Muffled Couching through the walls, and it's definitely coming from the kitchen, a raspy, dry, damn-my-throat-is-sore cough. But it's not just his throat, it's his lungs too.
I, frankly, am getting sick of hearing this… this… I'm-gunna-throw-up-soon cough.
Damn. That's it…! I thought to myself then got off the bed in the room 2 doors down from the kitchen. I checked my watch, the time was 08:35.
8:35am on a Friday that I've got off, I wanted to sleep in, but instead I get blasted to consciousness by that horrible coughing at 8:30! The kid was only 15 too.

That is Definitely it. I thought once more and went to the kitchen.
And sure enough, there he was, bent over the sink coughing and hacking and spitting whatever came up into the sink. Cigarette in hand of coarse.
I walked over to the counter and lent on it.
"And you wonder why you cough so much." I said.
He turned and looked at me then said, "Nah, I'm fine."
I retorted, "I very much doubt it." And walked around to the same side of the counter that he was on. I looked down at the packet of cigarettes on the counter, the warning label reading 'SMOKING CAUSES LUNG CANCER' in big bold letters. I picked up the packet and looked back at him.
"David," I said, "Do you know what's causing the coughing?"
He just looked at me. I held up the packet and pointed at it and said, "This, David, is what's causing it."
He looked at the packet then back at me, saying nothing. Ignorance…
I pointed out the last two words while saying " Lung, Cancer! Do you even know what it means?" no answer.
"I thought not. It means that these, makes your lungs, rot. It kills them, giving them a disease that makes you die a slow painful death. These things can cut someone's life in half. Not even half! These things could kill you before you reach 26. That's only 10 more years of life left. Even if they don't you'll have one hell of a fucked up body to live in."

David stuttered, "W-What…?"
"You're only 15, Mate! You've still got tones of life left to lead but you're throwing it all away by smoking this shit" said I, shaking the packet at the last bit.
"I suggest starting to quit now is the best idea. And the best way of starting is like this." Then I crushed the packet, shredded it and it's contents and threw it all in the bin.

David, who probably didn't take any of that in, glared at me and said "what the fuck'd you do that for?"
I put a hand to my forehead and let out an agitated noise, then said "Because it's bad shit! And the only place it deserves to be in is crushed, shredded and in the bin!" And with that I turned and headed back to the room I was in before.
As I entered it I heard David say, "Hey mum, could I borrow a coupla ciggies?"

I cursed in my head and let out an angry sigh. Then I closed the door thinking Damn. What a waste of time.


"Cigarettes are NOT, fucking, kool. Will no one ever learn that?"