono I have an idea life.
*Fifty years this street. What is [Hospitality]'s heart?
* Ookubo Nobuko's recommendations. Nimbly spanning another Half century, towards flexibility (discussion of fabric and coordinations)
* Akagi Chiko: <Still translating>
* Enkimono: Red Beans
*Recipes: Pacific "Sanma" fish dishes
* It's our 10th Anniversary. Because there are kimono we're never going to stop!

Nanao 40 - 2014 Winter

* Impossible! [15 minute] Kitsuke primer
- As if it weren't enough, not too late?
- Can you can really do it? Tried out by beginners and intermediates


* Hand made Japan: [Fret-work] kit
* Wonderful Patterns: Snowflakes
* Finding treasures in a [Parent's cupboards]
* To Fujiyoshida. For a Striped pattern rendezvous.
* Enkimono: Lucky Laugh (pin the tail on the donkey equivalent game )
* Starting out with [Men's kimono]
* Super [Stripes] tactics
* Nanao's [best hits] 2014
* Recipes: Lotus root

Nanao 41 - 2015 Spring

* Kimono and Hair.
- You'll have to try hard but it'll be pretty

* Tobira's [Playing with patterns]
- Fushiwara Kazue's I love animal patterns
- Kogawa Ito reunion of [Throbbing patterns] and obi?


* Mature [hair arrangements] primer
* [playing with pattern] around the world
* Cotton kimono, Flowers or Sweets?
* Kimono bags three power items.
* Hand made Japan: [gold and lacquer] earings
* Chuugawa Chie's Wonderful Patterns: Hollyhocks
* Enkimono: Gecko
* Recipes: Beginning the new year with Fuki buds

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