I was sitting under the shade of a coolabah tree… heheh, nah, it was a gum tree and I was with all the other kids that were there with us at the campsite. Well, all the ones that knew one another anyway. I had a pad of lined paper and a pencil with me and was thinking of ideas to sketch.
As always, someone or near all of them were curious as to what I was doing.
"what are you doing? What are you drawing? What does this mean? What's that s'posed to be?" were only some of the hundreds that I was being asked.
"oh, what have you drawn? Can I have a look?"
I sighed. "Sure. Here." and handed the pad to one of the girls that asked.
After a while of looking at them (all 4. I had just started in that pad) she asked, "what are they s'posed to be?"
I'm a fur fan by the way, and a sketcher at that. I wouldn't call myself an artist because I'm not that good. Yet.
How could she not tell what they were? Could so many people be able to see yet be so blind?
"Can't you tell?" I asked with a bit of a surprised tone.
David, who was there with us, chimed in. "Well it's hardly recognizable. Why don't you draw something normal?"
Adam, aged 8, yet a bit of a smart cocky for his age, added his bit then. "Yeah, like the trees or something."
"Yeah, or us!"
They all agreed with those. They wanted me to change my style, the way I sketched…
I was disgusted. How dare they!
Then David started telling them all about the sketches of mine he saw when I was staying at his place one week, in a type of mocking tone. "He draws these weird bat-looking things. Oh, it's weird. And these odd symbols that he uses to describe them…" and they were all laughing about it too.
That was it. I stood up and grabbed my pad back off them then said in an angry voice, "you lot sicken me! The way you act, you're all alike! If you don't understand something you mock it! If you don't like something you try to change it to suite your liking! and if you can't change it then you try to get rid of it! And if you can't get rid of it, then you just ignore it for a while then try to get rid of it again later on!
"This species as a whole is weird! How we've managed to survive for so long is beyond me! That's it, I'm outa here."
Then I picked up the rest of my stuff and headed back to my tent. I was so glad that I had one to myself.
Outside they were all wide eyed at my actions.
"You hear what he said?" one of them said, "and he calls us weird."
And they all laughed. And later on, one of them betrayed my trust… twice.

- Brendan

"People can be so cruel. Especially to what they don't understand."